Letter to Indian Yogis (England)

Letter to Indian Yogis (English translation). England, May 1st 1977.

My dearest Sahaja Yogis :My Blessings to you all,

News has been conveyed to me that a new Center is functioning in Muskwadi Village (Rahuri), where thousands of people are getting Realization. The achievement has been made only because the “workers” over there have knit themselves in bond of wonderful Love. They never try to complain to anyone about anything but instead overlook and ignore in case someone commits what may be described as an error. […]

Letter, May (Location Unknown)

Letter, May

You can cure human beings but cannot force them to accept me which it seems is the only condition that deities are not asking to compromise with. If it is not done by human beings sahaja yoga has to fail and we have to accept the verdict of the “Pralayankara”, the destroying aspect of God (Sadashiva).Jimmy Carther is talking about human right but does he know that human beings have crtain duties towards themselves? […]