Talk to Sahaja Yogis

Vienna International Airport, Vienna (Austria)


Speech at the airport Schwechat. Vienna (Austria) 18 July 1994.

I’m very happy to see you all here. It’s really nice to meet you all like this, because in Cabella I never get a chance to talk to anyone. I’m sorry I’ve had some very bad reports which I must tell you. It’s very important. I always used to praise Austrians very much that they are so many and so good, very good Sahaja Yogis. But the reports I have are horrible. Other people from other countries have told Me that, “Mother, You are praising them, but You better warn them. Because they are not taking Sahaja Yoga so seriously as they should have done. Moreover some people who come to Cabella go on talking against some other group. And they told Me there are groups formed among these Sahaja Yogis who are influenced by these groups and their grudges and their complaints. They’ve become very mental, they want to solve their problem mentally. This was a very big shock for Me. And they went to such a limit to say that, “Mother, this time You shouldn’t allow them to have any Puja.” I said, “All of them are not like that.” They said, “But still. Quite a lot of them indulge in such cheapish things that we are surprised.”

I must tell you one lady came all the way to Taiwan to complain against Hamid. And she told Harald, who is a very sensible Sahaja Yogi that she has some physical problems, so she wants to see Me. So Harald said, “All right, you can go and tell Her.” But all that she did was to tell Me what was wrong with this one or that one and how Hamid was and what did happen. I was really surprised, I said, “You come all the way to Taiwan to tell Me this?” Then Harald got angry with her, he said, “You told me a lie, you told me that you have some physical problems and here what are you telling Mother?”

This is the best way to destroy Sahaja Yoga and yourself. Sahaja Yogis never talk ill of each other behind their backs. I don’t know, this – maybe, I think, this [E.] started this group, or maybe, I don’t know how this group business has started. She was the first, who told Me that there are many, who are against the leaders. It’s only here I find all this – why should it be? You are people of great heritage. I could have understood this from Germans, but no, they are absolutely, absolutely perfect Yogis, those who are there. I cannot understand how Sahaja Yoga gives you time to do all these things. If you are busy with Sahaja Yoga you will have no time even to talk ill of anyone. But the pressure was so much on Me that I thought I better talk to you people about it and tell you very frank. You cannot be mental. If you become mental you’ll be destroyed, completely. As soon as you come on your Agnya you lose your vibrations. You start judging things, you start analyzing things. In Sahaja Yoga you are there just to experience the joy. To be happy, to be one with yourself and everybody else. It’s such a bad tendency to talk ill about other Sahaja Yogis or form a group. You cannot have a group, you are completely integrated with the whole world. How can you have separate groups in a small place like Austria? When you are one with everyone. Even in America the news has gone that [they’ve created ?]. For one [E.], for one woman if you are going to ruin yourself I have nothing to say. She is a very selfcentered, stupid woman. She never asked Me what she was doing. She went on her own, her everything. And she has no business to do this. But she has created this thing in you. Most surprising thing is when you had a horrible leader like [M.], who turned out to be a devil later on, you were quite all right, you were very normal. That means you need a Hitler or what? It’s very surprising.

All this topic started when Hamid and Wolfgang took over. And that’s how Hamid got sick, actually. You know how much he was identified with you? I think I was – you brought Me from there – Budapest – I was in Budapest absolutely tired at the end of My program. And he pleaded with Me, “Mother, please come at least for one day.” I said, “For what?” “Please come, they are all waiting for You, better come.” I was very tired. He drove Me down, I came here. And he brought at least 20 sick people to Me, I was so tired, really. I was surprised why he was so much identified with these Sahaja Yogis. Just to cure them he brought all kinds of sick people. I told him, “I’m tired, very tired, I want to go back.” But he was so much trying to please you people. I was amazed. And he is the one who is criticized. I just don’t understand.

Now, money-wise also. Of course I gave money to have the Ashram and the money was lost. It just was lost because of the – whatever was the cause – maybe the pound went down, or whatever it is. Of course they should have written it clearly what had happened, and all that, but nobody told Me. It was not so kind, because they had to explain to My husband, he didn’t understand what had happened. Whatever it is. I don’t mind that, it’s all right. We always go on losing money like this, doesn’t matter. But for that people criticized. If I have to say something I can say that it [pity ?] Me and the leaders. But because nobody listens to them they don’t know what to do. Now for example, this Mr. [M.], without asking Me he said, he collected a lot of money. But this still I can’t understand. And then Guido told Me that he collected money from us. So I said, “Why did you collect the money without asking Me? For what did you give us the money, for what?” He bought a machine to reprint – or machine to record, or whatever it is, to reproduce, make copies, whatever it is. And we wanted to give You a surprise. And the surprise he gave Me he said to Me that, “Mother, now I am sorry, I cannot give You royalty.” I never asked for royalty, for at least 16 years I had no royalty. But it was all [arranged] and everybody said, “You must have royalty. And what is there and Mother must have some royalty.”

While Paul W. was making all the money I was not bothered. So let it be. And then he started this thing saying that, “I’m sorry, they are making so much of research and this is that and this position. I am sorry we can’t give You any royalty whatsoever.” I kept quiet. But all other leaders jumped on him and said, “What do you mean? You collected the money from us, saying that you will be giving royalties to Mother, and now you are saying like this.” Then the machine he brought was another absolutely useless thing. All these trickeries if you play with Me or with Sahaja Yoga you will destroy yourself. What can happen to Me? I’m like rock of Gibraltar. And what can happen to Sahaja Yoga? But he did it, he did it that way. And he told Me plainly, but everybody got after him and they said to him, “If you can’t give royalty better shift everything away.”

Now all this happened, still I didn’t say anything to you. I said, “All right, let’s see.” Then this whole thing came up. His wife, the great French lady, she went to France, brought us into trouble. I was telling Yogi not to have the school but everybody forced on him and he started school. In the beginning you had problems, but you should be happy to know that in the same France, because of their unity, because of their respect of their leaders they have now got Sahaja Yoga as a religion. The first country in the whole of Europe. (Applause)

And still I don’t understand why you people in this country are against each other. Why? Why do you always see false of others and not their qualities? You don’t know how Wolfgang is a very powerful Sahaja Yogi, very powerful. I’ve told you the story about him, how his tears were powerful. And you go against a person who is so good. You are committing a sin, because you are saints. A saint never talks against a saint. I don’t know if you don’t understand Sahaja Yoga. You are over-intelligent, I think and think no end of yourselves, because you are all professionals, educated – and this and that. In Sahaja Yoga it’s not your education, your degrees, all your profession matters, no. On the contrary it is decadent, sometimes, because you get very mental. It’s very troublesome and you are impressed by people who were mental also. In Sahaja Yoga what counts is your clean heart – clean. If you have a crooked heart it won’t work out. Now think of it what you are doing. Sahaja Yoga is for the whole world, not for you alone.

Even in America, whatever Sahaja Yogis we have, very few, are excellent people, they never quarrel, never fight, never talk ill about each other. There was one fellow who was funny, has gone out. But only one, they have no groups. It’s like a cancer. I would like to know what do you have against each other that you form groups. I can’t understand it – of the integration of everything I am talking. Integration of your mind, your heart, your liver – everything.

Somebody asked Me what is – really mental nonsense – what is consciousness, what is awareness, what is this, what is that? I said, “All is one.” These ideas come through your mental bhoots.

You are all one in the sense that you have now become like a drop in the ocean. Everything has become one and you have to just experience the joy of Sahaja Yoga. If you enjoy this kind of nonsensical talks like the cheap women do, or cheap men do it – you can’t be Sahaja Yogis. You should know how to enjoy yourself and others.

The other day I met the Prime minister of Iran, who ran away from Iran, though he was the first Prime minister at the time of Khomeini, because of Khomeini. And he said that Koran also teaches about love, Divine Love. “It doesn’t teach it,” I said, “it doesn’t do.” Muslims are known to cut their sisters’ heads, and their fathers’ heads, and everything. What’s the use of talking about love when you are killing your own people? They form groups and things and hit each other. And very proudly I told him that we have Sahaja Yoga in 65 nations. And I haven’t seen anybody talking ill about anybody else, no jealousies, no hatred, no arguments, no questioning, no wars anymore. He was amazed. I said, “It’s true.” But this Austrian thing I can’t understand. How it is crawling into you, this kind of a mental attitude. If you try all these things you’ll be denied in the Kingdom of Heaven, take it from Me. Your education, your degrees, you leave them here, and so called knowledge. What upsets Me that Sahaja Yoga has been so kind to you. So kind. And what you are making a mess? Do you know what’s happening in the world? Children are killed, there’s no families, they’ve destroyed so many things. In this country also you have so many drug addicts and all that. You are all saved from this and brought to this beautiful land of Sahaja Yoga.

Now everybody must think, “Mother is saying to me. And am I doing such a thing?” Not for others. Think for yourself. Please try to understand – Sahaja Yoga doesn’t need you, you need Sahaja Yoga. I don’t need Sahaja Yoga, you need Sahaja Yoga. Try to understand what are you up to?

Again big problem about royalties came up, I don’t know why. This tradition of handing money in a wrong way is still going on. We couldn’t understand, if you had not said that you’ll give Me royalties, I am not bothered. I don’t care about these royalties. But you people decided you give the royalty and now it’s going on in such a bad way. So now I have decided to cancel it completely, everything from Austria, for the time being. In the sense that we have the camera kept in Cabella. And we’ll be doing master them. And I’ve asked Philip to get the copies done in Germany.

For the old audiotapes – it’s very surprising – old audiotapes they asked Me that they have to buy another machine for 25’000 and 50’000, can you imagine ? Have I got a tree that I shake it and take out the money for something like that? But I went to England and I said, “We want to look after these old audiotapes – they’ve gone wrong, something gone wrong with them – you have to preserve them. They said, “Mother, very easy.” Ray came forward, he said, “Mother, I’ll do the whole job. And there is Pascal, who has got a digital [tape recorder].” “How much will it cost, altogether?” “Only 2000 at the most.” Can you imagine? I was so shocked! 25 to 50’000 they were asking for this job, which is going to cost Me only 2000. You can’t do business in Sahaja Yoga. Do you know how careful I am? All the money you pay Me, even for [tooth ?] I’ve made good out of that, for whatever is saved. I need not, even if I take all your money, all your properties, all right, it’s all Mine already. But – why am I so particular? Every pai is counted and kept in the bank in a proper way, even the Puja-money.

I’m sorry that [X. ?] became mental. He started talking big. You know, people first teased him and then he started talking big. He said, “Now you should forget about this. You should concentrate on the higher chakras. You are God, I am Adi Shakti,” he said. What do you say to such stupidity of ego?

I discovered – nobody told Me, they were frightened. I discovered that this stupid fellow is talking like this – through his vibrations. Another one like this now is in lunatic asylum.

So, don’t make it mental, you cannot understand through your human awareness, I’ve told you hundred times, through your limited mental capacity – Sahaja Yoga. Open your hearts. Surprisingly these people – Germans, who are supposed to be closed minded are much better, they are straight forward. They don’t do like this, asking 50’000 pounds from everyone.

And money-wise also, I’m told, you people are extremely miserly. Very surprising. With so many people last time I had to stay in a house where I was not very comfortable, I should say, because there were others staying, same bathroom [we were sharing]. Because you people would not even pay for My stay in a hotel.

In every country they are collecting such a lot of money for programs – for everything, everything. I don’t want your money, all right. But what about the programs? What about other things you have to do? It’s [pedant] attitude that you don’t trust anybody, because you don’t trust yourself. You have no faith in yourself, how ca you have faith in anybody else?

I’m very sad, very, very sad, that the people whom I love the most in Europe have letting Me down like this. You have to grow in Sahaja Yoga. Not your mental projections, but you have to grow in Sahaja Yoga. But people told Me that, “Mother, their vibrations are not so good. So many of them indulging into cheap talks. Because you think you are well-educated, you have got jobs and you have this and that. It’s better to have people who are uneducated, without any jobs. They will enter into the Kingdom of God. Christ has said, “Rich cannot enter into the Kingdom of God.” But I would say now, “The intellectuals won’t enter.” In My experience the intellectuals won’t enter. Because they are going with their brains against reality. Try to understand. As soon as you come out your Agnya be careful – you either go to the left or to the right. Unless and until you understand that you have to grow beyond your mind. With our mind if we could have understood or if you could have got our ascent – it would have been the easiest thing to do. But no – everybody has a brain of limited projections. So somebody goes this way, somebody goes that way, somebody goes that way. And that’s how we have the problem of wars. We have the problem that everybody has a different attitude. Now see, they started having a – say, Europe. I must congratulate people in Austria that they have done European Community. But they are all fighting. There are so many points on which they are quarrelling. With all difficulties now they got this. And think, they are suspicious, they are not trusting each other, because they are on a mental level. This is something is a curse, I think. Human mind cannot be superior to the Divine Mind. And you’ll stop at Agnya. You don’t know what will happen. Because I have seen people entering in lunatic asylum, that’s all. They talk big, they fight, they find false.

What is the false of this lady who told Me – because Hamid was angry with one Sahaja Yogi. So, what’s the harm? That means he is finished, what is a leader for ? He’s there just to do your Aarti? He’s there to correct you. If he says something to someone that means it’s a very big crime – he cannot say anything to them. But I tell you, [X.], when I told him he told his [sarena ?], “Thank God, Mother has saved me. I was going mad.”

That humility you must have, at least, to understand. It’s like a political movement going on, this group, this group, this group – imagine. We’ve had enough of politics. In Sahaja Yoga there is no question. No question of having any group together. On what levels you are forming groups I can’t understand. Have you seen in the sea there is a group of water here and a group of water there and a group of water there? You have jumped into the ocean now, try to understand. I’m really very, very unhappy to hear nobody wants to be your leader, this is one illusion. So the next thing you can do is to play a football match – I can’t understand.
What else you can do? You cannot hate anyone, how can you.

I don’t know – with a saint’s heart this compassion flows. Such beauty and how you praise each other. And how you love each other. Is the biggest thing. To love someone is the greatest joy. Without any greed or lust. Freed from all this nonsense you love each other. Not because you have a group that loves each other. You cannot achieve anything in Sahaja Yoga. If you have these tendencies better leave Sahaja Yoga.

I didn’t say this to anyone – so far. They all came and complained and complained and told Me that their levels are [going down]. They are becoming very different people. [inaudible] I was very unhappy, I really wept. And they have not understood My compassion, My Love.
You are My children, children who are Divine, who are so special. Here we are to save the whole world. And what are we doing? Is that a stupid case. I know the leaders. I know them better. I made them.

[“Let us,” they’ve said without case, ] “our leaders are like this, they are doing like this.” We had to change him because his health was gone, and he was fed up the way people attacked him. I hope now you will understand what I feel and what I feel about the leaders. One day can happen that a letter had come and, “The negative forces are spread very much. That this leader is very bad,” and all that, and at least they were [denouncing ?] leaders. I said, “You all leave Sahaja Yoga!” I don’t mind if there is one person who is there. You all leave. I don’t want you. There’s no quality in you. One leader is sufficient for Me. In the case of [M.] nobody opposed him, nobody told Me anything against him, nobody saw the game he was playing. Gregoire is so simple hearted – he thought that he will do better organization than him, he told also, “Mother, You didn’t like him, but he organized everything.” He was a crook! And he could organize you. I can’t understand. And if there is a simple man who is a Sahaja Yogi – Sahaja Yogi has to be a simple person. And who cannot understand a person, who is simple, who is good, his powers – this crookedness of the heart you do not imbibe from this man, [M.]

We have to change the whole attitude. You have to pay wherever it is necessary. I’m in charge, I know everything. What you are paying, how much you are paying, I know everything. And now we have to buy some land there, who is going to pay for that?

Russians have very little money, but they’ll give their life for Me, anything. I was surprised once I was told they have sold all their antiques in their house, just to come for one of the Pujas. I said, “No money will be taken, no, nothing.”

There were people like this before, very dedicated. Even in India you have seen Ajanta built by ordinary people, dedicated their lives for eleven centuries. They had never seen Buddha, they never got Realization from Buddha. You see beautiful – your churches being built. By ordinary people. With such care, with such art, such difficult task. Just for devotion. Just for devotion. They didn’t get Realization. They didn’t get anything. Just for devotion for Christ they did it. It’s very surprising what people are doing just out of devotion.

One in Sahaja Yoga we don’t need anything as such, but if you cannot grow in Sahaja Yoga what is the use of becoming Sahaja Yogis? You all must meditate, clear out your Agnyas and don’t listen to anybody who talks against your leader. Don’t take any of these groups. If they are talking just put your hands like this (Ed: Shri Mataji is closing Her ears with Her hands) – I don’t want to see, I don’t join any groups, nothing. If anybody talks of groups – you just say, [“There are no groups.” ?] Understand that negativity has become collective – then what will happen to us? Be alert! Be aware!

Thank God that everybody notices your centers and they told Me and I also felt the same.
I hope in this visit of Mine all of you should clear out your Agnyas – absolutely. You should use the mantra of Nirvichara, of forgiveness. I’m sure it will work out. Sahaja Yoga is not a thought, it’s an experience. It’s not a thought. Enter Nirvichara Samadhi – only you can grow, otherwise you cannot grow.

It’s true that there may be very few who are doing all these kind of tricks but you should find them out [and name them. ?] Avoid such people! Naturally they’ll go out of Sahaja Yoga. I do not want to take names, but you should know I know everything, I know everyone.

So, please understand that the whole of this country depends on you. If you want to destroy it you can destroy, if you want to raise it, to awaken it and bless them – it is in your hands. If I could do it I would not have asked your help. I need all of you very much. But not the way you are. It has to be the way a Sahaja Yogi should be. A proud Sahaja Yogi, who is proud of this Sahaja Yoga. And is self-sufficient – doesn’t require any help from these so called group leaders. That’s one of the reasons so far you have not been able to have a proper, big Ashram. You all [can donate] money and can have an ashram of your own. You are so many. If Swiss could do that, if French could do that, if Spanish could do that, Americans could do that, even Italians have done so much, why not you? It’s a challenge.

I’m not saying that, “This time you are saving,” [what I don’t know, anything. ?]

So, those who really ardently believe that we have to do something, we must have an Ashram of our own. That is how Ganesha will be established, you have to have. I must say,
Italians didn’t have much money, but the way they have started the school is very remarkable. Spanish had no money, very few Spanish. But they have two Ashrams of their own. In England now they will have Ashram of their own.

So instead of wasting time in all these nonsensical things, if you just become humble people and worship your Nabhis you will get money. You have to be generous – that is the minimum for Sahaja Yogis. Look at Me. I suffer from My generosity sometimes, but I enjoy it.

You started very well, but I don’t know what has twisted this – what has gone into your heads? How it has happened that some of you have started forming groups? So now put up your hands, who don’t want to have groups at all, I would like to see. Put up your hands, both the hands. No more groups!

And anybody who creates groups you will stand against that person. Thank you! Thank you very much! I feel much better now. I had such a burning, you don’t know. In the plane also I had a terrible burning. But thank God I now feel better. [And you are relieved and… ?]

As you are giving your flowers also give your hearts to Me. As I will give My heart to you.

May God bless you!

It really hurts to say things I had to tell you. But you can’t reach such a level – that I had to talk. So, I hope you forget all this and be what you were before.

Let them now give the flowers.

You could keep it here.

Germans also have sent you flowers. (Shri Mataji laughing)