Birthday Puja Talk: I have to learn

Chelsham Road Ashram, London (England)

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Birthday Puja. Chelsham Road Ashram, London (UK), 21 March 1982.

Nice to see today so many Sahaja yogis looking like beautiful lotus flowers, as the blossom time is filled with the fragrance of your beauty. It is such a pleasure for Me to be your Mother and to be able to communicate the Divine, the powers of Divine, the beauty of Divine to you. It was never possible before, as you know. Everyone tried their level best but nobody could achieve it, to communicate that beauty.
As you know, Sahaja Yoga, or this Mahayoga is a very unique system, it never existed before. It has come into existence, of course, I should say that because the Parabrahma decided to take a form, but you also all decided to come on this earth to receive the blessings. It cannot be possible to do anything with one hand. The beauty of Sahaja Yoga is great, no doubt, which I am sure very soon people will realize that this is the only way. All lost people will come back to Sahaja Yog, I’m sure, and they will achieve what they are due.

You don’t have to do anything about Sahaja Yoga, you just walk in and you can get Realization. In India there was a gentleman who came to see Me and he told Me a big story about his woes, he told Me he’s under debt, he has so many problems, his wife is like this, his children are like this, and he has problems, political problems, all sorts of problems he had. And then he got his Realization.

And he said, “Mother, what have You done to me?” I said, “Why?” He said, “I have forgotten all this and I’m in joy, I am in joy”, you see. I said, “It could be an escape.” He said, “No, I can see all that, but I am still in joy.” Next time he met Me he said, “I’ve solved all my problems, because I was in joy, and I could share it with others. Things improved a lot.”

That’s how Sahaja Yoga works, instantaneously, spontaneously, without any effort. It’s true. But we have to face certain things. The fact, that we were not so prepared for Sahaja Yog, in the sense, that we are people living in this life of turmoil, confusion, all kinds of funny ideas. And idea of dharma is also missing, it’s only in the books or in the churches maybe somewhere people talk, only talk. It’s not actually existing.

Moreover, we have also not got the traditions left with us, which are required to be a person to worship the Divine. Most of our traditions we have lost because firstly we discovered that there’s lot of hypocrisy and insincerity as far as religion is concerned. The people who talk of religion behave in such manner that you cannot believe that there is God. So they denied God, they denied all the traditions, they said, “This is all useless, it has no meaning, better give up all the religions, it’s fanaticism, it is nonsense.”

Because it did not give them any fruits, according to them, they couldn’t wait for Sahaja Yoga to come in to prove that all religions are absolutely correct, and their traditions are absolutely necessary if you really want to have the maximum of the joy and the beauty of the Divine.

But it so happened, that we lost those traditions, we’ve lost, most of the traditions are lost. It is surprising, how many traditions we have lost and we are not aware of it. So a new education is needed for us to understand the traditions of worshiping.

It’s easy to have a puja, because your Mother is always available. If you just tell Her there is puja, She’ll dress up and come down here. But in tradition at least there should be an invitation, you have to come, and receive, and ask for coming, because now you see the joke of the whole thing is. But it’s all right, because you don’t know, it’s all right.

It’s not only that, I’m saying on the whole, a worship is a tradition which has come to us from great seers and ancient sages. Anybody, even, say, Moses, you can say Socrates, you can say Dattatreya, or Markandeya, or any one of these people have found out the ways and methods how to tune our instruments to the Divine to achieve the maximum joy. How to please the Deities, that’s the main point is, how to please the Deities.
But it’s a crude word “pleases”, but how to… I don’t know what should I say, innovation they say, or what do you call that? How to spark them, invoke, invoke them, invoke them that they give you complete blessings.

And the trick of the trade one has to learn, one has to educate. There’s nothing wrong in getting educated.
So we know that we have to educate ourselves, first point, and secondly we have to know that for that we have to be humble. The humility should be such that “I have to learn. I have to learn. I have to educate. Nothing wrong in it.”

And I have told you before that in ancient times the gurus used to be so strict with their disciples that they used to put them hanging on a well for three days, before they could enter even into the university. So if they could stand all that insults, then only they would bring the students inside and start talking about any education.

Because, you see, in educating a person if you have no humility and understanding that I do not know, I have to know, – it’s a fact, because this is the new journey towards the roots, as I said.

You are the roots, Sahaja Yogis are the roots of the whole universe, do you know that? You are the roots, and as roots you have to know how to journey through this deeper parts of spiritual life, to grow. When you grow deep, the tree grows up.

It is through you only, the nourishment of the this overgrown universe is going to be looked after. And the more it overgrows, you must grow deeper. But for that you must have education, it’s important. Look at the little cell at the tip of a root, how it moves with complete intelligence, understanding and wisdom. Supposing it is hit by a stone, it doesn’t feel bad, it goes back. It knows where to recede, where to go further, where to go round the thing and how to use the same stone for making the tree very strong. All this education you have to get through your experiences and by all the time saying humbly: “I have to learn.” That is very important, that we have to have that humility to educate ourselves. Because with that education you’ll embed this tremendous task into the minds of people, which is a very difficult thing.

The movement is outward in this shoots, in this outside tree, outward. It’s easy to impress a person if you are insincere, very easy – if you can dress up in a particular way, smile in a different way, look in a different way, if you can act very well you can impress anyone, for the people who are superficial we say.

The veneer that we have so far is not needed any more. There is no need to have the veneer, because inside we have found our Self, our own Spirit, our own beauty which is going to flower out, which is going to come out.

So there’s no need to have any artificial veneer at all, because I know you and the Deities know you.

There is no need to have any artificiality outside. We put on some sort of an artificial veneer. What’s the use for us? Nothing, we are not going to impress people outwardly. We have to impress them inwardly.

So for inward growth all this veneer must drop out. The veneer has come through so many kinds of acceptance of norms and the, we can say, the formalities of life are concerned. That veneer is within us: if you say thank you ten times, finished, if you say sorry two times, is all right. But from inside to feel something, to genuinely feel something, to be genuine about it is our work.

But that doesn’t mean that we should have no tradition. Tradition gives us that beauty to grow in a proper way.
For example, you’ll see, we’ll find people talk here sometimes gives you a shock, I mean the way ‘I’ll buy you a lunch today,’ say, a thing like that. It’s horrible to say such a thing, as to say ‘I’ll buy you a lunch today,’ you see. It’s very rude and crude way of talking, isn’t it? On the contrary, it’s better to say that ‘Will you give me the pleasure of you having for lunch?’ Is no artificiality: that’s the way you should feel it. There’s no artificiality because from your heart it is coming, you’re saying it from your heart.

But if you are not saying it from your heart, it’s better even if you are not saying with your heart, it’s better to say that it would be a pleasure. Because to say that ‘I’ll buy you a lunch and you buy me tomorrow.’

To say another thing, you see, it’s also possible, this is, this people think is being very open, and there’s no insincerity – because you are insincere! Because you are insincere, that’s why you want to avoid insincerity. Why not be sincere?

By saying whatever looks so sincere is actually vulgar. It is not proper to say such a thing. But for a Sahaja Yogi if he is traditional as well as his inner self is shining, it’s like a beautiful diamond put in a beautiful ring.

So I feel that an education in our behavior has to come in. Our language has to change. Our style has to change.

We have to live in a way that people should feel that these are decent people, very normal people. You don’t have to do anything abnormal to be a Sahaja Yogi. You have to be extremely normal, decent people, who know decent language.

There is no need to put up any show, for example, you see, an artificial smile, or an artificial face, there’s no need at all. For a Sahaja Yogi to become like any other person is no hypocrisy. You see, a Sahaja Yogi may think ‘Mother, it’s a hypocrisy, because I’m a Sahaja Yogi, I’m a Realized soul, why should I dress up like other people, you see. It’s a hypocrisy.’ It is not. For a king to dress up like a beggar, is it a hypocrisy? Will you call it a hypocrisy? It is not.

Now, I am a, I am supposing, I am a Goddess. I’m not supposed to dress up like ordinary people. I’m to be decked up all the time, I should have this, that, but I have to dress up like ordinary person, so is it hypocrisy? Is it hypocrisy by [that?] It is not.

Hypocrisy is to claim something that you are not. It’s a higher level. You see, supposing a person, who is not even a realized soul, and he says ‘I am a guru.’ Then he is a hypocrite. But not a real guru, behaves like an ordinary person. Is a question of discretion. One should understand, is a question of discretion. So when you dress up like an ordinary person in an ordinary way there is no question of hypocrisy.

But maybe you are doing it for a thing not to appear something so much that other’s ego is hurt.

Actually I do that only just not to hurt anybody’s ego, to be very frank. I go about like that because I do not want to hurt anybody’s ego, because hurting ego means they’ll go down further, so maybe that is the reason you are doing, for the sake of their good if you have to take up a dress like that – doesn’t matter. But hypocrisy comes in when you are not that and you claim something (else?).

Now for a Sahaja Yogi it is important to know that he has to improve. He has to go further, he has to grow. And for the growth whatever is necessary must be accepted in right, proper way.

Now, today is a very auspicious day that you are celebrating My Birthday. I’m sure by the time I’m sixty years of age you would grow so fast, this year I wish that you grow so fast, that when people see you they should feel a great beautiful personality standing before us, each one of you have to be great people, each one of you.

For Me, that’s the only thing to be seen. And it can be accelerated very fast if you understand you have to learn every moment, the humility is necessary. If you know that you have to grow every moment you’ll be amazed how fast you can grow.

Every moment you have to change. For example, your style of talking, some people have a style of talking, you can see in the mirror, how would you like a Sahaja Yogi to have that kind of a style of talking? Some people have a style of, you see, laughing in a funny way, all the time they’ll be laughing, giggling, while talking “he-hu” they go on, that’s not the way a Sahaja Yogi should be. He should be serene, he should laugh when it is necessary, he should smile at when it is necessary.

It is so much in tune with your Spirit that whatever you do should create beauty. Even when you cry at the time when it is necessary, it’s so beautiful. See, tears come into your eyes sometimes, they do. But you see somebody very sick, somebody very ill, unhappy – then the tears should come, not when something about you is bad. That’s a Sahaja Yogi.

The Sahaja Yogi must feel for others, not for oneself. In the same way, when you laugh, you see, you shouldn’t just laugh as a matter of habit. Some people have a habit, whenever they talk they start with the laughter or they’ll just in between “he”, they’ll say again “he”, they’ll say – has no meaning. Every time the person who laughs can be idiotic also, so one should not appear that way. Or one should not be so serious, that next moment a person wants to get away from you the way you are serious. I mean there are silent bores also, they just bore you by their silence.

But whatever you have to speak it should come from your heart. If it really comes from your heart, I tell you, it will have so much effect, because heart gives that beauty to you. That’s your Spirit. Connection is with the Spirit. When you speak it from your heart, feelingly, whatever you speak, it shows so much of your feelings on your face, and on your behavior, everything, and it touches another person’s heart, means you touch the roots of the person. You touch the absolute innermost part of his, “antakkarana” as you say, innermost compartment of his life, and from there the light comes.

Now this difference we must understand that our education now is going to be sincerity to speak from your own heart, and not from outside. Now we have all the formalities how to say it, how to eat, these things are very, very superficial for Sahaja Yoga.

These are not so important. For Sahaja Yoga, these things do not matter. But traditionally those things that are accepted must be seen, discretely used, and we should behave in such a manner that whatever we say from our heart should have that beautiful cover of a tradition. That’s all. But you need not be artificial at all, there’s no need to be artificial.

Now the line to draw between artificiality and reality is very difficult for people.

Because, you see, if you intellectualize it, you can intellectualize everything. For example, if I say that something is wrong with you. So you may feel that I have criticized, or something, you may feel bad. This is according to his reality, is not true. It is unreal.

Because you have come here to educate yourself, all right? Now I have to tell you something. When I tell you and if you feel hurt then it is not reality. Then what is it? It is your ego, you are playing with your ego, not with your Spirit. On the contrary, a man who has Spirit will feel happy that ‘I’m in the attention of Mother, that She can correct me.’

So second is, that to be in the attention of your Mother. Whether She says you’re good, bad, or anything is very important, is very important. Not to be away from Mother’s attention is very important.

Because supposing today you might feel something bad and you may try to get out of Her attention, who will look after you? She is looking after you, She has to correct you and She has to tell you that this is not proper and this is not good, this is good.

In that you have to have faith that you will definitely come up, you will have to come up, because I am interested in you I am telling you.

So to be in the Mother’s attention is very important and that Mother’s attention is all the time with you till you absolutely try to get out of it.

Because I cannot force Myself upon you, that’s the main point is, I cannot force myself upon you. But if you want My attention, then I have to tell you if you are touching something, say a child is touching this fire, won’t you tell the child don’t do it? So every moment the Mother has to look after. And She, She loves you, not only that, but to Her you’re so important. I mean, nobody would like to say anything to anyone these days, because people want to be popular, this cheap popularity. I’m not a person who is asking for popularity.

What I want, that My children should be beautiful people. Then they enter into the Kingdom of God. They should be respected as great saints, sages, more than anybody else. They’re special people and that’s how they have to be educated. Maybe I’m very ambitious, you might say, but My ambitions are based on reality. I’m sure I can achieve it. But you must develop that, that humility within yourself, and understanding that we all have to improve, we have to be in the attention of Mother, if She has to say something to us, we are not to feel hurt. If you feel hurt, then know that it is your ego, beat yourself with shoes, take it out, because is not good. I cannot go on pampering your ego all the time, till you’re completely blasted off and then you come and tell Me, “Mother why didn’t you tell me?”

For example, somebody asked Me, he’s in love with somebody, wants to marry, I knew the person was horrible and he should not marry the person. And I said that, in a way. I said, “All right.” I mean, at first it was a shock, and I kept quiet. I said, now, how to say, not to pamper his ego either. But to say, how to say that no? And yes – it will be very difficult.

So I said, “All right, as long as she makes you happy, it’s all right.” Now the word ‘happy’ is a double meaning. ‘Happy’ means only your ego can be happy, not the Spirit, is joy. I did not use the word ‘joy’, I said ‘happy’.

See I have to be clever about it. Now, if you have thought of it, ‘Why would it Mother say ‘happy’? She should have said ‘If it gives you joy’. If I say ‘joy’ then it’s correct, but I said ‘happy’.

And I said it three-four times to him, that “Does it make you happy?” He said “Yes.” “If it makes you happy, you can marry her.”

Now, you see, if – he’s very intelligent and he should have thought of it, but he never thought of it that I was meaning that it is not going to give you joy, it will give you, “if it gives you happiness, you marry.” Happiness means: is your ego pampering, is simple.

Also you have to educate yourself to understand your Mother. This is the third thing you have to know is to understand your Mother. See, I have to be clever, because if I’m not, if I am very blunt you get blasted. If I am not, you are lost. So I have to be clever, and when I’m clever they call Me Mahamaya.

So, at least let Me keep to one style, let Me be a Mahamaya, all right, accepted.

But then you try to understand that if I tell you something, you just get absolutely annoyed and angry. And people get lost, you see, they get lost, if you tell them ‘don’t do it,’ they get lost. If you say ‘do it’, then they get lost in any case because they’re doing a wrong thing, so it is a big problem, and you should see what is good for you, “svartha” (स्वार्थ). “Svartha” also means “selfishness” but it means “the meaning of yourself”. “Sva-artha”, that’s what you have to find out for yourself, what is good for you, and if Mother is saying something, then what is the meaning of what Mother is saying.

I’m too simple, but I’m very crooked, because when I tell you something straightforward, you do not understand, so I have to go in a roundabout way, see, that’s the diplomacy of Shri Krishna.

You see, because Mother’s intentions are very simple and sincere that My children should grow into real Divine power. They should become really, actually Divinity. They should be nothing but embodiment of God’s love. I’m very ambitious, I have all confidence in Myself, in you also, and I’m sure you will understand, that I do not do your ego-pampering.

I encourage you, and I also sometimes discourage you. Both forces are important if you have to progress properly.

So when I encourage you, you feel happy, means your ego is there. When I discourage you, you feel discouraged, means your superego is there.

So you don’t have to be both. You have to be in joy, because unless and until you educate yourself fully, the feeling of joy, the feeling of Spirit, the oneness with Spirit will not be your own.

It’s like, you see, My car, which didn’t start, you see, it’s a hopeless instrument, it can’t take Me up to this Chelsham Road where I have to go for such an important thing. So what’s the use of having such a car, isn’t it? That’s what it is. One has to understand if this, if this habit of Mister X, Y, Z is like this, it doesn’t take me there, better not to have such a habit. Better not to have this kind of a personality, better not to have this mentality, better not have this kind of attitude, better give up, it’s all nonsense, I have to enjoy, I’ve come here, on this earth to enjoy the bounties of God’s love.

So it is a very great day today because internationally we are all celebrating My Birthday. Yesterday about ten o’clock I started feeling the vibrations flowing and My husband told me that in Australia the Puja must have started, and then later on, about, say, twelve o’clock again it was in India I think, continuously, so I feel now when all over the world My Birthday is on, even when it will finish here, it will go to America, and all over the world twenty four hours I’ll be emitting vibrations perhaps because everywhere they are worshipping Me and the sun is moving, twelve o’clock, they’ll be all worshipping Me. It’s a great thing that such a day has come that people are feeling it round the world.

That it is a great day when the divine decided to start this Mahayoga.

Now, for your education I was thinking of writing a book, an article about how to educate yourself. But the problem is that when I write it I do not want you to feel that ‘it is directed towards me’, you see, because you will find something identification, your identification. It’s not directed towards anyone, it’s a general thing. Today you might be having that problem, tomorrow another might be having that problem, anybody, it’s a general thing. With all your permission, if you say so, I think I should write it down, which will help you, which you should read impersonally, impersonally, and that is going to, I’m sure, help you.

That should be really the beginning of My another book which I am thinking for Sahaja yogis, that I should take to one book only for Sahaja yogis.

The one I’ve written is for everyone, but this one would be only for Sahaja yogis. The first one chapter would be: how to educate yourself to be in Sahaja Yoga and to grow in it and not to be deluded by ego and superego. I hope I have your permission today, and I’ll start that thing  for you. Now, if there are any questions we should ask because we have reached the point where we can start the puja now.

You should know that another cleverness your Mother has, you see, maybe the car was failed because of Me perhaps, you can’t say. I’m very clever at certain things like arranging timings. You know, the thing is, we went for a.. there was a puja in, puja in…what was that place, [Andara? Indian name] or some place. What was the place we were in? We stayed in [Lonaura? Indian name]. We had a puja there. And for that puja, you see, they fixed the time at nine. As usual they fixed themselves as if they never ask Me. Nine o’clock, puja is fixed, Mother, come at nine. Mother should come, sit down, “All right, do My puja.” You see, at nine o’clock, imagine.

I said, “All right, I’ll be there.” So I wouldn’t go for My bath till eleven o’clock. They were saying: “Mother, go for Your bath.” I said, “Just a minute, I’ll do… [inaudible].” And without bath I wouldn’t come for the puja. So they said, “Why Mataji is not going?” They were all very upset. Sit down, they were waiting and waiting for “Why Mother has not come ji[?]?”

I said, “All right, I’ll just go for a bath.” At eleven I went for a bath. And they were to have puja at nine, you see. Then I came back about eleven thirty, I came down, they started the puja.

So before starting the puja I said, “All right, now please see the panchanga.” where they write the dates, you see. There it was written till eleven o’clock was amavasya, is the day when there is no moon. And nothing, no good work to be done during that time, inauspicious, you see. I said, “How could I take My bath before that?” And they were all amazed.

I said, “I never read panchang, but I know what is to be done what, and what time it is the most auspicious time, that is the time everything else is to be done. And you don’t have any panchang today, but you can find out about it.”

These things are very important, timings are, because as I have to consult all the deities, I have to consult all the stars, and also you know, the stars have got all the deities on them, they’re all to be consulted, they are to be put right, the whole thing is to be geared up for puja so that you have the maximum advantage. I have to work very hard for all these things and it’s a very big operation, so such a huge complicated operation that you do not know.

You see, when you start doing my puja you get your vibrations, you think, ‘Oh, Mother has given us vibrations.’ It’s not so simple. It’s a very-very big operation, imagine, to get a car done is so difficult. Now here there are so many complicated stuffs and the whole universe is involved into it, so one has to work out very carefully. So only thing, one should have a humility, why you don’t understand Mother so much, it’s all right, we have to understand our Mother more and more, so that education is also important.

So far you have had faith in Me, thank you very much for that, and I hope you’ll have more faith in Me, and understand Me better, why I do certain things and why it is necessary. These cannot be rationalized unless and until you really reach that state of rationality, where the Spirit gives you the light to understand. Then you will see that time Mother will allow some time to pass and this happens, that happens, sometimes She may come earlier, later, it’s little whimsical, to an ordinary person, but it is not, it is not. It is the working of the divine, which is to be understood from the divine point of view. See, from a human point of view it may also look crooked, it may look vicious sometimes, may look funny, but it’s not so. It has to be done like that and I really use traditions to hide all that which looks funny to you. That’s how I manage, otherwise you would be surprised, the things I’m doing, like killing the rakshasas and all that, is a horrible thing but I’m doing it, all these things.

You know I’m doing lots of things like I gave a bandhan to this Narakasura, and they had no meetings, not a single person turned for their meeting. So all these tricks I am playing, you may call it espionage or anything you feel like. You may call it anything very serious, what can I do about it? But it is so, one has to work out in this crooked world, you have to take them out and really do something about it. So it is a big operation on, while you are the real people on the stage, I mean, the whole opera, everything is for you, the whole dressmakers and everybody is sitting at the back, they’re all working it out, you are on the stage and you have to achieve it. You are the actors and you are the real things, which are going to give the show. That’s true. So if you have any questions, please ask and then we’ll go ahead with this puja business.

Ah, now I must tell you. The Indian Sahaja yogis have bought for My toe-rings something, they bought for Me, and these are of course are going to be at My personal archives, I must say. And I’ve sent it to be worn to the, for the program. ‘Cause they thought that the program is going to be in India. And they had made all these things, ornaments for Me there – but, poor things, I decided to come here and have the program. And they think you are specially privileged people, that I’ll go to England.

But then I told them, “How many birthdays I’ve had with you, how many?”

Then they kept quiet, you see. They thought, why this privilege to these people, Europeans and the English? So I said, “Now, how many birthdays I’ve had with you?” Because they had made all preparations, they had made all these toe-rings and everything for Me, and you’d be amazed, how beautifully they had made these things.

So it is all right, we have to think of them, and today, on the twenty second, they are having a big program and there, where there will be some speeches and things, and some music program, and it is free to all, I hope it will be successful. Must have started by now, it’s about five thirty – six o’clock they are going to start, so it’s about that time, and that’s how your Mother is postponing a little bit, if you don’t mind.

All right. Any questions? [Kena?]

[Shri Mataji talking to the baby and other remarks: Hello! Yes! How are you! All born realized? Big people? Yes, coming on this earth? Quite shocked. You shouldn’t laugh. They’re all, they don’t understand you, all right? Sorry, sorry, sorry. So you come on this earth, all right, to help Me out. Isn’t it, isn’t it? You’ve come to help me? Good. What about you? Yea(?), isn’t it? All of you. Very good. Now grow fast. Hello, yes, you also have come? She has also, she has also, oh God! She’s wearing salwar! Who got this salwar? From where did you get it? From where is this? This salwar and kurta, from where did you buy? Eh, channa. Channa (Indian word?). What is it? What? Water? No-no-no, your laughing makes(?) the child cry. That’s right, it is. Oh-oh, it’s all right, it’s all right, it’s all right, it’s all right, no, no, no, no, no, no. It’s all right, it’s all right, it’s all right, see. No-no-no, doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter, it’s all right. It’s all right, they all laugh aloud, you see. [Inaudible phrase?] Now what do you want? What? Channa. Now what is the thing?

Any questions? Has Rajesh arrived? He telephoned to Me, I didn’t know, I said forty eight. I hope he is not searching outside. Is there anything written down outside? Did he telephone? Is there any way to find the way? Sign is there?

Hm. Any questions anywhere?

All right, all right, all right. He’s been told? All right, all right! What has happened? Doesn’t matter, they laugh too much. What? You take the baby, go and take the baby. Did you take the baby? Go and look after the baby. Little baby’s crying, oh, this the baby, come here, look after the baby. What? See, the baby put her on your lap, come along? Little baby (? inaudible phrase….)

Ha. No question? What about some questions? [Question inaudible] What’s she say? What is the[?] Venerated? And? She’s recently realized? Is she realized? Did you feel the cool breeze?

Then you feel it towards the photograph, all right? You see, you see the thing is, it comes from, the origin of this question comes, because you are born in a Christian family, you see, and that’s what we accept as Christianity, as Hindus are born, they say “we are Hindus.” You see, they don’t think that you are born in that, so we’ve accepted a certain situation.

Now, in the Bible it’s written that whatever is created by Mother Earth, whatever is created by Mother Earth and by the Sky, or they call it Firmament, should not be reproduced and worshipped, you see? Now it’s a very clear-cut writing, very clear cut if you think about it. We should first of all think, what is created by the Mother Earth. What is created by the Mother Earth? We never think on those lines! You see, because Bible is another thing which is a very diplomatic thing I should say in a way, because it was written at a time when everybody on top of them, so they had to write in such a way.

Now, what are the things created by Mother Earth are the things that have come out of the Mother Earth, which are vibrating, like I said Stonehenge. Now, you cannot reproduce it and worship it.

In India we have many places like that from where you can just feel the vibrations, do you remember, those who came to India, did you see that place near Musalwari (? Indian name) How cool breeze were coming out of that place, isn’t it?

So that cannot be reproduced, because human beings are going to reproduce. Whatever you reproduce is artificial.

Now, supposing you make a statue out of me, that will be artificial. But not the photograph. The photograph is a real thing. Christ was, Himself was respected, you know that when He came, people bowed to Him on Palm Sundays, they laid down their cloths that He should walk over it. But Christ is different. If there was an exact copy of Christ as the photograph, it would have vibration. Now, do you know, Moses was buried in Kashmere. Nobody will know that, but I know, that He was buried in Kashmere. And the Jews who disappeared out of the Roman clutches went down in India and settled down in Kashmere, and they’re called as Jews, actually, they’re called, [inaudible phrase]… may be one of the Jews, she might be. They call themselves as Jews, actually they call themselves [inaudible] they call themselves. But who will know this? Unless and until you have vibrations, how will you know that Moses was buried there? So, when you read Bible without your eyes being opened out, enlightened, you read it in the wrong way.

Now what your people may say about Mohamed? You see, Mohamed was a prophet, no doubt about it. And He was nobody else but Moses Himself. Let the Jews fight and the Muslims fight. I know for definite they are the same personality.

Yes, they will break their each other’s necks, let them break. They’re going to reach nowhere with this nonsense, because they were the same personality reborn. Moses was reborn to teach the Jews that ‘Baba, we are all human beings, there is nothing like you few people and they few people. They’re all one in the eyes of God.’ So this is what it is. Now, if you tell somebody that Moses died in India, they’ll kill Me. But it is a fact! And I can tell you exactly where He died. It is described. All the words that are used in the Bible that Nebu and all these places where He’s buried, is the place there, in Kashmere.

So when we read Bible as Christians, you see, for us it is that any photograph is worshiped then we are worshiping a sort of a statue. Is not so. Supposing, there is an exact copy of Christ photograph, then it is not, because you are not reproduced, with your hands. The statues are made out of hands of human beings, but I was surprised that some statues are also vibrating. There are some statues, which are also vibrating. Surprisingly, some realized souls can do it. That’s why, in general it was written, and this kind of a stamp that we wear, you see, from our childhood we are born as Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Jews, or anything, the stamp we carry so far, when we have had no experience of anything. But we are educated that way throughout, you see, that we carry it on, even realization comes in, still we go on. It’s a surprising thing how human beings take to artificial. Is all-artificial that you were born in a thing, your parents told you, you are a Muslim, or a Hindu, or a Christian whatever it is and you carry on with it.

But you don’t want to think that you have to be born again! Why did they all say that you are to be born again? Because without being born again you will not know the reality. And whatever they have said is for your good, that don’t worship anyone.

I would say, one should not worship Me also. Unless and until you are realized. I don’t allow you to touch My feet if you’re not realized. You have no business to touch My feet, I get the pangs. If an unrealized person worships My photograph I don’t know what will happen to Me. But it’s better to spare God, not to worship if you are not realized, is better to spare. If somebody is not a proper realized soul, they come under My feet, I get blisters.

Do you know that? It’s not easy, you know, to deal with people who are not properly realized. You see, we think we are obliging God, here God is obliging you, to be very frank.

That’s the fact. You see, a person who comes to touch My feet thinks, that oh, he is surrendering himself. It is the surrendering of the divine, I tell you. It’s not easy. The other day I was in India, if you tell them, “Don’t touch My feet.” Here it is the other way around, because of Christianity, there’s Hinduism. So Hindus think, you must touch everybody’s feet. So when I say, “Don’t touch My feet,” that was the worst curse you can give upon them[?].

They said, “Mother, what have we done wrong?”

I mean, all the philosophy came down. I said, “All right, baba, touch My feet.” My feet became so swollen, you won’t believe, I couldn’t even lift My legs.

See, this is what it is, you see, whatever you are branded with you carry on, carry on, carry on like that. But why not keep yourself open? Nobody has given you realization so far. Has any one of these priests or anybody given you realization? Nobody has. Accept the fact, finished. Then somebody has given you realization. A person who has given you realization must be someone, has to be.

I don’t want to tell you like Christ to be crucified by you. But that is what it is, one should find out for oneself. Actually, we don’t even give photographs to people who are not realized, to be very frank.

Because it is of no use, it is absolutely insulting to God to give the photographs to anyone who is not realized, who is not [inaudible? Indian word?] Sahaja yogi. We don’t allow them to come to pujas also. You know that definitely, we don’t allow many people to come in, I mean, you know that definitely. Because they don’t understand. So what’s the use of calling them for puja? This is one of the reasons we don’t want people to come to puja, who are not yet fully Sahaja yogis. And the definition of a Sahaja yogi we have found out is that the one who has given realization to ten people at least. Those who have not given realization to at least ten people, will not be called as Sahaja yogi any further.

So this is a criteria that you should be able to give realization to ten people, then only you are a Sahaja yogi, then only you can worship the photograph, then only you can come to puja, otherwise you cannot.
If you haven’t achieved that much, you cannot come to puja. This is in India, but it’s working, because there people have done it. And you all have to do it also.
All right.

[Shri Mataji talking to the lady who asked the question: So now, you have come for the first time? You’ve got your realization? Who has given you? Who gave you the realization? Who gave her realization? Where did you get your realization? Is it, at the Hampstead meeting? Is it? All right. So it is important for you to watch now, all right? And see for yourself, because you didn’t get it through rationality and whatever you knew about it, isn’t it? It’s something, a unique thing has happened, so you must watch and witness the thing, otherwise I would suggest you should not sit for (full? inaudible) puja. […] You get your realization! Who is the one who says? […] No? Because you will go, you see, like that, you’ll go little funny, you see, because you are still identified now with other thing.

To get identified with your spirit first, and then do puja, because you’re not entitled according to us, see?

So it is better from your point of view also, not to feel bad. But have you got your cool breeze in the hand, did you feel? […] Then it’s all right. Now you watch, you see, and don’t make your mind think too much, otherwise it may spoil your chances, all right? So now take it like that.

Is there anybody who hasn’t got vibrations and is sitting down? Please, come forward honestly.

(To the baby:) He’s taking a photograph.
Is there anyone here like that? No one, all right, so it’s all right, because it does spoil a persons chances, I know.]
Now, any other questions? Sahaja yogis don’t ask any questions. Very clever.

[Shri Mataji gives directions about Puja: All right, so now what one… these are (?) (?) English you better read (inaudible). Now, now Gauri, would you, now, give it to everyone, go and give it to everyone. ]