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Lausanne (Switzerland)

1980-10-05 Public Program Lausanne NITL HD, 64'
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Public Programme. Lausanne (Switzerland), 5 October 1980.

Get transformed

You have to translate…

You are all here to seek the truth, you are all the seekers of truth. But what is truth? For the truth to an ant is different from the truth to a human being! The way your consciousness expands, the truth reveals itself to you. Whatever we know through our sense organs we call it as truth, but the sense organs also develop gradually as we evolve to human level. We have done nothing to achieve our sensitivity as human being. It has happened absolutely spontaneously within us! But we think for growing higher in our consciousness we have to do something about it. But if you see that human beings have come out of amoeba without any effort, and if you understand that the effortlessness is the only way you have achieved this state, we have to accept that effort is not necessary. 

“Sahaja”, as Gregoire has told you, means “spontaneous” – like a seed: it sprouts by itself and becomes a tree. In the same way we started like a seed and today we are at a human stage. But some human beings even think that by paying money you can improve in your consciousness. Because of this mythical idea there are many enterprises floating and they call themselves people who are going to give you some higher life if you pay them so much, so much. 

You cannot pay for your Self-Realisation: it is effortless, you cannot manipulate it through your rationality either, because rationality is a limited [thing]. You have to go to the unlimited! With rationality you just form dogmas and your own conceptions about reality, and if you accept that then you think by saying that you are that, you become that. If a seed thinks he is a flower, does he become a flower? He has to become! He has to grow in! 

In the same way, we have to know that we have to become, but not through our effort but the effort of the Divine Grace. It is the Divine Grace that has created us. The Divine Grace has made us human beings, and it is the Divine Grace that is going to give us our higher life because God Almighty, your Father, loves you. He wants you to develop into such a being that He pours all His love onto you, so that you can feel His powers within you, that you become the instrument of the Divine Power, so that you feel the flow of His power through you, so that you can manage it and give it to others. 

People are very much today… are science-hypnotised, they cannot see anything beyond science. But if they are honest they can find out that they haven’t got answers for many questions, and the reason is their awareness has still to go higher to understand those questions. Like in histology you have got to see through the microscope, you cannot see it directly! In the same way if you have to feel the Divine Power, the All-Pervading Power you have to rise higher in your awareness. 

Now if this power exists or not, if there is such a power working or not is to be seen! Every scientist must have an open mind to seek. That is the science of work, that is the mind of a scientist, who is open. Even in science they put forward a hypothesis and if the hypothesis is proved to the point, then they call it a law. So, whatever I am saying you have to receive it with a very open mind. First to receive it, see for yourself, and then you have to accept it as the law of the Divine. 

Within us is placed as I say, are these centres which are seven in number. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. These are the basic seven centres within us, which lie in the spinal cord partly and some in the brain. These are subtle centres within us and they express outside the gross plexuses. Vertically they represent our evolutionary process. They are the mile stones in our evolution. 

At this point which is called as the Mooladhara Chakra, which manifests the pelvic plexus outside. Now, this centre is placed below the Kundalini, which is placed in the sacrum bone. This is called as sacrum because it is a sacred bone. In this bone lies the Kundalini, the residual power of our germination. During the process of Kundalini awakening you can see the pulsation down here. You can also, through stethoscope, see the rising of the Kundalini and you can see the pulsation in the back bone till it reaches here in the fontanel bone area where it breaks through. At that point you do not feel any pulsation. As soon as this happens, from your hands a cool breeze starts flowing. You can feel it on your fingers as shown here. These are the terminal points of the sympathetic nervous system within us. These represent all the centres that are inside us, and you start feeling them on your fingers, as a… absolutely your own experience

Now first time this Kundalini meets the seat of the Spirit, which actually resides in the heart, and this, these cool waves, are nothing but the manifestation of your Spirit. It has been described in all the scriptures. The time has come to prove all the scriptures  to you: but you have to be connected with the mains! For example if this instrument is not connected with the mains it cannot be used! In the same way if we are not connected with the mains, we have no meaning. In the big primordial being we are small cells: the microcosm and the macrocosm. Every cell has to be awakened to know how it is connected with the whole

So, by Self-Realisation you must expect to get your wholesomeness. So that it means that in your consciousness you should be able to feel others and yourself – otherwise it is not Self-Realisation. If your Spirit is manifesting it should be able to relate to you, where are you. Your eyes have to be opened, you should be able to see! If there is light you can see everything clearly. In the same way you can see on your fingers, you can make out what are the centres are in problem. 

These centres, on the left-hand side, are dealing with the mental side…uh…with the emotional side. This is the…was described by Mister Freud as psyche. He was a half-baked scientist because he could only see one thing in us. He could not see other side which is responsible for our action, the power of action, which…which gives you the physical and the mental side. He should say that you should not have any conditioning and you should remove all your conditionings, and you should not believe in any taboos given by any prophet or anyone, because if you do that then you condition yourself. But he does not know: to do that we have to use this power (right channel), and by doing this, using this power, we develop the ego! 

With super-ego you do have problems which trouble you and you can see yourself. But with ego you do not feel the problems yourself but you are problems for others; and as a result there is problem also for you because if you use too much of this power (right side), then this power freezes (left side): you become a very dry personality. If you use too much of this power (right side), then you develop a liver problem. 

The medical science does not believe, but actually this centre here, the second centre, is creating cells out of the fat cells here for the use of the brain. In the gross, it gives aortic plexus, manifested power. But this cell has… this centre has another very important power: is the liver, is the spleen, the pancreas and also the kidneys and the uterus. When we… it starts working only for one job, is to think for tomorrow and all the time thinking, then other jobs are neglected: a person who thinks too much always gets a diabetes. Farmers do not get diabetes. They eat such a lot of sugar and they eat such a lot of carbohydrates, they never get diabetes! People who think too much get diabetes. Apart from that they get liver. They get kidney troubles. Sometimes they carry on with one kidney: they have to be in the machine every third day, but they do not believe that it is coming from over-thinking. 

When the Kundalini rises she solves the problems, because when she goes between these two, ego and superego, she makes a space. A thought rises and falls off, and another thought rises and falls off, and there is a space in between. Either the thought comes from the future and becomes the past. So we are jumping on the ego or superego, all the time on the cusp. 

In the centre is the present. When the Kundalini rises she sucks both ego and superego, and you find a depression in the head, and you feel absolutely relaxed. Now you come in the present, and you feel extremely relaxed. I always tell a joke about some villagers travelling by a plane and they were told not to take the load, hu…, so much load to the plane, and they thought that if they put their load on their heads they will be giving some relief to the plane. So they put all their load on their heads and are in tension. Then the pilot comes and asks them “why are you putting this load on your head?” They tell “after all we are worried about your plane”. So he says “this plane carries your weight and this weight as well: you leave it on the ground!” First they are afraid to leave it, they doubt. Gradually they find “Oh, it is correct!”

That’s what happens after Realisation: the Lord, God Almighty Who has created this whole great universe, has created you and has given you all the beauties of life, He is going to carry all your load. He carries your load otherwise also: what work do you do?! If a tree dies you make a good table, chair, you think “we have done a good work!”: you are just changing forms of dead to dead! If you make a chair and sit on it, it sits on your head: then you cannot sit on the ground, you have to always carry chair with you in some form. We might get people later on, glued to them a chair wherever they go! 

So the matter, which you change into forms gives you habits and enslavement. But I’m not saying that you give up anything. That is another myth: what are you holding?! It is nice that this thing (chandelier) belongs to the hotel, no headache for Me. If I had owned it and possessed it, it would have been a headache. The more possessions you have, the more frantic you are. But what I say: you enjoy them! That’s only possible after Realisation: that you do not give up anything but you see the whole drama as a witness

But the main thing is it has to happen to you, some happening has to happen within you. This happening is of Kundalini awakening. It’s a living force, and a living force cannot be handled by human being because they have done no living work whatsoever. 

I met a lady, she started arguing with Me: “we are making test-tube babies”. That …that too is a myth, because two living things you put together: you do not create life! But the One who creates billions and billions of such human beings, how great He must be! In our being it is so many interesting things happening, but we take it for granted. For example, if there is any foreign matter introduced in the body we throw it out, the body throws it away. 

Now if you see in the child bearing, while the foetus, I mean the embryo is embedded in the body, then it is not expelled out. Not only it is [not] expelled out but it is nurtured, looked after and then at the right time it is expelled. Who does that? Who does that? There is a Deity sitting down here (Mooladhara chakra). He’s the Deity who is the embodiment of our innocence. He incarnated on this earth at this point (Agnya chakra), inside the brain at the optic chiasma as Our Lord Jesus Christ. He came on this earth to tell us that we have to seek our Spirit, that we are to be born again.

But, most surprising, we are getting people authorised by some theological college to give you a baptism! That’s just a mechanical thing! It is not a real baptism. You have to ask for the real baptism! If you are the seekers of truth, then you ask for real baptism! There is such a lot to be said about all these centres and their Deities, and I’ll be here for two more days, then I’ll elaborately tell you. 

But today I want to tell you about the areas which lie in this side of ours, (says something to Gregoire) and this area is supraconscious. For example when you take LSD and all that you enter into this area, but if you take some other kind of drugs like dhatura and all that you go on to that side (the subconscious). Also when you think of dead too much you enter into this area. 

Now the defect of the whole scientific attitude is this that it is all based on analysis. For example there will be a doctor for one eye and another doctor for another eye. But human being is one! The medical doctor cannot treat the psychological problem, but Kundalini treats all of them! She integrates all your being: your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being she integrates. 

Now the problem is like this: cancer can only be cured by Sahaja Yoga. It cannot be cured by anything else. The reason is – now the doctors have also found out in a very researched way because I saw it in BBC – that there is an attack from some unknown area on their being through…by some protein matters, protein. And they said, they have reached the conclusion that this attack comes from the areas which are built in us from the creation: it does not come from without. Now, these are the areas (supraconscious and subconscious) from where the attacks come. 

In our evolution, by balancing things, there are many such vegetables and animals which have gone out of circulation. There are some human beings, quiet a lot of them, who have also gone out of circulation. For example people like Hitler, on the right-hand side, he’s out of circulation. They are actually devils. On the left-hand side, very sly people who are playing very sly and dirty tricks, and very… who are  heinous… full of …(inaudible) For example, uh… this chakra (Agnya) throws the over-supraconscious people, the over-ambitious people out of circulation here, and this one throws out of it there. Now these build up negative forces against the life, against the life. These attacks are from all these areas, two areas I told you. 

Now the problem with human being is that he goes to extremes. The whole system, the human system is now building up such things like, which creates “unique” personality. If you become unique you become malignant [. The…]  – malignant is like a cancer cell, which starts oppressing other cells and turning those cells just like these aggressive ones. So we see one “unique” man and we run after him and we want to become like him. And because human [live] beings live on very gross level it is very easy to impress them with this kind of thing. That explains people like Hitler could influence Germans. Today a person like Khomeini is influencing poor Iranians. There is no end to such “unique” devilish stupids. Now these two areas, we do not have to go there. Below is the hell, which is being painted by so many artists in the West. Even in the East we have many people who have exposed the problems of hell. 

On top there when you pierce, you enter into the super-consciousness and, first time in your conscious mind, you start feeling the cool breeze, you start feeling the Divine Power which created the whole creation, which is the vital force. 

Now, to be there, we have to use some sort of a method, and that method is used by the Divine Power itself! Now She…She comes down first as the desire power within you, and this is the pure desire power, which is not affected by our personal desire or conditioning. The pure desire within us is to become our Spirit, so that through our Spirit we know the Divine. This pure desire rests here for ages with us, and the one who is authorised by God – not by theological college! – faces this desire, it rises: shoots off. That’s how you become Self-Realised. First time you start feeling your Spirit on central nervous system

Whatever is human awareness is expressed in central nervous system. Whatever we have achieved in our evolution is expressed through central nervous system. And the autonomous nervous system, which are the sympathetic and the parasympathetic – are so far unknown to us – become our own. When we say, “autonomous”, who is the “auto-”? Just you brand somebody and then stop thinking about it is not the way a science should move! Who controls this autonomous nervous system? It’s your Spirit. Your Spirit knows you. It knows its field. And you do not know it. Now first time he manifest in your central nervous system. It is happy and enjoying itself, it enjoys itself! When the attention from here rises to the Kundalini and touches the Spirit here, attention enjoys it. Thus your attention becomes enlightened. 

Sitting down here you can say what is the problem of a particular person. Sitting down here you can say who is Realised, who is not Realised. Tomorrow I’ll be able to tell you some stories about it, but you all must get your Realisation, and establish it. The trouble in the West is that there is seeking, they are real seekers, they are very genuine, but they do not know how to remain in the centre. They go to extremes. This is one of the problems. Secondly they have developed shopping habits. I call it “guru shopping”: they think they came to Sahaja Yoga also for shopping. First they’ll come, attend my programme, listen to my lecture, then go to another programme. This kind of behaviour has made them very frivolous. 

You have to have depth in you. Your seeking should be dignified. If there is no weight in your seeking you will be floating all the time, you cannot go down. Sahaja Yoga requires people of calibre, not the kind of calibre we expect that a efficient person should be there, or a very rich man should be there, or he should be a very great expert in something, but the calibre of assiduity to get to the point

I must say for Britishers, though they have been very bad to Indians, I found their young people are people of calibre. They are very difficult to crack. Difficult to crack. But once they get it, they sort it out! They are not scholarly…they are scholarly but they are more on the deeper side of the search. In London I have now about three hundred people who are first class Sahaja yogis. They are curing people, they are realising people, and they are now writing about Sahaja Yoga.  

From Switzerland also I have some very precious diamonds. Gregoire is one of them. He has written a beautiful book about the “Advent”. He is a scholar, and a…very intelligent. He wrote a book which was very…would have been very intellectual, but I told him to make it a sweet book, because they…people who will read it will become absolutely mad. I really tortured his life, but for one year he agreed and he made it a very sweet book. He is a man of great attention and concentration, and I’m sure where such great Sahaja yogis reside there must be great and greater seekers. The only trouble is, when you receive the truth you become so enamoured by it that people think you are possessed. It is very difficult to tell people that we have found the truth! Because for blind people, how to say there is light?! 

You can see from their lives, how they are transformed! For example…I’ll give you a small example of a child who is playing now. He is a child of another Sahaja yogini, Brigitte, who was in Mexico few years back and you know there is lot of black magic there, and this child developed a big lump here in front. He would not talk to us or anyone, he was all the time crying, weeping and he was struck. Now this is the centre of Christ. He would not have a cross anywhere near. Actually he hated it, but when I rose his Kundalini and took the name of Christ, this opened out. Actually he used to look like a bull about to hit you, with the whole attention like that. Very aggre…very aggressive and did not sleep in the night. He was very aggressive and could not sleep in the night. But as soon this centre opened out and the Kundalini opened the Sahasrara, the Brahmarandra…today you can see what a beautiful child he is! Mother is also completely transformed. 

Gregoire himself is completely transformed. When he came first to Me I didn’t know what was happening, the thoughts were coming like horns and he was attacking everyone. He was an extremely disturbed person. When his sister, elder sister – who is another intellectual – saw him so transformed she said “who has transformed you of all the persons?”, and then she took to Sahaja Yoga also. 

In the end I have to tell you that the Last Judgment has started. The Kundalini is the way they are going to judge you. Actually you are going to judge yourself. Your are going to be given complete chance to improve yourself, and there are many great souls taking birth on this earth. There are many children born on this earth who are realised souls. Today we have here four of them who are playing about. They are born realised. Like Antoinette’s son is great. He brought a very nice picture to Me today made by him, painting, and he told Me “this is the fort of Shri Krishna” – I don’t know from where he knew – “and all His Divine weapons are in this place, and all those people who attack us we are going to attack them with these weapons”. It’s very remarkable how he knows that Shri Krishna is the Samhara Shakti, is the killing power. When they see they know so much, you can’t imagine! 

Most surprising thing that, William Blake*, who is a great poet, who wrote poetry long time back, has described where I will be staying and where our ashram is going to be exactly, in his poetry: I lay down the foundation in the… in the place which is called as Lambeth Vale, and he has mentioned that. And first I stayed in Surrey Hills – it’s written: “The flames will start at Surrey Hills”, and the foundations of the New Jerusalem will be laid at Lambeth Vale. Now this is…was written long time, I did not know, but recently somebody has sent Me a letter to Switzerland. 

Krishna has said, “Those who cannot see cannot see.” He has also said, “Yoga kshema vahamyham,” meaning:  First you achieve your union, then I will look after your well-being. Christ came on this earth to teach us that we have to achieve our eternal being, our Spirit. His resurrection is His message, so that you all should be resurrected and enter into the Kingdom of God, to enjoy all the benedictions of His power. Let us have our Realisation now. Thank you very much.

*(about William Blake)