It is you who has to enjoy it

Cambridge (England)

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“It is you who has to enjoy it”, Public Programme, Cambridge (GB), 9 October 1982

I bow to all the seekers of Truth.
When we say we are seeking, we must know that we are a special category of people.
People were seeking before also. They were seeking power, money, possessions, affluence, every sort of thing.
Still they are not satisfied, those who have got it. And so those who are seeking the truth are the highest, highest of all in the evolution.
They are the ones who are going to jump into that higher state which is called as Self-realization.
If you are not seeking, then nobody can force seeking on you. It cannot be done. Even by force, if you take somebody to the beautiful lake of nectar of God’s love, and even if you force the person to drink it, it is you who has to enjoy it. And unless and until you have the seeking, you will not have the sensitivity to enjoy that nectar.
And truth is what it is. We cannot change it, we cannot organize it, we cannot transform it. It is, it has been, it will be.
And what is the truth? The truth is that God loves us, that His divine power of love is all-pervading, is everywhere, that this power is active, all the time – it’s the living power of living God – and that this power does all the things that we call as living works of God.
A flower is transformed into a fruit by this power. This body we get out of that power. From amoeba to this stage we have come out of that power. The whole world is created out of that power. In everything that power resides and works out, sorts out, co-ordinates things for everyone.
Above all, it is the love of God. It’s compassion of God.
We human beings have not got the comprehension of His love; we try to see Him through our own angles, through our short sight, through our blinkers that we have got.
He is the ocean, ocean of love. All the oceans put together cannot be compared with that ocean of love, that ocean of forgiveness, an ocean of complete well-being for us.

Only thing, we have to jump into it.
We have to enter into His kingdom. That is what one has to do.
When it is accomplished, then you are just there. You are looked after. That is the domain of God I am talking about, and there, when you enter in, as a by-product, all kinds of well-beings are blessed upon you, just they are bestowed upon you. You just get them automatically. But this happening also is not our doing. This also is the doing of God. He has arranged us in this way that you can see in the chart – this is the life tree – what do you say, the tree of life as described.

And this is the one that is within us already placed. All these centers, which are subtle centers, are expressed outside as gross centers. When this residual force as Kundalini, which people must have explained to you, from that sacred bone of sacrum rises and pierces through all these centers, it enlightens all of them one by one. By that enlightenment only, you get your physical well-being, your mental well-being, your emotional well-being and ultimately, your spiritual well being. That means you become the Spirit. Once you become that absolute, the absolute, then all relativity drops out.
We actually live in a relative world which is false, which is not true. This power has its own telecommunication. It’s so tremendous that it is unbelievable that such a power exists around us and we are not aware of it.
We are not aware of many things. We are not aware that this Mother Earth is moving with such a tremendous speed.
We are standing on top of that; and nothing happens to you. We are not aware of the gravity. We are not aware of many things because God is so kind, so gentle and so thoughtful that He wants us to live happily as human beings.

So He doesn’t want us to hear some things which are not good for us, for our ears, so He makes the frequency of these things are so sharp that we can’t hear with these ears. Some of them, He makes them so low that you can’t hear. Only what you can hear and enjoy He makes it there.
But we in our freedom have done lot of wrong to ourselves, to each other, to our society, to the whole world.
Once we realize, this freedom is nothing but is our ego – our ego, which has created this problem for all other people.
Then we have also another thing where we get conditioned, which creates the superego.
Now in our activity, which is the right side sympathetic nervous system, we accumulate this horrible thing called ego, because when we act, we think we are doing it, we are in charge.

You are not. He is in charge. We are really doing nothing. What are we doing?
Like the people ask Me, “Mother, how can You cure everything so easily?” It’s simple. How do you make a flower into a fruit?
To us, we take it for granted.
We are not bothered to find out, but can you do it? It’s so difficult. Can you do it? We can’t. But if it is God’s power, it can do it.

So if you also have the God’s power flowing in you, which will happen to you as soon as you get your realization, you can do it; anybody can do it.
It’s very simple. Like any instrument, when it is put to the mains, it starts acting and then we see that this is an instrument. Otherwise it looks like a funny stuff here. It has to be put to the mains.

The instrument is ready, but within us these two things, called the ego and superego as a result of our activity and as a result of our conditioning, are accumulated in our brain.
These two are to be sucked in.
That’s very important, because when they grow, these two elements – or two, we can say, balloon-like structures – they make a very strong gap – filled with calcium and you become an egg. Another becomes an egg. Third person becomes an egg. You develop your I-ness – I am this, I am that.
All kinds of misidentifications start coming on us. When this is to be sucked, what should we do? That’s the question. What are we to do? To raise the Kundalini.
As I said, it is a living process and you cannot do any living work – so you just can’t do it.

It is as simple as that. You yourself can’t do it. But somebody who is enlightened, who is the light, can enlighten another light, because that light is ready, just ready, but you need an enlightened light to enlighten that light. Once that light is enlightened, that light can enlighten another light.
But the problem is when the light which is enlightened tries to say that “You are to be enlightened,” immediately you hate that person. You don’t like it because ego is there, which is ignorance.
That’s how people like Christ were crucified. What wrong did He do to people except that, see, He said, “I am the light”? It’s true. He was the light. No doubt that He was the son of God. It’s true, He was the son of God which you can prove – on vibrations.
On this – by this Sahaja Yoga, you can prove it what He was. He was that, but that time people killed Him. Why? Only because He said, “I am the light,” and that you were to be enlightened by Him.
You allowed Him to live only for four years, and when He was killed, when He was crucified, you took advantage of that and made all kinds of artificial things out of it.
He could not explain many things which He talked. He could not say anything. On the cross He said, “It has been accomplished.” What has been accomplished? Nobody thinks about it – what has been accomplished. So we have to take reference from other people, those who have been deeper than us, who have gone into it, who have found out certain things about Christ.
And they say that Christ accomplished the greatest thing, greatest feat, because He was nothing but Omkara. He was nothing but the vibrations. And that’s why He had no body and only He could accomplish it.
And what did He do? Is to accomplish Himself on this cross (She points to chakra chart) where we have this ego and superego (She crosses Her fingers to show Agnya’s crossing – ed.).
Of course they said He died for our sins.
But how did He die for our sins? We say He died for our sins. We accept it, yes, because Churches are telling, people are telling, Bible is saying. But how? He suffered for us.
Then why are we suffering?

But when He said, “You are to be born again,” we don’t pay any attention to that. For that we have found out an escape. You take your child to the church and they put some water artificially, you accept, “All right, you are born again.”
I met people who are certified born again. They quarreled with Me and fought with Me for nothing at all. I said, “How are you born again? If you are born again, that means an egg becomes a bird. Have you become something different? Is there any transformation in you? How do you believe? Why are you so self-opinionated?”.
If you are born again, what happens to you? What happens to you? What is born again in it? Born again is nothing but the Kundalini awakening, which rises on top of your head and here is the seat of your Spirit.

Of course, it resides in your heart, but the seat of the Spirit is here, and once it touches that seat, immediately you start feeling that subtle thing which is all-pervading within you. For the first time you feel this cool breeze of the Holy Ghost.
Holy Ghost is nothing but the power of God, the power of His love, which is called as Adi Shakti in Sanskrit language.
But we don’t want to accept anything else from outside, any dictionary we don’t want to accept, to give answers to things, to mysteries that we have been suffering all these days.
Once this cross, which is between the ego and superego is enlightened, Christ is awakened there.
He sucks in both these things, your karmas, your actions and your conditionings, your sins.

It is sucked in. There is no more for you to suffer. Why do you want to suffer?
Some people have started another theories that we must suffer if you have to go to Christ. Why? Did He not suffer for you sufficiently? Did He not do that?
He has done it, then why suffer?
Be joyous that He established himself there at that point. In the Hindu scriptures, He is called as Mahavishnu. But if I tell this to them that this was Christ, they won’t believe Me. If I tell this to Christians, they won’t believe Me.
They don’t want to believe it because for them Christ is their contract, you see. They have a contract with Christ, as if they are the contractors of Christ. Nobody dare say anything about Christ. It’s only they who are the Christians, and it’s they who are the Hindus, they who are the Sikhs, they who are the Muslims and they don’t know anything about reality.
Just fighting, morning till evening, in the name of God, the One who is the ocean of love, compassion and bliss. They are so disturbed, so upset, so violent that one can easily see there is nowhere the blessings of God.
There is no blissful state. There is no peace anywhere. Because there is no peace within, how can you have the peace without?

And this is what it is one should understand – that in the name of God, many things have been done which are absolutely against Him.
They are anti-God activities because if you become a fanatic, you are anti-God, absolutely anti-God. You have to see that God exists for the whole universe. Nobody can take His contract and can organize Him.
When I say this, of course there will be people who are interested in things with which they are identified. They want to carry on with that kind of identification; maybe they get some money out of it, maybe some sort of a name or something fame. But what is most important is your Spirit. Why identify with anything else but your own Spirit? You cannot get money out of it. No. The joy of Spirit is the reward of Spirit.

Why do you want money for? Why do you want fame for? Why do you want anything of these worldly things, they are so transitory, temporary, will finish off? Why not ask for something that is eternal? Why not ask for the eternal life of Spirit?
And that if you ask, it is at your door steps, you can get it. It’s very simple and easy.
When you say it is simple, people can’t understand. They think, “How can it be? You have to stand on your head for one life, then you have to stand on one leg for one life.”
That’s the idea they have got about penance.
There is no need to do that – Christ has done for you. Believe me, He has done it.
So now, how to understand this simplicity?
In this room, say, there are so many lights and we all can see each other. There’s – see, the room is enlightened. But what did you do? You just switched on one switch, very simple.
If you ask anybody, “How do I put the light on?” “Oh, go, just go! There’s a light there. Just switch on”. That’s all, you get the light! But for a person who has never seen electricity, it must be a wonder!
“How? Just switching one light, so simple?”.

It is not in a way. It is made simple for you, but there’s a big organization behind it.

There’s a big history behind it and there are so many people who were working it out. And there’s a big machinery.
In the same way, whatever looks so simple to us is tremendous, is great. But God Almighty in His care and tenderness doesn’t want you to know anything about it.
Forget it. You just jump into it. You just enter into the kingdom of God and enjoy the bliss, that’s all. Why do you want to bother about these things? Of course, as we are very thought-oriented, people want to know about it.
That’s why one has to talk about these things.
But best is to get your enlightenment first and then talk about it.
It’s a headache to talk about the electricity and about its history, the inventors and the problems they have had, and then after all this when you have fumbled down, fallen down, everybody hit each other, kicked each other, then say, “All right, now it’s very simple. Just put on the light.” It’s better to be other way round, that I say, “All right, put on the light, and then we’ll talk about it.”
I am so happy to see so many people in Cambridge today. Really very happy because I have been here before also. But we had no response. I was surprised. Here where there are many false gurus are working out their tricks.

People have collected thousands of pounds from this place, Cambridge, which is the seat of learning. Where so many educated people live, intelligent people live – have been befooled completely and have been pampered. Their ego has been pampered. They have gone into such trips which are very dangerous.
We had somebody from Cambridge in Sahaja Yoga, very well-educated person, got into epilepsy, going to such a horrible fellow.
Lost all his money, everything, bankrupt and also epileptic.
Educated, very well-educated, first class boy, ruined for his life. But why it happens to us, we must think. Why we are enamored by such people? Because we believe in the superficial things; because it is being advertised in such a way.
These people come with a circus because they have to attract you. They have to attract you for their purses. They have to attract you for their own powers because they want that people should be dominated by them because they can extract money. Their interests are very low, base and we don’t see it. We don’t understand it. They pamper our ego. They’ll talk of big things, “We are going to make you a minister. We are going to do this.” We say, “Oh, all right.” We follow all this nonsense. Imagine.
This ego is such a tricky thing. It plays tricks not only with others, but plays with yourself also. It cheats you. This so-called intelligence of the ego can cheat you and that’s how many people are lost. Those who are seekers of ages are lost because these horrible satanic forces knew how to play the trick, how to play the trick with you and how to take you to their own domains of satanic forces by which they could extract all your blood.
I’m so sorry when I hear that these things have been happening all over. But in the places where there has been the seat of learning, the Goddess Saraswati reigns, where people educate themselves, all these things have come slowly and settled down. There are other things also which are very dangerous.
Like people who are, call themselves psychologist. They can be very dangerous people. They are unauthorized. They have no idea about the psyche. They don’t know that psyche also has another side, which is the right side, which is the ego. They can be very dangerously-placed person like Freud. I don’t know how people believe in him. In England, there are so many Freudian. I am surprised because I used to think that at least English are the wisest among all the Europeans.
But more than the place where he was born and worked out in Vienna, there are more in England. It is most surprising, what has happened to our wisdom.
Even logically we can see that he was a hopeless case. First of all, he had bad relation with his mother. Can you imagine? He had no sublimity of any kind.
He was worse than an animal.
And secondly that he died of cancer in such a miserable condition. And he was nothing but a miserable personality. How can you follow a man like that blindfolded? Because he suggested that you are a sex point. All your relations are based on sex. There is nothing sublime [sublimated].
Now see where is the sex point.
Is at the last – where there is the red – and here resides the innocence.
This first center, which is the innocence within us, is the child within us, is looking after the Mother Kundalini that you have. She is your Mother. Everybody has their own Mother settled down in that sacrum bone, so sweetly, waiting for an opportunity to get this realization.
She is going to give you your second birth and she is going to work it out, and this innocence of yours which you may kill any amount, is still there; and they attack that innocence.
Today I find in all the western countries there’s a big attack coming on the innocence, on the children. They do not understand that there is – sex has nothing to do with your evolution. It is not important for your evolution.
Of course a married sex which is a sensible sex, which has a sanction with the collective, is very important, no doubt, for the society and everything.
But here if you play about with your sex, it’s a dangerous game. It gives you all kinds of diseases; it gives you impotency, all sorts of other problems and worst of all, insecurity in the whole atmosphere, especially for the children.
This is what it is. We have not been able to use our brains. Use your brains. God has given you brains, come to logical conclusion.
Like the Mayor yesterday asked Me, “What do you do with them?” I said, “First I bring them to logical conclusion.”
See, what should we expect. We have known Christ has said that: “It is written, ‘Thou shalt not commit adultery’. I say, ‘Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes.” Are we Christians aware of these warnings? Not to have adulterous eyes, just the opposite we are.
So that the eyes should be clean. There should be no lust in our eyes. It is to be at that point, not at the eye level, not at the brain level.

It is at that point and it should reside there.

There is placed your innocence, because innocence guards you against all wrong doings, all wrong things that you do with your sex, and that’s how you get into trouble and you have problems.
Yesterday we had people there, many people came and as the radio fellow has told Me that “You better talk about how You cure people, they’ll be very much interested”.

I told them all how it happens and we did cure so many people there of many problems, and so many things can be cured.
And if you want, you can get My tapes to know about them, how it happens and what chakras give you these things.
But in short I’ll tell you how we develop problems within ourselves.
Now one thing I must say, that when I’ve been discussing this, human mind is so funny that immediately they start reflecting upon themselves.
Firstly they will feel guilty. “Oh, I have done this”. Immediately they will start thinking that, “I have got cancer,” or, “I have got leukemia,” or “I have got that.” So if I tell you about the symptoms, it can be very interesting (She laughs).
There’s a very interesting book I read long time back when I was a child, “Three Men in a Boat.” I am sure all of you must have read it. It’s a very interesting one. In that a character of one gentleman who said that never read Materia Medica, the book about the medicine. Once he read it and he thought he had every disease, every disease except for housewife’s knee (laughter). And the doctor was amazed when he told him he has this disease, he has that disease.

He said, “Why not housewife’s knee?”. “Because I am not a housewife”, he said (laughter). Otherwise he had practically every disease and he wanted a medicine for them. Doctor was – that time doctors were wiser I think, he didn’t want to take money out of him – so he said, “All right, I have given you the medicine, but you have to take it when you go away from here. Go to your bedroom and then you can take this medicine.”
He went home and opened that and there was nothing but a paper, and on the paper it was written, “You are the greatest fool I have ever come across. Never read Materia Medica again (laughter) and you are absolutely healthy.”
So when you start telling them how the diseases are caused, also people can start thinking, “Oh, I must be having this trouble and that trouble.” Nothing of the kind. Please don’t think like that.
I’m just telling you because you should not go into it again and it should not happen to you in future, not in the past. And those who have had problem also can be cured.
It’s not difficult. It can be cured. When you get your enlightenment, you can cure people. You can also cure. It’s not difficult.
So, now we’ll start from the imbalances that we have. For example, a human being has another funny habit – is to go to extremes. If you tell him, now in the newspaper or, say, in the TV it appears that your legs should be like this, the measurement of the legs appear, or the measurement of the body appears, all the ladies will try to be that, to become like the form that is given. But why? It is, it might be some sort of an enterprise that people are trying to sell something just to make you thin or fat or whatever it is, and that’s why they are publishing these things.
Why just to – you go into it headlong? May not be required at all for you. Now when they do it, they do it so much, so much overdo it that they develop really the problems which never existed in them. Means they were normal people, and suddenly they become sick people.
So in this way, we have so many extremes we go to. For example, we are people who are right-sided and left-sided as you can see here, the people who are emotionally very rich and who go to the emotional extremes, and the people who are more mentally rich and who go to the mental side more.
Those who have any desire and just work with their desires and weep for it and they are the most unhappy and the miserable people – and “I couldn’t get this and I couldn’t get that” – they are the left-sided people.

The right-sided people are that “Why did he get that? I must also get it.”
Such aggressive people are right-sided.

Now the people who are on the left hand side think of their past, “I was so very happy. Now I’ve married this wretched man and I’m very weak.” The man will say, “I have married this wretched woman,” or some sort of a thing.
They go on worrying about themselves for nothing at all and making themselves miserable.

So, we have two types of people.
The another, one extreme case we can say, is Hitler. Hitler was the one who was so aggressive. He used his aggressive policies. He got people who were dead who were aggressive and used them to entice people, to become aggressive.
They could not see it through.
They could not understand that they are not a special race. And they became such racists – which is, one can’t understand with human understanding that how can there be a race superiority when God has created all of us. It’s nonsense. It’s absolute nonsense.
It has no meaning, no basis. It’s not natural. God has created everybody separately in a different way. But this kind of a thing comes into the mind when you are identified with certain ideas on the right hand side that you are an aggressor, you are an aggressive person.
On the left hand side, as I told you, a person makes himself miserable because he thinks of the past. But on the right hand side, a people makes others miserable and aggresses others. Both sides are wrong. You have to be in the center, neither in the future, nor in the past.

So how to be in the center is the problem. By saying it or by brain-washing it, it cannot happen. For that the Kundalini has to rise. But you have to keep the balance.

You shouldn’t go to the extreme of anything. You should not become identified or clubbed with something which is not normal.
You should be with little normalcy about it.
Like, if you ask a person “Now you have to do Hatha Yoga”. There is a new system that has started, Hatha Yoga, without knowing what is Hatha Yoga is, what was the basis of Hatha Yoga. There are Ashtangas and all these things to be done. I have seen people doing only that little part of it, Vayama, which is so indiscriminate, which has no sense as to what chakras are catching, where the Kundalini is, what is the problem.

Such people can develop heart troubles, tremendous heart troubles they can develop, and can be extremely negative people because though they appear to be very positive, can be very, very dry, very dry.

They can develop divorces. They can be very aggressive. A time will come when they’ll have no emotions. Even their own child dies, they will not feel the emotions. They can be very, very dry people. Now we don’t see that dryness is a bad thing. We do not see that, that we are not feeling the emotions of another person. We do not think that that is important.
Left-sided people are the other way round, as I told you. But when they go to the extreme, first they go into their subconscious.
In which they see what had happened and they think of the previous lives and all that. And then they can go into collective sub-conscious if they go on pressing it too much.
Or some of the people who are interested in their purse, or all such base things, can entice them, can hypnotize them, completely hypnotize them and push them onto the left side.
Now cancer develops from the left side.
Leukemia develops from the left side. Multiple sclerosis develops from the left side. I haven’t seen one patient who has come to Me, as having cancer, having leukemia or multiple sclerosis who is a right-sided person. And ultimately they can be epileptic, or they can become lunatic or schizophrenic. All those things can happen to them.
The right-sided person, on the contrary, will get a heart attack. He’ll get a heart attack. Definitely he’ll get a heart attack, if he goes too much with it. But first of all he might develop a liver, very bad liver, hot temper with it.

He may develop a pancreas trouble that could be the diabetes. He could develop the spleen trouble which could be a kind of a leukemia which comes out of speediness but it has to be triggered by the left side.
So it is between the – first the anemia and all that disease happen and ultimately he can get leukemia after that. And many children also become patients of leukemia because their parents are speedy. Extremely speedy people get leukemia because they are all the time acting on emergency. Simultaneously, they are working on various things like, you are driving, you are eating, you are listening to the radio – horrid news.
Early in the morning you see in the newspaper, all horrid things are there. They will never give a good news. You’ll be amazed. We have been trying to tell people that we have found out solutions to many things – please publish at least one line, half a line – but they would not.

But if there is a calamity somewhere, a horrible thing happened, early in the morning you open the newspaper only you drop down.
You become so much upset that emergency is set in.
Then you have your breakfast, you have to catch the train, you have to rush up, you rush up, then you find that your train is delayed, you start shouting, screaming. All things work out. Ultimately what happens is that your spleen goes out of gear. It becomes crazy. When it becomes crazy – it’s a speedometer, it controls our speed – and you become so speedy that nothing can fit into you and the speed of the production of red blood corpuscles is so much increased that they become malignant.
But of course the triggering, as I said, comes from the left side.
So sometimes the right side can create a condition for the left side to act – can also be just the left side can work out.
If a person is affected, say, by a possession, if he lives near a funeral place or some place where there is a cemetery or in the churches also you have all the dead bodies there – I mean it’s something I can’t understand.
People don’t know about that. Why to put in the churches, the dead bodies?
I mean, normally, anybody who dies must be cremated, except for the realized souls.
Realized souls are to be buried.
It’s a simple thing, because they give fragrance to the Mother Earth, give fragrance to everyone. But if you bury a person who is not a realized soul – supposing he is an evil genius – you know about this, that the souls wander about.
And I have lived, since I have come to London, always near a church. And I have found all these souls coming up in the night and they are horrible things and we walk over them.
They are sleeping there, we trod on them. It’s a wrong thing. People had no idea as to how to deal with the dead and that’s how people have also created a double problem. The cemetery is in the city. The center of the city, there will be a cemetery. All children are going there. Everybody is going there. Pregnant women are going there. And these busybodies can attack you. It’s a fact. They exist. No doubt they exist. Even the doctors say that there are proteins which they call them as Protein 52, Protein 58, like that, and these are the proteins which invade us, our being by which cancer is triggered.
And what they say that this comes to us from the area which is built within us since our creation, means from collective sub-conscious. But, I mean, they cannot put it together as I am putting it because they see things from outside, I see things from inside.
Now when I tell about this, people don’t like it but it’s fact. You should not play about with spirits. Now these spiritualists, these charismatics and these – what he said – Pentecostals are nothing but all possessed things.
These possessions can be horrible and most of the lunatics and all these people have these possessions.
You must have seen a woman walking. Suddenly she becomes blind. Her eyes are open, nothing wrong with her. Doctors can’t cure her. She can be easily cured if you can remove the possession from her (Shri Mataji touches Her back Agnya).
These are all horrible things, which can ruin your life and you do not understand why doctors cannot understand because they don’t understand there can be spirits.
They don’t want to accept it.
You can’t see the spirits unless and until you become a Spirit.
That is the problem, is that in English language there are three meanings of the word “spirit”.
One is the Spirit that is Atma. Another is the spirit which is dead. And the one that you drink is also a spirit (laughter). So you can understand how can I have three words, which are just the opposite to each other meaning the same?
Now I am praying the Spirit which is in the heart, which is the reflection of God Almighty.
But this Spirit, unless and until it is awakened, no use talking about it. Better have it done so that you know how beautiful you are, how God has created you with such beauty, care, and you are all there intact. Nothing is missing.
You don’t have to worry about it. You just don’t have to think about it. “Oh, Mother, how can I be? I’ve done this. I’ve done that.” Please don’t think. First thing I always say before starting the program, before the demonstration of it or before the manifestation of it, that first of all say in your heart of hearts, “Mother, I am not guilty.” That’s one thing, this idea that you are guilty, is absurd.
It has no meaning at all. It is not even a speck in that Ocean which cleanses you. So you don’t have to say that – that, “I’m guilty.”
Please, for heaven’s sake, all of you have to say that in your hearts before we start any program further.
Because how can you be guilty? As He is the compassion – you can’t imagine what compassion He is. He is forgiveness. He is complete forgiveness.
At that time if you have to feel guilty, we really insult His power of forgiveness.
So we should not feel guilty about anything. Whatever has happened has happened.

Forget the past, doesn’t matter. [It] is a very important time, important moment you have arrived. The time of resurrection has come.
The time of blossom has come. You have to become the fruits. It has to work out and it will work out.
May God bless you all.

I would request you, if you have any questions, you can ask Me questions. But don’t ask irrelevant questions and, you see, offensive questions. That’s very wrong because, you see, I have nothing to get out of you – nothing, I tell you – except that, that little politics about it that I am a Capitalist in the sense I have all the powers within Myself, and I am a Communist because I can’t live without sharing it.
That’s the problem. And that’s why I am here and so people should not ask questions which are offensive for nothing at all.

If you want to get it, you can get it. I cannot force you as I have told you in the very beginning. It cannot be forced.
I cannot promise you. I am sure it will work out, if you little bit co-operate with Me.
So be kind to yourself and be open. You need not have blind faith about Me, not at all, not at all, but you should be open to receive it.
If it works, well and good.
If it doesn’t work we’ll see it next time, doesn’t matter. I’m going to be in London at least for three years more. I hope so.

May God bless you all.

Now please ask Me some questions.

Seeker: When You say that spiritualism etcetera is wrong…
Shri Mataji: Spiritualists are.
Seeker: Spiritualists. Is it wrong for, say, someone who loses someone …(indistinct) to try and get something back…. what is so wrong with that?
Shri Mataji: You see, the spirits are the dead spirits, (Seeker: Yes) are the people who belong to another country. They belong to another state. All right? They are in the subconscious area. If you start allowing them to walk into our lives, there will be many who will come round as immigrants, you see (laughter). And you don’t know what they are up to and they’ll attack you.
Moreover, those people who are realized souls or of higher nature never stay back.
They know that this is over and we should go back.

Moreover, it is our responsibility also to see that we do not trouble them. I mean, we have used them; they have lived with us.
Now we should give them their freedom.
By keeping them around, we torture them. We trouble them. And sometimes they can be very, very troubled. Even if they are good people, we really trouble them.
Let them go. That’s not the time that they should be here. But they’ll be back again.
But why trouble them? It is because you are identified with them.
Now about sickness, people say that for sickness, I have known people who are spiritualists who try to cure. But what they do is to remove one spirit and put another one into it. You see a person, say, he is a person who is wasting money, say in horse-riding, so if you remove him from there, he’ll become an alcoholic. If not, he’ll start beating his wife. Because there is no transformation, you see. There is a gap always if you … so it is better not to have some sort of a screw there which is always to be replaced by something else.

So these spiritualists also, those who try to heal, are just giving you relief in the physical being. Physical being is not so important.
It is part of it but we are not only physical beings. We are also mental beings and emotional beings. If you try to be only physical being, do everything only for the physical side, then you forget the Spirit.
And the spirits get angry with you. So you are three of these things which are to be integrated through your spiritual ascent.
All right? So that’s why in any case that kind of a work is of no help in any way to us because ultimately we have to see to the general good of everyone.
I have seen spiritualists who have been acting as spiritualists end up their lives very miserably, most of them. Not only that, but whenever they are in a program, you get tremendous heat from them. All those people who have tried such tricks…
I’ll give you a very good example of Doctor Lang, who was, who died – “late Doctor Lang International Curative Centre” was in London, I don’t know if it is still existing or not.
I came to know about it because so many people in India suffered from that curative center. And they came to Me. I had no idea.
Now this gentleman died long time back and his spirit entered into a soldier, not into his son, but to a soldier in Vietnam or some place.
And this soldier – I mean, they write all this story, I mean they are very frank and honest – I must say they are not hiding anything.

So this gentleman came to England and told the son that “I am the father” and he told him secrets where things are and all that and he convinced him that he was the father.
He said you open a clinic with this name – Late Doctor Lang (She laughs) International Curative Centre.

Now what they used to do, you see, he got hold of many doctors who were, who were sort of unhappy or some sort of things, or those who were lingering behind. So, he used those spirits. And what he did by using those spirits, he used to write a letter, which I have seen Myself, in many cases, that at this time, at this hour, we will enter into your body.
I mean, they frankly told. They didn’t say that “We are going to do anything divine or anything.
“And we’ll enter into your body – when we enter into your body, then what will happen, that you will start shaking. Don’t be worried. It is we who are in you, and once it happens” – it would happen after three months or four months but they would give exact timing – “and then you will feel better.”
Now these people who came to Me suffered from tremendous nervous trouble. And out of all these who came, even one per cent I could not cure – one per cent.
They were such gone cases.
They had a miserable old age and I still know of a lady; she just lays down in her bed and she goes into tremors and things and nobody can help her. I haven’t got time to pay so much attention to one individual. So it’s a miserable case. Every time I go there, she meets Me. I put her right. Again she goes back to her bed, again she gets ill. It’s a very long process.
I am not here to cure you, I must tell you very frankly, but to give you realization.
But as a by-product of that, you all get cured. That’s it. You just as a by-product of that, you get cured.

Moreover, you must understand that God is the source of all common sense. He will only cure such lamps which will give lights later on because we don’t look after lamps which are gone cases. So they can be born again.

But God looks after those people who can give His light to others. Of course, many people get cured.
I have seen in London, the first wave of Sahaja Yoga started – we have thousands of them they got cured. But out of them very few really took up Sahaja Yoga and helped others.

They just forgot. Of course, they have tremendous respect for Me. When I go to India they all fill the hall and all that is there.
But they are doing nothing for Sahaja Yoga. They are not doing anything curing for others. They are not raising their Kundalini. They are not giving realization.
It’s a, it’s really sometimes I feel that so many people have been cured, so much God has done for them, but they don’t understand why God has done it for them. It is to give it to others. You don’t have to do much for Sahaja Yoga. You don’t have to pay a single pai [short form of Paise]. Nothing is needed. Only thing is, God has given this power. All right, just give it to others. That’s all. It’s very simple. And you feel so happy. You are so employed by God that you do not feel bored at all. It’s such a wonderful thing.
But one must accept that if He has been kind to us, we have to be kind to others.
It will just automatically work, no doubt. It works. I know people get cured, no doubt about it.
Any other question please? Yes, please – little loudly…
Seeker: Why is Your picture sitting on the table next to You?
Shri Mataji: Can you say loudly, please?
Seeker: Why is Your picture sitting on the table next to You?
Shri Mataji: What he…?
Sahaja yogi repeats: Why is Your picture sitting on the table next to You?
Shri Mataji: Why, you don’t like it? (Laughter, Shri Mataji laughs) It’s something, it’s a question really something I can’t understand. You see, if I am something, if this picture is My true picture, then why not have it? All the pictures you have of Christ are not His own.
Very few people have seen Him and also there are no-one who has taken His picture.
Actually, when I see the pictures of Christ I get a shock. I said, “How can this be Christ?” I mean, this miserable creature cannot be Christ at all, but you don’t mind having all these things around.

Even the cross that you have can be horrible, made of plastic, made of this, made of that. Might give horrible vibrations to you. You don’t know anything about it.
With this picture, you’ll be surprised, the person who first got realization got through this picture.
In this picture there are vibrations.

When you will get realized, you will know that only this picture has such vibrations because the real thing it is – thank God the science has given us the real thing.
If there were cameras before, we would have had pictures of all those great people.
Because there were no photographs they said, “Better not have any pictures.”
Because all the pictures were imaginary, done by people who wanted to have some money. With this picture, many people have been cured.

All right? Especially in Australia, a miracle happened. That’s how the media took Me over.

There was a lady, a friend of a very big journalist and a businessman there who was in a coma and doctors said she has got a brain trouble and she cannot come back to her normal conditions. There’s a damage in her brain and she is dying. Then everybody had given up hopes, but there was one Sahaja Yogini, she said, “All right, you just allow me to put this photograph under her pillow.”

And you’ll be surprised: she came to consciousness next day. By the time I reached there, she was very conscious. So all the media was there to receive Me in Australia. I was surprised, because media is the last which attends anything that is real. I was Myself aghast to see them there all (Shri Mataji laughs). But this one thing worked out. And it is really true, it has happened, now that woman is walking about. You can write to her and find out. So this is what it is.
It’s a very good thing that has happened that we can take pictures now because I think, I cannot meet everyone in this world, but they can at least see My picture.
People get cured by this picture.
But what’s wrong? Supposing your picture is like that, I would like to put it there.
But is it like that? That’s the point is.
You see some people say, “Why You are doing it?” I said, “Better you do it. I would like to retire.”
Actually, today My husband was very angry with Me. He said, “Why are you there on Saturdays? And why don’t you come?” I said, “Now it’s been advertised too much. I just can’t come.” He is not, he wants Me there for some purpose and he was not very happy about it.

So I would be very happy if you could sit down here and do the job. You see, I’ll be very happy. I’ll retire.
But you can’t do it. And why to feel bad if I can do it? Because you can do many more things that I cannot do. For example, I can’t drive, I don’t know how to write a check, I don’t know anything that you know.
So many things there are I do not know. You’ll be amazed. I’m so simple that people can call me a rustic woman because I don’t know many things that you know. But I know one thing: that is awakening of your Kundalini. And then another thing, this photograph also knows you somehow.
Yes please?
Seeker: How You came to discover this form of Self-realization, which is quite quick compared to the previous … (unclear).

Shri Mataji: Yes – what he is saying?
Sahaja yogi repeats: How did You discover such a quick form of Self-realization?
Shri Mataji: Must be something about Me, sir. You better find out. It’s true. It’s true. But something about Me, definitely.

You see, whatever our education is, you know has come to us – Buddhism and all that – has come to us through other English writers or western writers. But if you really go into the literature, you will know that it is already prophesized. Even William Blake* has prophesized absolutely about Sahaja Yoga. He said that God of men [men of God] will become prophets and they will have powers to make others prophets. But who reads Blake? No-one; they read Freud. He described to such a detailed account of Sahaja Yoga that sometimes I’m amazed. No Indian seer has seen that, what William Blake has seen.
But our mentality is funny because once he had his exhibition; I went to see his exhibition and people were looking at nude women that he has painted.
He was innocent! He didn’t paint any nudity; he just painted women without any dress, just the body. But they were looking at the nude women. So, this, look at our mentality.
Looking at William Blake also we praise him because he had painted women without dress. He was innocent!
It has to be done. The time has come. At the beginning of life, I know there were hardly one or two people. But today is the time, a time where many have to become.
As you know, on the tree of life there were few flowers. Now there have to be many flowers because the blossom time has come and it has to be simple. But supposing it is simple, must you not accept? It’s like My grandmother saying, “I don’t believe you can go to moon. How can it be possible?”. It’s like that. It’s a jet age.

If there is speed outside, if the tree is growing outside too much, something must have grown inside: the roots. And this is the knowledge of the roots which you do not know, which you should know, how it has grown, what it is sucking. All right? If it is so, why not have it?
I mean, if I say there’s a diamond, will you refuse it? You’ll say, “All right, if it’s diamond let’s see.” Keep it open.
It’s more than all the diamonds put together. It’s true. It is very simple to understand if you see God’s point of view.
This creation has to have a meaning. And you are going to give him the meaning. If it doesn’t work out, this creation is going to be destroyed, because human beings are going to be destroyed. You can see that. You can see around what is the situation is.
Lady seeker: [Unclear question]
Sahaja yogi repeats: She is saying that do You think that nowadays in all the philosophies and religions there’s a big upheaval going on, which is making people seek more and more?
Shri Mataji: … Confused… eh? Really. It’s a little confused question because, you see… but I understand what you are trying to say, that people are seeing through now because they are intelligent. They are seeing through and it has reached a certain culminating point, you see? All these philosophies have reached certain culminating point and they are seeing that, what is the result.
Now the time has come for them to see the result of all these mental projections we have had about everything. So people are thinking that there must be an answer to all this.
Whatever we have done may have been little wrong or something has been more linear. It is not so expanding us and it is not giving us what was promised to us.
So they are thinking about it and they are going round to find out the answers.
That’s why there is a seeking, no doubt. But it is also the plan that they should be here, that they should be on this earth at this time.

All, so many things have worked out. But the reason is that there is confusion today. In this confusion only, you are going to find it out. If you were not confused, if you were sure that you are doing the right thing and you have done whatever is right which was before this, then you would not have thought of it.
But just now people are seeing that we are relatively living: “This is also right. This is also right.” How can that be? If right is one, then it should be one.

So people are thinking about it. They are seeking. In this seeking they might do mistakes. Some people might do many mistakes like going to wrong gurus, might spend money for it, may become bankrupts, might go to drugs, might do this punk rock, all kinds of things – are nothing but expression of that feeling within that there’s something beyond.

This is true that this confusion has led to the seeking. No doubt about it. Because they are all challenged. These philosophies are challenged. Everything is challenged now. And people see that it has given no result. Our forefathers did the same; we are doing the same.

What’s the use? We have to reach somewhere. For example, Jung has talked of universal unconscious much before I came. They have prepared the stage for Sahaja Yoga, I should say. All right?
Lady Seeker: Do You know anything about the guru Maharaji?
Shri Mataji: Ah! Now don’t ask about them. What do you think about him? What have they done? What good have they done to you? In general, there’s one principle you must apply to all of them. On the gross, anybody who is interested in your money is not your guru; he is a parasite, on the gross.
In the subtle, anybody who doesn’t manifest your powers has no powers of his own.
These two you apply to every guru and don’t ask Me individual questions. The one who is interested in Rolls-Royces, I mean if you think him to be a guru, I must say this is something surprising. Very surprising. It’s a parasite activity (?).
Yes, My child?
Seeker: … but You spoke tonight about Jesus Christ coming to the world and He left the world, but before He went, He had a supper with His apostles and there came a flame on their heads, as You talk about the cold, the cold air.
Shri Mataji: Who?
Seeker: Now I wonder whether You have anything in Your faith which corresponds to the apostles.
Sahaja yogi: He is saying… when Christ had dinner with His apostles, a hot flame came onto their heads… and he is wondering, do You have any apostles also? Do You have anything similar? I don’t understand what he means by that.
Shri Mataji: It’s again confused, My child, but doesn’t matter. Let’s see now – they had a hot air on their head? Is it – did you say so?
(Yogi: “Hot flame”). When did you – when was it, where was it written? You saw it in pictures?

Yogi: No, in a scripture he’s seen it.
Seeker: In a scripture.
Shri Mataji: What is it?
Yogi: Pentecost.
Seeker: Before He left here, He sent about twelve men to do His work. As You have spoken about Christ going out of the world … (?).
Shri Mataji: Yes, it’s all right. Now, I’ll tell you what. You see, hot air will come out of everybody’s head now. Even you are sitting here. Because there’s heat within you. First the hot air will come out. You see, Christ tried to give them realization but they didn’t believe Him – believe Me that they never believed Him till he got His resurrection.
Seeker: The apostles did not believe Him?
Shri Mataji: No, till they got His resurrection, you see, till He got His resurrection, they were still like this you see, little half-way, not fully there. And that’s why the hot air came up.

You will see now, gradually as you’ll settle down in Sahaja Yoga, when you will be fully equipped, when your vibrations will flow well, it will be cool breeze. Otherwise, hot air comes out.
You see, with people who have… most of you will first have hot air, no doubt about it, because there’s heat accumulated.
Now, I’ll tell you very scientifically about it – that when it is hot, say for example take Helium, Helium is a gas – you know that.
When it is hot, all the molecules in it fight within, revolt against each other. They are absolutely volatile. But when it cools down, they become collective and they move in a collective way.
Is – even in science it’s shown. And it’s the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost has been described in the Bible also.
So it should be a cool breeze.
Because even apostles who Christ had, were not – didn’t get their realization fully because they were doubting Him. Still not doubting, but I would say they didn’t have that faith till they saw He was resurrected. And after resurrection to have faith was rather wrong, isn’t it? Untimely, I should say (laughter).
I can understand them. That time, you see, this was not there.
I mean, to talk of realization itself in that country was something so out of the blue. They were fishermen, not Cambridge students (She laughs), and you could not explain to them.
But still they were simple people and they were honest, no doubt about it. But to their honesty, they could not understand how, what this man is saying about Self-realization or of second birth, you see.
And so they doubted – was all right at that time. But today it is not all right because once you get realization, you see for yourself.
All right?
Same seeker: … that they had this experience after He – after He was resurrected.

Shri Mataji: What’s that?
Sahaja yogi repeats: He said that they also had this experience after His resurrection.

Shri Mataji: You see, they had faith in Him. But I wouldn’t say they got realization, except for John, I would say; but others, I’m not very sure.

Because the way they write about His works, it’s something an outsider writes, you see. It’s just … not a person who is in it. You see, when they write, that’s not there, I find. But the worst of all I feel about St. Paul who should not be there at all. He had nothing to do with Christ. I can’t understand why he is there, because according to Sahaja Yoga standard, he was a supra-conscious personality.
I don’t know why he put them there because he saw a cross or he did all this. He was the one who was killing all the Christians to begin with and then suddenly, I don’t know how – it was a Roman trick perhaps to put him there – I don’t know why, but somehow – I cannot explain it.

Seeker: It was not the Romans… I’m sorry, he had an experience.
Shri Mataji: What is?
Sahaja yogi repeats: He said that he had an experience on the road to Damasco.
Shri Mataji: No, that was not – that’s not the experience. Experience is different.
The experience you can get it.
You see, the other day only, one lady saw a cross on Me. She saw auras.
Another one saw something else; that’s not the thing. That’s not reality.
Same seeker: So you are saying his experience did not exist but Yours is existing.

Shri Mataji: Yes, because that you can also get an experience. Supposing you are taking LSD; supposing, all right?
Anybody taking LSD, they come and see Me they’ll just see lights coming out of Me. They don’t see Me at all.

[Seeker says something else about what happened on the road to Damasco.]
Shri Mataji: What is it?
Yogi: No, you see…
Shri Mataji: You see, you also are taking too much time of others. (Seeker: OK) All right? Now leave it. You come and see Me, we’ll talk about it. (Seeker: Thank You very much). Alright.
It is – you see, we should see what have you got out of it. All these discussions and these dogmas – what have you got? You see, what are we going to achieve out of it? Just think of it. What is the use? We have to get the reality.
Why discuss all these things? We have so many clergies here who have been studying Bible and all that and they are now fed up.
Their heads are off now. This dogma, that dogma, this, that – it’s over now. Finish it.
Just get the reality first, then we’ll talk about it. All right? You just get the reality, then.

What is it?
Lady seeker: I wonder if it helps to meditate for Self-realization.
Shri Mataji: Of course, that you will be in meditation. You cannot meditate; you get into meditation. That’s the most meditative state. Now, so I’ll tell you what happens to you, all right? Let me talk on that. That’s a better question, very good question.
First when the Kundalini rises – all right? – you won’t feel anything, most of you won’t feel anything, but some of you may feel.

You may feel heat in the body. You may feel kind of a, some people might feel the throbbing in the back in the spinal cord, might feel – little bit, not much.
It’s not very painful or anything.
Don’t be frightened of anything. Then it will rise. Some of you might feel the rising, because if there are obstructions you can feel the rising.
If there isn’t any obstruction, if you are not misidentified, if you are not extremist, if you are in the center, normally it shoots off in the split of a second.
When it shoots off, what do you feel is, you feel a cool breeze coming out of your head. But normally, as I have seen, people are complicated. There are complications in the physical, mental or emotional being. People are not so balanced. Mostly they have liver problems or things like that. You might get a heat coming out of you.
First the heat comes; quite a lot of heat might come. When the heat disappears, then you start feeling the cool coming and you’ll feel very nice inside. Then the bliss starts coming in.

You start feeling absolutely relaxed and you feel in your hands the cool breeze is coming.
But first of all you feel on the head.
You should feel yourself. Nobody is going to certify it for you. There’s no falsehood about it. It’s a thing that you have to feel.
And once it happens to you then you can develop it. Because though the Kundalini at the first shot comes out, but then She tries to look after your different organs if they are sick, your mind if it is overloaded, or anything that is wrong, it creates a balance and it again comes up.
So you have to just know how to re-establish it yourself because it is your own. Everything is your own. It’s – you can think like this, that this light is your own. It’s your own lamp.
I just have come because I have got the flame in Me, perhaps. Then I put the lamp. Your light is enlightened. Now you look after your light. It’s your light, it’s everything yours.

The power is yours. It’s your Mother. It’s your own Spirit. And then you work it out.
Unless and until you work it out, you will not know whether it is true or not. You have to work it out. Now you should not be identified with anything, that’s one thing is true; because you have not seen the reality so far.
Say, for example, Mr. X says, “This one says so.” All right, must have said it, but he is not here. Today he is not here; it is I who am sitting here. All right?
So it is better that what I am saying you better receive it, because it’s nice to live in the past. Like, people want to believe in the past because it is easy to handle the past, or live with the future because it is easy, or live with somebody who has written a book, or something he has done to us. But why not believe in yourself, that so far you have not got anything of your own, and I am saying that you have to get it of your own.
That’s the main point I am trying to say, that you must not believe into anything till you have found it yourself within yourself.
That’s what it is. And if you are identified with other things which you have been doing – most of the people who have paid to some guru or something, get very much identified with them. But what have they given you? Have they given you any powers? Nothing. Can you feel another person? In collective consciousness, you should be able to feel another person.
After realization, immediately you can start feeling another person and yourself.

Immediately you can know, but you need sensitivity which we lack quite a lot in the Western world because the life is very strong.
But in India I have seen people get realization, immediately they start feeling it like that.
It’s very easy to cure Indians, I’m just saying, but difficult to cure Western people. They are very complicated, ego-oriented, over-read, all that is there.
But once the Western get it, they settle down much faster, much better, much deeply than Indians do.
It’s like if you have the teeth, you don’t have the food; if you have the food, you don’t have the teeth (laughter). It’s a funny combination, this world is (laughter, She laughs).
All right, let’s have it.
Now see what sort of a thing we work out in Cambridge. All right? So all of us should forget all about these things. Be honest to yourself and fair to yourself. So far, by doing all these things you haven’t found yourself.
Accept this fact.
I have nothing to gain out of you. I haven’t even written a single line, a book, nothing. So you must know that it is your own. I’m just like a banker who is cashing your checks. Better have them cashed, for which you don’t have to pay anything.
You don’t have to put in any efforts, nothing.
But once you are realized then you will know what is to be done. But first get your lights on.
All right, now just co-operate with Me as I tell you, without much questioning. I am not going to tell you anything horrid (Shri Mataji laughs) nor am I going to trouble you by anything. It is your own blessing just waiting at your door step.
Can you believe Me now? If you can believe only this much that I am genuine, it will work out.
May God bless you.

All right, now put your hands towards Me and if it’s not very inconvenient, please take out your shoes, because this Mother Earth also helps us. It’s better to take out your shoes; it helps you. If you are sitting on the ground, it’s all right.
You have to touch your Mother Earth with your feet so if you can take out your shoes easily, it will work out faster.
Moreover, it is a very tight thing on the feet.
Now this is the question of language of hands, you see, which is an international language always, but this is the language where the hands get enlightened and the hands have to speak.

As Mohammad Sahib has said clearly, “At the time of resurrection, your hands will speak”.
So, our hands have to speak and that’s how we have to see how our hands will be speaking.

So these centers which are shown here are represented in your fingers. So, these are five, six and seven, and – this side, left and right.

Once these centers are enlightened, then you can feel yourself and feel others. To begin with, we do not understand what it is because it is too great a thing.
But once we start using it, we are amazed how we start transforming, how things start happening to us.

All right, now just put your hands straight like this. Sit comfortably. Be comfortable. If you have anything tight, please make it little loose. It’s better. Not that it makes any difference, because very subtle. But why am I asking you, because attention goes there if it is something tight.
On the waist also, if there’s something tight, you see, the attention is drawn. Make yourself comfortable. That’s the main point is, be comfortable, so that for a while you could be with yourself comfortably.
If you are wearing any big malas and all that, please take it out. It’s better to – this heavy thing, anything like that, please take it out. It will help us. Just first get yourself realized and then you’ll start understanding.

Now, after this I have to tell you one more thing that you have to keep your eyes shut.
The reason is that when the Kundalini rises above this which it wants to pierce through, at that time it presses this point and the pupils go into dilatation first, before it is piercing through. And that’s why, if the eyes are open and the Kundalini is passing through, She may stop. So please keep your eyes shut, that’s all.

Just keep your eyes shut till I tell you to open them. And if you have spectacles and all that, you can also keep them safe, because you don’t have to see Me anymore till I ask you to open your eyes. So it’s better to keep, so that you don’t have problems of your spectacles.
Now close your eyes. Now don’t open your eyes as I requested you. Please don’t open your eyes, that’s all. Because this is just the opposite of hypnosis. In hypnosis, they make you open your eyes and put their eyes into your eyes and do all these things.
[A noise is heard] What’s happening? Now, no gesticulations, nothing – nothing abnormal has to be done. Whatever has to happen will happen within. Nothing abnormal things have to be done. Nobody has to jump, shout or scream – that’s all nonsense. You are not to do anything like that, not to turn your necks or anything.

Just keep quiet. If you cannot keep quiet, it’s better that you go out for the time being. But just keep quiet. That’s very important not to disturb others.

*(about William Blake)