Vishuddhi 1 Chakra


Vishuddhi Chakra

The fifth Chakra, which exists behind the base of the neck, having

16 petals, and manifests outwardly as the Cervical Plexus. It is associated with the thyroid gland. This chakra is of the greatest importance, and in terms of evolution, developed to the maximum, when we raised our heads from the animal to the human stage, and was the balance between our ego and superego, Ego and Superego start from here.

Is represented by America, and Saturn (16 planets) and controls the lymphatic system, ears, outside of the eyes, muscles of the eyes, nose, neck, throat, tongue, face, cheeks, teeth, and gums … and all the mastoid muscles, Vishuddhi Chakra looks after so many things, especially your skin, your eyes… people who have bad Vishuddhi can have all kinds of funny troubles with their skin… of course it has to do with your liver, but skin is… the way it shines… the way it glows… depends on how you smile… how you look at the world. If the Vishuddhi is good, then there is a bloom on the face, a glow, a sparkle in the eyes, The centre which is absolutely Holy, where everything is absent.

Vishuddhi has a very important role in Sahaja Yoga – it connects to the Virata, and the Virata communicates through Vishuddhi, The Vishuddhi looks after the cooling function – the liver gives heat, whilst the cooling is done by Vishuddhi.

On left Vishuddhi, works our self confidence… our faith in God that he forgives us, Through the power of the left Vishuddhi, we can become good speakers, and are able to expose those who are wrongdoers, Left Vishuddhi should be ok, if we wish to say mantras, On the left hand side is Vishnumaya… is the sisterly relationship.

Other qualities on the Vishuddhi chakra include collective communication, sweetness in talking, discretion, democracy, freedom, noble ideas, responsibility and Collectivity.

Responsibility is a quality of the Vishuddhi. You have to take up the responsibility… those who do not, are not the people who are yet matured… every type of responsibility that you can take… think of what responsibilities you can take up. That’s why most of us have bad

Vishuddhis, because we do not take responsibility, This Vishuddhi centre can also catch, if we feel ‘too responsible’, and can result in tensions and headaches – the remedy is to witness, and realise that everything is done by the Divine.

Your responsibility is to yourself, to be the Spirit… your responsibility is to Sahaja Yoga, is to understand Mother better, is to understand this mechanism within you, how it works out everything, to understand how to become the Guru yourself, how to be a dignified and a glorified personality, to be a respectable person, and not a cheap personality.

Responsible also means that others should be given a chance… and when you start leading a responsible Sahaja Yogi life… thousands of evolved Souls will hang around you… you’ll have a different light on your face… you will be amazed… when you speak, you will be amazed at how you are speaking… how things are happening… how things are working out.

What is the knack, then of being a good Sahaja Yogi… in one word, that you can understand… one small thing… is to be responsible… if you are a responsible Sahaja Yogi… you will find your own way… because if you are responsible… then only God is going to give you more. Give Realisation… take responsibility of Sahaja Yoga now… you have to become responsible for it, in your own way. You have to do it, because you are doing it for the greater good – the more you think of the greater good it is doing… the better it will be for you.

Anywhere when there are people sitting together in meditation, Sahaja Yoga itself manifests… because it is a collective phenomena. There is a mathematics about it… and Sahaja Yoga works out after actually there are more than seven people. The best way to strengthen yourself is… to be together as Sahaja Yogis… attend the programs, when there is a collective Aarti… or Puja… or Meditation. When you collect together… something happens to you – if you sit at home, and do something… nothing works out much.

Today is the day to make a big determination… that you will start enjoying your collective spirit… everything for the collectivity… then the enjoyment will be maximum… you will never feel that you have sacrificed anything. But still you are more identified with your own enjoyments… and your own ideas of enjoyment… you still do not enjoy that collective spirit… you still like… in companionship… in company with each other… you enjoy it more like people who are not in Sahaja Yoga… very low grade… just want to take advantage… and have a nice time… and all that… that type of people are not going to make much mark for us. You all must be connected to God individually… so that you are all connected among yourselves.

It is necessary to meet collectively every day to avoid problems… only in collectivity maturity starts – it is a living process. If we are not collective, we will disappear one day. It is like a tree, where everything belonging to that tree grows – if a leaf separates off, it dies – we have to stick onto the tree. In winter, leaves fall, because a little bark forms a barrier in between, and they fall off. The same thing happens in Sahaja Yoga, when we do not accept the principles of Sahaja Yoga – we put a barrier. So we have to open ourselves up to suck the sap – give up the ego and superego, our conditionings, and ideas of before… and so we surrender. This does not help the tree, but it helps you. Pure intelligence gives you that sense, to do this. Then all the blessings start to come, We must come to the Collective, otherwise there is the possibility of getting lost.

Now you have reached to the human level… and to rise above the human level, what you have to do is to seek your complete freedom… and for that Vishuddhi chakra is going to help you a lot. On this Vishuddhi chakra we have to pay full attention… it is such a complicated chakra.