Know your inner self fully

Camberwell Civic Centre, Melbourne (Australia)

1994-03-30 Know your inner self fully, Melbourne, Australia, 74' Chapters: Arrival, Talk, Self-RealizationDownload subtitles: EN (1)View subtitles:
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1994-03-30 Know your inner self fully, Melbourne, Australia, version 2, 116' Chapters: Introduction with bhajans, Introduction by Yogi, Arrival, Talk, Self-Realization, Bhajan after program, Departure
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Public Program, Melbourne (Australia). 30 March 1994.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

At the very outset, I have to tell you that truth is what it is. You cannot change it; you cannot transform it; you cannot conceptualize it. It is what it is; it was what it was and it will be what it will be.

Whatever, I want to tell you today, I have to request you, to keep your mind open, like scientist. You need not believe into what I say. We have had enough of problems with blind faith. But keep your minds open in case this proves; then you have to believe, believe in it. If you are honest people, you have to believe in it. Because it is for the benevolence of your individual self, for the benevolence of your city, your country and world at large.

Most of the problems of this world come from human beings; humbly we must admit. There something wrong somewhere that we create problems. And these problems come to human beings when there is a problem with these centres here as explained to you.

Now these centres do exist. These are energy centres within you. And when they are, (Mother speaks aside, Thank you, (Lawrence?) thank you, its cold, I don’t like, I like, just ordinary (glass of water)) these centres, when they go into jeopardy, we have this problem of human beings behaving in funny manners.

When this power, which is within us, which is in three and a half coils; that’s why it is called as kundalini; “kundalini” means a coil. It’s a mathematical thing. It rises like a primule in a seed and rises upward against the gravity, and pierces through your fontanel bone area, which was the soft bone in your childhood. (Mother speaks aside, Thank you very much, (referring to glass of water) thank you)

Now the truth is that you are not this body, you are not this mind, you are not this ego, you are not these conditionings. What we say, “This is my house, this is my car, this is my wife, this is my husband, my children” but who is this ‘my’ which owns it? So that ‘my’ which owns it is the ‘I’ the “self”; is the ‘pure spirit’ within you.

The second truth is, that there is all-pervading power of Divine Love, of love, which does all the living work. Now you see beautiful flowers all over since I’ve come to Australia. I’ve been seeing all kinds of flowers, beautiful flowers. Who does this miracle? They’re different, of a different shape, different colour. “Who” does that? Who runs our heart, we never ask this question to ourselves. We take all living work for granted. We never bother to find out who does that.

The third question that should come to us really, which cannot be answered by anyone: “Why are we on this Earth? What is our purpose of coming to this Earth, to be born as human beings, to be evolved as human beings, what is the purpose?”

Is it just to insure our self and die? Is that? What is the purpose of life? What is our identity? And when we start asking these questions, we find that nobody has been able to answer this question.

Science cannot answer this question. Science has its own limitations. So this all-pervading power, which does all the living work, we have never felt it. We have read it in Scriptures that there is all-pervading power of God’s love, there’s the ‘Ruh’, is there. They call it Paramchaitanya or also they say it is the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost.

But where is that? Nobody has felt it, nobody has known about it.

Another problem is this that our civilizations grew too big in the West, even in Australia, everywhere. Like a big tree but what about the roots? If you do not find the roots, the result is as you have now recession; this problem, that problem. So where are the roots? If the knowledge of Science comes from West, this knowledge comes to you, say from India, or from East, what’s the harm. Because it is important that we should know our roots. And these are the roots, this is the knowledge of the roots that is within us.

When there is problem outwardly, we should know there must be some problem inside us and we don’t know anything about ourselves; nothing. What we know; about outside. But we don’t know what’s wrong with us; where do we go wrong?

So it is very important to understand that if there is a way of going through the last breakthrough of our evolution, if there’s a way that we can find out our identity, if there’s a way we can know our inner self fully, why not do it? For which you don’t have to pay. You can’t pay; it’s an evolutionary process. It’s a living process! For example, how much do we pay for these flowers to Mother Earth? Who’s done the job? It’s built-in in a seed, to germinate and built-in in the Mother Land that it will germinate. We don’t pay for that. It’s already built-in there. In the same way if it is built-in within you, you can’t pay for it. One thing, if you realize that you can’t pay for your evolutionary process, for anything that is Divinity, for anything that is pure; half of the problems will be solved of this guru shopping that you have been doing all these days. Because if you are not going to pay for it, and these people are asking for money, that means something wrong with them! You cannot market it!

Thus, we reach a point where we realize that something spontaneous living process has to take place. And that has become very, very easy in modern times.

Because it is described already, prophesized in the Bible, it is the Last Judgment and otherwise in the Koran it is “Qiyamah”, means the Resurrection. Even in Indian scriptures they have described about these special times when people who will get so much disillusioned in the illusion, they will be born and they will be disillusioned that they take to reality, and this thing will happen. It’s already predicted and this is the time, such a fortunate time when we are all born. And it has to work out. It is your own power. It’s your own Mother, it’s your individual Mother, and She knows everything about you. It’s all tape-recorded. And She is anxious to give you this Second Birth. She is anxious. And She does it very beautifully. I’ve read some books which says that Kundalini Awakening is very dangerous and all that. I can’t understand! It has never happened before like that. I’ve been working like this for the last, I think, I don’t know how many years now; at least twenty-five years and I’ve never seen anybody being harmed. On the contrary, everybody’s helped; physically, mentally, emotionally.

Now there are three doctors who have got M.D. in Delhi University for Sahaja Yoga, in various subjects. Now there’s a fourth doctor who is trying on blood cancer and all that.

For medical science, if you ask them who does all these things they will say “autonomous nervous system”. But who is this “auto”, who is this “auto” that does this work? They can’t answer; they’re honest; they can’t answer.

So this autonomous nervous system, which is parasympathetic and sympathetic, the parasympathetic nervous system will take over and we can control our parasympathetic through this.

Of course, I don’t know how far the doctors here are sensitive to a subject like that but in Russia I was surprised. There are two hundred doctors who are practicing Sahaja Yoga in Russia.

Russian people are not so materialistic because they have never known materialism much. About 30% of them are funny type. They’ll ask for Marlboro cigarettes but 70% are so sensitive to Sahaja Yoga. I was amazed the way they took to me and threw away all absurd gurus from them. Not one person could prosper. And no religion is allowed to be practiced there where they have now started taking to Sahaja Yoga.

It’s very amazing how these people who don’t know even English, who don’t know about God; they were not supposed to know about any religion, they’re so clean, like a clean slate and they have taken to Sahaja in such a big manner; I’m surprised. In thousands and thousands of people, so sensitive, so open-minded and scientifically so equipped.

There were 300 scientists, I think maybe more, who invited me. Started telling them about I…I thought, better start from science. So they said, “Mother, no, don’t tell us science; we know everything about science. No we don’t, You tell us the science of God.”

Such eager, intelligent, educated people.

Now, this democracy of ours ‘so-called’, today also in the newspaper. I read the same thing: “so-called democracy”. Because it looks sometimes like a demonocracy you see, like you go to America; you can’t even wear your wedding ring. They might take away your wedding ring also and kill you for that. That’s supposed to be democracy!

You have to be extremely careful. I was surprised in Perth. We were going in the night for about thirty-five kilometres. No gangsterism on the way, I was surprised. How this country is still saved.

But it happens that this kind of democracy without being in connection with that all-pervading power can take you to anything.

Same with religions. You take any religion, whether you are Hindu, Christian, Muslim, anything. One can commit any sin. What’s the use of denouncing others; everybody does the same I thing; no difference. All are only convinced they are something excellent but they are not, in no way!

And so many things like this, when we start seeing, we get disillusioned and we start thinking, “Where is the truth, where is the reality, what are we doing?”

At this time, I see; I call them ‘the seekers of truth’. These are special category of people, as described by so many poets. And when it works out, they are the ones who jump into themselves. Jump into this beautiful era, of what we call the New Age. It’s a happening. It’s not just branding yourself New Age; somebody calls themselves by some other name, it’s not that. It’s another Christian, Hindu, Muslim branding. But something that has to happen and that happening is awakening of the kundalini.

William Blake* has said that men of God will be born in those days, men of God. And they will become divine and they will have powers to make others divine, exactly that is Sahaja Yoga.

Moreover it’s such an internal happening that, all outside things are not needed. For example, some people go to Himalayas, stand on their heads. Or they starve themselves, fast, do all kinds of things. And they find nothing. They can’t understand how it happens. They go on telling me; Mother we did this, we did that and we never found anything within ourselves.

So first you are to be connected to that all pervading power, this is the power that’s extremely dynamic no doubt, but it’s the power of compassion. So you also become very dynamic. I know poor people becoming very rich suddenly.

I have seen people who are sick becoming all right.

We have a very nice place in Perth, where a boy who was already married, had children, two children. He was in an accident and whole his brain as if came out; a terrible condition.

And doctors gave it up that he will die. Not that he was saved, but he is absolutely normal now. I was in tears to see him so beautifully cured.

So this all-pervading power, which is the Ocean of Bliss, Ocean of Knowledge, Ocean of Compassion, is the Ocean of Forgiveness. This power starts flowing through you. You become a vehicle of that power. And once you learn how to make others the same way, how to raise their kundalini, you can create thousands of people who are self-realized.

Surprisingly, in Australia many children are born who are realized souls, very surprising. Maybe because in other European countries children are killed by the parents. So maybe they are taking to you people who are kind to children and your government is also very kind to them.

And these children are not understood by parents sometimes because they’re very different. And they are very moral. So all the problems that we have created out of our ideas of sort of modernism or any kind of thing. And that we see that our children are going to dogs is all stopped through this awakening.

It’s like this, that if I tell some children don’t take to drugs, they’ll never listen to me. If, supposing I’m carrying a snake in my hand and there’s darkness all over, I can’t see anything and somebody says, “you have a snake in your hand”, I’ll never give up if I’m very obstinate, I will never give up. I’ll say, “No, it’s just a rope.” But when there’s little light I will myself give it up. In the same way it happens; it works this way that you yourself become powerful. Throw away all that is destructive, all that is to be given up.

I don’t have to say “Don’t do this; the Ten Commandments we don’t talk about in Sahaja Yoga, but only in you, the religion is born. The innate religion, which keeps you religious, righteous, compassionate and dynamic. You don’t have to change your dress, you don’t have to change your lifestyle, you don’t have to give up your wives and children, but you get it just where you are. It’s so simple, made so simple. I would say, if you are hungry, you can have it. Like, if I’ve done the cooking, and if you are hungry and you will say otherwise “mother just lets have the food.” But if you are not, then you will go on discussing, arguing, this, that. These are all mental feats. I mean if you want to ask me a question, you can ask me any number and I am quite an expert now 25 years I have been facing all of you and I can answer you, but its all a mental feat. It doesn’t give you realization. You are here for your realization, by which you are helped so much that physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually you become all right.

Firstly, you become peaceful, absolutely peaceful. The peace within you, you achieve. How? You live with your thoughts. The thoughts rise, fall, rise, fall and in between these thoughts, there’s a little space. Mostly, you are thinking about the future or the past. You cannot be in the present. In the present, there is no thought. You are with reality. So when the kundalini rises, these thoughts elongate and the space in between, of the present is established. When that space is established, you become peaceful, absolutely peaceful within yourself.

I have met many people, elite people, I should say, very elite, who have got Peace Prizes. They’re so hot-tempered people, I tell you, that you have to touch them with a barge pole. I mean you cannot go near them. It is horribly hot-tempered people, and they have got peace awards I don’t know how. No peace within. At the slightest thing, they just shoot off. No patience, nothing. And then I realize that it’s so outside; the whole thing is. They don’t understand if you don’t have peace within, how can have a Peace Award? Well you can. That is our life.

Now this peace is established within you and you become, it’s a new dimension of existence, where you become “thoughtlessly aware”. You are absolutely aware, but no thoughts. Just in peace. But you are aware; you are not fainted down or you are not in some sort of a trance. You are absolutely aware and very much more aware because, you are in Reality.

Then the second dimension you achieve is that you start feeling on your fingertips this cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. Sometimes you feel it hot, also. On these fingertips are your sympathetic centres. And these Sympathetic Centres are from left and right. They join together to make the Parasympathetic.

So we have the left side and the right side within us, and these left and right side, indicates on our right and left side.

On the left side we get our emotional and the right side our mental. I mean English Language, “mental” means something different, but I mean whatever we do with our brain. And also you receive your physical problems on the right hand side.

These problems are indicative on your fingertips. Said it by Hazrat Mohammed that at the time of Qiyamah your hands will speak and will give witness against you; means they will tell you what’s wrong with you.

But not only that; they also tell you what’s wrong with others. Now somehow if you know how to correct these centres, you’re all right, and correct the centres of others you can also make them all right. It’s so simple, it’s all within you, all the mechanism is within you. It’s all there. Only thing you have to understand the importance of it. Without that you can never be happy.

This power, which is there, is the power of pure desire. All other desires are not pure. Today we want to have say; some flowers. Tomorrow we want to have a house; the day after tomorrow we want to have helicopter. I don’t know; we go on and on. So every desire, which is fulfilled, is never satisfied! Once we get it, it’s finished. Then again of course, it’s a law of economics also, that in general, wants are not satiable. It’s a fact.

But this desire, whether you know it or not, is within you. Whether you are aware of it or not, is the desire to be one with this all-pervading power. And all the powers that you have within you start manifesting. You have no idea at all what powers you have. I always say about a television taken to a very remote village in India where they have never seen electricity. And if you tell them that in this box you can see some films, they’ll say, “What, this is just a box! What are you telling us stories?”

We also feel we are just a box, nothing more than a box. But do you know what powers you have within yourself? What you can do for this world? What can you do for yourself, to your family, to your children? How you can really be a great force of reforms and transformation without troubling anybody?

Because, after this you know the absolute truth. You know them on your fingertips. If a man from India comes from the jail, he’ll directly come either to Australia or he will go to America, wear a dress of a what you call this saddhu baba dress in saffron colour, and go and sit in any place and become a big guru. Earn a lot of money. How will you know if this fellow has been to jail, or is he a real person or not?

So on your fingertips you can find out the absolute truth. A new dimension in you, that on your fingertips you know not only your centres, but the centres of others. Everybody feels the same way, knows the same way. Then where is the quarrel, where is the argument, where is the war?

Now we have in India sometimes, people coming from sixty nations because Sahaja Yoga is now practised in sixty nations. I’ve never seen them quarrelling, fighting, of course they pull each other’s leg and have a little humor about it, but never have I seen fighting, never! No question, no question of argument.

Because, you do not know the absolute truth, so somebody says that Christianity is good, somebody says this Islam is good, somebody says that is good or democracy is good, or communism is good. How? How do you know that? Because you have got yarn in your heads, and that’s how you’re formed your own ideas and you’re all fighting with each other. It’s all mental, which is all limited.

But, with this, you know the Absolute and is tangible. You can diagnose people. One fellow went to Huston and he said “Mother, I was half dead with diagnosis only. But I said, “You don’t have to do anything in Sahaja Yoga like that. You can diagnose about yourself, you can diagnose about others. There’s no need to go through all that.

This is what it is that you have to have your own powers manifesting. And you must have the full knowledge about it. It should not be half way. Your attention becomes extremely innocent and powerful. The attention, when it is diverted everywhere; you see you get confused and people get schizophrenia, this, that; all that.

But here the attention is very innocent and such a person, even if he radiates or even if he looks at or glances at somebody; he can give peace; he can give redemption; he can do so many things, he can do, because his attention has become enlightened.

Sitting down here you can know about anybody you want to know. You can know about the people who are dead, or the people who are very far away. You can find out sitting down. This is what we can call as “collective consciousness”. A new dimension of consciousness comes to you about which Jung has written, collective consciousness. So you develop this collective consciousness within yourself. For that you don’t need any education, you don’t need anything. Even villagers can do it. Even small little children can do it, because they know this power. As all of us have the power to see something, as you all can see me sitting down here, in the same way you can know about others; know about yourself; without doing any acrobats. So simple as that, all these powers are your.

But above all, you jump in the Sea Of Joy. The whole problem is taken over by this all-pervading power of God. We say we leave it to God, all right, leave it to God. But you are not connected. When we pray also we are not connected. You know a telephone, which is not connected, you go on moving it, it will get spoiled but you are not connected. After realization, even to, just a problem comes to you and it gets solved, because you get out of your problem and you can see it clearly and the Divine helps you.

There have been so many blissful miracles of Sahaja Yogis that now we have given up. We wanted to print them, but in one month they became so much high and we didn’t know what to do.

So, all over we have to not believe in God, but you have to feel the bliss of God; how He looks after you. It’s not just a talk or a sermon, but it’s a happening and the happening has to take place; otherwise our attention, which is outside, will not be taken inside.

It’s a question of understanding our own value, respecting ourselves. And it works. As you all are here I know you are all seekers. Otherwise you would not be here. And it is your right to get this realization. Sahaja means “born”: ‘sah’ is with you; ‘jah’ is “born”. “With you” is “born”. This right to get to this yoga, means the union with the Divine. And is your right and you should assert and all those who will ask for it have to have it. It is their right. The whole thing has built in our evolutionary process. And now, the last bit has to happen and it will work out.

I have to tell you one thing more; that it is not an individual happening. It’s a collective happening. It works better when there are many people. Also when you have to know about it, learn about it, take advantage of it, you have to come to the collective.

It’s not like other organizations where they have an introductory lecture and after that they start marketing it. You cannot market it. For definite, you cannot market it. It is divine love. And love you can never market. In the same way this is Divine Love; how can you market it?

So, if you have respect for yourself, if you really love yourself, and you care for yourself, you are not self-centered because after all, you are a human being; epitome of evolution. So, only thing you have to give some time and come to the collective and progress in Sahaja Yoga. It’s not difficult at all. Nothing is to be done as I told you; it’s not to stand on your head or anything. Just wherever you are, you’ll get it. It’s so simple. Because the time has come. And you are not obliged to me buying for anything. It’s just happening, happening all over and happens to everyone. So I would request you to pay attention to it. And once you get your realization, you should really come to the collective because it would be like what Christ has described as sprouted, seeds which were thrown somewhere and were lost, so you have to grow, and that growth is important. Once it happens, if you have any concern for your country, for yourself and for the world, you should try to keep to it and understand. It’s as simple as that.

So the last thing as I told you, jump in the ocean of joy. That is, when your ego is pampered you feel happy and when the ego is punctured, you feel unhappy. It is joy, has no duality. It’s just a witness state in which you witness everything like a drama. And you lose your age very much. You feel very dynamic; at the same time very compassionate.

As you know I’m seventy-one years of age and I’m traveling practically every third day. And it’s all right. People said “Mother, don’t you feel you are traveling too much?” I said, “I’m not traveling, I’m just sitting everywhere. Where am I traveling?”

In the same way, it happens to you. And the ageing and all that never comes into your mind. You just live; live in the present. And you just enjoy life; enjoy the company of all other realized souls. All over the world you have relations. Wherever you go they’ll be all there to help you, to look after you. Something happens to one person, all over the world they will try to help, the doctors will run to that place, people will pray, and I mean they will see to it that the person is saved.

It’s such a big family, such a beautiful family into which I would request you to join.

May God bless you!

Now, I cannot force self realization, cannot be done, because I respect your freedom. You are given freedom at a human level because you have to ascent with your own, with your own desire, I cannot force on you anything. As you have to accept it that you want to have it. I would request people who don’t want to have it, they should leave the hall and leave others, but those who want to have it are very welcome, and they can have it. Even the knowledge they can have it without any difficulties.

So all those who want to go away should leave the hall, please, I will be very thankful, because it cannot work on people who do not want it. On the contrary it doesn’t help others also to have such people among you who don’t want to have it. It will take hardly ten minutes and I would request you not to disturb others when we are in the process of it. Actually it happens spontaneously without anything but as there are little problems on the centers, you have to nourish your centers yourself as I’ll tell you, its very simple and will show you how we do it.

*(about William Blake)