The entrepreneurs are busy pampering our egos, giving us fashions, hair fashions, clothes, too many choices over simple things like what I will have for breakfast etc. We should not become enslaved by any entrepreneurs – wear what is sensible (1991-0728); These designers… they make the money… befooling everybody… they befool people so much… they take out some idea, and sell it for a high price… and if you are a fool, you go and buy that (1997-1004); All this designing… is based on your stupid ego, which makes you buy all these things… to show off your ego… so try to be humble (1997-1004); It’s nothing but you are playing into the hands of these entrepreneurs. Once you have established what you require… what is the style you require… finished… then you must grow inside, and not outside (1996-0710)

We have to eat our food. Nowadays, there is a fashion of becoming thin, or whatever you may call it… and so many diseases have developed… because women want to eat little. It’s not the aim of life to only look after your body… body is not the only important thing. What is important is your Spirit (1997-1005)

First and foremost thing for a Sahaja Yogi is he must have introspection… he must watch himself… if he changes because some fashion has come… or because some people have suppressed him… or just asked him to… or just to please people of cheap values, then he cannot be a guru. He has to station himself properly on the values of Sahaja Yoga (1998-0712)

In Sahaja Yoga we have to be particular about how we dress up… that our dress should be decent, dignified, and decorous… that should in no way show our vulgarity… we should look after our chastity… and our morality… which is meant for both women and men… not only in dress, but even in day to day life… it is important (1993-0721); At random we buy things… we buy clothes. If you can, use your vibratory awareness to buy your things… to see what you should buy, what would look nice – because beauty and auspiciousness go hand in hand… they are not ‘two things’ (1980-0927)

Now your clothes, because you are Saints are very important… you are not vagabonds, or tramps, you are not on the streets… you have to wear dignified dress. I have told everyone of you that wear something dignified, not undignified… it has to be majestic… because you are saints now… selected by God… so the dress need not be absurd or something funny, but should give you dignity. See the vibrations of a dress… wear your country’s dress. You need not wear somebody else’s dress, but the interest should be that it gives you a dignity and a sense of respectability. It is to preserve your respect that you are to wear a dress… that is the utility of a dress (1980-0927)

Fashion is madness (1997-1005); You see the fashion is to expose the knees… it’s very dangerous, because you can get both the Nabhis… in this cold weather… or hot weather… either you catch the right Nabhi, or the left Nabhi… and what is there in the knees, to expose. So for Sahaja Yogis it is important that they must decide… ‘now, that’s all finished… no more’ (1996-0710); People wear dresses which are above the knee… but the knees are very important chakras… you should keep them closed… otherwise… you will have knee trouble; Also, you shouldn’t wear sleeveless dress… there are two very important chakras… if you expose them… then you’ll have problems (1997-0823.1); I find on the streets, women walking with very short clothes… with that, what will happen… your Nabhi chakra will be caught up… and you will have problems with money (1996-0716)

It’s so absurd… I just can’t understand… like in England, it is so very cold… in Scotland even worse… but people don’t wear anything when they sleep… I mean that’s easiest way to get sick… they don’t wear undershirts. Then the most fashionable dresses… are the dresses where you cannot see any cloth anywhere… I mean, it’s all missing. The women… the way they dress up… I’m surprised… this is the best way to get sick. They wear such big heels… this modern generation in the West… they are going to develop such terrible diseases… their legs will become swollen up… not only varicose veins… such big heels they wear. God has created you with such care… what are you doing to yourself – little heels are alright… but to have heels of this height… this is the best way to spoil all your nerves… and circulation (.0011)

It’s very natural to be a person of dharma… small children mostly have it… for example, children feel very shy to take out their clothes… in the presence of others… they feel shy. You should be shy… and humble… and respect your body… it’s very important in these modern times… when exposure of the body is regarded as a great achievement of women. It’s absolutely absurd that men should be attracted to women… and women should be attracted to men… and on the road – this adharma is the worst… it’s a curse. All these limited types of attractions end up in troubles. Whatever is not good for you, you should not do… I don’t have to tell you… that you don’t do this, or you don’t do that (1997-0823.1)

All things that are in us… if they are auspicious, we’ll have a ‘Presence’… wherever we’ll stand, people will know we have a presence… this presence is a blessing of the ‘matter’ to us. So you must respect matter… in the sense, what clothes you wear – throwing clothes on the ground, throwing here and there, living like a donkey, like a pigsty is not the way a Sahaja Yogi should live… he has to be orderly, he has to respect his clothes. But it should not be that you respect your clothes so much that you throw away ‘others’ clothes… they are Sahaja Yogis also… you have to respect each other, because you are all Saints (1980-0927)

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