That is the purpose of your life

Augsburg (Germany)

1987-10-15 That is the purpose of your life, Augsburg, Germany, DP, 99' Chapters: Introduction by Yogi, Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization, Workshop
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1987-1015 Public Program Augsburg Germany

(Yogi gives introduction in German)

Yogi; Shri Mataji, I’d just like to say that we, the Sahaja Yogis of Germany, are very honoured to welcome You here, the first time in Augsburg, and that we are very joyous about the fact that this coincidence is there, that just seven years ago, exactly the same day, on the 15th October, You came to Germany the first time to give a Public Programme and thus you worked so hard for us. There is just still a relatively little group and that all our desire goes that Your mission will have success and there will be lots people from now on. Thank You.

I bow to all the seekers of Truth.

Now, we have to realise that Truth is what it is.

We cannot have a concept; we cannot put it in a mental projection. It has to be felt on your central nervous system. As you see flowers and know these are flowers, and feel them, in the same way you must feel the Truth.

If I say that there is all-pervading power of Truth and Love around us, you should be able to feel it on your fingertips and to know this Truth, you have become a human being. That is the purpose of your life, not to be wasted on useless things and wrong seeking.

Now, when we understand our evolution, we also understand that it has come to us through a living process. Like the tree has roots and the tree then has the growth outward till it reaches the state where it becomes the flowers, then only it has to become the fruits. We have the knowledge of the tree through science and other pursuits, we haven’t got the knowledge of the roots. And when I say this is the knowledge of the roots, you have to accept it as a hypothesis and you should have a scientific mind, an open mind, to see for yourself what is the Truth because you are seekers of ages. You have been seeking and now the time has come for you to get it.

In the various pursuits of human beings, we find people are extremely perplexed and confused. The reason is they have not yet found the Absolute. They live in a relative world. They go on compromising with everything that confronts them and try to exist, somehow, in those circumstances. This is not the way it should be because you have to become the Absolute. That is your fundamental right and all of you have to have it. But there have been so many concepts that when you look at all these you get frightened.

Today only, one boy came and he told me he doesn’t believe in any God, any religion.

I told him, ‘I, too, don’t believe in any religion!’

All these religions are outside, artificial. But the real religion lies within yourself.

Religion is a valency in a human being. As carbon has four valences, human beings have got ten valences. As long as they are not awakened within you there is no religion at all.

When we profess something, we do not follow it and we have to force ourselves to follow it, then it becomes a conditioning within us. But actually, if you see, anybody who professes any religion can become equally violent, equally murderous, equally immoral, equally corrupt. Nobody, you can say, because he belongs to one religion, he won’t do these things. That is how people are losing faith but all these great incarnations and great saints and prophets were not false, they came on this earth to build up those different centres within us, to enlighten us and build up within us the valency of religion. It’s a tree of life on which these flowers appeared and we pluck them one by one, saying,’ this is my flower, this is my flower’. The flowers are dead and the believers also are blind.

These flowers are here as you will see them gradually when you when come to Sahaja Yoga, they are there present. They are already within you. The Power that is going to give you your ascent is also within you. She is mentioned in every religion. For example, in the Christian religion She is called as the Holy Ghost. In the Hindu religion She is called as the Primordial Mother, Adi Shakti, or the Kundalini. In the Sheikh religion She is called as ‘Suridhi’(?). In the Muslin religion She is called as Asas (?) and Mohammed Saab has clearly said, ‘at the time of resurrection your hands will speak and give witness against you.’

They have all, at different times, said the same thing. Like Guru Nanaka has said, ‘unless and until you know yourself, you will be in confusion.’ Christ also said that ‘you are to be born again’ but if you put a brand on your head, ‘I’m born again’ and go around, I mean, what is the proof? Just giving a name to yourself you don’t become something great.

Now in the modern times so many of false people have come. They’re…it’s a business, it’s a money-making business. You have to pay them and they make you mad, they make you funny and they live on your money like parasites. It’s very surprising how in the West people don’t understand a simple, a very, very simple fact that you cannot pay for your ascent because it is a living process and you can never pay for a living process. Supposing you want to sprout a seed, then do you put it in the soil and pay some money to the Mother Earth? Does the Mother Earth understand money, or cares for it? Is she bothered about it? Because she has the potential to germinate a seed, she does it automatically, spontaneously, Sahaja. If this one fact people understand their seeking will become straight forward.

Most of these people play upon your weaknesses. They want to exploit your weaknesses like any entrepreneur does. The other day I met lady she told me that her guru has told her she has to pay for her karmas. Every month she is paying some money to this guru for her karmas. She has been doing this for years. So, the guru says I can only take one 16th of every karma by that payment. Then I said, ‘how many karmas you have done!’ And, ‘please make the calculation. How many lives you have to pay this guru for your karmas!’ And the guru himself is buying Rolls Royces and using all the money, befooling her.

Now, this is to be understood that you are seekers of ages and you should not get lost in this life. You have to respect yourself and your personality has to achieve that goal for which you have come on this earth. All these false ideas and false things are not going to give you self-realisation. You should ask yourself what have you got out of all this falsehood with which you have been carrying on?

Have you got your peace?

Have you got your joy?

Have you got an attention which can feel the collective consciousness?

Can you feel the all-pervading Power? Have you got rid of all your diseases? Have you got rid of all your problems?

Have you become righteous?

And non-violent?

Does your compassion act?

Does it act to cure others, to help others?

What sort of a value you will give to yourself?

To be a real human being.

To belong to humanity.

If you are not a hypocrite and if you are not dishonest, you have to know, that still you have to reach that point of Absolute. And that is all within you. Within your reach. It’s so easy and simple. Anything vital has to be simple and easy. You cannot think of going in the library, reading a book for just breathing which is so vital.

So, why do you think is today is the ascent of man and that thing you must achieve for your own benevolence and for the benevolence of the humanity at large.

It is so simple, that’s why people don’t believe in it. But when we understand that we have become human beings from amoeba without doing anything. We have to know one simple thing, that we cannot put in any efforts, or we cannot work it out, it just works spontaneously within us. And this should happen to all of us.

I am told that you have been a little but told about the chakras and the different channels within us. Now from the book that you will get you will know all about it. And as time passes by you will become an expert on all that. You will become masters. You’ll be able to raise the Kundalini. You will be able to give Realisation. And you will reside in that beautiful state which is peace, joy.

It is my privilege to come to Germany again, after seven years, exactly, after seven years.

My first visit was not so successful! Because people don’t want something simple. If I told them you better stand on your heads all your lives, they would have been happy! Because if I had asked them,’ please, send me so much money every month’, they would have been happy. People are busy with ‘guru shopping,’ but I am not in the market! You have to come out of the market if you have to get your Realisation.

This is what is the Truth, that you are the Spirit.

Only thing it has to happen within you and when it happens you get in your own consciousness, all the qualities of a spiritual person by which you can make out which is right and which is wrong. The Kundalini which comes out of your head, in the fontanelle bone area, gives you the consciousness, through your fingers, of the Truth.

It’s a real baptism, not an artificial one; that you can feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost coming out of your head.

On your fingertips you can see what’s wrong with you and what’s wrong with others. With little understanding if you try to correct yourself you can do it and you can help others also if you know what is wrong with them and how to correct it. So, this correction can take place automatically again because you are empowered. Your attention becomes empowered.

But first of all, your health becomes perfect.

You get rid of all your habits.

You become your own master.

No habit can put you down.

You get rid of your emotional problems.

You get such satisfaction in life that you don’t hanker after wrong things.

But your attention is so enlightened that sitting down here you can feel the vibrations of another person very far away. And you can know the truth about that person.

All these things are your own and I am just a catalyst and once you get it you also become the same. When you are enlightened you start giving light to others. It’s so much innate, so much built within.

But, because it is the knowledge of the roots, you may not be knowing, or maybe some wrong information must have come to you, but it works.

You have to become a subtler being to enter into your roots, to nourish them and to help them.

Tomorrow I will tell you about these three channels and how we get into imbalances and how do we get diseases and fall into wrong things. We are having a Programme in Munich. I have come all the way to invite you all for that programme tomorrow. I hope you will make it convenient to be there.

Now, it’s a first day here I would like you to ask Me questions. But you need not be aggressive with Me because I am not asking for money or votes. I’m neither a politician nor a guru. I’ve come here to give the key of your ascent, for your benevolence, for your good. So please ask Me questions which are good for you and for others. Thank you very much.

Seeker’s question: I heard somewhere that you should not force the opening of the chakras, that it should be a natural process; it’s something that you want to do through meditation.

Shri Mataji; What did he say?

Yogi; Shri Mataji, what he is saying is that we shouldn’t force to open the chakra

Shri Mataji; No, no. You can’t force, it’s a living process, my child. How can you force it! It’s a very wrong thing. You cannot force. Can you force a seed to be sprouted? On the contrary, I have to ask your permission, you have to ask for it, I cannot overcome your freedom because you have to get to your ultimate freedom.

Question (unclear, in German)

Yogi (translating); Which religion You consider is the best one, Shri Mataji?

Shri Mataji; In what? On human level, on which level? On Spiritual level?

Question (unclear, in German)

Yogi; He is saying that religion is all-comprehending.

Shri Mataji; All right. Then the best is that of a Mother. Because supposing if your guru was a real guru, I must say, not a false one, then he would have first beat you up nicely, hanged you by somewhere, troubled you so much and would have tested, tested you, they would have given you your realisation.

But if it is a Mother, She is tolerant and She wants her children to have Her realisation, at any cost. She takes all problems upon Herself when She gives birth to her child and She doesn’t want anything from Her children except for their benevolence. That’s why the kundalini is the Mother, is your individual Mother, is their individual Mother and every Kundalini is anxious to give you your second birth. Some of them are so miserable I have seen, some of the Kundalinis, which are so much tortured, they are bleeding, very weak, but still anxious to give you your second birth.

Question (unclear, in German)

Yogi; He’s asking, has the kundalini been awakened by our self, or by meditation, or something else?

Shri Mataji; No. It is…The kundalini gets awakened by somebody who is in authority. It’s a divine Authority. Like anybody who is talking about kundalini giving heat and all that, you must know that there’s something wrong with that person, he’s not at all authorised.

Shri Mataji; Now, if you get Realisation and you master it, then you can give also awakening to others.

Like one candle which is not enlightened, cannot get enlightenment by itself but one enlightened light can, after it has been established, can enlighten another light. In the same way, if you get enlightenment you can enlighten another person. But it should not be a false certificate. ‘I’m enlightened’! Kundalini doesn’t react to falsehood.

Shri Mataji; Alright?

Then you get into meditation. You do not meditate; you are in meditation.

Now, those people who do not want to have their Realisation, can go. They need not disturb other people.

It will take about ten minutes, at the most. The journey is only of about three to four feet; that’s all and it should work out with everyone.

You have to a little bit help yourself by following what I tell you.

First of all, I would request you to take out your shoes because the Mother Earth helps us, a lot, to suck in our problems.

Put both the feet on the ground, in parallel, because these two are different energies.

Firstly, you have to be comfortable but you need not slouch, or you need not be stretching, like that, just straight if you can sit comfortably but if there is anything tight, here or here, you can reduce the tightness.

It’s a simple thing to be understood that the left hand is symbolic of our power of desire power, about which I’ll tell you tomorrow, and the right hand is the power of action.

So, first I’m going to tell you how to work it out, for yourself, to release the chakras for your ascent.

Now, first of all, don’t close your eyes, you watch first what is to be done, and then you do it. Don’t close the eyes and do it.

Please put the left hand towards me like this. Comfortably, expressing your desire to get your Realisation. Just like this, on your lap.

Why don’t you come and sit in front, would be much better?

Good idea. Please be seated in front, those who haven’t got their Realisation so far.

Now take out your shoes and put them, put both the feet on the ground like this.

There are some seats available at the front if you want to come forward, please come

Yes, come, come along, there are seats here also, anyone who wants to come. Yes, good.

Now, the attitude should be that you have to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven and you are not to feel guilty.

You are not to worry about your karmas and all the mistakes you have committed.

You should be pleasantly placed towards yourself.

You have to respect yourself and you have to love yourself, first of all.

Now, first the left hand is towards me and then you put both the feet should be apart from each other, like this.

Now the left hand should be on your lap, straight, just follow it properly and you will all get your Realisation. There’s no guarantee but I hope so.

Alright. So, please put your left hand towards me.

Right hand on your heart.

Now, here resides the Spirit, the Atma. So that is the most important centre for us.

Now, take your right hand down to the upper part of the abdomen.

(Left hand like this, left hand should be like this. Yes. And the right hand on the upper part of the abdomen on the left-hand side.)

This is the centre of your mastery created by all the great gurus, Sat gurus, the real gurus.

Now, below that now, you put your hand in the lower part of your abdomen on the left-hand side. This is the centre of Divine work. All the Divine work is done through this centre.

So, in your own consciousness you have to have the power to do the Divine work. Like I know how to hold this, in the same way you should know how to manoeuvre the Divine power. It’s called as ‘pure knowledge’ and in Sanskrit as ‘Shubdha Vidya’.

Now, again we go back onto the upper part of abdomen, on the left-hand side, then we raise our right hand to your heart again, then you raise your right hand to your left Vishuddhi chakra, as they call it, between the shoulder and the neck, here, and turn your head to the right and press it hard. Now, this is the centre you catch when you feel guilty. There is nothing to feel guilty at all. Just laugh at yourself. Be pleasantly placed.

Now, put your right hand on top of your head and press it hard. This is the centre of forgiveness.

Now, take your hand on the backside and rest your head on it.

Now, take out your hand and stretch it. Stretch back your fingers and in the centre of your palm, put the centre of your palm on top of your fontanelle bone area. Bend your head. Press it hard by pushing the fingers. Now, move the scalp seven times, very slowly, in a clockwise manner.

That’s all.

Now, we have to close the eyes you can take out your spectacles, your eyesight may improve.

Now, please don’t open your eyes till I tell you because the attention has to go inside. Just keep your eyes shut, that’s all.

Now put your left hand towards me. All of you have to close the eyes.

Now, close your eyes and put your right hand on your heart.

Put your feet at parallel with each other.

Now, here you have to ask a very fundamental question to Me. You may call me Shri Mataji, or Mother, whatever suits you. Ask this question, ‘Mother am I the Spirit?’ Ask this question three times.

Now, please take your right hand to the upper part of the abdomen on the left-hand side.

(On the left-hand side, left-hand side, on the upper part of the abdomen.)

Now, if you are the Spirit, you are your master, so please ask me another question, ‘Mother, am I my own master?’ Ask this question three times, please.

Now, take your hand in the low part of your abdomen. On the left-hand side.

Now, here is the centre which gives you the pure knowledge of Divine work.

Now, I cannot force on you, you have to ask for it.

I respect your freedom.

So please say, ‘Mother, may I have the pure knowledge?’

‘Mother, give me the pure knowledge.’

You have to say this six times because there are six petals to this centre.

Now, the Kundalini gets awakened by your asking, now, to facilitate Her movement in the upper chakras, we have to take our hand, again, back to the upper part of the abdomen, on the left-hand side, this is the centre of your mastery.

With all full confidence in yourself, please say, ‘Mother, I am my own master’.

Please say it ten times.

Now we have to remember that the truth is we are the Spirit. Not this body, not this ego, not this conditioning, we are the Spirit.

Now raise your right hand onto your heart and with full confidence say twelve times, ‘Mother, I am the Spirit’.

‘Mother, I am the Spirit.’

Say with full confidence in yourself.

Now we must realise that the Divine is the ocean of love and grace but, above all, it is the power of forgiveness. It is the ocean of forgiveness and we cannot commit any mistakes which this power cannot forgive.

So now, from your heart, forgive yourself.

Do not count your mistakes and put your right hand now on the left-hand side of the shoulder, between the corner of the shoulder and the neck, and put your head to your right.

Turn your head to the right.

Here is the centre which gets caught up when we feel guilty. So please say sixteen times with all confidence, ‘Mother, I am not guilty’.

Say it sixteen times.

Even then if you want to feel more guilty, you can punish yourself by saying it 108 times!

I have already told you that you should be very pleasantly placed towards yourself.

Now, please take out your hand to your forehead across.

Now, press it on both the sides.

Now here you have to say,’ Mother, I forgive everyone.’

From your heart, how many times is not the point.

Actually, it is a myth whether you forgive or if you don’t forgive. It is a myth, whether you forgive or you don’t forgive, but if you don’t forgive, then, you play into wrong hands.

Now, put this right hand onto the backside of your head and push back your head on it. Here, just for your satisfaction, for your satisfaction you can say, ‘Oh Divine, please forgive me if I have done anything wrong but don’t count your mistakes, don’t feel guilty.’

Now, stretch your hand and put the centre of your palm on the fontanelle bone area, which was a soft bone in your childhood. Bend your head, stretch your fingers outward. Press your scalp and move your it seven times, very, very slowly, clockwise.

Here again, I cannot force Self Realisation on you, you have to ask for it.

So, please say, seven times, ‘Mother, please give me Self Realisation’.

Now, take out your hands.

Now, open your eyes, slowly.

Put up your hands, like this.

Put up your hands.

Watch Me without thinking.

Now, put the right hand towards Me like this, and left hand bend your head and put it on top of the fontanelle bone area and feel the cool breeze. It may be hot.

It might be hot. Doesn’t matter.

Now put the left hand towards Me and bend your head and see if you are getting a cool breeze now. Some people get it very far.

Now, please put again right hand towards Me. Bend your head and see if there is a cool breeze.

Now raise your hands like this, look up and ask a question, ‘Is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?’

‘Is this the all-pervading power of God’s love?’

Ask the third question,’ Is this the Bramashakti?’

Now, take down your hands, please.

Those who have felt cool or hot breeze out of their head, or on their hands, please raise both your hands.

Great! May God bless you.

I bow to all of you.

So many people got it in one day. It’s difficult. So, I have to, now, make a request to you. We are going to have a Follow-On programme where I am going to be here just for one day, today, so I would request you to look after your Realisation, which is just the beginning now. To establish it properly and to be the master.

We have some nice people here who will do that for you.

Those who haven’t got it should not be upset.

All of you can get your Realisation.

So, those who haven’t got, can try again now. Those can you raise your hands now who haven’t got it. Please raise.

Sahaja Yogis please come along if there are any; please come along, please attend.

This gentleman is a great seeker, he must get it.

Someone there. He’s got it.

This lady hasn’t got it.

This gentleman; it will work out; he is a seeker.

You haven’t got it, my child? Give him the Realisation.

(Now, you better tell about your Programme.)

Please put your hands like this.

Ekadesha, he has.

Yogi announces the Follow-Up Programme, German)

Keep your eyes open please. Ekadesha, ekadesha.

(Yogi; announces Programme Follow Up in German)

Shri Mataji; Right to left, right to left, he’s been to many people, but he is a seeker. Now? It should be.

Ah! She’s got it. You see on her head.

Ah! Now, she’s got it now. Feeling the cool breeze now? Yes

Let’s see this…. Ekadesha. Take a candle. Move him right to left.

(Seeker; explains what he sees)

I know but you shouldn’t see that. You should see Me as I am. That’s the best way.

You have to be in the present, this is My future!

You should see Me in the present.

Right to the left, right to the left.

Now? Better? Better now? Should be.

Philipp, put your hand on his Vishuddhi. Left hand, right hand towards me.

What about you people; you got your Realisation?

You are Indians? (Speaks in Hindi)

Happy to see some Indians here! (Speaks in Hindi)

Come along, come along!

This is your heritage.

You got it. You got it very well. What’s your name, you say?

(Speaks in Hindi)

Just give them, see they are…

(Speaks in Hindi)

You can get up, let her get up. Yes.

(Speaks in Hindi)

You have so many students here, Indians!

(Speaks in Hindi)

Has he got it? Vishuddhi, Vishuddhi, he has a bad Vishuddhi. Is he alright? This gentleman. He is on the Ekadesha.

Yogi explains about seeker.

Just tell him to ask a question about yoga, light and sound, ‘Are You that, light and sound?’ Just ask him that. Ask the question.

What work does he do?

Have you got it? Did you feel it? This lady.

Yogi; He’s a carpenter

Shri Mataji; Carpenter. See now. Christ was a carpenter! Wasn’t he?

Got it now?

He’s a carpenter. Just press it here a little. Vishuddhi is very bad, with the carpentry, perhaps.

Hah! This gentleman.

(Speaks Hindi)

He’s got it. Vishuddhi, must be.

(Speaks Hindi).

Just see him. Just work out.

(Speaks Hindi)

Just see him, this gentleman also.

(Speaks Hindi)

Just see him, also.

(Speaks Hindi)

Vishuddhi is catching on this gentleman. Very much? Put your hand on his Vishuddhi. He says he never smoked.

(Speaks Hindi)

That’s it. He’s been following some guru or someone? Ask. How has he got Ekadesha? He’s been reading some books or something. Let him ask the question of Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga.

(Speaks Hindi)

Hold your breath. Hold your breath.

(Speaks Hindi)

When did he get it?

He’s got it.

(Speaks Hindi)

How are they?

Let him come tomorrow. It may work out.

What about him? Now, you see me as normal or do you see the light? That’s good. Don’t see Me as light. That’s the future.

Alright. Can I take my leave now, please?

Call them for tomorrow, in the afternoon, in the evening time, before we start the programme.

(Speaks Hindi)

I’m sorry. Will you come tomorrow? Please come. It will be alright. You are a seeker. There’s a little problem on the right Vishuddhi and the liver, also. Will you bring some sugar with you, tomorrow? You don’t take sugar? You don’t take sugar? All wrong idea. You have to take sugar. Tomorrow bring some sugar and you’ll be alright.

May God Bless you.