Those who are cowardly or ambitious or full of ego cannot see the truth

University of Vienna, Vienna (Austria)

1986-07-09 Those who are cowardly or ambitious or full of ego cannot see the truth, Vienna DP-RAW, 94'
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Second Public Program Day 2. University in Vienna (Austria), 9 July 1986.

One has to realize that truth is what it is. You cannot put your convictions on that, nor can you change it, nor can you destroy it. It will remain the same as it has been. Those who are cowardly or those who are ambitious, those who are full of ego cannot see the truth.
Like yesterday, one boy came here as you saw him like a beaten dog, and he was saying something, nobody heard him. Instead of that, if he had any love for himself he should have taken Realization. Now, they belong to certain organizations, say example, somebody who wants to obstruct the work of God, and they try to hamper others – for what? The same organization in Geneva, it was so absurd, there are very well know organizations everywhere, and the lady brought a Bible to hit Me. And it was such a big joke for Me (Shri Mataji laughing) to see that she had come to hit Me with a Bible. And I started roaring with laughter, instead of getting any fear from her, “Oh,” I said, “That’s wonderful.” It’s all on the tape, of course, but I told her, “Why are you mad? Who is paying you? Why are you doing this madness, how long are you going to do it? Why don’t you think of your benefit, why don’t you think what good it can do to you? You don’t have to pay anything. Why are you so stupid, wasting your life with an organization which is just taking money from you and making a fool out of you?” But such a stupid person that I was surprized that she got a Bible to hit Me, that was the best she could find! (Shri Mataji laughing)

This is sheer ignorance that we do not want to see the point that we have to reach a state of absoluteness. Those who proclaim “we’ve reached” or something, what have you gained? This is the main point is, what have you achieved? Say in the business we see a man who has earned money, he has a big car, has a big house, everything you see, then you know he has achieved something in the business. And in the spiritual life you see a person who is compassionate, who is kind, who is loving, who gives comfort to others, who redeems others, counsels others, for the right and righteousness, who is not interested in your purse, but in your Spirit. A person who is above lust and greed. Not a person who takes a Bible in the hand and comes to beat someone, and they call themselves Christians. I tell you, if Christ was here, they would have done the same to Him. These are the people who crucified Christ, because He was telling the truth. What did He do? What wrong did He do? This is how many great souls have suffered at the hands of ignorant people. And one has to forgive them, because they are ignorant.

What is the ignorance? The ignorance is that we do not know the truth. Supposing this room is filled with darkness. If we are all sitting in darkness we will not know who is sitting there, will not know how we related to each other, maybe we will start running about and may hurt each other. We may even hurt ourselves. But if we are stupid to believe that, “It’s all right, we can have the darkness with us,” then go ahead. But if there is a possibility of getting the light in yourself, why not have it? It is not only with organizations but also with human convictions, and wrong ideas, by which a human mind is enslaved.

Which is, also I must say, is very opposite to reality. For example it is believed that a person, who is a spiritual person, has to be miserable. He should look like a TB patient. And as if his life is devastated by so many deaths in his family. Even they made Christ look like that. If you go to Sistine Chapel you’ll see Michelangelo, who was a Realized soul, he has shown Christ like a big giant, who is standing there and passing the last judgement. Below there is a table and a miserable bony structure of Christ, with all the bones showing, would be good for medical students, is placed there very miserable. It is absolute sadism, I say. Let these priests carry this cross, even for three steps, then I will say, how many bones they’ve got. How could bony Christ carry that cross for miles together? Is it you have to pity Christ, or Christ has to pity you? Is a very wrong idea about Christ. The man who is one with God is always in joy, laughing, very peaceful, extremely compassionate and very powerful too. Such a person with one glance can cure you. With one glance it can take out all kinds of devils from you, but when such a person meets the children, He is love.

There was a guru who would not tolerate flowers, can you believe a guru not tolerating a flower? And he calls himself Bhagavan. If you read the scriptures in India, the description of the Bhagavan or of the Bhagavati, of the Goddess, is that She is made of flowers, She is fond of flowers, She lives on flowers, She creates flowers, She is flower. If you cannot bear the flowers, what are you going to have finale around you? It’s absurd. Understand, it’s absurd. That person cannot be Divine. The one who cannot love children and flowers has nothing to do with God, take it from Me. I know Germans are very fond of flowers, so are the Austrians. That is such a delicate side of their life. And when you have someone like that, how can you call him Divine? It is beyond Me, any intelligence cannot accept such absurdity.

But everything new should be accepted, this is our concept. Like we were having a dinner party, and there was an ambassador, sitting next to Me and he said, “Why do you like Jung? Because he talks of the old things. And why are you against Freud, who has given us something new?” Of course he has given us something new, the AIDS. All right, doesn’t matter that part, but I just told him in a joke, “All right anything new, we should try? All right, we have never eaten this table, dinner table, let us eat the table, not the food.” It is absurd, who comes out with new funny ideas, something out of the blue, know that it is plastic, it is not a living thing. Like a seed becomes the trunk, becomes the branch and becomes the flowers and ultimately the fruit.

In the same way, spirituality has grown from the seed today to this flower state. In this living process you cannot just have a flower from somewhere hanging in the air, it has to be on the tree, it must have a basis. The basis should evolve into that, you cannot just have something from somewhere, then it is a plastic flower. It must have basis to all the flowers, to all the religions. It must have connection with every religion. Any religion that teaches that that is the only religion, cannot be a religion. It has to be universal. It must relate to all of them. Any person who is Divine has to be a universal person, he cannot belong to one sect, one religion, or one country. He transcends all the barriers which are artificial. God has made only one world. There are some of course, some mountains, and some rivers and human beings who have variety, even one leaf is not like the other leaf, so how can any face be like another face? And the variety creates the beauty, otherwise you’d be bored stiff. Imagine, if everybody in this world look like Chinese or like Germans or like Indians you’d be bored stiff. But variety was created for beauty and not for fighting. That we should fight that your nose is longer than mine I’ll fight with you, we measure the nose size, how much is the nose and then you fight. Sometimes human beings behave worse than dogs, they never measure noses, do they? (Shri Mataji laughing) So we come to a point that we have to be universal. But by saying, “We have to be universal,” we do not become. By giving lectures you do not become. I know all these people who talk universality of united nations, all that, I know them very well. It is just an idea, but is very temporary, it can drop out any moment. The friendship will drop out also any moment. Friendship of nations drop out any moment. Once upon a time America and Russia were great friends, today they are great enemies, God knows how suddenly they became enemies.

All these uncertainties have created chaos. What is a certain thing within us is the Spirit. When the Kundalini rises within you from its base She pierces through six centers and comes out of your fontanel bone area, here is the seed of God Almighty and the reflection is in the heart of the Spirit. That is the power like energy rises within us and in the heart is a little fire which gets ignited by that energy and the whole being gets enlightened. That enlightenment first of all gives us collective consciousness. By joining these organizations and stupidities you cannot get that state. The Kundalini has to rise and you have to become the Spirit. So the first thing that happens to you is the nature of the Spirit is that you become, actualize the experience of collective consciousness. It is not a false certificate. I cannot give you certificate, you have to give yourself a certificate honestly. If you are a profound person and a deep person you can see that reality is to be certified by your central nervous system. But if you have no value of your live, you can waste it, what can one do about it?

So the first thing that will happen to you, that on your fingertips you can feel your own centers and the centers of another person. Now, when you start feeling the centers, somebody has to decode it. For example, you start getting a burning on this finger, then what is the problem? That you have to discover from Sahaja Yoga, that this means you have a problem on the right Vishuddhi chakra. This you have to see for yourself. We don’t have to certify it. You have to see yourself that when you feel somebody else, and you find a certain chakra catching, and you ask according to decoding, “Is this the way you are?”, he’ll say, “How do you know?”

Like one fellow came to Me, He said, “Mother, why are they asking me, how is your father, why are they always asking me, how is your father?” I said, “I would ask the same question.” He said, “But why?” “Because your father is sick.” He said, “How do you know?” I said, “This finger is burning, up to here. This is the place of your father.” “Really, Mother?” I said, “Yes.” “Can you do something for my father?” I said, “I’ll try, bring him along.”

But what I’m trying to tell you, that with these vibrations you enter into the Divine ether, this ether exists in everything. Say for example if you take a sulphur dioxide, the sulphur has two oxygens, which are on the two ends of sulphur and they go on pulsating – like vibrations. There are different types of vibrations, of course. Now what is vibrating that? Can the doctors or can the physicists or can the chemistry people tell Me that? I don’t know if you know about Chemistry that there is periodic laws. And the whole thing is organized in a proper chart-like thing. Every atom has a particular amount and is repeated again in numbers, is something so fantastic that no one can create like that in this world. Look at ourselves – what a fantastic computer we are. As soon as you see Me you know I am there. We are not robots, are we? We are not machines, are we? But what a tremendous machine that can love. And this is the machine of love when it becomes collectively conscious its nerves start reacting and recording and correcting the chakras. Not only their own chakras, but others’ chakras [as well].

So, by that you get physical, mental, emotional curative. Social life improves, because your married life improves, your children improve. You’re so collectively conscious that you know what is to be done, what is not to be done. I don’t tell anybody that, “You don’t do this, don’t do that.” Because half of the hall would go away if I say so. But I give them Realization. And after Realization they just give up by themselves. So many people have given up drugs, have given [up] alcoholism, have given [up] smoking, all these self destructive habits, they have just given up, because now they have become constructive.

So, once you become collective conscious, then your attention becomes very powerful. Wherever you put your attention it works. I’ll give you one example, I was in Middlesborough when the newspaper people came just to test Me, and they said that, “If somebody cannot see you, Mother, how can you help that person?” They said there is a lady who is suffering from a disease that she cannot go out of the house at all, and she doesn’t want to meet anybody, she has locked up herself in a way in her room. I said, “All right, give Me her photograph and I think I can help her. Also give Me her name.” I just looked at the photograph, nothing else. And I told the newspaper people not to disturb her for eight days. But they had no patience. So next day they went to see her and they found she had gone out for a walk on the [moss ?] with her husband. So they gave it in the newspaper that, “The Guru who has fulfilled Her promise.”

But it is nothing that you have to do, because you are one with the Divine ether. And when you start just paying attention to someone, that ether just goes and acts. So your attention becomes collectively conscious, and collectively active. Thus you become great friends. There is no quarrel, there is no jealousy, because you know you are part and parcel of one personality.

The second thing that happens to you is that you know the truth. The fundamental truth is that you are the Spirit. You are neither this body, nor this mind, nor intellect, nor ego. It’s like a diamond lost in the mud. And as the diamond is cleared out and brought to the light, you are no more the mud. So you reach the absoluteness.

Now, how can you make out if a person is a thug or a real person? If they could make out they would not have fallen a trap to those false gurus or to these organizations which are just harmful to human beings. So what is the thing that determines it? When you see a person you can feel the vibrations of that person and you can make it out what sort of a person he is. You don’t have to rationalize it. It just works, even a child can tell you. If a child is a realized soul he’ll tell you, “Oh horrible, this fellow is horrible, let him go away.” It may be you might even get blisters from such a person. Such a person can give you tremendous heat. All these symptoms you have to know after coming to Sahaja Yoga, you will know how to judge, how to find out who is the one who is trying to be good, but is not good.

Now about anything that you want to find out, you have to just feel the vibrations, because they are absolute. The other day, we wanted to know about Nixon, president Nixon, how he was. And when we saw his vibrations all our fingers were burning. So we knew he was in trouble. Much before it came out. So from small mundane things to the highest things you can find out. After some time you have practiced Sahaja Yoga you don’t have to even feel the vibrations, you just know it. You don’t have to know it trough rationality or anything, you just you know it spontaneously, with a reflex. So you become the knowledge. You are the knowledge.

The other day in India, a bullock cart man was driving Me, a very ordinary person, in the village. And there I was just talking to him, and I was surprised, he was talking like Kabira, he was talking like Nanaka, he was talking like Khalil Gibran. I said, “Oh God, look at this great man sitting driving this bullock cart.” “And what was the reason?” I asked him. He said, “Mother, now I have become the Spirit.” So there is no need to go through books or anything, the whole knowledge comes into you. To what university did Christ go? And to what university Shri Krishna went, or Shri Rama went? Even after 6000 years still we reflect back on Him for wisdom. He was a son of a person who had lots of cows and He used to look after the cows – that’s all university He had. But when you read Him you are amazed. Like He has said that, “When human awareness grows the roots of our human awareness are in the brain, so it grows downward. It doesn’t move upward unless and until you have Realization.” That’s very fact.

Today we see human awareness has reached a point where human beings have become nothing but sex points. I mean, the main job that men and women have to do today is to talk of sex, that’s all. It’s so ugly, there is no privacy in anything left now. Why call something as private parts when there is no privacy? This is what it is that the awareness grows downward. In everything, see the art. It’s so grotesque. You see something, you don’t understand. What sort of an art is this, you feel like vomiting actually. There is no beauty in it. See the music. They have experimented with the dogs and the dogs all went mad with some of the music we have modern times. (Shri Mataji laughing) Somebody asked Me in America, why there are so many schizophrenic people in America. I said, “Stop all that music of yours.” “We want sensations.” Why? Are we dead people that we need sensations? Are we not sensitive human beings that the slightest turn of a leaf should bring a throb in our heart? Why do we need sensations? Are we really become like robots? This is what Krishna had predicted and I see that every day. And He said, “After that hell, I see the burning hell everywhere.” You tell them anything, they won’t listen to you.

I went to America in 1973 first of all, and told them not to do this nonsense of homosexuality and all these Freud experimentation. And Mr. Freud himself was suffering from epilepsy, he was a mad man, the way he lived, and he died of cancer. What is there to learn from such a person?

And be careful about promiscuous live. If it is natural to be that way, why should we get diseases out of it? It is unnatural. And that is where we have failed to understand our own self respect of this body, which is the Temple of God. But it does not matter. As well as this downfall which is called [Adogati] becomes [Urdwagati], the ascent, everything is finished.

You have to bloom like lotuses out of the mud. And make the whole world ringing with the fragrance of your Divinity. You are the epitome of evolution. But surprisingly people want to learn sex behaviour of animals. Are we going to become now earthworms or what? We have to become the super human beings. Beautiful, collectively conscious of their love. As a result of that ultimately you get the joy of life. The joy does not have duality, like happiness and unhappiness. At a dinner, when an officer can sit next to the queen he feels very happy. But if his seat is put little bit away, or on another table then he is very unhappy. Small things make him happy or unhappy. Joy is not a duality, it is absolute joy. Where a human being sees everything like a witness, like a play. Where you are in the water you are afraid of the waves, but when you come up on the boat you watch them nicely. In the same way you become fearless. And fearless in your love. The fear today is that how can we proclaim love? But when you become the Spirit and the joy then you can’t help it, you have to just do it.

Like I would say, I am a great capitalist, because I have lots of powers, but I am a communist also, because I can’t live without sharing that. I want you all to get those powers. I want you all to be powerfully loving and beautiful human beings in the Kingdom of God.

I know My dream is coming true. I have a feeling Austrians are very deep and profound people. And in Europe they should take a lead. This is My humble request. (Applause)

Very simple things as we did yesterday today again we’ll try to meditate. But I would request you to take out your shoes.

And put both the feet parallel to each other on the Mother Earth.

As I told you yesterday you have to put your left hand towards Me which represents your desire, and use your right hand for the action. You can yourself raise your own Kundalini. Now you have to close your eyes and not to open your eyes till I tell you. But before that I will show you the chakras which we are going to touch.

So, now you have to use your left hand like this and the right hand on the heart first, because the Spirit resides there. Then you have to put your right hand in the upper portion of your stomach. Everything has to be done on the left hand side. This is the center of your mastery. As they say the Principle of Guru.

Then you have to put your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen on the left hand side. Now you have to go back again on the mastery, because this one, when you touch the lower abdomen here is the center of Swadishthana, which acts for all the Divine Laws. Here when you touch and you ask for your true knowledge then the Kundalini will rise and you have to again go back helping the Kundalini upwards. So you go to the upper part of the abdomen on the Guru Principle Chakra, called the Nabhi.

Then you have to go to your heart again, to open the heart chakra.

Then you have to go to the Vishuddhi chakra here. Please remember, don’t put your hand from this side, but you have to go from front, like this cross. And turn your head to your right. This chakra is caught up when you feel guilty. And diseases like angina develop by that – spondylitis, angina. So before starting this I have to request you that please say 16 times in your heart, “Mother, I’m not guilty at all.” It’s better than yesterday, but still it’s very badly catching.

Now you have to raise your hand to your forehead, which is the chakra of Christ – Agnya. Then on the back of Agnya chakra is here, where the optic lobe is, you have to press your head backwards and put your hand holding your head.

Then stretch your hand, your palm like this and the center of your palm you put it on top of your head on the fontanel bone area here, which was a soft bone in your childhood, and move it very slowly seven times by pressing your scalp hard. Press it hard. Move your scalp.

That’s all.

Now please put your left hand towards Me, both the feet parallel on the Mother Earth, and first of all forgive yourself. You should be pleasantly placed towards yourself and you should know that you are the Temple of God. Now, close your eyes and put your right hand on the heart. Keep your left hand all the time towards Me. Now please, you have to say on this chakra or you have to ask a question to Me, which is a very fundamental question. You have to say, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Ask the question three times. Please don’t open your eyes. “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Three times.

Now the second question follows. If you are the Spirit you are your own master. So put the right hand in the upper part of your abdomen on the left hand side, press it hard with your fingers. And at this center ask a question again three times, “Mother, am I my own master?”

Now, please take this hand down on the lower part of your abdomen on the left hand side and press it hard. This is the center of true knowledge of Divine Laws. So here you please ask, because I cannot cross your freedom, you have to ask. Please ask, “Mother, please give me pure knowledge.” You have to ask six times, this center has got six petals. Now ask six times. With this asking the Kundalini starts rising.

Now to help the Kundalini with full confidence please put your right hand in the upper part of your abdomen on the left hand side. Here now you have to say with full confidence for the Kundalini to move through this center, to open the center, “Mother, I am my own master.” Say it ten times please.

Aside: It’s too much.

Now, please raise your right hand in the corner between the shoulder and the neck and hold it tight, putting your head towards the right. Here you have to say 16 times, “Mother, I’m not guilty at all.” Please put your head to the right and say with full confidence, “Mother, I’m not guilty at all.” “Because I am the Spirit. Because I am the Spirit I cannot be guilty.”

Aside: Ha, better.

16 times please. Please say 16 times, “I am the Spirit and I cannot be guilty.”

Aside: That’s good. Better to escape the heart like this.

Now please put your right hand across your forehead and press it on both the sides. Here you have to say from your heart, not how many times, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” This is the chakra of Christ and He has given us the greatest weapon of forgiveness. God is also the Ocean of Forgiveness.

Now for your own satisfaction you put your hand on the back of your head and push back your head. Now here you have to say, just for your satisfaction, not feeling guilty at all that, “Oh Divine, if I have done anything wrong please forgive me.” But don’t feel guilty.

Aside: Good.

Now please, stretch your palm and put the center of your palm on top of the fontanel bone and press it hard and move it, very hard pressing it down, seven times. While doing that you have to ask for Self-Realization, I cannot force on you, so you have to say, “Mother, please give me my Self-Realization.” Press it hard.

(Shri Mataji blowing into microphone.)

Now please take down your hand. Put both the hands like this. Open your eyes please slowly.

Now put the right hand towards Me and left hand on top of your head, about four inches and see if there is a Cool Breeze coming out of your head. Bend your head a little. Some people get it very far away. You can move your hand and see for yourself.

Now change the hand. Put the left hand towards Me and the right hand on top of your head, again bend the head. Higher, little higher, higher. Some people get it hot, doesn’t matter, it will cool down.

Now, turn back again, put the right hand towards Me and see with the left hand. Put down your head and pay attention to your fontanel bone area.

Now please put both the hands towards the sky, bend back yourself little bit your head and ask a question, “Is this the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost? Is this the Brahma Shakti? Is it the Ruh? Is this the All pervading power of God’s Love?”

Now please bring down the hands. Now see, do you feel Cool Breeze in your hands? Keep your eyes open please. Watch Me without thinking.

Without thoughts, without thoughts.

Now, those who have felt the Cool Breeze in the hand or in the head please raise both your hands.

Most of you have felt it. There are few who have not felt it, very few.

I must thank you for this. But this is just the beginning. You feel very happy, relaxed, do not argue with anyone, just be quiet. But you must come to the collective. You all must come to the follow-on program, please. This is the trouble in the West, they get Realization then they go ahead. It’s like guru-shopping. That is not a sign of profound wise nature.

It’s like Christ describing about the seeds that fell and sprouted a little and were wasted. Please respect your Realization and please attend to yourself. This is what you have to know. For every benefit, for every benefit.

May God give you wisdom and bless you with His blossoming love!