The symptoms of our destruction

Mumbai (India)

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1992-01-29 Public Program Day 2, Mumbai, India

[Hindi to English translation]

      We don’t even know as to what we are searching. Some people think that, if they get power, they’ll be very happy, some think that, if they get too much money, they’ll be very pleased and some people also think that, if they become very powerful, they can overpower others but in this seeking you are seeking something else. But if this seeking of yours is right or good, still, even after attaining all this, you are not happy, you have no satisfaction even when you have got all this. Then, what is the inherent seeking you have? It should not be difficult for us to understand this because we are Indians living in India. We have been hearing day and night since our childhood that beyond this world, beyond this illusion, is the joy of the Spirit. We have to receive that joy of the Spirit. And this seeking in this Kaliyuga, I’m surprised, is working out even more in foreign countries as compared to India and there’s exportation of many people from our country, who take people to wrong paths and earn money. And when we see those people, who believe in God worship Him day and night, go to temples all the time and are doing all charitable work but they are not good humans, there’s no humanity in them, seeing this we become remorseful and we start thinking what should we understand from this pensiveness? Is this a disappointment or should we search in something else? In the end when this search is one with the Spirit(Atma) then we come to know that we have to receive that joy, which is known by various names like Atmaanand, Paramanand and Niraanand.   

      Like mad, some people, jump and dance and think that they have received the joy. Some people in disillusion think that if they have taken drugs they have got great joy. But this pleasure is so momentous this they know and how harmful it is, this also they know.   

[English transcription] 

Today, I’m talking to you about the excitement people are seeking. Some sort of a sensational feeling. It seems that our sensitivity has dulled so much that we need some sort of a nerve rocking music or some sort of a sensational atmosphere that puts you into another kind of personality where you become like a beast. You start jumping, you start shouting, you start screaming is a very common sight, in the West, when you go there that people indulge into such things. Even very old people try to compete with young people. They are so stupid sometimes. Like once I saw a documentary made in Los Angeles, where some actors and actresses who were all above 90 years, were coming for a shake dance. 

As it is, when they’re getting out of their cars, they were shaking as it is, there was no need to have a dance. There was already a dance going on. They were carrying their sticks and shaking. And all these stupid thing are now also trickling into our country very softly. Please remember, these are symptoms of our destruction. Sitting down here we do not understand what is the West and what is the East. For example, if you are going to New York, you can’t even wear your wedding ring. You don’t know somebody may cut your finger just for the wedding ring. Drug addiction is not the only problem. There are many other problems, which we have no idea and we cannot comprehend, what stupid things people are doing in their frantic search for enjoyment. 

I do not blame them because they did not have this heritage that we have, these great saints that we have had, the great kings we have had in this country but we have nothing to learn from them. In that frenzy, in that mad world, what you find that so many of them are trying to break that cocoon and trying to find out the reality because it is too much oppressive, it is too much for them to bear any more for human consumption and that’s why their seeking is very deep. Even the hippies that you know of, are really, actually, they were real seekers. Of course, so many are lost but they were real seekers, seekers of Truth, of that joy, of that eternal life which was promised to them. But as luck could have it, in this lifetime they couldn’t get it, many a times. But for us, we, we are ancient people. If in Germany anybody sees the Swastika, he gets a fright. He doesn’t know this is the symbol, in our country, of auspiciousness and holiness, for thousands of years. Of course, the complete Swastika is very different from the one that Hitler chose. And when he used stencils in the right way, it was alright but when he started using the other way round, is disgusting sight. 

All these symbols that we are using, are absolutely existing within us. We had once two very great scientists, who asked Me about the symbol of ‘Aum’. I said that, “If you can make the model of the Carbon atom,” because the first chakra of Mooladhara the quality is that of Carbon because the Carbon is the element which is used to create that chakra. And I said that, “You take the photograph of that atom.” I said, “One from the left to the right and then from right to the left and one from down upward.” And when they took the photograph, on the right side what do they see    from the left when they took, the complete ‘Aum’ is there and they took the another one from the right to the left, what do they see, is Swastika. And when they took it from below it was the cross. It exists within us as Carbon atom. As scientists, you know we have to have Carbon to have Organic Chemistry. Without Organic Chemistry life cannot be made but to that is added Nitrogen and that’s how amino acids have formed. 

That is how the evolution has taken place through these different centers within us, which are just like milestones built on our central path or we can call it, in Sushumna Naadi. And these centers represent all the evolution we have gone through. This is our past which is built  in within us. And now, the last. The last is the seventh center of Sahastrara, which is in the medical terminology called as Limbic area. It covers, like this, as a lotus and when the Kundalini rises or awakens, it opens beautifully  in Sanskrit called as ‘Sahastra Chedam’. Because the Modern Science has come from West, that doesn’t mean that India never had any Science. It had very much advanced Science but the attention of the saints and the scientists in those days was not on the material exploration but on the inner being and that’s how they discovered that within us are all these centers which are the milestones of our evolution and also there is this power of Kundalini, which has to be awakened by some authority, Spiritual authority and if it is awakened, then it passes through these six centers, not the seventh one but the six centers the seventh one, also called as the first one, is below the Kundalini, to pierce through the fontanel bone area, which gives you the actualization of Self  realization, which you call as baptism. It’s nothing artificial Now is the inner    [UNCLEAR]   to do, to be treated as a hypothesis, if you are a scientist and keep your mind open and see for yourself it is working or not. If it works, it is the Truth and once you have an open mind and the half-baked people, who are neither here nor there, have no idea as to what was the knowledge we had in our country for centuries and that is knowledge of roots to give Self-realization. 

Of course, it was not given to each and every person. Very selective after they self-validated, like Raja Janaka, who gave Self-realization to Nachiketa, after taking his test for days together but today it is very different. As I told you yesterday, it is the blossom time. This is the promised time of Last judgment. Even in the Koran it is said that ‘Your hands will speak when the Kiama will come,’ means the resurrection time. When the resurrection time will come, then your hands will speak. It is said in all our Scriptures, whether it is in India, China or anywhere, that you have to get your Self  realization. That is the most important thing about which Buddha also wrote and Mahavira also emphasized. They did not want to talk of God even because if they start talking of God, then people just become enamored by that because they say they are God or the people start thinking, “Oh, we have one God, so it’s alright. We can do what we like, God will look after us.” 

Then your desire, you have your Self  realization. As we have many in India, they think, if they go to the temple their spirituality is over. If they, in the morning, do little pooja in the house, then their spirituality is over. It is not. You have to get your Self  realization. That is, your Spirit has to come in your attention. The Spirit is the witness of the play. It’s watching the play of all your activities, everything but is not in your attention but when you get your realization, then the Spirit comes as light in your attention and you get Bodha. The Christians, who were just after Christ, got realization, were called as Gnostics. Now the word ‘gna’ as you know ‘gyana’, we say gyana. 

‘Gna’ means knowledge. Knowledge is not mental knowledge but knowledge on your Central Nervous system. And these gnostics were tortured and troubled by many bishops and who called them, this is a blasphemy, they have no powers. As a result, when Thomas when he was coming the disciple of Christ, Saint Thomas when he was coming to India, he wrote all the treatise and hid them in a beautiful jar in Egypt, which was found only about 50 years back and now being decoded and surprisingly it’s called third    [UNCLEAR]   that, it is a spontaneous happening that has to come within you and that has to give you enlightenment. But this book is now going to be banned, I think, because it’s just going against all these churches and all these people, who have created huge, big organizations in the name of God and Christ. Because it is talking about Self realization only. Also we have in the West, another problem of people who call themselves intellectuals, who are rather perverted in their brains. They want to deny all that has been written down so far, they don’t want to accept that there is God, with them Spirituality is a myth and they are only there to criticize everything that is in them. This criticism in the West, I know presently things are too much and as a result of this criticism, not only of God but of beauty and of all beautiful creations of artists criticize, so there are no more Rembrandts, no more Michaelangelos  they’re all finished. No body will have even strength to come up to say that, “We are artists.” 

This is the situation. This intellectual criticism has become a gift built  in in the West. I hope this doesn’t trickle down to our country though our media has to be very careful. To keep to their personality as Indians and not as Western journalists, who want to have all the time something stupid and controversial. The other day, I asked some journalist that, “Why are you writing all these things about Me.” He said, “Mother, I must confess that as I am a scoundrel.” I said, “Better write that instead of writing such a thing.” So all these things are there which are working as negative forces and this is the best time for you to have your ascent, to get to your Spirit, to know your Spirit. This is true as    [UNCLEAR]   has said that, “Once you get your Self  realization, most of your problems just disappear.” Now how it happens, how these problems disappear? 

Supposing, you are standing in the deep water and you see waves coming and going and you are afraid of these waves. You’re watching them and you are all the time frightened that now I’ll be drowned but supposing you are saved and put on a boat, then you can watch these waves, also enjoy them. But supposing you learn swimming, you become a master of swimming, you can jump down and save others. Today that kind of a special atmosphere is around, as I told you yesterday, that this All  Pervading Power has become now dynamic because it is Kritayuga and this dynamism of this Kritayuga is going to work out everything so beautifully, so miraculously, that you can’t believe because the Divine itself, is very anxious that you should enter into the Kingdom of God. And that’s how it is going to work out but those people, who are going to shun the Truth and those who have also shut their eyes to the Reality, will be responsible for misleading others. But what is the advantage, why should we do it? By doing this kind of destructive work, what is the result? What are we going to get out of it? Instead of that, why not see for yourself, if it is possible to give realization to thousands of people and if, transformation of these lives is possible, why shouldn’t we all work it out to say to the whole world? And if in this country of ours, which I know is the holy country, we can do it better than anyone else, why not we, instead of following this kind of a group and that kind of a sangha, why not we become the Spirit, the powerful Spirit and the power is that of love. 

Love, which is like the sap in the tree, rises, goes to the various areas, it is either evaporated or it comes back to the roots. It does not get attached to any part, to any flower because if it gets involved into one flower, the tree will be killed and the flower will be killed. This love, which you call as Nirvaajya in Sanskrit language, is the power of God’s love, which is so encouraging, so considerate, so delicately it works out everything. Now think of a seed, if you plant it in the soil, how the root comes out and at the end of the root there is a very small little cell, which is very intelligent, which goes around and sees the passage if it is there and supposing there is a boulder, then it goes round that boulder, to create a support for the future tree. From where does this intelligence come? It’s from the same Power of Love of God. This Power of Love is so kind, so generous, it forgives whatever we might have done. It does not want to bother you about what has happened or what you have been doing, what wrong you have done no. It’s only aim is to give you your Self  realization. And later on to give you all the proof, all the pranmaan, that there is God and there is His love, which looks after, which guides us, which gives us all the blessings that we want. 

These blessings are already there but we cannot receive it. If you go to the river Ganges and do not want to fill your pitcher, the river Ganges cannot do anything about it. You have to have desire yourself to get the nectar of these blessings. When we think about ourselves, we think a very mundane manner but we are not mundane people. As I told you yesterday, look at our eyes, what a camera, look at our brain, what a computer! We are not mundane, we are not ordinary people, we are not animals. We are much above all of them. Just a little more journey for you to be that state of bliss. It is to be experienced. Yesterday all of you felt the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost, as they say, which is described by Adi Shakaracharya ‘Saleelam, saleelam’ means He’s called this Saundrya Lahiri They always felt in olden days are those which have written that they are in a realm where people are not yet and how to bring them up within. 

Kabira has said, [COUPLET]  Kaise samjahaoon sab jag andha means, how to make them understand , the whole world is blind. It is very, very difficult to convince people that there is another beautiful world waiting for you, to receive you    very difficult. To them these mundane things are reality but is not  and this, if you can ask within yourself, you can get it because the biggest time of blossoming has come and this is really a very, very great time that you are born at this time in this country. We have to understand our concern, which is very great based on pujas. All the culture is built on pujas. Also in West it was [UNCLEAR] it was but not anymore, not anymore. But even now in our country we have this puja, which is built  in within us and the sense of morality is there. But, despite all these things, our attention is not towards God. Our attention is not towards becoming the Spirit. We have very funny ideas that if we become the Spirit, God knows what will happen, will be become a sanyasi, we’ll have to leave our treasures, we’ll have to go away. 

In Sahaja yoga you don’t have to leave anything, you become within yourself. It’s the becoming which is important. We do not have anymore [UNCLEAR] it’s the becoming. And the becoming is only possible that once you get your Self  realization, you have to go to the Collective, as I told you yesterday but when you go to the collective, there only the cleansing will take place automatically. You all have heard many a times about Kundalini and the chakras [UNCLEAR]   also for you to see. But the actual experience of Self realization is what you should ask for, otherwise what’s the use? There are so many people giving lectures all over. What’s the use of listening to any lecture? We have had enough of this,  the brain is full of it but now no more of these talks. In Maharashtra it is said [MARATHI COUPLET] . 

Let us have it. Thus great joy which is promised to us in all the scriptures. It’s very easy, it’s Sahaja and I’m surprised because how people, who, I never expect, just jump so deep and understand. For example, [UNCLEAR] but in God realization, the way you understood it in such a short time I thought already you people were Sahaja [UNCLEAR] There are many people like that, whom I’ve met, they may be rich or poor, maybe anywhere, who just immediately get the experience and also know the greatness within them. Deep, inside of us, is the ocean of bliss, of joy but we have to take our attention inside and that only happens when Kundalini rises, your attention is taken inside and you feel it. This is what it is one has to ask for. The rest of the things you’ll find are insipid and useless. No use wasting time for these things but to enjoy yourself. How it happens, how a seed sprouts. You sow a seed. 

The seed has all the maps of all the trees it is going to produce, it has an idea and this Mother Earth has the power to germinate it that’s all. You don’t have to stand on your head, you don’t have to go to read some book or to [UNCLEAR] idea. It is so spontaneous, it is so simple. This simple trait is to be enjoyed, that’s what we’re here for, today and I think, I should now request you all to get your realization but people who are intelligent, really super intelligent, I should say, jump into Sahaja yoga very fast. We had people in Sahaja yoga, who always got a top degree, were first class first and also those who are very dedicated and very affectionate, simple people, get their realization without any difficulty. It is very surprising and amazing, how in the villages this time I went to Srirampur, there were many people, about a thousand people there and each one of them got realization. So it is working so fast. As I told you yesterday, no organization can work that fast as it is working. We have no membership, we have no register of members nothing but people are becoming Sahaja yogis, all over the world. So, as is here, basically as Maharashtrians, people who speak Marathi, we have great capacity to express our Spirituality to others. 

Our young boys, our younger women have really sparked the whole country. Instead of wasting their time in drugs and nonsensical things they have really achieved self-vision because, as I told you yesterday, that now the time of Bodhisattwa, the future Buddha has come. At the time of Buddha, it was all kinds of rituals and all kinds of hardship, individual progress was there to achieve the state of Buddha bodh. Bodh, meaning, to know on you Central Nervous System but in the future, the Bodhisattwa has to come and the Bodhisattwa is the one, who receives Self-realization because he’s Buddha but he’s capable of giving realization to others, if he has come as the benevolent of the whole society. He works for the benevolence of the society. He doesn’t have to run away from the society, he doesn’t have to take to sanyasa, nothing of the kind but he becomes that and he gives it to others. This is what is a Bodhisattwa and this is the time of Bodhisattwa. Buddha’s time now over, Christ’s time now over. Now whatever They have prophesied, this is the time to be fulfilled and we all, whatever religion we may follow, whatever ideas we may have, we take to our Self-realization and then see everything in the light of our Spirit. I hope you people have understood what is My desire is. 

I’m quite desirous that all of you should not only get your Self-realization but you should go deep into your own being and all your powers should be expressed. A Mother wants that Her child should be greater than the Mother why not? You can do it, you should try. Just work it out in a very simple way. As I requested you, that you have to go to the collective, if you want to have your cleansing done, forgetting what is your position, what is your [UNCLEAR] and you’ll be surprised, in that collective the microcosm of yours will become the macrocosm a drop becomes the ocean. That’s what you have to become the ocean, as that was [UNCLEAR] in Pasayadaan, for which things have been described very beautifully, is the modern times, where He says that, ‘Let the forests of Kalptaru walk they are Sahaja yogis, let the ocean of talking Ambrosia walk go ahead what are, they are Sahaja yogis and they become your relations taking towards Sahaja Yog. Gyaneshwara has seen the vision of Yoga, meaning the sustenance [UNCLEAR] He has seen the vision of all the saints, [UNCLEAR] He has seen the vision of these happenings He has described very clearly, very clearly. And also he had written it long time back. Bhrigumuni has described the time when the Kundalini will rise and people will achieve their good health and good mind. It’s all described all the people will be realized and the time has come when you should have whatever has been prophesized and whatever has been promised. 

So why not, we take the full advantage of it. I’m trying to give you [UNCLEAR] where you can really understand that we haven’t got the Absolute, we have to get to the Absolute and this is very important because we are living in a relative world and crossing from this end to that end. So we have to be in the Absolute. I wish today, all of you get your realization and you go in the collective and master this, master this Shudh Vidya (Pure Knowledge). You have to know all about it. May God bless you!

[Marathi transcription/translation missing] 

[Hindi to Enlgish translation]

      Yesterday we tried to awaken all our chakras and nourish them with our own hands. Today I say, that something else has happened. Yesterday all those who got their realization are sitting here today and because of them many people, I think, all the people got their realization. So now, you put your hands straight, like this. Take off the shoes, if you have put on and those who are sitting on the chairs,  put your both feet on the ground and take off your slippers.   

      Keep both your hands like this. Watch Me thoughtlessly. This is thoughtless awareness state. Now keep your right hand forward and bending the neck and keep your hand like this above your fontanel area. This is called adhantrik in Marathi. You don’t have to touch your Sahastrara, little away from it and you see whether you are feeling any cool or warm breeze out of your fontanel area. Now keep the left hand towards Me. Bend your neck. It will not happen otherwise without bending your neck. Keep your left hand and now while bending your neck, see with your right hand. The cool breeze is coming from your head. Now raise both your hands towards the sky and bend your neck backwards and ask a question within yourself, “Is this Paramchaitanya?” Ask the question within, three times, “Is this Brahmachaitanya?”   

      Now bring your hands down. Now see, there is no breeze anywhere. You can see from these leaves, that they are not moving, they are absolutely still but you can feel the breeze. There is absolutely no breeze here but are  feeling the cool breeze. This is Param Chaitanya. All those who have felt cool or warm breeze from their hands or fontanel bone area, may please, raise their hands. Oh! Many, many, blessings. See, I say, that I can never do such a thing in any foreign country. My hands start paining there. 

You all have been realized so soon. See how the cool breeze is blowing and see these leaves. How cool breeze is blowing! You all are great people, know that. You should value yourself. It’s a great joy you all have been realized and I bow to all of you. It is the blessing of this Mother India that you all got your realization so soon. Here many great Spiritual Souls had been born and now you have come here. After this, please go deep into Sahaja Yoga . We have many centers and there are many Sahaja yogis also here who know this only this connection should be absolutely unbreakable or unabated.   

      All your problems will be solved by practicing this for a few days. Eternal blessings!