A tremendous power around us

Moscow (Russia)

1989-08-20 Talk Part 1 & 2 Freedom, Evolution, Science, Health, 3 Energies, Transformation, 60'
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1989-08-20 Moscow Public Program

 I can see in this country and in any western country. the world has gone very far in the material development. And Lenin also had believed that when we will have material {inaudible} we will be satisfied with the matter. Then we will have a stateless state. and that’s what happened to you people you are very satisfied people in a way and very peaceful also you have balanced your life very well and you are leading quite a balanced life. And also your government very nicely has given you a balance by now say removing things like alcohol and all those things which can cause problems. It is very very wise government I should say that way that it has disciplined you like small children. but now when you will start gradually getting your freedom how will you ever to keep the balance it’s the point. moreover one start thinking that we have everything now but still there is no joy in our life. As in the West, I asked many people why do you take drugs why do you divorce why do you take to so much of alcoholism and they said we get bored with life we get fed up with life we don’t feel any interest anymore like in a country like Switzerland and Norway which are very very rich countries people are just committing suicide. so one must see what the reason. The reason is this that all these countries have grown like big trees and they have not yet known the knowledge of the roots. Now science and all these enterprises you’ve had all these theories political economics have been a kind of a .. express the knowledge – knowledge of the tree. but to get to the knowledge of the roots you have to go to the East I think. Especially India because our climate is so good that we did not have a problem to fight the nature. so we had a lot of advantages that we did not go outside outward. now when we are not fighting outside so much one starts meditating and thinking why are we on this earth? so we can live with very few things in life in India because we have no problems of nature. As a result of this, they discovered the knowledge of the roots. Now as we are learning a lot from you about science that you have created there is no harm in learning something from Indians if they have some knowledge of the roots.

And these roots are going to nourish the tree so we have to go to the roots so in this knowledge of the roots what these ancient saints have found out in India was that within us in the power. Now, for example, we have evolved from amoeba stage to human state that the scientists accept it is accepted by scientists. But this to be also logically understood that we have not reached the absolute point. in the absolute point, there can not be the difference of opinions. but we live relatively all of us live relatively all human beings. now we should look at this subject like scientists with an open mind, a scientist with the closed mind is not a scientist. Now like a scientist will put a hypothesis before you and then will try to prove it and when he proves it, it becomes the law. so this hypothesis should be paid attention to and should be understood because there have been many experiences of many people. Now this power which is within us gives us the last breakthrough in our evolution. All around us there is a tremendous power the subtle power that does all the living work. It exists in the mother earth in the air in the ether, everywhere now we do not feel it, because you do not feel it one should not say it does not exist as an open-minded scientist you try to see if you can feel it. Now this power which is lying in the triangular bone is called as the sacrum.  the word sacrum means sacred means the Greeks knew something about it. So when it rises it pierces through 6 chakras 6 centres these are places in the spinal cord and the brain but when it pierces through fontanel bone area on top then you start feeling the cool breeze coming out of your head. As the result of its ascent, all the centres get enlightened. and they get nourished so all the problems of health are solved when the centres are disturbed or dislocated or exhausted then only we get physical troubles, but when these are nourished we go back to our health. For example, cancer is caused by the two forces of the left and right sympathetic nervous system acting on the central path. When you supposing are a very active person or you are doing something in extreme then you get vulnerable to cancer and it is triggered when something from the left side from the emotional side enters your attention. This one is called protein 52 and 58 doctors give a name to everything but they don’t know what they are talking about. So if you have to treat the tree and you try to treat it thought its leaves you can not treat it, you have to go through the roots, and that’s why to go to the roots you have to become a subtle person so when this power of kundalini but in every scripture is described separately. And when she rises up she automatically solves your problem physical mental emotional and spiritual because now you are a human being you are at human awareness and then you become the spirit. Now when you become the spirit then your attention becomes enlightened. sitting down here you can feel whats wrong with another person. and if you know how to corrects it, on your fingertips you can find out and by certain movements of your hands you can cure, because now you find that the vital energy is flowing through your hands this is not an analysis of energies but the synthesis of three energies. First is the energy of the desire which is called as the emotional energy another is the energy of action, which gives us active physical and mental third is the energy by which we have evolved so far. so by the first energy which is the desire we get existence power by which we get cured we feel comforted we feel relaxed and we start watching everything a witness all kinds of diseases that take place because of our activity like heart liver blood pressure all of them disappear, this is the energy that gives you a balance of emotions and actions you see some people are very dry by nature and some people are extremely emotional but they become balanced after this. second power is that of action you become dynamic you can do lots of work and you don’t feel tired you don’t think about it you don’t plan about it but it works out because you are also supported by the all pervaded power actually this power starts flowing through you because of the evolution that you have achieved that you become one with that power that means the union the yoga but its a living process and living processes like sprouting of the seed can not be explained it just happens and as a result of that you become a person who can manouvre the power so you become very rich because you have so much power and you become a real communist because you become compassionate you must give it. You can raise the kundalini of others you can cure other people apart from you being healthy you can make everyone peaceful and happy. Now you know I am working in 15 countries and thousands of people who have taken to Sahaja yoga thousands and thousands. and there are so many people who are married, Sahaja yogis they have beautiful children very obedient, good children good citizens honest people. and they are very peaceful people they are not very ambitious fighting type. they are just in the centre and very powerful such people are to change the world and this has to happen it was predicted in India thousands of years back. We have one gentleman called Brugumuni he is the pioneer of predictions and horoscopes and all that science. but he also has written about mundane things but also he has written a very nice book as to what will happen what people get resurrected. so actual transformation has to take place. It’s not just artificial baptism or artificial say that now you are this you are that. It is actualisation and becoming. like a seed has to actually become a plant and then it has to become a tree otherwise if you just certify the see that now you are baptised does it become a tree? It is all in outside religions they made a big mess I must say. I know {inaudible}. Within us, we have 10 valencies as the carbon has four we have 10 valencies. And once we rise because of the balance and ascent of the kundalini we enter into the nucleus. Like int he periphery of the wheel there is a lot of movement but in the centre, there is actually a complete peace. We have done may other experimentations in the medical profession in India doctor Rye who is dean of the faculty of physiology he has started a research subject on Sahaja yoga they are working on 3-4 subjects one subject they have already covered with the physiology of the person. and they discovered to their amazement that people who are realised souls have a wonderful physic they have a beautiful shining skin and they have sparkling eyes and great resistance to diseases their metabolic rate is very balanced, blood pressure is normal and there is such a difference between an ordinary person who is healthy and a realised soul. Now they are working on angina and other heart troubles because I have cured many heart patients many. We have a president called Sanjivaredi and when he was coming from America he was just about to die I met him in the plane because my husband knew him very well then his wife said please cure my husband because I am known in India very well. Within 1 minutes he was perfectly alright and he went down the steps so nicely that everyone was surprised. 

And you can save them from acid rain this one doctor Hamil from Austria who was agricultural advisor in the UN he experimented with vibrated water and the trees that were dying in Austria and he found out that all the trees that were more than 60 years old in Austria could not survive but all the rest survived very well. and this power appears like vibrations like a cool breeze and if you give it to the seeds then you don’t need use hybrid seeds. they have experimented that if you give these vibrations to non-hybrid seeds and allow them to grow they do even better than hybrid seeds. and then you dont have to give too much manual. Also it works wonders on animals. If you give it to a cow and Indian cow will give 5-6 years of milk if you give them vibrations they give about 10 years of milk. Now you see the cows in the west are mostly hybrid. And their milk you see gives you a funny brain. and sometimes it can make to become violent by nature. Because relative to the other cows Indian cows are very peaceful and kind and they are very motherly and very wise but if you see the hybrid cows they don’t have care for the calves. Nor do they understand how to walk on the streets they are very aggressive but our Indian cows are not aggressive so we need not have hybrid cows or if you give the vibrations to hybrid sows also they ll become more peaceful and their milk will give us more peaceful brains. sahaja yoga gives you a very comprehensive idea of how our liver works our brain works all these ideas you can easily learn without much difficulty. In England we have a very good assembly of 7 doctors they are working research on cancer and many incurable diseases now what they are doing is to get some patients say of cancer and treat them with Sahaja yoga and then record how they are cured. Formally I used to cure people not writing their names or say about it. But then we felt we must have everything on record. Because people are very mental and they must have the record to see what happens to you. So there are so many advantages of becoming the spirit but apart from that, that is the destination of our evolution. The people who will become a realised soul will form a very powerful group. It will become one collective group as we are part and parcel of the whole like a drop falls into the ocean it becomes an ocean so with the pure intelligence that you have you can clearly see the advantages of becoming the spirit. And luckily now we have very many young people of all races of all countries who have joined Sahaja yoga. we have o organisation no do we tell them anything much that you should do this or that. You become the spirit and you yourself know what is to be done, I never told them to give up drugs but overnight they gave up. The sense of insecurity disappears and you don’t play with your ego anymore. And you become extremely discreet. In your work, you also get surprised that you get such ideas and such help that you are amazed that you are being helped out with every problem. In London is such a lot of unemployment but not as Sahaja yogi is unemployed not one. and in America we have so many Sahaja yogis and not one has got aids all have wonderful health and they are immune to it they don’t get AIDS at all nobody has got heart attack nobody has go any problem whatsoever and also materially they have improved they are so relaxed that they do beautiful work and they are all being promoted from this to that. Even in our country, all these people who have got realisations are all occupying very big posts very big positions. For example the president of High Court he is Sahaja yogi he has got his realisation and after that he was elected. He got this job as a judge and now he is a President of this Court. 

So we have people who are blessed by this power to such an extent that you can see all your great artists your musicians also politicians like Lenin all were realised souls. They were unique these people one here one there. You can say on the tree of life there were very few flowers but modern times are like blossom times and many people can get their self-realisation. But we can not go on asserting it advertising it we can not do those cheap things. You have to ask for it in your freedom we can not force it on you. and it can not work out f you force it. of course, you can not pay for it, its a living process like how much do we pay to the tree because it gives us a flower and we can not also say that it will happen today or tomorrow some people get it in a second some take some time a year also! but on the whole, it works out. but if it’s your own power why don’t we get it. One has to be humble about it like you go to the university and you will try to show off your ego before the professor the professor will say alright sorry you d better get out of the college. So also there is a centripetal and centrifugal force. and all these forces act in such a manner that if you are a genuine seeker a special category of people then you can get it. You may be a king a big boss there is no difference even a person in a village can get it better than a person with a very big power so-called. But thousands have to do it now I think I have worked it out in so many countries and now it is high time that a communist country has to take to it immediately. Because they are disciplined for it they are developed for it they talked about it so why not have it the ultimate goal it has nothing to do with politics it has to do with humanity no race no nation no country none of these artificial barriers will hamper.

One Sahaja yogi happened to go to Sierra Nevada and there these people the Africans just living in the jungles got their realisation and they came down to see me in London so like that it can work out anywhere. In India there were 6 thousand people in one village who got their realisation. So it has to work out and it is working out everywhere and I am sure it will also work out in your country. Thus you will become very good citizens and very honest people satisfied people.

And people of very great ideas and visions. And I think your prime minister is also a realised soul. You can see how in the whole world he is considered as a very charismatic person.
People think he is today the greatest politician. He is so straightforward, so humane. At the right time of your development you’ve got the best prime minister. As also our Prime Minister Anjir Gandhi is also realised soul. But he is troubled by so many negative forces in India just torturing him for nothing at all. But I’m sure he will come out of it. Like a beautiful Lotus comes out of the maya. And I’m sure he will make our country very fragrant. So we have had realised people in the olden days like America had Abraham Lincoln. And I’m sure that the day will come that we will abide as very beautiful citizens of the whole world. So one has not to neglect the power that is within us. And at least pay some attention to it.
I’m happy people even though small you might think we are very few people. Does not matter. 17 years ago I started Sahaja Yoga with one lady. And in London I worked for 4 years on 7 hippies. Very intelligent well educated, all doctors of literature this that from Cambridge Oxford. And very hard nuts there is a beauty about the English Is that when the nuts are broken then they are the first class. But in India we have the background we have the knowledge. We know what is important. So that you have to have your realisation. And he said that somebody has to give you. Like one light one candle has to be enlightened by another candle. And so we have to have an enlightened light. But it doesn’t give any obligation or anything to the person that you are enlightening you’re just a catalyst. But nowadays there are many false gurus that have come up And they’re catching hold of all these people who are honest seekers. They are nicking money they have so much money in the Swiss banks. They have really finished so many people made an invalid or insane. People have sold their things And they bought their rolls royces. But one must understand that you cannot pay for it. And nor can you live on that money.

Like Christ’s Father was a carpenter. He lived like a carpenter. So say I’m a housewife I belong to a particular family so I leave the way they want me to live. But there is no attachment there is no greed. And how can you take any money for this it’s absurd. This is love.But because formally the so-called Popes and all these churches: We should take money. And today only I saw the priest’s clothes is made of gold and all this. So because you’re used to this kind of thing you think you can purchase it. There’s one thing one should understand you cannot organise it no can you purchase it this is above us.

But when you get the blessings then it really looks after you and nourishes you it guides you it comforts you it redeems you.
And you become completely Joy. Joy doesn’t have a double face like a coin. Like happiness and Happiness. It’s absolute. And also you get discretion which is absolute. Now supposing you put your hands and ask a question Mother is this the true knowledge? Ask me three times and the tremendous cool breeze will start flowing in. But supposing there is a person who is a thief and he’s telling your lies – immediately you will feel the burning on your hands. Supposing that someone is suffering from the heart trouble immediately you will start feeling the burning on the heart finger. But after some time you don’t have to feel you just know you start seeing your Ego and your conditioning as if you get out from the water and watch the water from the boat.
That is what should happen to all of us that we should become a witness. When we are not involved with the problem we can solve it better. The fear, complexes all these things drop out. And all the mental projections are of no value. You see what man made of this science. What you produce is an atom bomb everyone is afraid of the devil. And a mental projection moves you in one line and it moves back to you like a boomerang.

But if you become the spirit you get completely integrated and the light of the spirit spreads the all sides. So you get to the synthesis and not the analysis. I think it should happen to all the Russians here. They should all enjoy the confidence of their spirit. And in the guidance of the spirit they should walk on the right path of the righteousness and peace.
It’s late I’m sorry it’s such a short time. I’m not been able to tell you much. But sometimes later maybe if I come here I will explain you everything very nicely. I hope I’ll have more chance to come. But beware of the false gurus. All these negative forces will crawl into this country somehow. And I know that in this country there are many who are Seekers. Many many more than there are in America. Because Americans are destroyed very much inside. So they should not get into the trap of these people who will destroy them. These Are The People Who destroy them. So it is better that we should be alert about it. I hope I will be able to come again. And then we will meet more people. And then it will grow gradually. It should grow as much as you can bear. If you get a large crowd how will you manage? So first you should get acquainted with it and gradually you will get more people.

And the greatest joy in the world is to give a realisation to other. Like an egg becomes the bird like in India they call it Dvijaha means the one who has become the brahmin who has known the Brahma twice born. But it is not a false certificate. And also a bird which is called Dvija in sanskrit. So it is what it is. And we are at that brink of evolution. Like first one fish came out then few came out and then the shawls of fishes. And now this is the last thing the last breakthrough the epitome. At any cost it should not be missed. So you don’t have to do anything you don’t have to pay for it so why not have it?

Thank you very much.