Descent – Adogati

Adogati is the downward movement (1986-0224); Descent; To go down is easy; Human awareness grows downwards, in the opposite direction to the Divine. First we reach ‘Nabhi’ (from our starting point of Bhavasagara)… where we start consuming, through attacking and overpowering other peoples and other countries, by imperialism etc… like Columbus… and also by digging out and consuming Mother Earth. Then we reach ‘Swadisthan’, where we see and go to the stars etc… to no avail – we have to go within. Finally we reach ‘Mooladhara’, where we become depraved and perverted, with funny ideas about sex. This is decadence… and with one step we are in Hell. On the other hand if we try to go up, without going by Mahalakshmi… we end up at the ‘Heart’… and start giving our heart to this person, that person… get into romance… and once again we go down (1986-0303)

The Shuparnaka ideas that come from the decadence that we have gone through, have no relevance to our ascent… and because we have come up (ascended – Ed), we can see the decadence of society. So we have to show our good behaviour, our good dress, and our good conduct… the beauty that has developed within ourselves… and that we belong to a society which has ascended, and that the decadence is over now (1985-0000.2)

Tape References:

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

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– end – 27 Dec 2002