Caxton Hall, London (England)

1978-07-10 Public Program, Talk about Kundalini, Caxton Hall, London, UK, 55'
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“Kundalini”. Caxton Hall, London (UK), 10 July 1978.

Those who have come for the first time, please come forward, it will be better. Those who have come for the first time, please. Just, no, you can sit on the first and second row so we’ll know that. Because those who have come earlier…Please come! There’s nothing to be afraid of. Makes no difference. Come along.

…goes to, other people. And we have to realise one thing: that a human being is born in a different time (?) than an animal. A human being has a sense of beauty. A human being knows what is repulsive, what is not. A fragrance that we call as beautiful, maybe that if a buffalo is passing that way, may not notice it, and he would not mind any kind of filth around. God has made human beings a very special one. Now with our intellect, with our growth, in our understanding of things, the awareness that is developed, of course through our ego, our effort. But still, when human beings reach a certain stage of development they realise that the joy of life is not in matter. They realise it, rationally, not through any experience, but rationally they see [for] themselves, they see around and they find those who are materially equipped are not happy; rationally. But there is something innately built in a human being, that he tries to think beyond. He wants to know beyond. He doesn’t feel satisfied with himself. You may have everything that is asked for, like Gautam Buddha; he was given all the comfort, everything, all the indulgences, all the pleasures of life, but still He wanted to know something beyond. And that beyond is within us.

You’ll go to various places to satisfy this spiritual urge within us. In different ways, we run about. Even in the pleasures that we find, there’s nothing but is the hidden spiritual ascent. Because we do not find any joy in these things that’s why we turn ourselves to God, to spirituality, to Christ. But we do not know how to find Him. You try the same cruel (?) method which you have used so far. Supposing you have to find something for yourself, you will use your effort; you think you have to put in an effort. That’s the way we have lived all our lives. By putting effort only you have been able to exist. Even from the stage when we were amoeba, the amoeba had to put in some efforts to get to his food.

So this style of our life has been through effort. But then, even when we think of the beyond, naturally we think of putting in some effort about it. What will you do? So we read books! They will read Bibles, we go to church, we go to temples, we go to mosques. Then we start going on seeing people, the holy people, and still we do not find it – because it is within us! You are trying to find it outside. It is said everywhere: it is within us. It is ???. It is in our heart that the source of joy exists. But we go outside; we try to find out from others.

Human beings have developed really surprisingly. Many seers have perceived this, like science; you can say, like psychology, other sciences like medical sciences and things like that. And they have also reached the Moon. But still outside.

There is no way of going inside. You do not know how to take your attention inside; that’s the the main thing. That’s how you feel frustrated. You reach a point when you say, “No, this has not achieved.” You try to do any sort of thing whatever somebody says, “Alright, by standing on your heads you will get it,” you’ll stand on your head. I mean, not that you have failed yourself. You’ve not failed, you have done whatever was asked for, but still you did not find it. Or they may also say, some of them are really talking like this that, “You have to find it within yourself.” But you don’t know how to find it. You don’t know which is the way to find it – how to take your attention inside. You are listening to Me, you are paying full attention to Me, but if I say, “Please pay attention to yourself, within,” you cannot. But supposing you are paying attention to Me and this glass falls down, something happens – immediately your attention will be attracted towards that. So to attract your attention inside, some happening has to happen within you. There has to be a happening. Something has to happen within you, by which your attention is attracted inside. Now this is not brainwashing. If somebody brainwashes you, “Alright, you do this, you do that and you do that.” – a very simple way. A happening must take place within you so that your attention goes inside to know yourself. And if that is the step ahead of you, if, after this human stage, you have to jump into that, then there must be something built in us; after all, God could not have created us from amoeba to this stage for nothing at all.

Now people, there are some people here having a big controversy about evolution and God. There is nothing like that. You see, it is so integrated. God has evolved us; scientists won’t accept, but He has, whether they accept it or not. He has helped us to come to this stage, and so many scientists have accepted this: that it would not have been possible to become a human being in this short time, till the time as preceded (?) from the Sun. It was such a very, very little short time that even a living, one unicellular animal like amoeba could not have been created by the law of chance. But they do not want to explain it. You see, whatever they do not want to explain, they cannot explain, they stamp(??). Another man says, “This is God,” but still, why should you accept that? Why should an intelligent man accept God? Because Mataji says so? Why should he? Why should any scientist accept God? Why should any scientist accept God? “Science is alright set him out.” So the time has to come where you have to prove Him, you have to convince: not mentally, but by experiencing Him, by understanding Him.

Like there are many psychologists who believe in the Universal Unconscious and they have proved it, that there is a Universal Unconscious which this gives us in our dreams a lot of balance, courage, harmony. And they have tried to prove how people who depend on their unconscious are always helped in life and are happy. But they too being human beings could not grow at the complete synthetics, synthesis of this Truth, but only part of it. Like they can come into dark rooms say, “This is this. This is this.” Another comes from the other side. He says, “This is this. This is this.” But the complete Truth, they could not put forward. So they are also denied. Now the style of human mind becomes a denial type: it goes on denying. He says, “No, not this, this is not true. That is not true. Even science is temporary. It doesn’t exist, so it’s not true. God is not true, no guru is true, nothing is true.” Then he’s ??. But there is an urge. If there is an urge for drinking water, that means there must be some water provided for. If you believe that there is God who is compassionate, who is kind, then you cannot think Him to be that cruel as not to give you the water of life. And who, so many of them, the great people, like Christ, Krishna; they were written about all these things, they cannot be all wrong.

But there has been always a gap between the people who are born at that level and people born at this level. And they could never explain; only those who are sensitive accepted them. So now we are at a juncture, at a time, where something has to be done to prove it. This has to happen. The happening must take place, that too en masse. This must happen to many people otherwise, if it happens to one person, he’s crucified, he’s given poison, he’s treated as mad, insane – till he lives. When he dies, they’ll make temples, churches, wear diamonds, move about seriously, preach about Him. When He lives – murder Him!

So the time has come for us to have a new awareness, a new dimension by which we can make out who is good, who is not; by which you will reach that universal unconscious, by which you get connected with that Collective Being about which everybody has been talking. Even Lyall Watson (author of ‘Supernature’ and ‘Lifetide: A Biology of the Unconscious’), the recent biologist, talks about a being which is a collective being, and he thinks that it can embody himself and come round to tell us and decode about the universal unconscious. Everybody has their hoping for this so it must happen. It has to happen. And it happens because you have got within yourself a complete mechanism built-in through your evolutionary process, which is now shown here. This is a very subtle thing. It’s an energy, and you cannot see it; the doctors can’t see it. We have here about two, three doctors sitting down, and they find that medical science is irrelevant now after getting to subtlety. Because whatever is available through the senses, that’s all we can grasp. But whatever is beyond the senses, you cannot. Either we should develop an awareness which is beyond the senses, like a person should have a microscope to see things on the microscope, or you should say, “It doesn’t exist.” We cannot force people to say something which they do not feel.

But I am just telling you about this instrument that is within us; but you need not believe Me. But you need not deny Me also. It is both ways. This instrument is, within us, placed like this. Now I’ll tell you, there are seven centres placed. The first is the red one that you see. Down below is the red centre which is called – I mean, only in the Sanskrit language we have names. It doesn’t mean that it is Indian, but it is only in Sanskrit language we have the name. It is not the property of Indians or anybody, it is the property of the whole world, and everybody has it. But as in the medical sciences, the names are only in English. And there are so many things [where] the words are only in English, like “economics” and all that. One doesn’t deny it. In the same way, if some things are in Sanskrit language, you shouldn’t be angry about it and you shouldn’t feel that, “How can that be?” Some things can be known by others also who do not know English language. So it is like that. Because India is a country where people act more leisurely, and there were some people who sat down into meditation and who really worked to find out what is beyond. And they have seen and they have felt and they have understood these things that exist within us. But you also, once you are realised you will also know that it exists, and you will see the pulsation, you will see the rising, you will see every chakra and you can feel it. All this will happen to you after little maturity, after your Self-realisation. But you have to little bit work.

As I said that – this is our evolutionary process – so it is a living process. You can understand a seed growing that way. In the same way we grow up into our own manifestation, into our new awareness. Now, a seed becoming a tree: do we ever think that this seed is going to become the tree? But it does. We take it for granted because we see it every day. It happening every day, so for us it’s not a surprise. But, for people who have never seen it happen, would be quite a big surprise. In the same way, this Kundalini when you will start feeling it, you’ll be surprised that it exists. It exists at that round pink place (on the chart) which is at the base of your spine, the triangular bone. You can see it pulsating. It is to be awakened. It is a residual force kept there waiting for your evolution. That is like a plumule, what you call in Sanskrit an ‘ankura’: is part of the seed that anchors itself in ??. That is placed within you, it is there, it is existing. But you know, I have to tell you one thing very frankly, because I have read so many books on Kundalini, I am aghast at that, aghast. I don’t understand. Specially the foreigners. I can understand tantrikas doing that nonsense because they were definitely satanic. They wrote it because they were satanic; they were horrible people, sinful people. But I can’t understand Westerners who have known Christ, to confuse sex with Kundalini, How can sex give you Realisation? How can sex be a part of your evolutionary journey? It cannot. But it helps us to believe [this], because that is one thing we can do! Awakening of Kundalini you cannot do – it is beyond. You cannot achieve it, it is beyond you. It is like a light which is not yet enlightened and it cannot enlighten itself by itself. Some enlightened light has to enlighten it. You cannot do it.

So here clearly you can see the red spot is the spot where the Deity for the, all these reproductive functions of human being is placed and is knows as Shri Ganesha. He is Shri Ganesha. Shri Ganesha is the Deity embodiment, of innocence. He is the One who was created long time [back] and He came on this Earth as Lord Jesus Christ. He’s the source. He doesn’t belong to you or to any Christian, He belongs to the whole world. He came for the emancipation of the whole world. If you think that Christ belongs to Churches, He does not. You take it from Me. Neither Krishna belongs to temples, neither Christ. You just open your eyes towards your churches, towards your temple. You see, you have put up some clergymen, appointed them, and you say they are the people in charge of Christ! How can they be? How are they related to Christ? What do they know about Christ? You can read Bible, you can interpret it. What is their model before you? You are also people paid by you – they are your parasites. How can the parasites criticise you (?) and say, “We are that”? But you do not want to think about it. Because we are members of a church, we club together; we want to deceive ourselves on this point. You have clubbed together, but you are a seeker. Church is not going to give you what you want, it is your own temple in your heart where Christ has described.  (??) and that is what you should ask for. That’s the thing, that you are the master of everything. And nobody can give you religion but your own.

It is written in the Bible, in the Koran, in the Gita, everywhere [that] those people who think they are in charge of religion are really misleading. Same about Hindus, same about Muslims, all of them. And a kind of a fanaticism that has spread out has brought down the whole conception of religion. And now today what we find – the young people are not interested in the churches, not interested in the temples, not interested in the religions. Why? If there was some Truth in this, they would have been. But the Truth is not with these people, they haven’t got the Truth. They are there because you have chosen them. You have started a social organisation! Imagine, in this country where so many Christians are living, such a sex perversion and such a horrid thing that is going on! How is it possible if the churches are functioning (?) properly on religion? They are not. They are most illusive things. I was Myself born as a Christian and I know what they are. It is no about it, but understanding, pure witnesses of the things they have been illicit to. And the reason is – they do not know the Truth. Neither there is freedom for a church goer to think for himself. Your spiritual freedom is individual in all these so-called ‘religious bodies’. We know of our political kingdom very much, economic kingdom we are very particular about – what about your spiritual kingdom? We have to see our spiritual kingdom first of all. You think about it, think out of those cells, and now let us face what it is and, if it is so, then you have a right to get it, you have a right to have it.

But if you are in a cage how can you fly? How can your wings work out? So first of all is, when you are here with me, please free yourself from your…I would say ideas or you can say your misidentifications; I call them ‘’mis’’. You can call them identifications. But just now you be yourself, and I will tell you what you have got freely. And face it! You must bravely face it and see for yourself. All these churches and all these temples will have a meaning as soon as there is light of Truth in them. They will have such a beautiful meaning to them once they accept the light of the Spirit. This has happened at the time of Christ also, as you know, and He was crucified by the people who had their (?) – they crucified Him. They destroyed Christ at that time. And He said that, “I have come here to complete your work. I have come here to explain it.” Still they crucified Him. And that should not be repeated again. So please, see for yourself without denying. See for yourself. These are the centres, are placed within you. Now the lower portion of this red centre looks after the reproduction and is presided by the Deity of Shri Ganesha who incarnated on this Earth as Lord Jesus Christ. And this Deity is the embodiment of innocence.

Before anything was created on this Earth or in this Universe, it was holiness and innocence that was created. We have spoilt the atmosphere, by our mistakes, by our misidentification, by not understanding. You should not confuse a religion with holiness, with ?, with love. It’s not perverted. It is not destructive. It is constructive. The religion is the sustenance within us by which we become human beings, by which we become superhuman beings. The religion is the sustenance by which the carbon atom has four valencies, by which you have ten religions within you which are described in the Ten Commandments – what happens to them when we do not obey. Then all our machinery goes out of order, all our being gets disturbed and because of that, this happening takes time, much more than it should have taken.

As you will grow further in Sahaja Yoga you will realise yourself that it happens. It’s a living energy within you which rests at that point, triangular bone, and which rises when it is awakened. Kundalini awakening has been always confused, wrongly, by wrong people. I was amazed how they take this. “Oh God, they do not know anything about it! What are they talking? How can they tell such lies openly to people? How can they mislead people?” There are people who are writing mandalas, this, that. There is some books on Sanskrit language, I don’t know from where they read something, and they put it in the book. It has no meaning, no relevance to reality, take it from Me. It has no meaning. When you will get your Realisation, when you will get your Realisation, when you’ll become your Self, you can decide for yourself [whether] whatever I am saying is the truth or not. I have to tell you, I have to tell you because it has been [a] bit too much! You have been seekers, real seekers. You have been seeking not [only] in this life but in many lives you have been seeking, and that’s why you are sitting down here. But before you come to Me you have had lots of problems, you have had lots of misidentifications and lots of wounds are there in your Kundalini. I have been treating Kundalini with big, big holes in them. My compassion starts triggering within Me, starts flowing. It makes you feel, itself, very gentle. Absolutely gentle and subtle, you see that, that Kundalini. It is so subtle, you cannot imagine what a Mother feels when such a Kundalini is face to face with me. I know you are seekers, I know you are My children, I know how to give you, I know. And then I find you indiscriminate.

So please, now do not play with yourself. Do not destroy you anymore. You have to (?). And please, it is for your good, I think for your emancipation, for your salvation, for your evolution that you have to take to your Realisation; because you must know that there’s a short time now, very short time. In this short time you have to come up because the time has come for the Creation to mature. The maturity time has come, the blossom time has come. And in that blossom many have to mature. Those who will not be matured, you know that the Rider is going to come for the last record, for the last finishing time. He’s going to sort out everything, but there is no time left. He’s not going to be compassionate. He’s going to come with his eleven destructive forces. It’s described in all the scriptures who have said. So it is necessary, and that’s why your urge is also now. Urge is also deeper and that’s why you want to have it.

But some of you have spent all your energy in wrong things, like running after some false fellow.

The other day I had a German girl come, she hasn’t come today. And she told Me for months together, she was working for a guru. And she went off, all the way to Germany, she went all over the places everywhere. She spent all her energy. She spent all her energy in this, in this man. And then now she’s so fagged out (tired). She said, “Mother, I’m tired. I know I’ve found You but I’m so tired. What to do? I have spent all my money. I’m a broke. I’ve divorced my husband. I’ve sent away my children. I have no energy left. I’m absolutely a broke now, absolutely finished. Now what can You do about it?” Then I said, “It’s alright. They’ll come round.” It happens. People are tired of their seeking.

So one should not bother, everybody is not that badly off and one is not that hopelessly tired, are they? At least you know I am there. I’m going to work day in and day out. For four years I’m going to be in London. I’m going to work it out for you, and it’s going to work out. But you must know that you must ask for reality and the Truth. All the time for the Truth. But it cannot be decided by your rationality but by your experience. So you must awaken yourself to the experience. If you haven’t got the experience then [you should] know that you are not yet sensitive. Next time you will get it. But do (??) and then you can achieve it. Some of you really take some time. You have some people here who took lot of time; they used to get vibrations, again lose it, get vibrations, lose it. But it’s not bad. You have to be there. You see, It is a salvaging and even if somebody is pulling you out you again go back, and again you’re pulled out and again you go back. But come back and put your foot there! That’s how you can manage.

In short, I’ve tried to tell you that there are these seven centres within us. There is the Kundalini rising. And also I have told you that, after Realisation, you get into a new awareness by which you can feel the collective consciousness. You can feel the centres of other people, you can feel your own centres, you start seeing yourself. Because of this happening, your attention goes inside and you see your Kundalini also rising and you feel a pressure, a gentle pressure working it out and you start seeing everything. You can cure yourself and you can cure others. Your health improves naturally because the vital force which works through your parasympathetic starts raising into you. First of all you get to the mains of the vital force. Your baptism takes place, means your fontanel bone opens, which is called in the Sanskrit language as ‘Brahmarandhra’. Means you open yourself into the Brahma, means the subtle, this subtle All-pervading Power of God, is Brahma. And this flow opens into That and you become aware of That [and] by which you become collectively conscious.

Sitting down here you can feel the vibrations of another person. Sitting down here you can cure people. Sitting down here you can awaken the Kundalini. But about Realisation you cannot do it, because Realisation has to be asked for, it has a protocol of its own, you have to knock at the door. If you think you are a great personality then Realisation doesn’t come to you. If you think you have already found it, Realisation says that, “Alright, you go ahead!” But you have to say that, “No, I want to have it,” and you get it. You have to ask, you are to knock at the door. If you do not do that, if you’re not asking for it, you are at liberty, absolutely free to do it. You cannot be forced. You cannot have people mesmerised like that! No, you cannot. Absolute freedom. Even when you have got Realisation you have absolute freedom to fall or to rise. Because freedom is the thing that you have to have and how can you take out somebody’s freedom and give him freedom? You cannot.

So the first Freedom comes to you about that, whether you want to have it or not. This is the first freedom that God has given you: to choose right and wrong and He’s going to go beyond it, He’s not going to take away that freedom once He has granted you. Which is throughout mental; and then the complete system, the knowledge and ethics – whatever you know – you will be surprised that you will know it much more clearly, and that I will tell you the de-coding of it, and when you will tally it you will find it works. For example, when we have these five fingers here and five fingers here, when you get Realisation, you’ll be amazed, that from your hand a cool breeze like thing start here. It is mentioned in the Bible that the Holy Spirit emits cool breeze. You will start getting cool breeze. This cool breeze goes into you and you will cool down. It will cool you down completely. Your system will be cooled down and then you will feel that from your hand also a cool breeze is flowing. When you put your hands towards somebody like this, you’ll be amazed, that person maybe little burning on one finger, maybe little numbness on one finger, maybe little heaviness on another finger. Now when I decode it and tell you that you ask that person, “Is he suffering from this trouble?” The other day I met a lady. I said, “Have you got a liver problem?” She said, “I have yes, how do you know?” I said, “Don’t ask Me. If you come to Sahaja Yoga I’ll tell you, because unless and until this happens to you, it has no meaning.”

Now, how can you get cured? Because these centres are like this, and this is the left and the right sympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic is in the centre but the limited amount of energy we have from the parasympathetic gets exhausted – then you get sick. But by Kundalini rising, the Force that is Eternal starts pouring into us, soothing us, and it supplies [energy]. Again they come back to normal and that is how people get cured. Yes I have cured cancer patients. Cancer can only be cured by Sahaja Yog – nothing else. This is a simple thing which doctors can not accept; it is the over-activity of the sympathetic nervous system that causes cancer. Cancer came on this Earth since I was born, because of the wars and people started taking into sympathetic activities. Too much of sympathetic activity creates cancer, any kind. Then we can say even a sickness can create a sympathetic activity. Then people say, “It is due to cold [that] cancer has come,” “It is due to rubbing of the nose it has come.” It is not! It is an over-activity that has caused this cancer, and can be completely cured through Sahaj Yoga. But first of all you must get your Realisation. Without Realisation, you should not ask for curing. I mean, they are cured, no doubt but they can be cured, also by touching, it’s alright, but that’s important.

You see, you’ll be surprised, there is some magazine I’ve seen which has published about Me in, I think, Tanzania, and some places in, I don’t know, East Africa and all that, about how I have cured people and how I have done, and this is a very miraculous power and all these things. Thousands of letters are now pouring down here, saying, “Mother, you cure our disease, cure this, cure that.” Because for them curing is the main thing! But there are so many wrestlers who also come to Me and say, “Mother, give us peace.” So this is just a by-product. Curing is not the main thing, it just happens. Once you get it, you get it in a bundle, the whole thing. That is your physical being, it works definitely because the vital force supplies you the physical energy. Also your emotional being gets absolutely settled because you become one with your Self. All your fears, all your, all your doubts, all your insecurities settle down because you know that you are  the Self. When you start seeing through your Self you become a witness. The whole thing becomes like a drama. As if you are standing in the water and you are afraid of the waves. But once you jump into a boat then you start seeing the drama of the different waves that were frightening you one time and you get settled, you start seeing it like a witness. You have to be a witness. But by saying, “You have to be witness!” you cannot be. It’s a happening. When it happens to you, when you become witness you cannot afford to be worrying because you get a hole here (Brahmarandhra) and while you worry, all these things pass out.

On both sides of this hole, here that is the soft bone you have seen amongst children, there you can say, the ego and the super-ego are built up, and that’s how our brain is covered like this, and you develop a feeling that, “I am X, I am Y, I am Z.” This I-ness develops. But when the Kundalini rises, it sucks from both the sides, the ego and super-ego, into these two channels which are on the sides, which are related to our subconscious and to our supra-conscious. Supra-conscious is the future side of it. But in the centre there is a state; you can feel the state because you become thoughtlessly aware, you become thoughtless. To begin with you become thoughtless. You really become blank, you start feeling the silence. Then the Kundalini opens this path. When she opens this path, then what happens? The Brahma, the all-pervading subtle power that is Divine love of God which is all over, in every part and parcel, in every anu, renu as they say in Sanskrit language, in every molecule and atom, this pulsates; you become one with it. Once you become one with it then you start feeling it. Actually, you lose all your so-called powers and you become The Power. You become a part of that Power. You become a hollow personality and you start seeing the beautiful flame, the melody of that power within you, and you start enjoying it.

It is their right to have it. You have to have it. But be prepared. You have to accept it. You cannot rationalise it. By rationality you cannot go into that Unlimited place. It is a thing that happens. You just become that. What rationality brought you to this human state? You were amoeba. You became human beings. What rationality a seed has to become a tree? It’s a spontaneous process, brought forth by God’s divine love. He works it out. You cannot even create one flower, if it’s plastic, you can, but not one living flower you can create. The One who creates thousands of thousands of them, millions of millions of them, this beautiful, these things, fragrant flowers of this Earth. The One who creates all this that you see, the ?? and things that we see all around us; such beautiful human being that He creates, so many of them. How can we say that we did anything? It is He does it  and that’s why you have to leave the effort at this point. No effort. It just works, it just works. Even I do not put in any effort, you’ll be surprised; no effort at all. Only I have to move ?? to put your chakras alright, sometimes your back bones are little tricky or something has gone wrong, or supposing some people have been dancing too much, or running too much or doing something to them [then] I have to put it little bit straight. Or they’ve been smoking too much, or drinking too much. I mean, they’re after their lives, you see. Some people run for miles together I mean, this is madness, tell you. I know of an old lady, she was eighty years old and she fell from a horse. Why should she do a horse riding? What is the wisdom? You know, all sorts of things, we are after our life all the time: after our physical life, after our emotional life, after our mental life and our social life.

So respect yourself. First of all, respect yourself, because this is the temple of God. Respect your body. Respect your being, and achieve it. You have to awaken and achieve it that’s all. There’s not…into details I would not like to say much because, into details it is too much, and sometimes it can be quite a headache. Like I would say, when I have to tell you about this room, I can put off the lights completely and tell you, “Oh, it’s a very beautiful thing. It has a door. It has a red this thing, and it has that.” All those descriptions I can give you, and still I may not be able to tell you much and moreover, I may completely bore you stiff with that. But I can put on the light for you and see for yourself, that’s much easier for Me and for you, and most enjoyable. But if I have to put on the light, I just put the switch on, but there is a mechanism behind it; there’s a very big mechanism. Apart from mechanism there’s a history of electricity coming down. Since four years I’ve written a lot about Spirit, and there is also a very good organisation which is working it out. For one [person] putting the light it is so much [of organisation]. In the same way, in you, there is, and behind you, is a great army of angels and great army of all the incarnations who are working it out. You have had a big seeking of thousands of years when you were just a carbon atom or even before that, just a lava from the Sun, and today you are a human being settled down here to know about your evolution.

Now the last step, and which is very important and very vital for us to understand that so far you have not known your evolution, you have never felt, even you were not aware of it. But only at the human level you will know. That is the reason human beings were given freedom. In their freedom they are going to know that we have definitely evolved, you have changed, you have gone transformed. We must get our transformation. If it is not so, all other work such as it is, just talk, talk, talk, talk, talk and talk. We have to get our complete faith within ourselves where you become your Self and that is the experience you should ask for. It has to be, it is invaluable, so you cannot charge for it. Anybody thinking on those lines, must know that you are insulting the Highest of Highest. Anybody who takes money, you must know, are the parasites. It’s so precious, so great, you cannot purchase it, you cannot. It’s more principled, very subtle and extremely sensitive and It thinks, understands. So please be on a subtler level, not on a gross level, then it will work out. Try to be on a very subtle level. You don’t miss it. It is so subtle that you won’t miss it. So be careful about it. It is for you, it is your own. You have to have it.

So it’s not a shop, you see, the way people are, “Oh, I didn’t like Her lecture so I’m going away!” That’s not the sort of a thing [it is]. It is not a shop. It is a salvaging process which is trying to help you out. It is there for you, for your seeking, for your fulfilment, complete fulfilment. And this is the way you are going to be convinced about the existence of God and the existence of this Divine Power. And you are the people who are tomorrow going to change all this Universe into a different Realm, about which they have described, the Kingdom of Heaven.

May God bless you, May God bless, May God bless.

Now, for the experience, can you close this?

Now. And one more thing I would tell that, you see, people come here but they are not always informed about this meeting. They get Realisation, I know, but today somebody telephoned and somebody came and saw Me and said they were not informed. But you must know we are not collecting any money, we have no organisation, nothing. Only we have a telephone number, where you could find out. We have it always on Monday at six o’clock. And the more you expose the better. So you should come yourself, and try to come as many times as possible.

As it is, you see, it is too much that everybody should write you a letter that, “We would like you to witness the ceremony,” and all that, you see, it is not possible. And you must know that you must also show your own urge to come in. So when the lady telephoned and she said that, “Mother, they have not informed us,” I said, “You should inform everybody else.” No, none of them are responsible in any way less than you are. Everybody is responsible – for themselves and for others. So you have to come yourself, find out yourself, and attend yourself and get the full advantage of it, and you should join others also to understand it. It is a wise thing, it’s a wisdom that should be with you, that you should do it in a way that you should feel responsible about yourself. So this is no excuse. Otherwise, you see, maybe, these people might not have written to all the people possibly. Possibly, you see, they are working very hard; there are about ten or eleven people here working this out. You should come forward and you should say, “We would like to help You. We can write some letters to people.” Because there are some people who are very lethargic about it. You see, they’ll be very quick if there’s a ballroom dancing, but for raising themselves up, to come up, they are not bothered. you see. Because this is to be sought, this is to be asked for, this is to be found out. This is the joy, joy of the joys, and real joy. Nothing else is needed.

So please put your hands just like this now, just like this. Now, why do you have to put your hands like this? It’s just because these are the antennae and it works through them. Just put your hands like this. Keep your, both the feet straight like that on the Mother Earth, because that has as earth element.  Yes and keep your hands like that. Take out your shoes, if you can take out your shoes.

So, feeling cool? Good! Very fast. Close your eyes now. Now just don’t think, because you’re not thinking at all, you see, you’re blind. Now enjoy this thing. This experience is the maximum, you see, first time that you get an experience is the maximum, because the Kundalini is so happy, that after so many years ??. Can you feel the cool now? Close your eyes. Just close your eyes. Close your eyes. Those who are feeling cool, just close your eyes. Just enjoy it in silence. Because the Kundalini is just rises, you see, and touching your Sahasrara, and She’s so happy that it happens so spontaneously. Are you feeling the cool there? Not yet. Just sit comfortably. There is no need to sit very straight or anything. Comfortable, be comfortable. Be comfortable. Whatever pose you are, it will work out.

Thank God, you see, it’s written in the Bible that you will feel this thing, you must feel the cool breeze, and the wind has been described. Still, it’s not easy to convince people.

Very beautiful people today. Better.

Keep your head little open, your forehead, if you don’t mind.