How to Solve Ecological Problems

Centre of Hygiene, Sofia (Bulgaria)

1995-07-26 How to Solve Ecological Problems, Sofia, Bulgaria, 59'
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1995-07-26 How to Solve Ecological Problems, Sofia, Bulgaria, camera 2, 64'
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Public Program. Sofia (Bulgaria), 26 July 1995.

I bow to all of you, who have come to know, how to save humanity.
It is not our problem only of Bulgaria, but of the whole World. Everyday all over the world there is awareness about ecological problems. But means that are adopted are not sufficient enough to stop our deterioration. Now I am here to tell you about some truths, which if we achieve, we can solve our ecological problem in a much better way.

Outwardly we understand that we have to reduce the machinery. The industrialisation, the way it has gone out of proportion, has created lots of problems. If we go back about say 50 years in India, we were having our struggle for independence. Then Mahatma Gandhi suggested, “why not we use hand made things, handmade clothes, hand woven clothes, handmade things from the villages”. And it worked because we could stop the machinery of Manchester, who were selling us all these clothes from England. In the West, there is a big urge to use hand made things, is more expensive. I was surprised that Bulgaria is so much full of artists, there are so many artists, very beautiful. They do not only make, you can say, pictures and paintings but also they are very good hand at making things, which are functional with hand.

Now to out rate the growth of industry, we have to take something simple life, by which, we do not use too many things.

In India say for example every family will have one plate either of Brass or of Silver, depending on the status for each person that is all. But these days the plastics are created, which are disposable. In America even in the drawing room, they have a waste paper basket of big one like this for disposable things, they are always disposal. I think it is a labour saving, because such a lot of waste has been created. In America that they do not know what to do with it.

If you fly to New York, you will be surprised to see that the whole sea is filled up with all kinds of rubbish. It spreads miles together.

With all that kind of water, the fish cannot survive. And there are so many industries that their waste has to go into the Hudson River. There is a way of understanding that we have unnecessarily expanded our acquisition temperament. They say, it is for our individuality we have this one type of plates, plastic plates one has, another one has another kind of plastic.

But plastic is not good for health. And the beauty of it is that it can penetrate into anything, it can penetrate into clothes, it can penetrate into [..]. Now this is a difficult thing it will take too much time to change the people of their awareness to understand.

As you know there are all kinds of pollutions that are troubling us. They are using lots of cars, and all such vehicles which create pollution. But if you say that you should use bullock carts or you should use horses or donkeys, nobody will like that idea.

Because this modern world has become very speedy and because of the speed people just want to do things much faster than that is required.

There is a big slavery of the watches. This is what modern life is. All these things cannot be reversed very easily, I understand. And these factors which create pollution cannot be controlled very easily by just by protesting, or by shouting, or by doing all kinds of things.

Now they said that there was bomb explosion in Paris railway station because it is suspected that the people are against Chirac, who planned a sort of atomic experiment in the South Pacific.

This kind of violence also is not going to deter people from doing wrong things. Because of these, all these happenings and very aggressive people at the helm of affairs, what we find is that human being themselves have become very chaotic. They are very much confused. So to keep up the speed also we have these computers and all those things, but what it is doing to us we do not know.

It is a money orientation of men, which is working out his whole life style. And nobody is worried about the future what is going to happen. They lack complete wisdom and balance. Once they start doing something they must go to the extremes. There is no moderation in anything; it is a kind of a desperation they take.

So we have to now think, what should we do.  In the evolutionary process, as you know, people developed immunity to different obstacles. Animals developed new type of limbs and things according to the atmosphere they have to face.

Is there a possibility that we human beings in these modern times can develop immunity to this attack of ecological problems. If we could do that then there is a question of great survival of the person.

The first is all kinds of new diseases that have come up. The latest one what you call as [Epis] disease you see, this is when the whole conscious mind becomes paralysed. When people go to the extreme of too much thinking and planning, they develop this disease.

Now this is happening very much more in America and also in England. Very successful people become, what you can say, paralysed as far as their body is concerned. Their brain is working all right, but consciously they cannot do anything. Unconsciously they may do some things, but consciously they cannot even pick up a glass like this. They become like really like reptiles and you have to carry them like big fish on your body. But when they talk, they talk like a great scientist, great professionals.

This is I think is the last word now as far as the checking of the nature is concerned about over activity. Also ecology, also this also, acts a problem with that. Because their breathing is very difficult and so in this polluted atmosphere, they cannot breathe properly. So we should probe into the matter to see is there a way out. If the science does not help, we should go beyond the science. The trouble with the science is that is amoral, it is amoral, there is no morality. And once it goes into the hands of people who are aggressive, it becomes very destructive.

So today I am here to tell you about the solution. It is Meta science you can call. You should not accept me blind folded. We have had enough of problem of blind faith. But whatever I am telling you, you should accept it as a hypothesis, like scientists are. And please keep your mind open. Now if you find what I say can be proved and there is evidence you should believe, because it will solve ecological problems. It is benevolent for you, for your family, for your country, for the whole world.

I am talking about the last breakthrough of our evolution. We have reached up to this human awareness. But still we are not perfect and we do not have absolute knowledge and we have not much immunity either.

So let us find out if there is some other mechanism within us, which can work it out. Here is they have shown that mechanism that works it out within us – the immunity part.

In the triangular bone, as you see, there is an energy, which is a residual energy, which is for this last breakthrough.

This energy was sacred because Greeks knew about it, they called it Sacrum bone.  Now this energy exists, we have evidence of that, and you can even see it pulsating at a certain stage of this process of evolution. Also as far as we know that we have three types of Autonomous Nervous System, Left-Right Sympathetic and the Para Sympathetic.

And the fourth one is our Central Nervous System, which you can say is recording whatever happens in our evolution. So these three energies that are there are run by Autonomous Nervous System as the doctors call it. Now we should ask who is this auto? There are so many things science cannot answer. For example these flowers, we don’t know how they are created by Mother Earth. Because it is a living process.  In the medical science there are many things they cannot answer.

As a rule anything that is foreign in this body is thrown out. But when the foetus, the baby foetus is formed. It is not thrown out, it’s preserved, looked after, nourished and at the right time it is thrown out.

There are other many things like there are two chemicals Acetylcholine and Adrenaline. They are chemicals but they act differently in the body. You cannot explain why it happens, that means we must explore much deeper within ourselves.

Now according to Me, just take it as a hypothesis, there are seven centres, energy centres within us. And when this power, which I told you, is in the Sacrum Bone, rises through these centres it integrates it and also it nourishes it.

Now I will tell you how cancer is caused. We have these centres from the Left and Right sympathetic nervous system in the Para sympathetic nervous system. Now if you are moving too much of your right side for physical and mental activity, when the energy from this centre is drawn out too much and if something happens on the left side it breaks. And it loses its connection with the main. And then the malignancy settles. There is no control of the brain on it.

By this awakening I assure you, we have cured cancer in India all over. Without any medicines only through your own energy it has happened.

There are so many other diseases especially I will tell you about the one, which one gets when he is over acting, when he thinks too much. Now this attack I am telling can come from ecological problems. I think it becomes mostly it comes. Now the one centre I will discuss with you today, because they said, “There will be some doctors sitting here”.  Are there some doctors sitting here? Will you raise your hands, if you are doctors please?

So this is for everyone. Whether they are doctors, or they are planners, or they are doing some sort of an enterprises, for all the people, we call it right sided people. Who think too much, who are spending too much time in making something or doing something, or you can say constructive so called.

With these over activity what happens you should see, firstly over activity of human beings have created ecological problem. If they could little bid settle down, it would be less problem for us.

For example one man starts a factory than he earns some money out of it than he starts another factory than another factory than another factory, or it could be somebody who, say studying for M.A., than he wants to do M. Phil., than he wants to do P. Hd. And go on just like that. Also the bureaucrats, who are planning too much, politicians, all the time intriguing using their limited brain energy. They all face this right side problem.

According to us the right side channel is this one which is used for mental and physical work. And there are so many problems with that like stress and strain and this [epis] disease also.

One of these seven centres, the second one as you see there we call it Swadishthana, which also looks after the Aortic Plexus in the Medical terminology. But it supplies energy for the grey cells in the brain. When you think too much it has to do this job is to supply energy for the grey cells of the brain.

This one centre has to look after the Liver, the Pancreas, the Spleen, the Kidneys and Intestines, especially in the lower part of Intestines. Now when you are thinking too much, what happens first of all, the Liver goes out of order, the job of the Liver is to take out all that is poisonous in the body, in the form of heat and give it in the blood circulation. But when it is out of gear, than the heat is transferred upward and there is a minor centre there called at the right, right Heart we call it, it’s the one which gets affected, which looks after the lungs and then one gets asthma of a serious type. Also this ecological problem active because heat is created and that sort of coagulates the Lungs.

The second problem comes, when young people play tennis, very heavy physical exercises also drink a lot and think a lot then they get a heart attack, heart is collapsed. Very massive heart attack, which is fatal. And very young people die; say from 18 to 25, there are many common cases like that.

Also there is craze for people to go to the sea shore and take to heat. As it is their liver is out of order, which is giving a lot of heat, and then they want to go and sit in the sun so they get skin cancer.

About 25 years back nobody knew about these horrible diseases. They didn’t ever go out, they sat in the house, talked to each other, but nobody knew that people went out to the holiday, spent all their money.

But some entrepreneur came up with this smart idea and started this business. Some people say in England I have seen them from South to they will go to the North and North will come to the South. And the whole weekend they are plodding with their children up and down, whole weekend is just wasted in a very hectic life. They save all the money just for the holidays, and the women also try to get there body in such a way that they could expose it to the Sun.

The second thing that happens to you is that your pancreas doesn’t get energy from this particular centre and becomes sick. And you develop a horrible disease called diabetes. Most people who are sitting and planning, planning, planning are the ones who get, they get diabetes. But not the people say in Indian villages, who just earn sufficient, eat their food and sleep off. They don’t bother. They don’t worry for tomorrow. There are no insurances and they eat such a lot of sugar that in a cup of tea the spoon must stand up to 90 degrees. And they were never known what is diabetes is. So by reducing sugar, we are not going to get rid of your diabetes. This pancreas has to be improved.

Than we have another thing called spleen. Spleen is like a speedometer within us. If supposing you eat your food and suddenly you run you get a pain in the spleen. So this spleen is a speedometer, which has its own rhythm. But modern life is such that in the morning you must read newspaper. And they never publish anything that is good or peaceful but always so many bombs, so many died, so many killed. If you read it, if you are sensitive, you really feel so upset and at this spleen starts putting more RBCs out.

Then in the car you find the jam and you get upset. Then in the office the boss is angry because you are late and the whole life is so hectic. You have to do this and you have to do that, you have to do that. So this poor spleen doesn’t know how to cope with the crazy manner this. So the whole rhythm changes and suddenly what you develop is blood cancer. I have seen 3 – 4 architects in India now are alright, they had horrible blood cancer. Also one of the leaders of some party in India, he also got cured. All such people, they cannot look after themselves, how can they help others?

Then the kidneys, the kidneys also get coagulated with the heat. So you get kidney trouble. You are put on the dialysis artificially till you become bankrupt. And then you die. There was a doctor who came to see me who had this trouble, kidney trouble. He was doing dialysis.  So he said Mother can you cure me? I said “I will try but, if you are cured promise Me that you will not do any more dialysis.” Luckily he got cured but he is still busy with the dialysis. Because he said “I have invested so much money, what I have to do?” Better sell it off. So this is what happens to kidneys.

Now Intestines become also very constricted. All kinds of Intestinal problems start. Worst is permanent constipation. This is only in the lower part. In the upper part now even you may survive for some years, your heart is always under attack. And suddenly you just become a victim of a massive heart attack at any age can happen. Then also you can get your paralysis of the right side. But last not the least, is this [epis] disease. All these things happen only by one centre going into jeopardy.

Now if even you can correct this centre and if your centres are cured than you become immune to ecology. Because, also, you get connected with the All Pervading Divine Power. Actually that does all the living work. I know all the religions have failed because, because they are money oriented or power oriented. But they are not spirit oriented. With this process, when it happens when you become the Spirit, you become immune. Because nothing can kill that spirit and that immunity you develop. Now I am running my 73rd year and I am practically travelling every third day and I am at peace with myself. And the whole things look like a drama to me. I have never been to a dentist, also glasses I started about 4 years back because of this light. Also because of this light which was on some times nine hours, ten hours, I developed little spots. But I have no […], no what you call other problems of the blood or anything nothing. Of course I have no time to exercise still I am normal.

So what one should desire is to become the Spirit, so you develop immunity to this ecology.

The first thing I find in the West, I don’t know about Bulgaria, but they are so sensitive to noise. They can’t bear any slightest noise. I am surprised, in these modern times you have to live on the Himalayas, if you want to avoid noise, isn’t it. But they are so sensitive to this kind of noise, any other noise but if there is horrible music going on dha-dha-dha, they don’t mind.

Yesterday we were listening to the news and one old American lady, who is a tourist, was sleeping in another room. I mean mostly in America they travel when they are above 70 years like this. They are shaking with the sticks in their hands and I mean at this age why should you travel for nothing at all. They want to compete I think with the young people, so she complained that she cannot sleep with this news going on in our room, which was very faint. I think it’s ego but then they started some sort of disco down below. Till about 5 O’clock in the morning and who could she complain?

But what is it that, we have to develop this immunity because we become a witness of the whole thing. And as a result you also get powers to make other people who are evolved fully. You know the absolute knowledge; you get the absolute knowledge on your fingertips. It is the Saint knowledge about yourself and because you become also collectively conscious, you get information about us.

Now if you know how to cure yourself. You can cure others also.

I am very thankful to this organisation, which has invited me and I could have spoken much more about the sea preservation and all that. Because I travel a lot and I see a lot.

We can learn from Australia, from Tunisia, how they have made their sea all right safe, so much to be learnt from some people, but one must have wisdom and humility.

It is a serious problem and we have to think about ecology. So I am thankful to this organisation which has invited me and because of that I could tell you about the immunity, how to develop within yourself. Some may say, it takes time, I think it does not.  Because say in a country like Russia where I never expected in one program there are always more than sixteen thousand people.  And they get their realisation without any trouble. I am amazed because I never thought that Russians would be so sensitive to this. May be they are so frustrated that they took to it. Of course India knows all about it so no problem but so many countries now 65 countries people, 65 countries have accepted Sahaja Yoga.

Even Romania, which is hardly any distance, just imagine these people don’t know Hindi language, they don’t know our music system, which is very difficult. They have to, in India; they have to study for years to pick up these. But not only that they can sing very well, but also they understand what they are singing.

People who were never used to Indian music are so appreciative of it, I just can’t believe it. Even to say one sentence of Sanskrit, was impossible for an Englishman, even ordinary Hindi words. How these people from all these countries, have picked up all kinds of languages, is very much surprising.

We have many doctors, who are in Sahaja Yoga, I was thinking of having a conference of doctors here sometime. And they are going to bring all the evidence and all about.  I am sorry, I have to leave you because this hall is only available for a short time and I hope you don’t mind.

If you want to have your self-realisation, we have very good, very very good centres here, where you can go and do it.

So I wish all the good luck to this organisation and all the help that is needed we are willing to do.

Thank you very much.