Shri Mataji Dwara Atmasakshatkar

Kathmandu (Nepal)

1996-04-16 Shri Mataji Dwara Atmasakshatkar, Kathmandu, Nepal, 32'
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1996-04-16 Public Program Hindi Kathmandu NITL-RAW, 58'
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­­1996-0416 Public Program, Kathmandu, Nepal

All those, who are seeking the truth, my salutations to those saints. We, from within, keep searching for something or the other. There is no contentment within us. And, to tolerate anything, there is no energy within us. So, we should know, within us, why the discontentment, the hardship, the tension,  and worries are prevailing. The reason behind this is our mind. And this mind is an institution created by us. We have made this institution with two counteractions. One is, when there is an ego within us, we react because of this ego. When someone insults us or when we are angry with someone, or we want to destroy someone, the emotions cause turmoil of thoughts and it starts bubbling inside us.

   On the other side, our counteractions happen because of the rituals we follow. Good rituals are less and bad ones are more. Because of these rituals also, in the form of reactions, several thoughts get accumulated. All these accumulated thoughts create an institution, which is known as mind and we lead our life according to that and become a slave to our mind. For example, we discovered watches and became a slave to it. We become slave to the watch and get bonded to it.

    We discovered the computer and now we are slaving it. Similarly, we have created this mind and we are slaving it. In this slavery, we do not understand that we move away from genuinity, actuality, and reality. The same way we should move away from our mind. Until we move away from this mind, within us and within our mind the peace cannot be established.

   And for this purpose, the God Almighty has created an  energy  within us which is known as “kundalini”. By awakening this, we can reach beyond our mind and attain union with the all-pervading power of God’s Love which is omnipresent.

  Now, as there is a market for everything, similarly, everywhere kundalini also is being marketed. You cannot market this. This is a living process and you cannot sell this. For example, when and seed is sown in the earth, it sprouts by itself, similarly, the Kundalini which is within you, also sprouts by itself, in a simple way. Nothing needs to be done for that. For that, leave alone money, any other unnecessary  thing also is not required.

  Leave the house, become an ascetic, do this, do that, do penance, nothing of this sort is required to be done. Because in this “kaliyug”, no one has that much time. And secondly, you have already done all these things in your previous birth. Now in this life, you have to achieve that. And to achieve this,   you have come here. And, achieving this is very simple and easy. First of all, when your Kundalini awakens, cool breeze starts flowing from your hands. The all-pervading energy, about which you have been hearing till now, starts flowing from within you. And you start feeling, you start realizing that, this Kundalini energy has awakened, and is flowing from our hand. When this energy starts flowing from your hands, as a matter of fact, you become powerful. No one becomes powerful by money or arrogance. One becomes powerful by the energy within oneself. And, until this internal energy is awakened within us, we cannot become powerful or capable.

   Now, this energy is present within all of you. And to take advantage of this energy is your, today’s prime responsibility. If you don’t utilize this energy, then the fundamental question will arise that  “why you did not make use of this energy”.

Because this is necessary. In every religion, it has been told that you should take re-birth. That birth, which we call all as resurrection, or self-realization, should be achieved. But, if people think that they can achieve this black magic, then and they are sadly mistaken. On the contrary, Blackmagic can harm you a lot. Many problems can come with that. It is of no use. Instead, you lose all your money, you end up with some or other disease. It is very essential you attain this self-realization. In its radiance, you will achieve complete peacefulness. Not only this, in this light you will come across the absolute truth. You can know it on your fingertips.

   Because of Sahaja Yoga thousands of people have become healthy. Many diseases have vanished. Diseases like cancer have become alright. There is no need to give any money for this, no need to go to any doctor. You can cure this with your own energy. For this, you don’t have to go to any other person, you don’t have to do anything. And, when it is so easy to achieve, why shouldn’t you do so? If you have any kind of dilemma, for example, Your Children are not good in studies, after the awakening of Kundalini, I have seen that Children start getting the first rank. Because the energy inside our brain increases Several folds.

  A human being actually becomes very Virtuous and religious, in actual. Not in fake.

Not like, go to the temple in the morning and in the evening fight with everyone. In real he becomes religious. And this religion is one and only in the whole world. And this religion is of love, affection, and compassion. Until today we have never made use of the power of love, that is why all these problems have come up. When we awaken this power of love within us, we start understanding our Splendour and within us, thousands of energies are transmitted. For example, you can awaken others Kundalini also. You can cure other’s diseases also. And you can work for the betterment of others. And give them peacefulness.

  You don’t have to learn anything much in this. Within a month you become your own master. And you start knowing what you have to do, and how you have to bring everything into practice. At that time no one will come to tell you to do this or to do that.

  I have seen in foreign countries, people have stopped taking drugs overnight. Today they were given self-realization, and the next day they got rid of drugs. Because in that light you can see what is destructible for you and what is a booster for you. You get rid of the thing which can destroy you because you are capable of doing so. Many people want to get rid of it but they can’t do so. But when this energy awakens inside you, you get rid of the destructible thing.

  The third thing is, is your attention becomes completely focused. Its instability comes to an end. You sit in complete peacefulness. And peacefully, as a witness, you watch the drama of the whole world. As if some play is going on. And, as you see the play you can understand the goodness and vices present in that. Whatever personal problems you have, you can easily solve that also because you have come out of those problems.

   Thus, there are several advantages of this because you become a great personality of a very high caliber. And this transformation is essential. Because of this transformation, all kinds of problems get solved. Many people in the world have financial problems. Many are distressed because of the financial problem.

   People with good financial status also are distressed, and those with poor financial status also are distressed. The reason behind this is, the source of the economic system within us is the place of Lakshmi, which has its own arrangement. That Chakra of Lakshmi when gets awakened, gets purified and gets completely nourished by the Kundalini, then you get the blessings of Lakshmi also. This kind of different functions, take place in different Chakras, and in every Chakra you are given a complete personality. After seeing this, you should understand what a holy opportunity is this for you. And there is so much of importance in this, that you should not deprive yourself of receiving your self-realization.

   The first thing is to achieve this. And after achieving this, the benefit you get will be innumerable. Where ever your attention goes, it will be implemented there. It is very surprising that people do not believe it. They do not trust their own self, that they can do all this. If you have even a little confidence in yourself then this work can happen absolutely. The greatest thing is that you do not feel tired of anything. Your age stops at that point. And whatever amount of work you do, you don’t feel the burden of the work. You feel very surprised how blissfully you receive all kinds of blessings. All these things are to be experienced. But for this, specific type of people are required. In Marathi, it is known as “pahije jathi che”. They should have a caliber. That doesn’t mean he should be a brahmin, a Muslim or Hindu or a non-brahmin. Only those who have this caliber from within, the understanding and the strength, can handle this and can get deeper into this.

   But I have seen that even very ordinary people also go deeper into Sahaja Yoga. In villages also Sahaja Yoga has spread well. Everywhere it has spread. It is anyway there In India, but more than that you can see that Sahaja yoga has spread well in Russia, Austria, and everywhere else. Similarly, you also should achieve this.

   For this, you don’t have to pay any money, because it is a living process. By evolution, You have become a human being and now from a human being, you have to evolve to the form of a spirit. This is the truth that you are not this body, mind, ego, emotion, or this title, but you are a pure spirit. You have to get into that form of a spirit.

    And the second truth is, this all-pervading Power of God’s energy is keen for us, that our Kundalini awakens and we unite with that energy of love. There is a lot to say, but there is not so much time. But I request you that whoever attains the awakening today, they should think that they have germinated, and if you want this to grow into a big tree, you will have to give this give this some time and look at yourself. After that, you see, to what height you grow. Some time, you should take out for yourself also. And, for that there are many centres. You can go there. You don’t have to pay any money there also. No money at all. After going there, you can see how you can achieve the energy, which is within you.

 Here, there is no difference in any cast, any country or colour. You are a human being and within every human being, this energy is present. All of you achieve this. My infinite blessings to you all.

   Now all of you sit peacefully. And all of you be confident that that all of you are going to be awakened today, this moment. Meaning, don’t find fault with yourself. Some people start thinking that ” how can the awakening happen within me,  I have committed this sin, and that sin”. And others also keep telling you that you have done bad deeds in your Previous births, and so you have to pay money for that. They keep saying this kind of nonsense. Whoever is saying such things, is the real sinner. At this moment, it you are in front of me, and you are not at all a sinner. So, please think that, whatever defects you had, is past tense, don’t think about it now. Right now you peacefully think that “I am not at all guilty”.

 If you think otherwise this Chakra (vishuddhi) will catch. When you think that you are guilty, this Chakra catches, which results in many diseases, which are called in English as spondylitis, angina, and several kinds of other diseases occur because of this one Chakra.

   Whatever has happened is past, why are you still thinking about it? Now is the time to correct all your mistakes. So kindly forgive yourself. And secondly you forgive everyone, completely. Just think about them also is a mistake. Because that will give you headaches. Now you think, whether you forgive or you don’t forgive, what do you do? You don’t do anything. What do you do, nothing. But when you don’t forgive, you trouble yourself and cheat yourself for those who troubled you. So wholeheartedly you forgive everybody and you need not even think about them.

   You all are living in a very sacred country. So, keeping in mind, the sanctity of this Mother Earth, and protecting its honor, all of you keep your hands towards me. All of you, little above like this. Both hands like this. Because, these five fingers, 6th, and 7th, and this 5, 6 and 7, are indicative of our Chakras. And, in medical terms, these are supposed to be the nerve endings of the sympathetic nervous system. So, you keep your hands like this. After keeping your hands like this, if you want  you can remove your spectacles, it is not compulsory. Keep your right hand like this and bend your head. And check, from your bramharandra, Which we call as fontanelle bone, which was a soft bone in our infancy, keep your left hand above that, and check, with your head bent, from within you any cool or hot breeze like Vibrations are coming or not? Adi Shankaracharya described this as “salilam, salilam”. “The cool breeze”. I hope you all have removed your shoes. And whoever is sitting on the chair keep your feet apart. Rest everything is fine. Now see if it is coming. The flow of vibrations, from your own head is coming or not? Don’t doubt. Cold or hot. If you are getting hot breeze then it means that you have not forgiven yourself or forgiven others.

So kindly forgive everyone. Some people may get above the head and some may get closer to the head. Don’t touch your head keep above.

   Now you keep your left hand towards me. And with your right hand check again main, from your fontanelle bone, cold or hot Breeze is coming or not? I feel, many of you are thinking that you are guilty. That is why hot air is coming. Kindly stop thinking that.

Now one more last time, keep your right hand towards me. Everyone, do that. With your head bent check with your left hand again if the cool breeze is coming out of your crown. Many people talk unnecessarily that kundalini awakening does this and that. Nothing like that happenes.

You feel restful. All the problems are solved. All the diseases are cured. Mental peace is acquired. Many powers are awakened within. Those who talk unnecessarily about Kundalini, they do that because they do not know how to awaken it. haan! Now now you all rise both your hand above your head and look up and ask ok a question. 3 times ask one question. ” mother! Is this all-pervading power? Is this Bramha chaitanya? Call me mother or Shri Mataji. Ask in your mind three times. Now bring your hands down. Keep your both hands towards me like this and look at me without thinking. Look at me and don’t think. If someone is getting the cool breeze from the lower part of the hand, they can do like this and bring the cool breeze on top of the palm. Do it  2-3 times and it will shift up. Look at me. Beyond the thoughts, meaning don’t think. You can do that. Like this, you go beyond the mind and the thoughtless state has established within you. It has happened so quickly. This is because of the effect of Kalyug, (blossom time). Here, everything happens quickly.

    Now you can see that none of the trees are moving, flowers are not moving, but still you are getting the cool breeze. But, whatever we get easily, we do not understand the importance of that thing. So, now you have germinated, you will have to  grow into a huge tree. This is your duty towards yourself. And, when you grow, you also can correct thousands of people. You can uplift the poor condition of this place. And you can bring changes here. This becomes your responsibility.

                                My infinite blessings to you all. Infinite blessings.