The Liver is controlled by the Swadisthan Chakra, as also are the spleen, pancreas, kidneys and part of the intestines (1989-0801); The liver is the giver of your attention (1998-0706); Now liver trouble is another thing you yourself do not feel… others know you are liverish… the way you are hot tempered… the way you are fussy… the way you snarl at people… the way you are never satisfied with anything… the way you criticise others… all this is liverish. Such liverish people are never happy with themselves. The liver looks after your attention… and those who have liver problems, their attention is horrid… when they walk… they don’t walk straight… but their eyes are going this way… that way… their attention is wobbly… because of a bad liver (1982-0514)

Liverish people are all angry people… they don’t know they are… they think they are very sweet… but they are very irritated… then, when they realise… they just keep quiet… don’t talk much… and they keep all irritation within themselves. So the whole thing then explodes. English people are like that. If English are angry… then save yourself. But normally they control their tongue too much… control… control… control… and then. So best thing is… if you get into anger… you should go out, and take out your anger… say whatever you want… out loud… and finish it off… or take a pillow, and hit it (.0012)

Anger… Krodh, starts from the liver but is expressed through the Vishuddhi. The face becomes red, the eyes become red, and from the mouth all kinds of horrible things are said. The whole expression is so different, when you are angry. So this anger is to be seen… where it is… the ‘liver’; To master it you have to face yourself clearly. Krodh is the worst enemy, according to Shri Krishna (1991-0001)

Not to bear anger within you… it comes from your liver. You may not even show anger… but inside is anger… so just take it out… clear it out… the liver. If you go on accumulating anger, and bearing it up… it burns your liver… if you show it off… it burns others’ livers. So best is to take it out… say, take a pillow… and hit it hard… or which ever way… take it out (1981-0904)

Now a person who thinks too much, plans too much, and thinks he is responsible for the whole world affairs… in this myth… develops his ego to a great extent… he uses his right side Swadisthan too much… by which his left side suffers too much… and then he develops all the problems of the left side in the organs. First of all… the Swadisthan can’t look after the liver, so he develops a liver (1981-1006; 1989-0801; 1979-0609.3); Over-thinking gives you liver (1979-1118); If we are hectic, and run about too much, we can also get… liver problems, diabetes etc. (1983-0131); The liver gives us the ego part – Lakshmana looks after the liver, and destroys the ego (1986-1223)

Now this liver has a special capacity to extract all the poisons from the body… as heat… and the heat in the body is to be conveyed to the blood… and that has to be taken out of the body… maybe as perspiration… or in other forms. But what happens is that when this liver is out of gear… it cannot pass this heat into the blood stream… and the heat remains in the body… and you become heated up… and that makes all these problems for you. Those people who have bad liver feel a little heat when the Kundalini rises… but you can definitely cure your liver… no doubt about it (1982-0514)

Some of you might start feeling hot in the hands… maybe some of you… if so, you can just throw it away… or… those who are feeling the ‘left’ hand hot, please put your right hand on the heart… those who are feeling hot in the ‘right’ hand, then you put your left hand on the liver… just below the ribs… and right hand towards me (1979-0524)

In Sahaja Yoga, we regard the left hand as the minus hand, and the right hand as the plus hand. Whatever you may do with the left hand, you are sucking in, whilst with the right hand you are giving out. So as an example, if you want to correct a liver which is overheated, you put the left hand on the liver, and the right hand outside, and then you are taking the heat from the liver, and giving it out with the right hand (1980-0517.2); To clear the liver, it is no good trying to use the fire element (directly – Ed), because it would be adding fire to fire – so if you want to use the fire, then you must take out heat from the liver with the left hand, and give it to the fire with the right hand (1980-0517.2)

Supposing you are a liver patient… so we give you some sanctified or vibrated sugar to eat… white sugar. Now doctors will say… ‘don’t take white sugar’… but we have cured so many people of liver troubles… also migraines… and this and that… and so many problems of allergies are to be cured. Now for that, of course, we say for about a month you just don’t eat some fats… you see that’s alright… (1982-1008); Those who are liver patients can take sugar, but otherwise you should not take too much sugar (1988-1221); Sugar is so important for our combustion (1987-1213); You must take sugar… it’s important for the liver (1981-1006); The liver is called ‘liver’, because it is connected with life (1987-0408); Also… Channa… is good to eat if you have a liver problem (1981-1103)

The left hand side people are the people… who have… lethargic organs… heart, liver, intestines… (1988-0921); Allergies of the skin can be the result of a lethargic liver, resulting from a left side imbalance of the Swadisthan Chakra (1984-0313); A lethargic liver gives you allergies… all kinds of allergies come to people through their lethargic livers (1983-0209); Right side diseases include: cirrhosis of the liver, unhealthy skin which is sallow… (1983-0209)

Flowing colds, characterised by sneezing, running nose, and hay fever are due to the liver producing heat (1987-0408); The liver gives heat, whilst the cooling is done by Vishuddhi (1983-0202); Those who have got flowing colds must know that they are liver patients… they should put some ice on their livers. Also they should put their left hand on their liver, and their right hand toward the photograph, and in the water, salt… it’s a right side – those who are sneezing, or feeling hay fever, or flowing of cold… just try to treat your liver and you’ll be alright (1987-1224)

Alcohol… was not intended for us to drink, but was provided for us as a polish. Gin is good for polishing diamonds. However if we drink it, then our liver suffers, being also polished, and so preventing the transfer of the heat into the blood. The result is that we become hot tempered and angry. We also can become confused and wobbly when we drink alcohol, which is against our attention (1981-0328); I never tell ‘don’t drink’… you go ahead… have cancer… then come to me. Have your liver absolutely shattered… be a drunken fellow… then you come to me (1979-0608.1)

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Chakras affected: Swadisthan; Right Side; Left Side

– end – 30 Sep 2002