This is a very great privilege that I am telling you all these things… that I am telling you that ‘sincerity is the key of your Self Realisation’… it’s a privilege… I’m giving you the key. Understand what a privilege it is for you to be here… what fortune… what reward, for what you have done… how many lives have been rewarded by being here. This will help you to do Puja in a more sincere manner. Now we must meditate also after Puja, because my vibrations you do not suck in without meditation, I have seen. If you have sincerity about it, really… you will suck all my vibrations. Tell your mind not to ask questions or to misbehave… but to suck the vibrations clearly. This is for your own nourishment… for your own growth… for your own enjoyment (1980-0505)

It is easier… also it is the best, most enjoyable… is to have very clean chakras. And it comes… first of all is sincerity… complete sincerity – are we sincere… to ourselves. Sometimes it is misunderstood… people think that if we have to be sincere to ourselves, we should deny Sahaja Yoga – Sahaja Yoga is the union between you and God… and the sincerity must be full… must be complete. Any kind of insincerity which comes into you is extremely detrimental. So you must have sincerity about yourself… and then you will start enjoying Sahaja Yoga. It is very important… to create integration within you, because if it is ‘sincerity’, it is coming from your heart… and then your body, your mind, your intelligence, everything will work hard to fulfil it… but if it is not coming from your heart, it is going to be a superficial thing. So you try to feel it from your heart… that’s what it means, sincerity. Do not depend on anyone, your wife, husband, children, nothing… mother, father… it’s your own. So you have to work in such a way that you get complete integration… and the driving force towards integration is… sincerity (1980-0505)

The another factor which is important… is patience… you must have patience with others… because if you don’t have patience, your sincerity will start doubting itself. So you must have patience… and to get patience, you must know what you have been so far, and where you are. When you will know what you were, you will have patience with others… tremendous patience… and by having patience with others, your sincerity will be all the time complete… by your sincerity you will be completely integrated (1980-0505)

Now how the sincerity is to be maintained… first we have to make some determination, Sankalpa, of being sincere… then we have to act, by finding out how do we get insincere… on what points. You’ll be amazed, that it’s simpler to be sincere, than to be insincere… you don’t have to think to be sincere… but if you have to be insincere, you have to think, to plan out, to find out all the methods, all the loop holes and escapes. And sincerity itself is rewarding… sincerity itself is a reward… how it makes you so beautiful, so dignified… and how you start rising in your self esteem… how sincerity is a big force which manifests it’s living dynamism in you… and you become a transformed person (1980-0505)

This transformation within you is going to change the whole world… people are going to see… that you are no more a confused person… you are not a person who is doubting… and neither you are a fanatic… you are not a blind person… but you are a person who is alert, and aware… and can see things better than others. The more alert you become, the more the Divine takes interest… but this alertness is nothing but the enlightenment of your sincerity… and… sincerity is the thing that means… you are loyal to your Self… the loyalty to your Self is sincerity. Sincerity is my nature… I don’t have to strive for it… I cannot get out of it. Now… if I am your ideal… you should try and imbibe my nature within yourself… and then you’ll be amazed how you are connected with me… then we all move like one wave, one being, one personality (1980-0505)

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1980-0505 Sahastrara Day, Dollis Hill Good

– end – 5 Oct 2002