May result if your right heart is catching (1982-0402), also sometimes centre heart (1982-0402), and is completely curable in Sahaja Yoga (1989-0801); May develop in a right sided person (1983-0209)

It is possible to get asthma if you are a bad husband, or have a wife who is a shrew, or if you are a bad father, or if your father is not kind to you, or even if you haven’t forgiven your father (1989-0801); May result when there is a problem in the relationship with the patient’s father (1981-1005), or if your fatherhood is wrong… if it is challenged… or if you do not respect your father. Even supposing your father has died very early in his life, and he has left a mark of unhappiness in your heart, or insecurity… then also that will be catching… because that means he is still hovering around you… then you have to tell your father that ‘I’m alright… you take your birth… you take your Realisation’… like that we have cured the asthma of people who have been suffering from 25 years (1979-0608.2)

The qualities of the father are at the right Heart chakra (1982-0711)… the subtle centre… controlled by Shri Rama, the ideal King and Father (1981-0829)… where resides the quality of fatherhood… the qualities of husband and father… and where one can develop asthma, if either the person is a bad father or husband… or if that person has a bad husband or father relationship (1989-0801); This centre may catch if the father has died and does not want to leave, or if the father is unkind to the son, or if the son is unkind to the father, or the father is cruel, dejected or lost etc. This may result in asthma. To cure it put the hand on this centre and say mantra to awaken the fatherhood (1982-0711)

So we have a Sahaja Yoga tradition also in which when we speak to each other we have that Sankoch within us of Shri Rama. If you don’t have that Sankoch you get right heart… and that right heart is very dangerous thing in a country like England where the climate is so bad… because it gives you a horrible thing called Asthma. So this Sankoch one has to learn… the Mariadas, means the boundaries of your relationships (1982-0402)

Tape References:

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

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Chakras affected: Right Heart

– end – 9 Sep 2002