Spiritualism, Mediums, Clairvoyance

Spiritualism… practising with dead spirits, nothing but spirits (1982-0711); Looks harmless, but in fact is very harmful, putting possessions into you (1979-1203)… all these things come to you from some busybodies… that they enter into your being… all these are taking you to a realm which is not your own… it is somebody else who is acting (1982-1008)

Clairvoyance… is not a very great thing. People who go to the left side can see a lot of things – it is very common, and is very dangerous. You should not deal with that area (1983-0302); It is very dangerous to go near things like this… that deal with the dead, and may result in cancers, epilepsy, heart attacks, accidents, financial ruin etc. (1981-0330)

Tape References:

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1983-0302 Public Lecture, Perth see 1983-0301 (+Q&A: 10 min) good 35

1982-1008 We don’t have to suffer, Bedford see 1982-1007(Video) Good 1979-1203 When You meet Me – Caxton Hall good 35

1981-0330 Vishuddhi & Agnya, Sydney Poor 170 1982-0711 Nabhi to Sahastrara – Derby good 90

1983-0302 False Gurus and Satgurus – Dalkeith (Q & A) good 160 1985-1128 William Blake, Hammersmith (C100) Not good

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