The religion has to be awakened within yourself

University of Graz, Graz (Austria)

1987-10-14 The religion has to be awakened within yourself, Graz, Austria, DP, 84' Chapters: Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization, Workshop
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Public Program in Graz University (Austria), 14 October 1987.

It is very gratifying to see that there are so many people here who want to seek the truth. The truth is absolute. You cannot put it in a concept. Or you cannot form an idea about it. It cannot be a conjecture. It cannot be a theory or a philosophy. It is to be felt on your central nervous system. As you see here the beautiful flowers and can feel them. In the same way you have to feel the truth. If you are still under the spell of some sort of an illusion that this is truth, this is truth, this is truth, then you cannot achieve the state from where you have to know the truth. The human awareness at this point of its evolution has reached its maximum. And all the knowledge we have through our human awareness is like the knowledge of the tree outside. But we have to have the knowledge of the roots. And this is the knowledge of the roots.

You may just now think that this might be another philosophy. But you should have a scientific mind, an open mind, as if this statement or what I am saying is a hypothesis. And that whatever is to be known if it is there then you have to accept as the truth. So the truth is very simple that the human beings have not reach their absolute state. That’s why there is confusion about everything. People are confused about religion. They cannot understand when people profess certain religion, how can they be violent and full of vices? Because the religion is not awakened in them. They are artificially religious. They have not reached that state of religion, where the religion has to be awakened within yourself. Where you become the righteous, the virtuous. You become your own master and nothing can enslave you. That state can be easily achieved.

So, one has to understand that evolution has been a living process. And this living process has brought us to this state. If something higher has to happen then it is a living process. It is not a dead process where one can brand oneself, “I am such and such.” Some people say that, “I am a born realized,” or some say that, “I’m a twice born person.” Now those who believe into such things, which are myths get easily exposed. The people who have been trying all such tricks are gradually getting exposed.

Now, for the living process you cannot pay. Supposing you have to sprout a seed then you just have to put the seed in the Mother Earth and it sprouts. Do we pay any money to the Mother Earth to sprout the seed? Actually Mother Earth doesn’t understand money. Now if you want to sprout a seed you don’t have to make the seed stand on its head or you don’t have to stand on your head. You don’t have to put in any effort, just put the seed in the Mother Earth. Now if you put the seed in the Mother Earth it sprouts by itself. It is a spontaneous happening. It cannot be forced. It cannot be organized. It happens by itself.

But there are many people who are doing all kinds of things artificially to get to that state. First thing they tell you that you must pay so much. Then they tell you, you must stand on your heads. Or they tell you, you have got your ”karmas”, you cannot get your Realization. These are all excuses. Every human being has a right to get his Self-Realization. Every human being can get that state. He’s innately built as a seed is built to be a flower. Everything is in-built in you. All this instrument that is shown is within you. It is your own. And you have to have it. It’s your fundamental right to get to that state. As a result of Self-Realization so many things happen to a personality. Because you get connected to the all-pervading Power of Divine. You can feel it on your fingertips, the Cool Power of the Divine. You can feel it coming out of your fontanel bone area. It’s not an artificial baptism, where people put little water, they say, “All right, now you are baptized.” We also in our simplicity accept it. But by that we miss the point. We have to think of our own benevolence and of our achievements. It is the time that is very important – I call it the Blossomtime. This is the time when it is going to happen to all of you. Also in the modern times there are many seekers born. It is a special category of people. Also I found so many people who take drugs and do wrong things are just doing it because they are seeking. They are trying to find something beyond. They are fed up with the mundane type of life. And they feel there is something beyond that they must find. You all have this possibility to achieve that state.

Now here in the triangular bone resides the Kundalini. That is the energy within you. Is a energy which will give you your Self Realization. She resides in the triangular bone which is called as Sacrum. And the bone Sacrum means sacred. So we can say the Greeks knew about it. Now, this triangular bone has this energy nicely placed within itself. And this one is the fourth energy we have got. The first energy is the left hand side energy, which we call as the energy of desire. By which we desire, but our desires are not pure. Because what we find that desires in general are not satiable. Today we want to have a car, then want to have a house, then want to have this, but when we get it we want to have something more, we do not feel satisfied fully. So these desires are not pure. The pure desire energy is the Kundalini. It is called in different religions by different names. In Koran it is call as ”Kiyama”. I am sorry, as ”Assas.” And ”Kiyama” is the time of Resurrection. And it is described that when the time of ”Kiyama” will come, the Resurrection time will come, your hands will speak and will give you the witness about yourself. Exactly that happens in Sahaja Yoga. Now, in the Bible it is described as the Holy Ghost. No one knows what is a Holy Ghost. Holy Ghost according to people is some sort of an ambiguous thing. Now, this Holy Ghost is the Primordial Mother. We have the Primordial Father and the Primordial Son. How can we have a son and a father without a mother? So the Trinity which is the Holy Ghost is the Primordial Mother. In Sanskrit language it is called as ”Adi Shakti”. Now this ”Shakti”, this power is reflected within us as Kundalini. So the third power we have is the power of action. By the first power we desire, and put it into action by the second power. Now the third power we have got out of our evolution is that of central nervous system. But the central path that you see here is actually the third power called as the parasympathetic nervous system. This is the one which gives us the balance. For example if we have to run, we run fast and we go into sympathetic activity. But when we stop automatically our heart comes to normal. Our heart comes to normal through the parasympathetic activity, which gives us the balance. But also the energy of parasympathetic is limited. Through this central path the Kundalini rises. She passes through six chakras, pierces through the fontanel bone area here. This is the bone which was soft in our childhood. She pierces through here and you feel – actually you feel the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost coming of your head. You can see it clearly coming out of your head. And then you can feel it all over – the all-pervading Power. This is actually happens to you.

Maybe it may not happen to all, there is no guarantee. Supposing you are a very frivolous person, if you are still to be matured. Supposing you have been indulging into wrong things. Supposing you are doing something very ugly. Or maybe if you are sick, maybe you are unhappy in life, maybe you are not happy with your parents and you had a unhappy childhood. All these things may little bit hamper your progress. But once awakened – but once awakened the Kundalini starts working on its own. Gradually it works out and you achieve that state of Realization.

Tomorrow I will tell you what happens actually to you, to your personality after Self-Realization. Thank you very much!

I would like some of you to ask questions, but no aggressive question. If you belong to any group or any other person, you better go. But there should be no aggressive question, as I am not here to take any money from you, I am here to give you the key of your ascent. This is all your property. This is all your wealth. I’m just a catalyst. There is no obligation involved.

Now can I have questions from you?

What is it?

Yogi: What he’s asking, Shri Mataji, if you are married and you have troubles with your partner in the marriage and you try to come over through practicing Sahaja Yoga, is it possible to give this peace what you feel in your heart to your partner?

”’Shri Mataji:”’ Yes, you can. There are so many ways. First of all you change and your change helps her a lot. You can try, it changes many people, many people have changed.

Yogi: He says, even to a very aggressive mother-in-law, could it change her as well? (”Laughter”)

”’Shri Mataji:”’ Yes, she can be, there are ways and methods of changing. Love is the greatest power on this earth. Of course I mean, if somebody is like Hitler, I mean then it’s difficult. (”Laughter”)

Yogi: He’s asking, Shri Mataji, is there only one way, one key, who can open the door, who can give Self Realization?

”’Shri Mataji:”’ Now there is only one key, no doubt. Thus it sprouts just like a seed sprouts, but there have been many before Me who have done it.

Yogi: He’s asking, is it possible that from all the different religions, you would be able to come to the same point?

”’Shri Mataji:”’ Of course, of course! You come to the same point. All religions say the same thing, “You have to be born again.” Every religion says that. But it’s not artificial. Of course!

Yogi: He’s asking, how can I protect myself when exercising Sahaja Yoga from outside influences, outside negativity?

”’Shri Mataji:”’ That we’ll teach you, that’s something simple, we’ll teach you. When you get your Realization then you have to attend our centers, where they’ll tell you what is to be done. Then you can give Realization to others and you can also tell them how to protect.

Now, there’s a gentleman here, please.

Yogi: ”Ahimsa” – the question is, what You recommend for the nutrition, for eating?

”’Shri Mataji:”’ That also we have to see, to give you the balance. Supposing you are a right sided person as we call it – right sided, left sided and the central. There are three types of people we call them. If you are a right sided person then we would recommend you a kind of food that will make you in the center. Like you have to take more carbohydrates. But if you are a left sided person then we would recommend that you have to take more proteins. But the inner force is so great that it balances itself. To help it more, to give it thus more support, we take to a kind of a changing nutrition. But the inner force is so great that sometimes you don’t need anything like that.

Yogi: Shri Mataji, she’s asking how is Your relation to Jesus Christ and maybe also Sahaja Yoga to Jesus Christ?

”’Shri Mataji:”’ Oh – Jesus Christ is bestowed upon our Agnya chakra there. He is the incarnation of what you call the ”Omkara” – ”Logos” as you call it, ”Logos”. He’s ”Omkara”. And that’s why He could walk on the water. He crossed through this, that was the most difficult point. To cross this, to establish the Resurrection point for you, is the Agnya there, they will show you. Of course I must be having very innate relationship with Him, but I don’t want to say anything about Myself. What He said was the truth that He was the Son of God. And that He had come on this earth to take away all your sins, your ”karmas,” but they crucified Him for that. They are so stupid. So it is better to make them understand Me than to tell them anything about Myself. Once you get your Realization you will know what I am and My relationship with Jesus Christ.

Yogi: Shri Mataji, she’s asking, if she doesn’t know anything about meditation, Sahaja Yoga, how can she awaken the Kundalini?

”’Shri Mataji:”’ That’s the best. You are innocent, it’s very good. You will get your Realization in no time. (”Laughter”) It is not a mental process. See now, if you have to put on these lights, you just come and I’ll tell you that, “All right, there’s a switch, you just put it on, it comes out.” But supposing I explain to you the history of electricity, then all the organization, then how it comes, you’ll go mad. So a person who has not indulged into all these readings are better for Sahaja Yoga. (”Shri Mataji laughing”) As I met the other day one gentleman he was really like a crack pot. He was a nice man but too much read – everybody else was in his head, he was nowhere, he was lost.

Yes, Sir?

Yogi: Shri Mataji, he’s asking, is it the Kundalini energy when he feels the blessing, the showering coming over his head?

”’Shri Mataji:”’ Yes, that is the all-pervading Power. But the Kundalini connects you and opens it out and then the all-pervading Power, the Grace that shower-like comes upon you.

Yogi: He’s asking how you can know if you are a left sided or a right sided person?

”’Shri Mataji:”’ That is after the Kundalini has risen and has broken your Sahasrara as they call it, then you can feel it whether you get vibrations on the left or the right – Cool Breeze. Now supposing you are getting burning sensation on the right, maybe little heat on the right and cool on the left – then you are right sided. But gradually when you come to Sahaja Yoga centers within one months’ time you become a master. When did Herman come to Sahaja Yoga? How many years back?

Yogi: Four years, Shri Mataji.

”’Shri Mataji:”’ Now Herman has been only for four years in Sahaja Yoga – he’s a master of Sahaja Yoga. He has solved all his problems. Now he’s solving others’ problems. And you get all the knowledge – the real knowledge, the pure knowledge. How to work out the Divine Power.

All right. So let us have it now. By experiences that when people sit above Me Realization doesn’t work out very well. But we’ll try. If it doesn’t work out in some people then we’ll have to come down. You will receive your peace and whatever may be the situation, you will enjoy your peace, all right? All right. Please if you want to come will be a good idea.

Good. There’s someone there, good person. Here is a seeker. (”Ed: flowers being offered”) Thank you! May God bless you! Thank you!

You can move little further that’s all, little further. Can move little further here this side, would be a good idea, little further down.

”Aside”: You think they have no objection against a candle in the hall? Sometimes they have. It’s all right. If they don’t have it’s all right. Good idea.

Sahaja Yogis could sit anywhere they feel like, it’s all right. Not for the Sahaja Yogis. So many are such seekers actually, what a place this Graz is, I must say. Oh – tremendous.

Now, it’s better to take out your shoes because the Mother Earth helps us. Just to take out your shoes and you will be comfortable also, on the ground as well as up there. Take out your shoes, if possible please. Before we start I have to tell you that those who do not want to have Realization should leave the hall. Those who do not want to meditate should go. Because it is the freedom of the people who are meditating that they do not want others to just have a look at them. So those who want to have Realization are welcome.

All of you will have to meditate otherwise it will be not very kind and civil to others. It takes hardly ten minutes. The distance is not even three feet let’s see, from here to here, (”Ed: Shri Mataji is pointing to Her spine”) about three and a half, in some people three feet. (”Shri Mataji laughing & laughter”) It’s so simple.

Now, those who are sitting on the ground are all right. Those who are sitting on the chair have to put both their feet on the ground parallel like this, as I am sitting. Now, you can sit comfortably, whichever is comfortable for you. All right. If you want you can sit on a chair Sir, you will feel comfortable it’s all right. You are going to get your Realization I promise you. (”Laughter”) You are such a seeker. But important is you should be careful, you can take this chair, you can take this chair it’s all right. You have to be comfortable, it’s all right, makes no difference. Please take this here, there only face towards Me please, I’ll be happy – please. We have to be comfortable that is important.

Yogini: He is 85 years old.

”’Shri Mataji:”’ I know, that’s why I am saying. (”Laughter”) Age must be respected.

All right. Now you all have to put your hands towards Me like this. The left hand is for your desire. So the left hand should be towards Me. And the right hand has to be used for releasing our chakras. I am just doing this because later on also you can do it to yourself. Now first you will have to put your hands – right hand on your heart. Then this is the place we should know where the Spirit resides, which is the reflection of God Almighty. Now we have to now take this hand to the upper part of our abdomen on the left hand side. We are working only on the left hand side, as our left hand is towards Me. Now, this is the center of your mastery. By this center in your consciousness you become the master of yourself. Here on the upper part of your abdomen, you keep your eyes open, just now see for yourself and then second time when we’ll do I will ask you to close your eyes. Now this hand is to be taken into the lower part of your abdomen on the left hand side. This is the center which works out our Divine work. So you have to have the pure knowledge which gets in your consciousness. As I have the knowledge how to hold this, in the same way you should have that knowledge in your consciousness, how to work out the Divine.

Now you have to raise your hand higher into the upper part of your abdomen, into the center of mastery. Now you put your again hand on to your heart, where the Spirit resides. Now watch Me carefully: put your right hand in the corner of your shoulder and your neck and turn your head to the right. This center catches in people who feel guilty all the time. You should not feel guilty at all. Now this hand is to be now put on your forehead across like this. This is the center of Christ, as I told you. You have to press it on both the sides. Now this hand goes to the other side of the Christ center behind, and push back your head, with the left hand towards Me. Now stretch your hand, stretch your palm, push back your fingers. Now the center of your palm you have to put it just on the fontanel bone area, which was a soft bone in your childhood. Now you have to press it hard pushing your fingers upward. And move your scalp slowly seven times.

All right. Now take down your hands please. Now you may take out your glasses if you want to, you can loosen out someway here wherever you find it’s tightening you. Let us close our eyes and till I tell you please don’t open your eyes. All right.

Now close your eyes, put the left hand towards Me, and the right hand on your heart. Right, right hand, right hand on your heart. Now keep your eyes shut. Close them fully. Don’t turn them upward downward – just normal way. No strain should be there. Now here in your heart you have to ask Me a question, you can call Me Mother or Shri Mataji, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Ask this question three times. Three times.

Now if you ask this question the second question follows that if you are the Spirit, you are your master. Now take down your right hand on the upper part of your abdomen and press it. On the left hand side. And now ask the second question to Me, “Mother, am I my own master?” Ask this question three times please. Press it.

Now take down the right hand in the lower part of your abdomen on the left hand side. Please put your left hand towards Me. Now press it with your right hand. Here I cannot force you, you have to ask. So please ask Me, “Mother, may I have the pure knowledge? Mother, please give me the pure knowledge.” Say it six times. Six times, because there are six petals to this center.

Now as you ask for it the Kundalini gets awakened and She is trying to move upward. To facilitate Her movement we have to release our centers. So now please raise your right hand and put it in the upper part of the abdomen and press it hard. On the left hand. And now here to facilitate the Kundalini with full confidence say, “Mother, I am my own master.” Say it ten times please.

Now you have to know that there is a very fundamental truth about you. The truth is that you are the Spirit. So raise your right hand to your heart. And here we have to see the greatest truth. So now with full confidence in yourself please say, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” Please say it twelve times.

Now we have to know that the Divine is the ocean and love, Ocean of Love and Grace, but above all it is the Ocean of Forgiveness. And we cannot commit anything that He cannot forgive. His power of forgiveness is very great, so you forgive yourself. Now raise your right hand onto the shoulder between the corner of your shoulder and your neck. And turn your head to the right side. Here with full faith in the Divine Power of forgiveness please say 16 times, “Mother, I am not guilty.” Please say it with full confidence. If you still want to feel guilty then you better punish yourself and say 108 times. You should be pleasantly placed towards yourself. After all you are entering into the Kingdom of God. How can you be guilty? All right – 16 times.

Now please put your hand on your forehead across and press it on both the sides. Here you have to say, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” Many people think that it is difficult. But it is a myth – whether you forgive or if you don’t forgive. But if you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands. So please say it from your heart, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” How many times is not the point.

Now take your hand on the back side of your head. Here you put your head on your hand and put the load backwards. Here for your own satisfaction you can say, “Oh Divine, forgive me, if I have done any mistakes.” But no feeling guilty, not feeling guilty. You should not feel guilty at all. Just say it for your own satisfaction.

Now last – you stretch your hand, put the center of your palm on top of the fontanel bone and press it hard. Now at this point I again cannot force you. So you have to ask for your Self Realization. So please say, “Mother, give me my Self Realization,” seven times and move the scalp seven times with it. Press it hard, push back your fingers.

”(Shri Mataji is blowing into the microphone)”

Now take down your hand and open your eyes slowly. Put your both the hands towards Me. Watch Me without thinking, open your eyes please. Watch Me without thinking. Put the right hand like this and left hand on top of your head, on top, not here, on top like this, right hand Now see if there is a Cool Breeze coming in. Right hand towards Me, right hand towards Me, right hand – you are putting the other hand. Right hand, right hand towards Me. Yes, towards Me. Left hand see now there is a Cool Breeze coming out, little higher, some people get it very high, put your hand like that.

Now put the left hand towards Me, see if there is a Cool Breeze coming out now. Some people get it hot, doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter. It’s opened out. Some people get it very high. Good? In front, little in front. You can bend your head, better is to bend your head.

Now, put right hand towards Me and see with the left hand.

Now raise your both the hands like this. And ask a question, “Mother, is this the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost? Mother, is this the ”Brahmashakti”? Mother, is this the Power of God’s Love, which is all-pervading?”

Now see for yourself. So many of them have got it – so beautiful.

All those who have felt Cool Breeze out of their heads or from their fingertips or on their hands can raise both the hands like this. Oh, look at that Graz – tremendous. You both did not feel? We’ll work it out, doesn’t matter. Those who have not felt will feel it. Great! (”Shri Mataji laughing”) So you all have got it now. What more? You all have become Yogis. I bow to all of you. May God bless you!

Please respect your Realization. Those who have not got it, doesn’t matter. You will get it tomorrow when they have a follow on. And those who have got it should go and try to understand it – within a month you will be masters, everyone of you. You can give Realization, you can cure people, you can do everything. You don’t have to pay anything. Just give some time.

May God bless you! Thank you very much! I’m very happy, I came to Graz to meet such beautiful people.

So may God bless you! Enjoy! Now enjoy!

You see, these girls were little bit talking during My lecture. That might be the reason. Ask them, they were talking, two of them, I am sorry, but next time, tell them they shouldn’t talk, then they’ll get it. These two girls, I am sorry for them, but they were little bit talking in between.

Good. Nice now. Such nice people in Graz – I never knew. Wonderful people live here – tremendous!

Graz is in Austria, isn’t it?

Yogi: Yes, it is.

Shri Mataji: How wonderful!

Now enjoy it! Enjoy each other. (Shri Mataji laughing) Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy each other – just enjoy!

You got it, Sir, you got it? You felt the Cool Breeze? I told you, you’ll get it. You’re such a seeker! Age doesn’t matter in Sahaja Yoga. You’ll feel very energetic.