Achieve the real state of being born again

National Press Club of Australia, Canberra (Australia)

1991-04-13 Achieve The Real State Of Being Born Again, Canberra Australia DP-RAW, 184'
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Public Program. Canberra (Australia), 13 April 1991.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.
At the very outset we have to know that truth is what it is. We cannot organize it, we cannot conceptualize it; we also unfortunately cannot know it at this human awareness. That’s why in all scriptures it is said that you are to be born again. But it is not just a certificate one can take that “I’m born again.” It is something that is a real state within us, that gives you the right to say you are born again.

At the very outset again I would like to say one more thing, that whatever I’m telling you here has to be understood as scientist. It’s a scientific outlook. Don’t accept everything that I am saying, blindfolded. But scientific attitude is such that if I am putting before you a hypothesis and if you find that it is working out, it is being proved, then as honest people you must accept, because it is for your emancipation and for the emancipation of the whole world.

We have to realize that we are not at the point where we know the absolute truth and the absolute knowledge. “Absolute” means “when there is not the other.” If we had known the absolute we would never have had all these problems, these fightings and wars, different ideologies propounded all over the world, but we all would have felt the same thing, understood the same thing, and we would have been all one as far as our understanding of the truth was concerned. That’s what you find among saints. They are all of the same style, of the same type, talk of the same thing, in the same way. But whatever they have known in their lifetime has not been yet delivered to the common people, and that’s why so many of them misunderstood them and they were crucified, they were killed and tortured. The time has come for us now, a special time, when the common person has to know about it.

Formerly in India we had three type of institutions, as far as the Divine was concerned. One we call as the right side of Vedas. “Veda” itself comes from the word “vidh” means “to know on your central nervous system.” It’s not mental; you have to know it on your central nervous system. And this was also shown in the early Christians, when Thomas has written a beautiful treatise which were found about fifty years back in Egypt, that he called Christians as “Gnostics.” “Gn”, “gn” word comes from the word “gn” or “dnya” in Sanskrit language, meaning “the knowledge.” Knowledge is not mental, and according to this book which is now being rewritten, knowledge is an experience on our central nervous system.

So we have to understand that in our evolutionary process whatever we have achieved is felt on your central nervous system. For example, a dog or an animal, any animal if you want, can pass through any dirty, filthy place without feeling anything about it. But a human being cannot, because in his evolutionary process he has developed a new awareness of cleanliness, of beauty, of virtues, of sublimity. In the same way now we have to have the last breakthrough of our evolutionary process, where we have to become the spirit. The spirit is within our heart. It’s the witness of what we are doing. But it has not yet come into our attention, and so this is the mechanism within us which is built in during all our evolutionary process one by one. And now the time is for you to get the last breakthrough through that point, as you see clearly, is the actualization of the baptism, where you do feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost.

The Holy Ghost is reflected in the triangular bone as kundalini. These centers are on your central nervous system. We can say they are looked, they are the sources of parasympathetic nervous system, and there’s left and right sympathetic nervous systems which are nourished by the left and the right, two channels. In one lecture, I am sorry, I won’t be able to tell you all about this thing. But luckily they have agreed to have a follow-on, in which they will have people who want to know more about it enrolled, and they would like to give you a course of about seven weeks, every night once a week. And if that happens you can gain a lot.

But one thing I must tell you at the very outset: you cannot pay for it, you cannot, because it’s a living process. Try to understand, logically, when it’s a living process we don’t pay. For example, see these beautiful flowers are here. We take them for granted. See the beautiful area you have in Canberra, now the autumn has come. Autumn comes, the beautiful colors of ochre, this, that, I’m just enjoying. All that comes by itself, the seasons come by itself. You don’t pay anyone for that. You don’t pay the Mother Earth for giving you these flowers. In the same way when you have become a human being, you have not paid at all for your evolution. Then how can you pay for a higher awareness? Is a logical thing you should understand. You cannot pay for this living process, and nor for this knowledge. All right, you can pay for this hall, is all right; but you cannot pay for this happening. You cannot pay for anything that is divine.

If you understand this point you’ll have to understand also another point: it has to be very effortless. If it is so vital, it is so important, it has to be effortless. With a very little effort you should be able to achieve your evolution. If that doesn’t happen, that you should know that it is something else but not your evolution. Now, you have to know what you are seeking is the truth. And what is the truth is, actually you are seeking your higher evolutionary attainment. That is, to be the spirit is the first truth you are seeking. And the second one is that all this living work is done by an all-pervading Power, that’s the divine love. They may call it by the name “Paramachaitanya”, they may call it as the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost, they can call it as the all-pervading Power of God’s love or they can call it as the “ruh” or anything. But it is a fact that all this living work is done through this vital power which combines all the powers of the world.

This power has created us and this power wants us to feel that power, to get connected with that power, to be enriched by that power, to enjoy that power, and then ultimately to use it to give it to others also. We are human beings, and we get so frustrated with ourselves sometimes, people start asking, “Why am I here, for what? What’s my purpose? After all this useless thing I’m going on with the insurance; so much to be paid, the bills to be paid, this to be paid!” You are fed up. Is a fact, no doubt, I agree. But you have forgotten your purpose, that’s why. Actually within yourself you are extremely beautiful. Your divinity is waiting for you. In your depth you have all that. You have to reach that divinity. Then you will know how beautiful you are, how dynamic you are, how compassionate you are, and that how universal you are. All this has to come to you through this connection.

I’ll tell a story about taking a, say, a television set to a very remote village in India where they have never known anything about television. You show them the box and they’ll say, “What, this box?” If you tell them, “No, you can see lots of pictures in this from all over the world,” they’ll say, “What, this box?” That’s what we feel about ourselves. But once this box is put to the mains, then you know how fantastic is it. Then you realize how great you are. And this knowledge has to be our own. It has only been made possible now. Luckily, something has happened to this all-pervading Power that it has become so dynamic, and it is helping us to get you all as seekers. I say you are a special category of people who are seeking truth. This category has to be faced by every country, every nation, every government. You cannot stop them from seeking.

But in that seeking they have gone to drugs, they have gone to alcoholism, they have gone to all kinds of madness, and also to false people. They have suffered so. People come to Me and “¦. Yesterday there was three people; and they told Me, “Mother, they went to this guru here, someone, and they are so much suffering.” I don’t mind, if they want to make money, let them make, because there are so many thieves in this world, you know, can’t help it. All right. But it’s not only that: they spoil your kundalini, they spoil your kundalini, they spoil your chances of realization and they give you diseases. They give you serious diseases of such a horrible nature that sometimes I really give up. I say, “Now how am I to help them?” And we listen to them and believe them, blindfolded.

So in this short time, what I can warn you, this way: that first of all before going to anyone like that, you must find out what other disciples who are there have got, what powers have they got, how they behave. Are they beautiful people, have they really become religious or righteous, have they really become? Because you can follow any religion ” Hindu, Muslim, Christian, any religion ” you can commit any sins. How these people are, how they are living among themselves, what are their relations with each other? Once in a while we might also get somebody who is a money-maker or something, but we throw them out. We throw them out. Maybe sometimes we might get somebody, you see, just like a outsider coming in, but such people are then thrown out. So you have to see the body of such organization, how it works, what is the way these people are, what have they achieved? What about their children, what about their families? Everything you can find out first, and then you should go to anyone who talks about God. That’s first thing: have they got godliness? Because William Blake* has said there will be a special category of people who will be born on this Earth ” he calls them “men of God” ” “they will know God, and they’ll make others godly.”

Now with Sahaja Yoga you get so many powers. The first and foremost is that you yourself get completely physically cured. So many diseases are cured by Sahaja Yoga. But it’s not a guarantee. If you get your realization and if you settle down in Sahaja Yoga, you don’t have to get to any diseases. It’s possible: we have worked it out, it has worked even in Australia, it has worked in India. There are two doctors who have got M.D. in Sahaja Yoga in Delhi University. There are seven doctors in England who are experimenting, means they are documenting how many people have been cured. We have such a lot of documentation that we don’t know how to even transport it. And there are forty doctors in Russia who are following Sahaja Yoga.

I must say, unfortunately Australia is one country where they never understood us. I’ve been coming here from the year 1978. Unfortunately at that time all these gurus were here prevalent, and nobody would accept us because we are not charging any money. And it was impossible to tell them about it. They would just walk out as soon as I said we don’t take any money. It was really very difficult to communicate. And as a result we have very few Sahaja yogis, specially in Canberra, and the report is that they come but they just disappear. But if they have commitment of money then they stick on, because you paid for it, you see. Like you go to see some funny film or some funny drama and you don’t like it, but still you stick on because you paid for it. Is a human psychology. But I say, how much can you pay for it? How much can you pay for it? It’s so invaluable. This, you cannot measure it in money. God doesn’t understand money, He doesn’t understand banks. This is your headache, it’s not His headache. So, once we understand one thing: it’s a pure thing, it’s so pure. Reality cannot be purchased ” you have to know it.

So, now these centers are here, as you see: he must have told you about them one by one. And when you come to this course they will tell you all about it in details, and within, I’m sure, seven weeks you all will become great masters of Sahaja Yoga. And you can cure people, you can raise their kundalini. Not only raise their kundalini, but you can understand this subtle knowledge in no time. It really increases your capacity of your intelligence so much that we have had children who came to us as dullards and now they are scoring so well, they have records. Not in India, even in Australia they are doing so well. Now in England which is, which has got a disease of unemployment, in Sahaja Yoga it’s hard to find even one person who is unemployed; because we don’t think that taking dole is a very respectable thing. So suddenly they get their jobs and they work it out. It’s something that happens: a person becomes so dynamic, so relaxed.

Now these days there are so many diseases about which I need not tell you; but specially the tension that you have, because I was told most of them are bureaucrats here. My husband has been a bureaucrat all his life, so I know what it is ” I know the bureaucrats very well. And this tension comes to us because we work too much on the right side, as you see there, this yellow line. And that develops onto another horrible thing called as ego: that we feel we are doing it. There’s nothing wrong, it’s nothing wrong, because ignorance gives you that idea that “I am doing this work.” There’s nothing wrong in feeling that way. But what happens that when kundalini rises, she pushes that down and makes a ” should call it as a chimney, because that’s what they understand in English language ” that it makes like an opening here. And this opening takes away all the heat of the work and the idea that “I am doing this work.” You just don’t feel you are doing it; it’s so relaxed. All these problems that you have, as the bureaucrats specially, I will explain to you what problems they have. In this short time whatever is possible I’ll try to give you.

Now, we work on the right side: they’re bureaucrats because they’re planning, because they’re thinking too much. They are futuristic people, planning, planning, planning like mad. Not only, but their nature becomes such a planning that if they are going on the road, immediately they’ll say, “Oh, they should have put this signboard here. They should have done that there. They should have put this tree there.” I mean, you are not doing that job at all, you see, you are nothing to do with it. But they’ll go on thinking for others also what they should have done, what it is should be done, that should be done. So all the time thinking, thinking makes them mad, with this ” with this right side developing too much, they become workalcoholics, and they are very unkind in the family also because, you see, they are so irritable sometimes. And sometimes they try to push back the temper, and that’s how they become even worse.

Because this, this center, this is a very special center within us: we call it as Swadishthan. This center outside, in the, we can say in the physical way or in the medical terminology, acts through our aortic plexus. I studied medicine forty years back or so but now they might have changed the name, but we used to know as aortic plexus. This aortic plexus looks after this viscera as you see there, whole thing, all that, all the viscera. And here is one, first one, is the liver. Now liver is the one that’s very important in our body, which is responsible for taking out all the poison of the body as heat, and deliver it into the bloodstream. But when this center is doing something else much more important, then it is neglected.

Now, what is this important thing we do, that this center also has a responsibility to supply energy to the brain or supply even some cells, fat cells, for the displacement of the used-out cells and nourishing them with new cells. So when we think too much all the time, this poor center gets very busy, and it has no time for your liver. So the liver gets into trouble. Now when the liver gets heated up, the heat passes upward. When it passes upward, it touches the center that we call it as the right heart. This center when is heated up, then the lungs start getting coagulated and you develop asthma. Of course, it has also due to the effect of the left side which I’ll tell you later on which, which triggers it, which triggers this asthma. Now this asthma once settled in cannot be cured by any means but by Sahaja Yoga. We have cured, I mean, not I would say I have cured, but Sahaja Yoga has cured through kundalini awakening, asthma of a gentleman who was an architect. Mostly architects also are of the same style: they get asthma, very common, and there’s another disease they get which I’ll tell you later on, and that is also a result of this kind of over-thinking.

Now when you neglect your liver, also the heat passes downward. When it passes downward it catches your kidneys. And the kidneys get coagulated and they cannot function, so you get kidney trouble. And the doctors don’t want to tell you the truth but I would like to tell you, the dialysis can never cure you. And it’s such an expensive thing, you become bankrupt and die, that’s all. So for that, what is the treatment is in Sahaja Yoga. We have been able to see that people get cured of their kidney trouble with a very simple method of Sahaja Yoga. Because we are dealing with the fundamental things: like if there’s a tree which is sick, if you want to apply some medicine on the leaves it doesn’t work out; you have to go to the roots. So we go to the roots very easily through your kundalini, and it works out.

Now there’s another disease they develop, because the heat can pass to the left side. Now supposing somebody who is young and he’s very ambitious and is sort of a sportsman, we can call him, playing tennis or football or such a game, and drinking too much. All this creates heat very much, and may get a massive heart attack at a very young age, and it’s absolutely vital. Also such people get heart attacks of the massive type later on, who have got this problem of too much working. There’s another kind of a heart attack we call angina, due to lethargic heart which is, which comes from the left side. They are two things ” one is the left and another is right ” and when we confuse them we do not know what to treat what person. But in Sahaja Yoga you can easily find out a person is right-sided or left-sided, or is it psychosomatic: means combination of both. It’s very simple to find out.

Now then the another horrible disease that comes to a person who is sitting on the table and planning, is diabetes ” it’s very common. If a woman also is diabetic, her child can get it as an inheritance. Now this diabetes comes to you as a result because you think too much and you neglect, the pancreas is neglected. This pancreas is responsible for looking after your problems of diabetes. And when it is done then what you get is a collapse of this pancreas in a way, and you start getting this diabetes in you. Here also the left-side triggering is done when you get diabetes. But diabetes also is quite curable in Sahaja Yoga. If you practice it properly every day, morning, evening, five minutes in the morning and ten minutes in the evening, it works out.

Now the other disease that you get is much more dangerous is, is the blood cancer. It comes from the spleen which is again neglected by this center and you lead a very, very hectic life. Actually all the bureaucrats are on, on very highly strung notes and they are very hectic also. Early in the morning they will, they cannot get up, they are so tired. So they get up just about ten minutes before the work, somehow or other push their clothes in and just rush out; the wife runs with the breakfast too! And they get into the car and then they see a jam, and they get so upset. Now they are so time-bound ” that’s again problem ” they are so time-bound. And in these days when there is so much of jam and all that on the street and they get so frustrated, they are so hectic. All this hectic-ness leads us into a very funny situation, because this spleen is responsible for creating RBCs ” that is red blood corpuscles ” whenever you are in emergency. When you are in emergency, then this starts working more.

For example, if you have taken your food and if you start running, you’ll get a pain, terrible pain on this side. That’s because your spleen has gone into action, is producing more red blood corpuscles. So this hectic life that you have today, you make this poor spleen a crazy one because she doesn’t know what this man is up to. Suddenly he becomes so much excited and he gets into emergency, then again he gets into emergency, so this spleen gets absolutely into problem. And when again some triggering takes place, then you develop this blood cancer.

But the another, as I told you, the kidney, and a person who is like this is suffering always from constipation. Because it also, heat goes down and it makes this lower end into a kind of a very dry, dry thing and that’s how people suffer from terrible constipation sometime. This is a little bit that I’ve told, that a bureaucrat is capable of suffering.

Also is possible is paralysis, paralysis he gets on the right side. Also he might get a frozen arm, right arm frozen, all sorts of things: migraines because of bad liver, and cirrhosis of the liver, cancer of ” the other day we met one fellow who had cancer of the liver. And the doctor said “you are a gone case.” I found out he’s a very big boss somewhere. I said, “Now you’d better resign for a while, and then I’ll work it out.”

So all these things are to be understood in a proper way, and we have to treat ourselves with respect. We have to govern our body properly. In Sahaja Yoga you’ll get all the knowledge that is necessary for you to know about your wellbeing, first of all. And then you will also know how to keep yourself all right.

Now this is something that I have told you already, but the left-side triggering takes place when you go to wrong places like this and to wrong gurus: they, I think, mesmerize you or I don’t know what they do. Their styles I don’t understand, because they do not tell you the modus operandi as to what they do, while you’ll know the complete modus operandi of Sahaja Yoga. You yourself become masters of this. If you use a little assiduity, if you little bit work it out, I’m sure you yourself will be surprised how you have become your masters. But this is only the physical side of it. Even emotionally those people who have suffered, like epilepsy and also you can say mental disorders and all that, have been very much helped, because that’s the left side will work out.

Now the psychosomatic diseases are like ” we call them, even diabetes, as psychosomatic because there’s a effect of the left on them; or myelitis and all this, this what you call the disability of the muscles to work out, all these things, and recently another disease called as the yuppies’ disease. I had told them beforehand, five years before this disease came in. I had also told them about the AIDS. But as I was not taking any money, Americans were not interested. Because Americans are so proud of their money; they think “how can we not purchase this woman?” Moreover when I went to America, you’ll be surprised, they asked Me a question, “How many Rolls-Royces You have?”

I said, “I have none.”

They said, “We are not interested in You. You have no business.”

I said, “I have no business. There’s no business about it.” But this is difficult to make them understand, Americans, that God is not a business. They want to make business out of everything, and now see the situation there of the business that they did: what is their situation is not very good.

So whatever, even the business you are doing, even the economic side of it, has to be understood that we have to have a balance. If we don’t have a balance, we cannot achieve anything in life. And this imbalancing has taken us to this ecological problem, this problem. Actually most of this problem, all these universal problems, if you see, all these global problems, come from human beings. You know My husband has been working with this U.N. and he agrees with Me entirely: it all comes from human beings. And if this transformation can take place, we don’t even have to have U.N., you just become united ” within, not outside, but you just become united.

And this is what you achieve is a collective consciousness, a new awareness within you. You start feeling the cool breeze in your hands, the vibrations, very soothing, and you can feel the centers of all the persons. And you can also feel your centers and you know how to correct them, yours and others. This is a new awareness that comes to you as collective consciousness. Thank God, Jung has already talked about it, that if you have to evolve, you will evolve into a new awareness as collective consciousness, and in Sanskrit language it is called as “samuhik chetana.”

The first state where you reach is out of this Agnya Chakra: when you cross over to the limbic area, you become thoughtlessly aware. You are aware, but thoughtless. So you become a very peaceful person. People who have got peace awards, I haven’t seen them, seen such hot-tempered people ” I don’t know, from where did they get this peace award? Extremely hot-tempered: you can’t go near them without a barge-pole, you know! Any time they are willing to have a hit at you. And they have got peace awards, Nobel awards, this, that. I mean, I don’t know from what angle they got, get all these things, what is the judgment point is.

So one has to know that the peace has to be within, and this peace is established. You become a witness of the whole drama. You start seeing the whole thing as a drama. You are away from the problems and that’s how you can solve the problems, and once you become an expert you can help others to solve the problems. It’s something awaiting us. We all have to rise to that level, and to get to that state where we can really have that special status which is meant for us. Is your right to have it. As a result, you’ll be surprised, you’ll be so free and so capable to enjoy the freedom. People don’t even enjoy their freedom because they are not capable. Like, you see, our democracy has become demonocracy, because we don’t know how to enjoy our freedom, we don’t know how to balance our freedom. But after that, what happens, automatically you become so free ” I mean, you get rid of all your habits.

In England I, first time when I started My work, I got seven hippies, all drenched in drugs. But they were brought like dead pieces before Me. And overnight they gave up their drugs. I said, “Look at that! How is it possible?” They had not established their Sahaja Yoga so far but they gave up their drugs, all right. An example is like this, that supposing you are holding onto a snake and you have no capacity to give it up, and moreover you are obstinate. There’s all darkness, you can’t see; somebody tells you it’s a snake. You won’t give it up till it bites you, till you are dead. So if there’s a little light in you, immediately you yourself throw it away. I don’t have to tell you anything; you do it yourself everything. You become your own masters. You guide yourself ” because you are great, as I’ve told you, but you have to touch your divinity.

And it should not be, like as we have in the schools, a mathematical proposition ” in smaller classes they used to say, “A house was to be built, “˜A’ came for one day, ran away, “˜B’ came for two days, ran away, and third came for half a day and ran away. When will the work be over?” Never, is the answer! Because if you have such run-away people, how can you have the house being built? I mean, it’s not possible, mathematically it is not possible, but it might be imaginary, you might think like that. So you have to pay some attention to your realization, you have to pay to yourself, and to your ascending.

I don’t know how many you are here today, and I feel sorry that we didn’t have a hall; because last time we had a big hall and it was practically empty, so we thought this time we should have a smaller hall. It was a miscalculation completely on our behalf, I must say, and I am sorry for this, that you all have to stand like this. But I’m sure whatever may be the situation we all will get realization today. You should have full confidence in yourself that we are all going to get our Self-realization. Of course, I would like you to ask Me some questions for a very ” because we started little late because of this music and all that, but I would like you to ask Me some questions for a while, and then we’ll have this process of Self-realization.

As far as the questions are concerned I would say that, that I am not here to take anything away from you, but I’m here just to give you the key of your own being, to know yourself. So ask relative questions, not aggressive ones, because I’m very good at answering, I must tell you, because I’ve been now answering questions for the last twenty years all over the world. So I’m quite clever and I’ll answer all your questions now. But it’s a mental feat, again I’ll say it: that is no guarantee that you’ll get your realization, that is no guarantee. So it’s just a mental feat. If you have any sensible question please ask Me, because I don’t want at the time of realization suddenly your mind comes up and says, “Now, hey, you didn’t ask this question to Mataji.” So please, whatever is possible, we’ll take about fifteen minutes for that, and after that we’ll have a realization which will take hardly ten to fifteen minutes, that’s all. I hope you have all that patience. After that I would like to meet all of you today. Those who get realization I would like to meet you, because I may not be back here for one year at least. May God bless you.

There’s one thing I would like to suggest, that those who are Sahaja yogis can go and stand, and those who are not can come and sit down. It’s better that the Sahaja yogis can go and stand there. Those who are not Sahaja yogis yet should come here, this side, and please be seated. Sahaja yogis can stand now. [Hindi]

[Question: If the kundalini is awakened are you then more sensitive to other people and their ailments, and the ailments of yourself?]

Yes, of course, that’s what I said. Not only aware, but you know each and everything about them: not outward things but their centers, you know what’s wrong with their centers. So when you say that the Pentecost got their realization, when the Holy Ghost blessed them, they started talking in some other language ” it’s not Latin or Hebrew, but they started talking in the language of chakras or centers, as we also talk the same way.

[Question: Traditionally in the literature of India when we look at the information about kundalini, it appears to be a very difficult and arduous process.]

It’s true.

[Question continues: So what has occurred in 1970 or since then, that now makes it accessible to everybody?]

Yah. You see, it’s true, it’s very difficult. If something very difficult is done by someone, then there must be something about it, isn’t it? It is very difficult. And once, a guru of Shivaji was asked how much time does it take for kundalini to rise. He used the word, Sanskrit word, “tat kshan” ” means “that moment.” But there should be a person who is able to give, and the one who is able to receive it; and that’s all ready now, I think, so it’s working out. You are capable of receiving, and I think I am quite capable of giving!

[Inaudible question]

(I didn’t hear “¦. She’s just standing “¦ No, no, yes in front “¦ No, no, no.) “¦. The light you can bring it down a little bit at least, you see. I never used to use spectacles, but because of these lights all the time on My eyes .”¦ Ha, now.

[Sahaja yogi: She says she has experienced kundalini and she’s experienced an increase in energy, but she doesn’t know what to do with it.]

She was in Sahaja Yoga? You got it in Sahaja Yoga? Where?

[Seeker: Anand Marg “¦. ]

Ah, impossible. They can’t give you. Anand Marg, of all the things? Ah “¦ less said the better about them, madam. It’s a very dangerous cult you have joined, the most dangerous. Yah, you see “¦. No, no, not at all. He’s incapable. They are incapable of doing. They are very violent people, extremely violent. They were banned in India for years together and the gentleman was put in jail, and not only that but now his own wife and his own son has joined Sahaja Yoga. It’s so terrible as that. You see, it’s a very violent organization. But it’s surprising.

[Seeker: And is that what You say why I can’t do anything “¦. ]

Yah, no, not at all. How can you? No, not all. You see, because the energy you must be feeling is not that energy, but of the sympathetic nervous system. I will see about you now. Do you feel the cool breeze in your hands? Do you feel the cool breeze on top of your head?

[Seeker: Yes, I feel like some string is holding me, like “¦. ]

No, no. Not that way. It’s very simple, yah. So those who have followed Anand Marg, it’s very dangerous, I must say. I don’t want to discuss all these things but it’s absolutely illegal stuff, horrible. When, once I was with My husband in one of the hotels, and two people came with policemen to see Me. I was quite shocked, and C. P. being a bureaucrat he didn’t understand the police coming to see us, you see. The police people told us that these two people, husband and wife, want to see You. And they wanted police protections when they come. I asked them, “Why? What’s wrong with you? What’s “¦ ” They were very active. His name was ” what was his name, is Dr. “¦? Dr. Prasad.

He was a very active man. He even came to Australia for this work, and he went also to America and all those places. And he discovered that there were twenty-eight deaths which he could not explain. And he got such a shock, and he said that he went to a temple where he suddenly felt that he was doing all wrong. So he talked to people about it, whatever he knew. And he ran away with his wife in a jeep and came to Lucknow, and from there he came to Delhi. There somebody told him, “You’d better see Mother about it.” So he came to see Me, but he had this police protection. So he came, and he told Me how these murders took place and what all happened.

Then the mother, the wife of this gentleman, Mr. Sarkar, and his son, both of them came to Sahaja Yoga, and they are very active Sahaja yogis today. And the lady tells Me how terrible things he has done. And he has amassed money, amassed. And this lady told Me, “I don’t want to take a single pai out of that.” He made a will, he ” I think at the end of life he must have felt that “I should give something to my wife and child.” They refused to have anything to do with that money. They said, “We know from where this money has come.” It’s the most violent organization.

[Question: He said, “You say that You are born again. Is that true?”]

I? I didn’t say that, did I? “¦. You cannot certify. I said it is a state you have to reach. When you are born again you have all these powers which I described to you, minimum. You cannot just say “I’m born again.” All right? This is the point is. “¦. What is it?

[Question: He’s saying, the second question is, “Are You saying that You do not know the truth, or we do not know the truth?”]

I know the truth, I should say very humbly, and you will also know the truth ” all right?

[Seeker: There was one man who actually said He was the truth, and that was Jesus Christ.]

And we know Jesus Christ also very well, much better than any one of you, which you will also know.

[Seeker: But He’s my savior.]

Yes, He is, He is there, and whatever He has said is to be proved. Otherwise what is Christianity doing today? I was Myself born in a Christian religion and I know all about it. Do you know the “¦.

[Seeker: There is one thing Jesus said, He said He is the way “¦]

He might have said anything, but Christians are not doing that ” please “¦. Yes, you are not “¦. You see, you must first of all understand that are we practicing what Christ has said? ” first question. We are not. Christ has said, “Thou shall not have adulterous eyes.” Let Me see who is that Christian? But I can say all My Sahaja yogis are like that. They have innocent eyes. We are not following what Christ has said ” that’s the mistake. You are just organizing Christ. You cannot organize a personality like Christ. You don’t know anything about Christ. Christ is a very great personality. Only for four years He lived actually in the public, and they crucified Him; and they are again crucifying Him in the name of Christianity and Christians, take it from Me. I can’t understand that Vatican itself printed securities worth two billion dollars. (What is they call, securities of what? What these are “¦ securities of what these were? The “¦ ) Yes, in the ” yes, mafia, with the mafia, with the help of mafia. They sold it! False, absolutely false! Do you mean they are following Christ, the one who took a hunter in His hand and whipped all the people who are selling things? Are they following Christ? He was a carpenter; did He take any money from anyone?

We take Christ into our pockets, think that He is our own. It’s like all these great incarnations who were born on this Earth to prepare you for your last resurrection. He has said, “I will send you the Holy Ghost.” What about that?

The question is, what about the Holy Ghost? They don’t know anything about the Holy Ghost. You will, you will know. See, as Christians “¦. Excuse Me, sir, as Christians what have you achieved? Nothing. What have you achieved? “¦. What is the question? Ah? You are going round in circles. Now you better sit. Be seated. You must understand humbly one thing: as Christian you have not achieved anything, but as Sahaja yogi you will achieve Christ. If I promise you that, I will show you that, all right?

[Seeker: Jesus said that He is the only way “¦. ]

Yes, it’s true. He is the only way and that’s what we are going to prove, that He is the only way. But we are going to prove that. You cannot prove it. You say Jesus is the only way, Muslims will say that Mohammed is the only way, Hindus will say Krishna is the only way; everybody saying they are the only way. “¦.

This is all fundamentalism, nothing else. This is absolute fundamentalism and not understanding Christ. Christ has said, “Those who are not against Me are with Me.” Who are those? He has also said for these Christians, “You’ll be calling Me “˜Christ, Christ’ and I won’t recognize you.” Clearly, in the second chapter and second verse of Matthews. It was Paul who ruined Christianity, and then Augustine. And you know in England what they are talking about Him? That He was a homosexual. Oh, how dare they say such things about Him? Horrible things they are saying about a divine personality which they do not understand a word.

It’s all minting money, and paying people some money to preach about God. How can you pay money to preach about God? Try to understand. In India they came with a gun in one hand and a Bible in another hand ” imagine! And even one gentleman in a Calvinistic church came with a pistol towards Me and a Bible in the another hand. I said, “Now put the Bible on one side at least” ” raised the pistol. Is this the way Christ, the one who said that “forgive” ” He asked His Father to forgive those who crucified Him? You have not understood Christ at all. You have made a mess of His life, and you have really brought such bad name to Him. Please understand. By calling yourself Christians you do not become. By following Him, by practicing Him ” and that’s what these people are doing. They are doing all over the world. You’ll be surprised, we have so many people who are Jews and they respect Christ, they worship Christ. Can you do that? Because they know who He was.

These were all incarnations of the Divine, and they were born as flowers. (Please keep down your hand till I tell you because it may, you may get tired.) So, these all flowers came on the Tree of Life, Tree of spirituality. They were all nourished by the same. But we plucked them, and now these are dead flowers we are fighting. We should get rid of this fundamentalism and this idea that He was the only one, and He was the only one, and He was the only one. While Krishna has also said, “Sarva dharmam parityajaya mam ekam sharanam vraja” ” “Give up all religions and follow Me.” So all the Hindus can say, “All right, we are the ones who are chosen ones.” All these chosen ones, how they are behaving?

[Seeker: He didn’t say about truth .”¦]

If you think you are convinced, sir, that you can do well with Christianity you can leave the hall. But I do not think that way. Yes?

It’s there, the gentleman there. Please get up. All right? Thank you.

[Sahaja yogi: Did you hear that, Shri Mataji? He is saying that You say that the kundalini is coming out all the time, out into the all-pervading Power. Some people say that you should keep it in.]

No, no, no, no. It’s a connection. See now, as we have a connection for this instrument, it’s a connection. A connection has to be made. If we, if this connection is kept inside, how can we use this instrument? Yes, please?

[Inaudible question]

You came to Sahaja Yoga, madam? (She came to Sahaja Yoga?) “¦. We can’t be, we can’t guarantee about others.

[Seeker: Yes, I must say I have experienced the kundalini awakening, but I can’t hold the state.]

You see, the trouble is I don’t know what sort of a kundalini awakening you have got, because whatever we know is through Sahaja method. We don’t know any other method, all right? So to keep up the state or go back to whether you are realized or not, we’ll have to check you. All right?

[Question: We are all here to achieve something for ourselves but the world is full of unhappiness, and You talked about compassion. How can an individual affect all these terrible things in the world?]

You are not an individual any more, I must tell you. Do you know, in Russia we have thousands of people who have got realization. That’s what I am saying, here you do feel, because Australia was not so kind to Me, I should say, or kind to themselves. But not otherwise. We, this awakening is taking place very fast and it’s spreading very fast, and every candle that is enlightened can enlighten another thousand candles. So it’s not so. We have to change the world only in this way; there’s no other way out. Through this transformation. [Hindi] Any other question, please?

[Question: Could You tell us a little about the traditions that this system is based on?]

All right. Now, the tradition is that we had a group, we should say, we called them as Nath Panthis  in India who were working on the central path, which is called as Sushumna. But the tradition was that only one guru could have only one disciple. That was the tradition for ages together. And we had this Gorakhnath, and you must have heard about the Machhindranath, Gorakhnath, Adinath, all these people. But only in the twelfth century [ie. 1200s] there was a great saint called Gyaneshwara, and he begged of his brother who was his guru, that “please allow me at least to talk about this in the local languages.”

Now in all the great books in Sanskrit language, like Yog Vasistha and all these books, even in the sixth century [ie. 600s] Adi Shankaracharya has described about kundalini. Everywhere it is described, but in Sanskrit language. Sanskrit language was only read by very few people. At the time of Rama, His father-in-law was Janaka: he was a great master of Sahaja Yoga, and he gave realization to only one person called Nachiketa. He’s mentioned there. Then it was all limited.

But in the twelfth century [ie. 1200s], Gyaneshwara described it in a treatise which he wrote about Gita, Gyaneshwari, in the sixth chapter. But the people whom we call as dharma-markandas, is the people who are in charge of religion, couldn’t do anything about it. So they said this is nishida,  means is not to be accepted, it’s not to be read. So that chapter were closed down. In that he has written very clearly that “I have now said as a great homage to the spirit of the universe, that now please give us the blessings for the masses.” And he’s described Sahaja Yoga very well: what will happen when you get your blessings, how the collective consciousness will come and how people will evolve, what will happen. He did this on the twelfth century. After that we had Kabira, we had Nanaka, we had Ramadasa, we had Tukarama; we had so many of saints who have talked about it.

But still it could not go very far. Only two, three people used to get realization. Even “Buddha” itself means “the realized soul.” Buddha, Buddha ” Buddha means from bodha. “Bodha” means “to know on your central nervous system.” So all of them said the same. Even Christ has said it. “You are to be born again” ” clearly He has said it. So we’ll have the certificate on top: “We are born again” ” finished! We don’t go further with it. We have to make enquiry: what does this mean? Because all these religions were organized, you see. You could not go out of this thing. And those who tried to go were thrown out of the religion. Only in India the philosophy is there, it’s not a religion as such. I mean, you can say that the Sikhs, the Jainies and all of them are all in philosophy level; it’s not organized at all. Nothing is organized.

The saints then came out of it and they lashed all the society, and they talked about the reality. They have all talked about it in their own vernacular languages. Now, some of the songs they are singing was written in the sixteenth century by Namadeva ” I’ll ask them to sing this song. It’s sung in every village, where they are singing, “Oh Mother, give us our realization, jogwa.”

So we had this tradition in us. But then these gurus started coming up, because they said we now have to have a guru. Now, guru and a real guru, there are descriptions already given in vernacular languages. Despite that, you see, human beings are so great that they can mess, make a mess of everything, I tell you. You give them anything beautiful, they know how to make a mess. And this is what they have done it. Now let them get their realization, let them get perfected. Let them get that subtle knowledge, and then they can judge. You become like a divine computer. You can feel it on your fingertips, the absolute truth. You ask a question, “Was Christ the son of God or not?” Immediately you’ll start feeling tremendous vibrations. Even to take Christ’s name you will see.

The time has come for you to prove all these things. Otherwise everybody thinks they are correct, like Saddam Hussein. What’s wrong with him? He thinks he was the chosen one, by Mohammed Himself. Then what can you do to such a person? If you have such make-believes, you cannot help it. Hitler thought the same way. But what is the criteria? We live in a relative world. We have to go to absolute. If we accept this humbly, then only we can have it. But if you are satisfied with something or your brain is washed by some ideologies, then I can’t help it. But what good it has done to us? Think it over.

While Hinduism, same thing, where it is said that in everybody it resides the spirit. How can we have caste system? This all came later on. There’s a brahmin saint, a great saint in India, Dasganu, He says, “We have not known the Brahma. We have not known this all-pervading Power. How are you brahmins?” There are so many instances to prove that caste system is something that is put on our head. But it’s there, and we have to fight it. It’s the aptitude of a person. It’s not inherent or it is not prenatal; it is just what type of thing you do. I would say all Sahaja yogis are the real brahmins, because they know the Brahma.

[Question: You recommend meditation and chanting every day. How long should one maintain the chanting?]

We have no chanting, madam, at all ” no. It spoils your throat. Five minutes in the morning, ten minutes in the evening: is it too much of a time? And chanting is another nonsense. When you are not connected with God, what are you chanting? If your telephone is not working ” now see, we must be logical about it ” what’s the use of telephoning? Your telephone gets spoilt. It’s so logical, I tell you. Supposing now you have the prime minister here, and you just go into his area and start taking there his name, they’ll all arrest you there. You have to have connection. But once you are in His Kingdom, just remembering once is sufficient.

Even mantras: they will just give you some sort of a nonsensical mantra ” like these T.M. people have given you horrible mantras, I must tell you this, horrible. They are the worst, I think, as far as money-making is concerned. We had three people, four people. One of them was the head of their Flying Academy, from Scotland. His name is Peter Pierce, another his wife, another his child, and fourth one was the, his director. They all came to Me with epilepsy. Of course, now they are cured. But poor things, they have all become bankrupt and have gone to South Africa. They are writing a book about it. And they told Me about it, and then many of them came. Even we have some now in Sydney and everywhere, poor things suffering so much. And they told Me that three mantras were given. One was “inga, pinga, tinga.” Now any Indian here will know that these are not Sanskrit words. They’ll just start laughing at these things. And they paid for each mantra three hundred pounds, in those days. Now “inga” means ” it’s a very colloquial village thing because the guru who is there, he doesn’t know any Sanskrit, nothing. He was just a clerk; I think he was a ticket collector. Yah, he was a ticket collector in India. But all the bureaucrats fell at his feet. Do you know that? That’s the best part of it! What is the bona fide of this man?

Now this fellow ” is the “inga” means “scorpion bite”, is “inga”; and “pinga” means when you get possessed you go round and round, “pinga”; and “tinga” means this “¦. For that you pay three hundred pounds! Then six thousand pounds were paid. A barrister who had become mad, her sister had become mad. She was in lunatic asylum; she was brought out, then now she is cured. Both of them are all right. Her name is Hester. She told Me, “Six thousand pounds they took from all of us. We had to go to Switzerland in very far-fetched horrible hotel, and they put us there for this flying course.” And they had to jump on some forms and they all broke their bottoms, to begin with. But the food that was given to them, for six days they had to drink water which boiled the potatoes. Then the seventh day they had to take the rind of the potatoes. And the eighth day the potatoes. For six thousand pounds! And this, I’m sure this guru must be thinking how stupid these people are. So he used to, he used to giggle all the time. He could not help giggling.

And they are every time marketing something new. Now they are marketing here, what you call, ayurveda. What is there to market? Why do you need a guru for that? And ayurveda cannot be marketed in the West in the real sense, because you have to use fresh leaves. You cannot. One gentleman had a very bad eczema. He was from Australia, but then he came to England and then he came to Russia. I told him, “You have to come to India, because I know one thing by which it can be easily cured. It’s a very simple leaf you have to use.” And in three days he was all right.

So even if you have to practice that, you don’t have to have a guru for that. Why do you? This is just a marketing thing. They’ll sell anything. How can you sell anything? Use your brains! By God’s grace, you all have much more brains than Indians have. But we have much more wisdom, I think, because we have known all this kind of thing. And thank God, we don’t have so much money to waste. Our poverty is a blessing to us, I think, in a way. That’s why they have gone abroad. They have formed groups, they have formed this, that, everywhere, and nobody would listen to Me. In America they told Me, “You’d better go back. Nobody is going to listen to You.”

Now let’s see how the Australians are going to take it. Thank God, I was born in a Christian religion, because I can talk to you about it very clearly. My father joined Gandhiji. Immediately he was thrown out of the church. Because in India people, Christians, mostly they are converted from poor classes, you see. So they think, they believe even now that Christ was born in England ” can you beat that?

[Inaudible question]

No, you see, the meditation as I told you is a little attention to yourself. You are not to “do” meditation, but you have to get into meditative mood. As I told you, first you get into the state of thoughtless awareness, where you know everything but there’s no thought ” that is, you are in the present. You are neither in the future nor in the past, but you are the present where there is no thought. You watch everything, you see everything; but nothing you react. Just there, you are seeing. That’s a very great state, because when you just see something ” now see, I look at these flowers. Now if you are not a realized soul and you look at these flowers, you think from where they must have got it now and how much they must have paid, all those things, what colors. I don’t think like that; I just look at it. And all the joy that is put into it by the Creator just starts flowing down ” in the abstract way.

So that first state when you achieve, in that state you start growing spiritually. So achieve that state, you have to pay attention to yourself. Now if I say “Now you pay attention to yourself,” you cannot. All right. Now if I say the attention is spread like then like this shawl, and the kundalini is here: she starts coming up like that. So she puts your attention inside. When she puts your attention inside and she breaks this through, then all this attention gets enlightened and nourished by her.

This is to be seen within your life. You see, if I tell somebody about the beautiful place Canberra is, nobody’s going to believe it till they come and see it ” so better see it! It’s very simple. And moreover, see now in this place there are so many lights, you see, and to just to switch them on there must be one switch: just switch on, all of them are there, all right? But supposing I have to tell you how all this was built and how all this came here, and how this electricity was invented and how the source has been built, you’ll get a headache. So first thing you get your realization, get your light, then in that light you see for yourself and you, you are not a loser, you don’t get into trouble, nothing at all. So first have it and then know ” all right? You have not to be very futuristic about it. All right?

So I am happy that your intellect is now satisfied. You have to now help Me by taking out your shoes, because we have to take help from the Mother Earth. She is such an energy-giving thing. So we can ” no, it’s all right, if you are sitting on the ground you take out your shoes, that’s all. If you are sitting on the ground you are all right, take out just your shoes. And also you feel comfortable.

Now Sahaja yogis, as I requested you, can you go on the back side and ask the people to come here? [Marathi]

You can come this side. Please, come this side. There is room. Please come. Move forward a little bit, just a bit move forward. Yes, you can all move forward a little bit. You have to a little bit adjust ” sorry for this miscalculation. Sahaja yogis can go out for the time being. I want you all to sit down, and sit down here closer to Me, would be better. If you sit there it won’t help so much as if you can come this side. You have to see Me. Please, if you don’t mind, come this side and this side. Are there any Sahaja yogis? She’s a Sahaja yogini ” no? Not yet. All right, move on, move further. I’m sorry for this, really. [Marathi]

Now ” only for people who are sitting on the chairs, not who are sitting on the ground are all right. Are there some people this side, can go this side also? Can you move so that you can come this side, please, all of you? Can you move this side? There is room. Because there’s some people sitting behind. You know, if you don’t mind, if you could come this side. Some of them can come here. Please come. Yes, some of you can move this side, please. Thank you. Can you come here please, all of you? Yes, please. You, too, madam, come along, this side. All of you come along.

Now, before we start “¦. Won’t you come this side? There is room here, please. Hello ” they are Sahaja yogis? All right. The people who are sitting on the chair should put both their legs or feet apart from each other, because these are two powers on the left and the right. The left one is the power of desire, of the common desire; kundalini is the pure desire, power of pure desire. The right one is the power of action. This looks after ” left side looks after our emotions, the right side looks after our physical and mental activity. So you have to put your left hand on your lap, very comfortably on your lap, left hand, towards Me. This is symbolic that you want to have your Self-realization.

Now, there are two conditions we have to fulfill in Sahaja Yoga. First one is that you have to be in the present. That means you have to forget the past. To be very frank, you have to know that you are not guilty of anything. Please have no guilty feeling within you. This feeling is absolutely hypothetical and has no meaning. Actually, when you feel guilty this center on the left-hand side is sometimes so ruined that you get horrible diseases like angina, lethargic organs, and also spondylitis. So what’s the use of having such a illogical thing like a guilt? If you were guilty really, you would have been in jail. So please believe in yourself. Have faith in yourself that you are not guilty at all.

This is very important because if this center is catching, which I feel very much is catching today here, kundalini won’t rise above. So please, please, please just forgive yourself and know that you are not guilty. Many people are told, you are sinners, you are this and that. I tell you, don’t believe them. Because I feel to tell even this is a sin. Nobody has right to tell someone like that. So please have no guilt about it. Just forget it. The animals don’t have any guilt of anything. Only we with our own thinking have created this institution of guilt.

Now the second condition is that you have to forgive everyone, in general. So see logically again: whether you forgive or don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. What do you do? “I cannot forgive. I’ll try to forgive.” But what is there? You don’t do anything; it’s just a mental process. But if you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands, absolutely. And this center of Christ catches, terribly. If you don’t forgive, this center which is very constricted and Christ had to be, go, had to go through that and resurrect Himself to establish this center within you. And He has given us the greatest weapon of forgiveness.

So you have to forgive everyone in general. Don’t think who is wrong, who has done me wrong ” nothing of the kind. Because when we do not forgive we play into wrong hands. The person who has troubled us, tortured us, is enjoying life. But when we do not forgive that person, what happens to us, that we play into wrong hands and we torture ourselves. Please remember, that is very important that you should all forgive. Throughout Australia My programs have been, and every time I meet them they say, “Mother, I never felt any cool breeze.” Then I have to go on working on them: “forgive, forgive, forgive, forgive, forgive” ” and it works. So why not cooperate with Me a little bit, just to say “I forgive everyone.” Just to say, in general, just forgive. If you could just say that, it will really help Me a lot. You’ll also feel much lighter, much lighter. You are carrying this load for nothing at all.

So these are the two conditions. And the third is a promise: that you should have full confidence in yourself, and believe that you are going to get your Self-realization. Most of you will get today. Some if they do not get, may ” we try to get them today, and then later on they can come. But also you must promise that you should not just allow yourself to be drifted away. Like Christ has given a parable, that some seeds were thrown onto lands which were marshy ” of course, the rocks were all wasted ” but on the marshy lands, and they just sprouted and finished. So you have to grow into your trees, to get to your beings, which is so great. That’s a promise from you, and that will help a lot. Because, you see, Divine also has common sense. It doesn’t want to work out people who are good for nothing. It’s not meant for frivolous people. You see, if you know that this light is not going to work out, why will you try to correct it?

So we have to understand our value. We have to understand our role, how important it is. And it’s such an important time at this time, we should not miss it out. After all, you have been seeking, and seeking gives you the right to get to the Self-realization, and then the Divine has a right to expect that you’ll spread the light all throughout the world. You’ll be surprised, when I went to Russia first, twenty-five Germans rushed ” Sahaja yogis ” to Russia. I was really touched. I said, “How are you all here?”

They said, “Mother, isn’t it our duty? Whatever done by our forefathers we have to undo.” And with such gentleness, with such sweetness. You won’t believe these German Sahaja yogis are one of the gentlest ones. They handled these Russians, gave them so much love, so much attention. And they have taken the responsibility of the whole of Russia.

So we have to be conscious of our being, and then all this knowledge will be much more manifesting through you. If you do not give, it won’t come into you. If you do not open the other door, no air will flow from this one. So you have to give. And when you give, you grow deep also; like the tree when it grows outward, it goes deeper. They’re all related. So Sahaja Yoga is a collective happening. It is not individual; you cannot say “I do it in the house” and finished ” no. You have to come to the collective. It strengthens you, it strengthens others, and you understand each and everything. And everyone is so much in unison and in love, you’ll really enjoy it. Like a nail which is cut out of your finger doesn’t grow. So now it is not an individual thing, but it is absolutely a collective thing and is an open knowledge to everyone, absolutely open knowledge to you. You don’t have to pay for any one of these things. So may God give you wisdom and understanding about yourself. So “¦.

As you put ” and now we’ll show you first of all, and then you have to do it with your closed eyes. But first you see how you have to nourish your own centers and raise your own kundalini. So put the left hand towards Me, suggestive or symbolic that you want to have your realization. Then you have to put your right hand on your heart. We are working only on the left-hand side with the right hand. In the heart resides the spirit. So we start from there. Then we take our right hand in the upper portion of our abdomen ” he’ll show you ” upper portion of our abdomen, on the left-hand side. (It’s better to put inside your coat. He’s, he’s a realized soul, so it’s all right for him!) This is the center of your mastery, by which you become a master. This center has been created by great masters, and it gets awakened.

Then you take your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side. This is the center of pure knowledge, pure knowledge that you feel manifesting on your central nervous system, on your nerves, by which you know how to handle this power and work it out. This cannot be forced on you. I respect your freedom. Then we take our right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side. Again press it hard. And then on your heart. Then in the corner of your left shoulder and your neck, like this, from the front. And turn your head to your right, fully, fully to your right. This is the center, as I told you, you catch when you feel guilty. So please turn your head to your right as far as possible. Then we take our right hand onto our forehead across, and put down our head as far as possible. This is the center where you have to forgive everyone in general.

Now we take our hand on the back side of our head and push back our head as far as possible. This is the center where, without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes, for your own satisfaction you have to ask forgiveness from the Divine ” not just now; I’ll tell you later on what is to be done. Now you have to stretch your palm fully. Put the center of your palm on top of the fontanel bone area, which was a soft bone in your childhood. Press it properly. Now push back your fingers as far as possible and put down your head as far as possible. Now push back your fingers, that’s very important. Now press your scalp nicely and move your scalp ” not your hand so much, but the scalp is to be moved ” slowly clockwise, seven times. Put down your head, please. Push back your fingers. Now, push back your fingers, you see, next time when you do it.

You want to be seated? All right, come forward. You can go this side. There’s room here this side, you can go this side. Come along, it’s all right. Just take out your shoes, now. You can take out your spectacles, because you have to close your eyes and not to open till I tell you. If there’s something tight on your waist or on your neck, please loosen it a little bit. Sit comfortably straight, not backwards stretching or forwards bending, but in a straight manner.

Now close your eyes and put the left hand towards Me on your lap, and the right hand on your heart. Please close your eyes. Here now you have to ask Me a very fundamental question about you. In your heart you ask Me three times ” you can call Me “Mother” or you can call Me “Shri Mataji”, whatever you want to call Me ” “Mother, am I the spirit?” Ask this question three times. “Mother, am I the spirit?” Please don’t feel guilty, I’m getting these catches very much. Just ask this question.

If you are the spirit you are your own master, because in the light of the spirit you know how to guide yourself. So now please take your hand, right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side. Here you have to ask another fundamental question to Me, three times, “Mother, am I my own master?” Ask this question three times. I have already told you that I respect your freedom and I cannot force pure knowledge on you; you have to ask for it. So now please put your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen and press it hard, on the left-hand side. Here is the center which has got six petals. So please say six times, “Mother, please give me pure knowledge.” You have to ask. Please say that six times, “Mother, please give me pure knowledge.”

As soon as you say that, the kundalini starts rising. So we have to clear the upper centers with our self-confidence. So now raise your right hand onto the upper portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side, and press it hard. Here now you have to say with full confidence, ten times, “Mother, I am my own master.” Here you have to say with full confidence, ten times, “Mother, I am my own master.” Say it ten times.

(Who are these children crying? They are Sahaja yogis? You see, this is the problem is that the gurus, you see, these false gurus are torturing them.)

Now please take your right hand onto your heart. Here again you have to say with full confidence, the greatest truth about yourself, “Mother, I am the pure spirit.” The truth is, you are not this body, you are not this mind, you are not this ego, you are not these conditionings, but you are the pure spirit. So please say it twelve times, “Mother, I am the pure spirit.”

Now, this all-pervading divine Power which organizes everything, creates everything, which thinks, above all it loves us, is the ocean of knowledge, is the ocean of compassion and bliss. But above all, it is the ocean of forgiveness. So we cannot commit any mistake which cannot be dissolved by the power of this ocean of forgiveness. So please now raise your right hand in the corner of your neck and shoulder, and here please say sixteen times with full confidence, turning your head to your right fully. With full confidence you have to say, “Mother, I am not guilty at all.” Please say it with full confidence. This is the worst catch today we have here. So please say it with full confidence in yourself, “Mother, I am not guilty at all.” Turn your head to your right, fully.

I’ve told you, whether you forgive or don’t forgive, you do not do anything whatsoever. It’s just a myth which you are carrying. And this myth has burdened you so much that you torture yourself. So now raise your right hand on your forehead across, and very gently put down your head on your hand, resting as far as it is possible. Here you have to say again with full confidence, and please say it from your heart, not how many times. Please say it from your heart. Don’t try; just say it from your heart. It’s very important. “Mother, I forgive everyone in general.” From your heart, not how many times, from your heart. It’s the greatest weapon you have got.

Now, please take your right hand on the back side of your head and push back your head as far as possible, holding your hand tight on the back side, pressing it down hard on the back side. Here you have to say, without counting your mistakes, without feeling guilty, just for your satisfaction please say, from your heart again, not how many times, “Oh, divine Power, if I have done any mistakes, knowingly or unknowingly, please forgive me.” Say it from your heart again. Push back your head as far as possible and hold it tight, on both the sides.

Now please stretch your palm fully, and put the center of your palm on top of your fontanel bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. So is important you push back your fingers, fully. Here again, I cannot force Self-realization on you. You have to ask for it. So now please put down your head. Please put down your head. And now move your scalp slowly, seven times clockwise, saying seven times, “Mother, please give me Self-realization,” saying seven times, “Mother, please give me Self-realization.”

[Shri Mataji blows through the microphone]

Now please take down your hands, and open your eyes very slowly. Very slowly open your eyes, very slowly. Put both the hands towards Me like this. (You stand up.) Higher. Now put the head down, and see with left hand if there’s a cool or a hot breeze coming out of your own head. Now don’t doubt it, please see it clearly ” you have to certify yourself. Now see clearly if there’s a cool or a hot breeze coming out of your head. You shouldn’t put your hand on top of your head, or it should be above your head. Some people do get it very far away. So try to move it on both the sides up and down, and see for yourself if there’s a cool breeze or a hot breeze coming out of your head ” fontanel bone area. Now please put the left hand towards Me. Again bend your head, and with the right hand you see. Gently you can see. It’s a very subtle thing, so be careful. Some people get it as a great rush also, some get it in a very big way, but some get it in a very subtle way. But don’t get confused.

Now please put your right hand towards Me. Now bend your head. Bend your head and see for yourself if there’s a cool or a hot breeze of the Holy Ghost coming out of your head. Now raise your hands, both of them, towards the sky. Raise your hands and ask a question, “Is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?” or “Is this the all-pervading Power of God’s love?” which is called as “ruh” also, or “Is this the Paramachaitanya?” Ask this question. Push back your head fully and ask this question three times, any one of them three times. Ask any one of these questions, three times. This is the first time you’ll be feeling this all-pervading Power.

Now take down your hands, please. Put your hands like this. Now watch Me without thinking ” you can do it. (Should I stand?) Just, you are in thoughtless awareness, just see; even if you cannot see Me you are in thoughtless awareness, absolutely relaxed. All those who have felt cool breeze or hot breeze out of their fontanel bone area, or they have felt it on their fingers or on their hands, please raise both your hands. The capital of Australia! May God bless you all. So many of you have got it. It’s all over! See, but don’t doubt it, don’t doubt it. It’s all over: you can go home and close your windows and see, it’s all there. But you feel extremely relaxed and happy.

So now, I know it’s time, but still I would like to meet you people, those who have felt the cool breeze. Those who have not felt the cool breeze could go into another room and these people will try to fix it up for you. But those who have felt it, I would like to meet them first, and those who then get their realization there could come and see Me. But some people did not do it, so that’s not our responsibility in any way. In the meanwhile there will be some very nice music, and now you will enjoy this music better.

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