The Time Of The Seekers

Caxton Hall, London (England)

1981-06-01 Public Program, The Time Of The Seeker, Caxton Hall, UK, 62'
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“The Time Of The Seekers”, Caxton Hall, London (UK)

… that so many seekers are born, so many of them, they are really seekers, that’s a category, a category of human beings who are seeking something beyond. It’s a fact, I mean there was never such a time before that so many seekers were born on this earth. This word was used sometimes for one single person or maybe about ten at the most but two thousand years back you could not find so many seekers on this earth. I mean they are seekers, why there is so much seeking and why people are seeking, why they have this temperament of seeking, what is the reason? There must be some reason for it and as we all know in Sahaja Yoga that the Last Judgement has started and the Last Judgement is going to work out through the Kundalini awakening and everybody is now trying to seek in some way or another, aah the whole pattern has worked out in such a way that the seekers are born at this time and they have a background too. They are not just seekers today. I mean you were as you know that, you were evolved, evolved from a unicellular animal and then now today you are a human being and there are people who are human beings otherwise also same way as you are but you are a category no doubt about it, there is a cateogry of people who are seeking, not out of fashion, out of just because in the atmosphere there are many people selling their tickets but you are doing it because there is something within you which forces you and impels you, compels you completely, which propels you, which makes you mad and you don’t know why, why, what’s the matter with us and at this time as you know, there are lots of things that have come up, as in the market one has to supply something plastic if there’s too much demand but as there is plastic there has to be something absolute, there has to be truth but what I find is this, that lots of words have somehow or other emerged out of all this plastic supply and these words are extremely confusing. From where do these words come in, for example cosmic consciousness is one of the very common words used, cosmic consciousness, from where does this word come in, from where do you get the idea of all these things and that also makes people quite vulnerable because they think this is the words they never heard about, something great, cosmic consciousness, oh great. All these words have come from the scriptures, it was fortunate or unfortunate, I don’t know, it can work out both ways. That it was said that after the Realisation you will get this, ?? little secret, it’s not so open so straightforward but still from all the scriptures, especially, the scriptures of the Eastern world we can say India, where the seers went very deep into themselves, kept it as a secret throughout, till the time of I would say Shankara Charia the sixteen sixth century, it’s quite modern for us in India. Never a word was there about Kundalini word was used except for Markendaya who was there long time back much before Shankara Charia but to people Kundalini was something unknown, something very much ? from the understanding of people. In the Vedas, you see the Primordial Mother was called as E E and that’s why Kabira has used this E means the state of E the Primordial Mother. All this has been said in the Vedas agreed and is said again and again and then in other scriptures like bible, koran, everywhere, it is mentioned that you are to be born again but one had to say that, now one says that, nothing was a primitive idea or a sort of a crude idea or some sort of an imaginary idea, it was absolute the truth, absolute? but when you just say even this much that you have to be born again, you see a very simple thing is that you are to be born again, these this people pick up this word, that you are to be born again, finished. They brand themselves as born again, twice born, just go about, there are cults and cults and cults who talk about that you will be getting your Self-Realisation, that this is Self-Realisation you must have, that this is Self-Realisation and then with that other things also come in like Cosmic Consciousness you achieve your Cosmic Consciousness. Now what is Cosmic Consciousness then? It’s not written anywhere in the scriptures clearly what is cosmic consciousness and it is very difficult for a seeker who is madly seeking not to get confused