Felicitation for third re-election to IMCO

Ashoka Hall, Mumbai (India)


Shri Mataji praises the marriage, Sir C.P. praises Shri Mataji, Ashoka Hall, Mumbai (India), December 30th, 1980

[First, third and fifth audio, Shri Mataji]

It is very heartening to see all this drama. I just can watch a sudden spark, a sudden blow up which is opening a new dimension into the hearts of all the people who are thinking about the future of humanity. It’s a very dramatic movement for them. And how it works out its beauty is even more dramatic. I would say, you can see that it’s very delicate and very beautiful.
The words my husband has said about Me, I’ve heard them many a times in the bedroom. [Laughter] But to hear them in the public is most embarrassing. [Laughter]
He’s been a very, very kind husband to Me, extremely kind. And as you know I’m bit too independent, and all my ideas are based on a very independent experience of my own. He’s always tried to understand that and to encourage Me. Though, it’s rather difficult, as you know, to understand your Mother, it’s not an easy thing, but he has tried to very much understand Me and my work, which is just my nature. He knows that it’s my nature, and that I can’t help it.

The first and the foremost thing I wanted to do was to establish the married life prestige. It’s the most important thing. Unless and until married life is accepted as the base of human evolution, we cannot go further with it. One has to understand it very, very deeply. You have to sacrifice, you have to have patience, you have to have very deeper, penetrating knowledge of the benefits of a good married life, which is lacking very much now in the West, as you know, and also, we Indians are trying to copy the Western people thinking that they are very advanced.

It’s most amazing how after Sahaja Yoga, the Western people have suddenly taken up the values of eternal joy. It’s most amazing to Me, how they have given up so many things so suddenly. It’s most surprising as Gregoire has said in his book, that’s the sin against the Mother. And they have really given up that, absolutely. Without my asking them, they have understood that this is the life of a saint and that’s how they have to live and they have accepted it blindfolded. And they know what is the gain out of that is. But in the same manner, I would request Indians also to accept the other side of it, which is the sin against the Father which Indians commit. We are all the time disturbed about our material well-being and our material advancement, all the time we are thinking about our own poverty and so-called material deficiency.

I would request all the Indians also to know that if you have to come to Sahaja Yoga, collectively we have to accept, collectively, again I say, accept the values of Sahaja Yoga and that is: we have our Father God Almighty who has provided us with everything. We should not be disturbed about our poverty and about our richesse and things like that, but leave it to Him to protect us. Many Sahaja Yogis have accepted this righteous path in India despite the fact there are hardships. But in the same way there are hardships in the West, they have accepted.

To Me the support comes from Mr. Srivastava in a way that is very important that I could establish that married life is possible. Even one person is doing one kind of work at a different level and another person is doing at a different level. This sometimes surprises Me, how he understands my whimsical nature, and how he has accepted sometimes my own understanding about things. His understanding is very practical, pragmatic according to human type. Mine is little bit, you can say, some people might call it poetic, [Laughter]

But for Sahaja Yogis it is different. In the same way in my family also, my daughters and my sons-in-law, my grandchildren, as you know, are tremendous Sahaja Yogis. All of them have understood the beauty of Sahaja Yoga.

But last of all, I would say about his organization. We have some people from his organization. Shipping Corporation when he was here, and it’s Mughal [unsure] line, and which DG shipping and all that. All these shipping people have been so much attached to Me, and I’ve been so much attached to them, really that’s really another family. You won’t believe that it’s just the same like being with Sahaja Yogis. They are extremely attached to Me, all of them. This is also thanks to Mr. Srivastava’s wisdom that he has put Me in contact with them with proper understanding. Of course, I also need lot of understanding about how to deal with people who are with the government service. Because I’ve never done any government service all my life. And it has been very beautiful relationship. I know that all these people from down below level to the topmost, the highest have always been able to understand Me through the light which he has given them.

Today is a day, really very auspicious because it’s a Thanks Giving Day, I think for everything. And it’s not done that you thank your husband, because the wife has to take everything for granted, I believe. But whatever is not said, is such a lot that you cannot say it. Because it is too much, very deep, it’s too sacred, and you can’t speak about it. I’m happy from our married life Sahaja Yogis will realize how important it is for Sahaja Yoga to have very sensible, wise married relationships, and to pay attention to their children and to their grandchildren because this is the nest of human life. The nest of human life is even more important than the whole ocean of God’s love. Because that nest, in its own delicate way, preserves the very, very delicate aspirations of God’s desire. And that’s why it has to be looked after and respected and worshipped as something sacred.

I’m very happy today and the whole thing looks like a big “camatkara” [miracle] like a magical “camatkara”. I’m happy that today I’m meeting so many people from Australia. They say I have not met them, but I have met them. And they are all my children, who have come to see Me. And that Mr. Srivastava should come and speak to you all, and you should see the other side of Mother’s life also, to feel very happy. And as you have thanked him very much for looking after Me and being very sweet to Me, I have to thank you for all this that you have done to feel Me so very proud of you.
May God bless you!

[Second, fourth and sixth audio; Sir C.P.]

Mr. C.P Srivastava on the occasion of felicitation for being unanimously re-elected for the third time at the IMCO organization. The reception was held at Ashoka Hall, Vile Parle, on 30th December, 1980.

Overwhelmingly touched by the most generous observations which have been made about me and about my work. That it would be my [cut in the audio] whatever I can to deserve the love and affection that you have chosen to shower upon me. You have mentioned that I have been sacrificing in order that my wife, who is Mataji to you, should be able to devote Her time to Sahaja Yoga. What I want to tell you is that it is not a sacrifice, it’s a great privilege. When we got married – and that was more than a third of a century ago, thirty-four years ago – we had our family, little family and we agreed among ourselves that our first duty would be to bring up our two daughters. But we also agreed that once the daughters got married, she would be free to devote her time as much as possible to the service of humanity. And so, while her children were growing up, the two children we had, She gave all her time to them, to bring them up and She gave me tremendous support. Without Her support, it would have been impossible for me to apply myself to the responsibilities which the government of the country entrusted to me. I’m deeply grateful to Her.

But today what I want to tell you is that I’m not only grateful to Her but also, I’m very proud of Her. [Applause]
And why am I proud? I’m proud because at a time when the world is afflicted everywhere, whether you are in the East or you are in the West, whether you are in the North or in the South, everywhere you find a certain feeling of unease, of unhappiness, of a little frustration, and people all over the world are wanting to know how can we all, members of this universal world community, live together in happiness and in peace? This is the question before every thinking individual in the world today. And there must be some answer to that; after all we have to live together. And the answer really is that all of us, whether we belong to one country or another, we are members of one great universal family.

After all, if we just remember that in the whole of universe that we know, and indeed the universes that we know, there’s only one planet on which there is life – such as we have – and that we are the most fortunate persons to be those created by the Almighty, to be the best of creation, for that itself is a very great privilege. And the least that we should somehow learn to do is to live together as brothers and sisters genuinely, not merely through lips but through hearts. It’s most important for us to come to that stage.

Now, I have a feeling that the world is now ready for a new revolution. There was this industrial revolution in the nineteenth century which brought economic prosperity to many parts of the world, it’s bringing prosperity to other parts, but that is not enough. For human beings, material prosperity is important but it’s not the ultimate aim. There’s much more in a human being than mere desire for material well-being – the spiritual part. It is only through spiritual attainment, through spiritual satisfaction that genuine happiness can be attained. And there must be some spark which has to be lighted, and the source of that spark is before you, this Lady. [Applause]

So when I say, “I’m not sacrificing at all,” indeed I’m feeling a part of you, feeling a part of this great endeavor, and I’m proud of Her, the work She’s doing.

I might tell you something more. Very recently I had a unique experience. She’s a very busy person, and if I may say so without being immodest, I’m also very busy with my work. But one evening She invited me very kindly to a function like this in London. And there I saw another family, Sahaja Yoga family, Sahaja Yogis and Yoginis. What wonderful expression they had, what feeling of internal peace and calm they had, what feeling of togetherness they had. And that gave me a very deep impression, a feeling that, that family had been transformed from disparate individuals coming from different parts of countries and worlds into a family welded together, knitted together, with a common purpose, namely realizing that we are members of one family. They all wanted to assist each other, to help each other, to grow together, and to develop spiritually.

Now this is a marvelous task, I think the world needs this more than anything else, this country even needs this more than anything else. It is the transformation; it is the uplifting of the individual from within, which is most important. If that uplifting does not come, you would have conflicts, you would not have the kind of homogeneity, goodwill which is so essential, for us all to be able to live together in peace.
So, She is giving you spiritual leadership, spiritual guidance, and I have no doubts that I am one of those thousands and thousands who admire Her, respect Her. And my fullest support is available to Her in any way for the work that She is doing. When I say support, it is not the right word because She doesn’t need any support from anybody, right. [Laughter]

But you see, you must forgive me because I have a dichotomy; It’s very difficult for me to forget that I’m Her husband. So, please do forgive the expression that I use, but it was in my capacity as a consort, and I want you to know that the work She is doing is, to my way of thinking, very, very important for humanity. In fact, I feel that it’s only by uplifting men and women everywhere, throughout the world, that we can really become worthy of the creation of the Almighty God who have created us all.

Now, in the IMCO, the organization that I’m privileged to serve, and I’m very grateful for the kind words about my re-election, it was most gratifying. Perhaps you know that this was unanimous. When I mentioned this only for one reason, namely that you would hear that there are many issues that divide the world. On very few issues would the governments of the world agree. Now if they agreed upon a re-election, whether it was Soviet Union or United States or United Kingdom or developing countries or China or Pakistan, well, they agreed to uphold a certain principle. And in some way, perhaps, the message of Sahaja Yoga was been given to them through me, coming from Her. [Laughter]

And the message that I always give to member countries of the organization is: we are not divided into groups, I do not believe in groupism, I do not believe in confrontation, I do not believe that by fighting the world can get along. I do not believe that the developing world can develop by fighting the developed world. I believe, I believe very sincerely and genuinely, that all of us can get together only by way of togetherness, by co-operation, and this is the message that I give continuously. Now this is only one aspect of Sahaja Yoga, is not complete aspect, it’s just one aspect. But this is a message that I give to the organization that I’m privileged to serve and I’m most gratified and delighted that the governments, as they are represented in this Maritime Organization of United Nations system, accept that philosophy, and they accept that by working together, the people of the world engaged in maritime activity can make progress which will be satisfactory from the point of view of everybody. And if they re-elected me unanimously, they did not honored me greatly and my country, but to my way of thinking, they honored the principle of one world, one people, one humanity, and this is the principle which needs to guide the whole of United Nations system.

So, in some ways, there has been action and interaction between Sahaja Yoga on one side and United Nations activity on the other. I have only a small responsibility within the United Nations system, but to the extent that I can, it is my duty, and it has been my endeavor, always to serve the world community in the same way as Sahaja Yogis are trying to serve world community in a far more elevated sphere, the spiritual sphere.
Now to friends who have come from abroad, as an Indian, I would like to extend a very hearty and a very warm welcome. Which I feel very greatly honored, and privileged, that you should be here at this time, that you should spend your New Year Day in our country, and I want to take this opportunity to wish you the very, very best for 1981.
And the best that I can do is to say: let Sahaja Yoga, which is universal, grow and grow and develop and really lift up the world to a new level of awareness, new level of human relationship based on love, affection, realization that human beings are born for great purposes, they are not born merely to live a routine life, but the purposes are spiritual, much higher, elevated.
For your success and for your well-being and your happiness I’ll pray, and with these few words I do want to thank you once again for the very, very kind words in which all speakers referred me today, and may I also thank Her for all that She’s doing for me by supporting me really. That’s fabulous. Thank you very much.