2nd Public Program

Rome (Italy)

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2nd Pubblic Program april 28th 1982 Roma,Italy

I bow to all the seekers of truth Yesterday I gave you an introduction to the spontaneous happening of self-realization through Sahaja yoga. there is no other method than the spontaneous and the living process. as all the seeds sprout the same way, in the same manner, your awakening also takes the same way. today especially as asked by someone I would like to tell you ABOUT THE ASPECT OF THE DEITIES ON THESE Centers. It’s written in the Bible that THOU SHALL NOT recreate anything or reproduce anything that is created by the Mother Earth or the Sky and worshipped. But the first part is people pay more attention to the second part where it says whatever is created by the Mother Earth and the Sky. Now what is created by the Sky and what is created by the Mother Earth? The one that can worship, you’ ll be amazed that this Mother Earth can understand much more than we know And this Mother Earth produces through her being such stones or such images which have a coefficient which emits vibrations For example, in England, we have a place called Stone Henge for a normal person, it is something mysterious but it is produced by the Mother Earth and it is placed in three and a half coils exactly. But some people who do not understand the meaning of it took up the stones and placed on top of other stones and there is a cult that blindly goes and worships the place. But if a realized soul goes there he can feel the vibrations of that place. Now for you to understand whether it is a real thing coming out or not the best way is to get realization. I just saw the photograph of Stone Henge and I said that is the place of worship. but those who are not realized also go there and worship there, it has no meaning. because if you are not a realized soul you are not connected and you do not understand what you are doing and thousands of years have passed these stones are standing as they are. now also people have found out that when the magnet is used on the ground there are some places where…6.10…… means there is more magnetism coming from the mother earth just it pulse it down. These are the possible spots where later on the MO may bring out that kind of stone which have that coefficient. For examples, the stone that they worship in Mecca was already mentioned in the Purana in the ancient book of India. It is called Meccarshwarshee, so it is true that that stone has a power to emit vibrations. Now in the Islamic religion, it is prohibited absolutely just as in Christianity to worship any statue, because the reproduction of any one of these will be done mostly by people who are money oriented. and these money oriented people cannot produce that effect out of the stone of whatever material they use which is genuine and divine. For example, Notredame has got a statue of Mother Mary which is vibrating because it was done by some unknown artist who was a realized soul. Here also the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican is very vibrating because it was created by Michelangelo who was a realized soul. So the one that is created by a realized soul is vibrating. In India we have places where there is Shiva’s Temples are formed on it comes out of himself, we have got 12 water lingas actually the two last are divided into two halves means they are in two places. But for a person who is not a realized is just the same whether they worship this Shiva Lingas or they worship any other thing, it has no meaning they don’t understand, they are blind. In the beginning, when the search for the spirit started, people saw deities placed on these centres. But when they saw that these centres had these deities they made statues out of that. And they started praying to those statues. So if you have to get to the nectar or to the honey in the flower they started talking about the flower. And that is how they got lost in the flower. Now the thing was when a person like Crist or a person like Mahomet or these people came on this earth, they saw this idolatry was going on of the things which are not vibrated and the people who are blind. So they started talking only about the honey so the people should care for the honey. Of course, all of them said that you must get your second birth, that you can get your self-realization, I think sy can come forward and the others can sit down… you are all right, young people can sit, …they can come forward …………………….. spostamenti in sala Now they thought it was better to talk about the honey that it was contained in the flower and put the attention of the people on the honey itself. But their followers have not realized souls and because they were not realized souls they started their own ideas about getting to the honey. So they talked about a god without a form. But they also talked and talked and talked. they did not follow what these great incarnations said that you have to be born again. Human beings are very good at making a mess of everything that is real. So to get to the honey what has to happen that you have to become the bee. If you are not the bee you cannot get to the honey whether you talk of the honey or of the flower. Why these people talk so much building up dogmas after dogmas, all artificial. The simple thing was to get a realization which is the very very simple thing done by the kundalini that is within you. Some people also thought of the kundalini but they also dogmas out of it. With these dogmas, you cannot reach there .on the contrary with these dogmas 10.10 people only fight ad try hatred for each other. and these dogmas only have made all these religions, say .all these. praises of God useless. It is why becoming a kind of a quarrelling place medina (?) for people. Like in England now the pope is coming they are fighting, that crowd that Catholicism and Protestantism in fundamentalist separate different. There are only one fundamental and that is Crist. They all talk of God and then how can they be fundamental differences. To me, A simple person like I can’t understand these quarrels of the intellectuals and their fights. If you have to eat the fruit better eat the fruit. What is the use of counting the leaves and fighting what number they are? So the mind or the attention was taken away from these deities for this reason that people should not get entangled with them may reproduce their statues and worship them. And no use doing that.there are 12 Shivas I told you and there are so many of the Vishnu, real ones, and there are 8 Vinayaka, Ganeshas, in India 28 of the Primordial Mother, but what’s the use, Indians are hopelessly bad. They are not realized, people. Maybe of these vibrations they are rather frightened of God and they do not take for things that are good for sustenance easily as other people have done but they are very materialistic, they could be more materialistic than the western people. For in England I have very few Indian disciples so even if they belong to a place where there are vibrations going on they may have no effect on them. It’s like rain falling on the upside down part of a bowl (?). Now today when I talk of deities one must know that there is one God and He has one power which is Love. This Divine Love is the Shakti is the power which is we call as the Primordial Mother if He is the Primordial Father. Now I am one person but I have got a heart, I have got a liver, I have got a brain and I have got my digestive system. And the whole is a very complicated system. When we say we have one God we think He is like a rock of Gibraltar. He is a living God and He has different aspects. which are represented as different deities and that what is reflected in you also because God created this Earth to see its reflection. This universe is His mirror and when human beings become perfect, they get their realization and improve and improve on to them they reflect God fully in themselves. Now it is said in the Bible that God made the man on His own image. Now supposing this is the image now supposing this is the image of a man so God has to be something like this and this image has got 7 centres within is mainly so that also has got 7 centres within himself. So this image of man has the most important ….as the heart. And in that heart resides the God Almighty as Spirit. In Sanskrit is called Sadashiva, in Arabic is called Rahim, in the Bible is called as Jenova. Now this power is the Holy Ghost ,is the Primordial Mother, is expressed in the human beings in the Kundalini that is in the triangular bone (can you came up some more??) in the beginning they are both one, and at the state of entropy where they are sleeping at that state they are called as Parabrahma, you must excuse because I am using Sanskrit words because there are no English words for this. Italian is better but French is much worse because there are no words for awareness. Because as I told you in India it was the search in the root that evolved all this knowledge. Actually, Sanskrit means made holy. Now, this Parabrahma is the One that is in a sleeping state, nothing is created. Then the Parabrahma awakens, it is an eternal process. When it is awakened, then the desire of God or love of God wants to create. So He separates His power, the Primordial Power from Himself and this Primordial Power creates. In the same way in a human being, it is reflected the power of desire on one side and on the right side the power of creativity or power of action. Now with this power which is the active power God, God’s Primordial Power becomes 2 powers that are first of desire and then divides into two Is first is the power of desire and third the power of action. They separate from the God Almighty who is the witness of the play of the Primordial Mother. Now there is a Third Power that is within us placed and that is the Power of Evolution or the Power of Sustenance. By this power, we have become from amoeba to human beings.Now after becoming the human being we become the higher human being where we get related to the whole by the awakening of this Primordial Power which is the Holy Ghost placed within us as Kundalini, reflected in us. Now the first centre WHICH IS PLACED BELOW THE KUNDALINI IS THE CENTER OF YOUR INNOCENCE. Is the child within you? We can say in evolution till we became the carbon atom ( non si sente) centre is called as Shri Ganesha ….

32.53. now the same Shri Ganesha incarnated on this earth much later