Public Program Day 1 Sydney Masonic Center, Sydney (Australia)

1985-0310: Public Program, Sydney, Australia

I bow to all the seekers of truth. I bow to you because you are the epitome of the evolution, because you have risen above the rest of the creation of God to seek something beyond. Maybe there have been mistakes. Makes no difference. But you are the people who are the special categories described by William Blake as “men of God” who will become prophets and will have powers to make other prophets. […]

Devi Puja: How To Ascend Into Nirvikalpa Sydney (Australia)

Devi Puja, “How to ascend into nirvikalpa” Sydney (Australia), 10 March 1985.

Breeze will blow, now you won’t have problems.

It is such a joy to see so many Sahaj Yogis of such high evolution. I am sure all the gods and goddesses and the God Almighty himself must be overjoyed to see this achievement, no doubt about it. 

But I was told that you want to know higher ways, or higher things, by which you would like to ascend higher and higher.  […]