The Chakras

The chakras, are placed either in the spinal cord or in the brain, and cannot be seen with the naked eye. They give rise to the gross centres outside. The Mooladhara chakra is below the Kundalini and alone is not pierced by the Kundalini when she rises (1979-1203)

The Kundalini is… settled down in the Triangular Bone down below there… in the end of the spinal cord… that is a sacred place… and is waiting there to arise (1980-0102); This Kundalini… this residual force… which rises, passes through all the chakras… and enters into the subtle being that we are… by which we get connected to each other (1979-0618); When the Kundalini has awakened, and the whole central nervous system is enlightened… that new awareness that arises… Collective Consciousness… allows us to feel what is happening to the chakras of ourselves and of others (1984-0702)

The mechanism that is placed within you… is placed inside your spinal cord, except for the last chakra, which is red in colour, and which is outside… and which controls the pelvic plexus within you… is the most important chakra… which emits innocence. The Deity sitting on it is Shri Ganesha… who represents the stage between animals and man. At every point, at every chakra… he bestows on you the blessings of his innocence (1977-1121); The hidden power of Shri Ganesha is left Vishuddhi, and is acting like chastity, through the left Vishuddhi; Chastity is the basis of all the chakras… if left Vishuddhi catches, all the left chakras become weak (1985-0901)

The Adi Shakti… who is reflected in totality as Mahakali, who then when She desires, divides and produces the 2 other powers of Mahasaraswati and Mahalakshmi (1989-0619), and with these arise the three: Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha – these three types of powers always play on the chakras. The female is the power, and the male is the kinetic power (1985-0901)

The centres are shown on the hand… the seven centres on the right hand… the five fingers, and six and seven… they deal with your physical, and your intelligence, your mental side and also with your future. On the left side we also have the seven centres (1989-0617.2)

Now… a ‘centre’ is formed… by the coming together from the left and the right, (indicating the left and right channels coming together, to form a single central channel)… and this (indicating the resulting central channel) is the one through which the Medulla Oblongata passes… the Spinal Cord… this is the Spinal Cord (1982-1008); The Parasympathetic… is that part of the nervous system in the central channel, the Sushumna Nadi (1981-0928) which gives the balance (1987-0500)… which brings things back to normal… relaxes and nourishes… after the sympathetics have initially responded to an emergency; Is formed by loops from the left and right sympathetics, and wherever these loops meet, are formed energy centres known as the Chakras (MME); Is part of… the Autonomic Nervous System… that ‘self governing’ nervous system, comprising the left and right sympathetic, and the central parasympathetic nervous systems (1984-0731)

The subtle energy centres, found in the main behind the nerve plexuses, along the length of the three channels, the Ida, Pingala and Sushumna Nadis, and which are made from the different ‘elements’, and connected to each of which is a different aspect of the Divine (1984-0702) – the chakras… where these Deities are residing (1979-0609.3); Which are like the milestones, placed within us (1979-0616), representing our growth in the evolutionary process (1980-0809); There are 7 basic centres… but 11 otherwise… that we deal with… not more than that… because it’s too much of a headache… though there are more (1979-0608.1)

The first 6 chakras are represented in the Sahastrara, at their respective peetas or seats, along the mid line, starting at the back with the Mooladhara, surrounded by the Swadisthan, and then followed by the Nabhi, Heart, Vishuddhi, and finally the Agnya. All

6 combine to make the 7th, the Sahastrara, which is a hollow space. On the sides are 1000 nadis, which when enlightened look like gentle flames burning, in all the 7 colours, and which finally integrate to become a crystal clear flame. In transverse section, the appearance is like that of petals (1983-0204); The ‘centres’ are like ‘silent tongues of flames’… especially the centre at the top – I’ll appear before you like tongues of flames’ (1982-1008)

The five elements create the 6 chakras within you… the chakras are created out of these 5 elements, and they give us a support to have the Deities… an Asana, a seat for the Deities to come in (1980-0927); But the basic point is that all the great Incarnations who came on this Earth, exist within us on all these centres (1979-0618)

If you have too much of one element in you, you have to reduce it. For example, if you have too much of light in your head, means you are egoistical… or if there is too much air in your body… then you have to use this air that is outside, to take away the surplus. All the five elements that have created these centres, can be corrected, manoeuvred, adjusted, balanced, put into complete coordination and integration… by the techniques of Sahaja Yoga (1979-0722)

In our Sahaja Yoga, we consider three chakras as the lower chakras, or centres… the Nabhi… the Swadisthan… and the Mooladhara. Now Shri Krishna said, thousands of years back that the human awareness, the Chaitana, grows downwards… and the roots of the Chaitana or awareness, are in the brain. So now… the first one… of these three is the Nabhi Chakra, where a person starts seeking… food, shelter, all life’s necessities… and either he can go upwards or downwards. The essence of this centre is Swaha, meaning the consumption. So all those people who started developing… started consuming. Then they went to the second chakra, the Swadisthan… where they started entering into space… that is Antariksha… and tried to find out what is on the Moon… what is on Jupiter. Now the third awareness has grown… into the Mooladhara… and so the attention went to this horrid thing called sex… and in the west, people have become nothing but sex points. I’ve seen it everywhere… that just filth exists. With this downward movement… what do we expect people to be – they have to be violent. If you make them worse than animals… what will happen… they have to be cruel, despotic… and after this… the next step is Hell… Nagasaki… or anything (1986-0224)

I have known of people who were caught up with Left Vishuddhi and have become devilish by nature… devilish… they have gone out of Sahaja Yoga… they have criticised Sahaja Yoga… they have tried to trouble me a lot… so don’t think that if Vishuddhi is spoiled there’s nothing so special about it – it can be a very dangerous centre. Of course Heart, Agnya and Vishuddhi… these three centres one has to guard against… so at the Vishuddhi chakra one has to be extremely careful (1986-0823)

Disease… is the exhaustion on all the centres – because they are the underlying forces of all the plexuses that we have – when they get exhausted, the plexuses get exhausted… then we develop diseases… physical, mental and emotional (1979-0608.1); If there is sickness, it means that there is something wrong – if one is working for God, then one must be healthy (1979-0416); There will be no problems with health, if the centres are cleared (1979-0507)

We have limited energies, and can get into maladies, if we go to right or to left too much. All problems are due to bad centres. Problems, whether physical, mental, emotional, social, or material are due to bad centres, but which are cured by Kundalini (1987-1023)

Now… you are not to use your thinking for correcting your chakras – you cannot think about it and sort it out. What you can do is put bandhans, or you can give yourself a balance… with your hands… you have to move your hands and not your brains… alright. In your hand it is flowing… whether you are catching or not catching, it is flowing from your hand… it is there… the flow from your hand is there… little bit is always there (1980-0907); Sahaja Yoga does not work on mental level… it works on the Spiritual level, which is much higher than the mental level. Some people still live on the mental level, and try to solve problems on that level, and that’s why all these problems start coming up. So what we have to do is to understand how to correct our chakras. If you have certain chakras catching, try to improve your chakras with the photograph… with all due respect to the photograph… it is only the photograph that is going to work it out (1983-0121)

We have got different mantras for different chakras… if one chakra is catching, then you work on that chakra only, and develop your mantras on that. For example, if you want to say something for your heart, first of all you must ask forgiveness from God, because your attention has not been so much as it should have been, on the Spirit. Or if you have done any mistakes, ask for forgiveness. Now you have to ask from your heart… whatever you have to say, say it from your heart (1980-0907)

Worry and frustration with yourself… when you start identifying with your instrument not being in proper condition… then there is going to be a problem. You have to laugh at yourself, at your mechanism that is out of order. If your chakras are spoilt, you can solve it – there are so many methods. You are not the chakras, or the different channels… you are the awareness… the power… the Kundalini (1976-0330)

Some of the things are sucked by the Mother Earth… some are sucked by the flame… can be the flame… can be the fire… the Sun also sucks in… the sky also… depends on what centres you have in problem… on what problems you have… alright. But on the whole, the Mother Earth is the most gracious thing… she helps the maximum I think (1982-1008)

The Kundalini is… settled down in the Triangular Bone down below there… in the end of the spinal cord… that is a sacred place… and is waiting there to arise (1980-0102); This Kundalini… this residual force… which rises, passes through all the chakras… and enters into the subtle being that we are… by which we get connected to each other. You all are like, say, pearls… and there is a string going through you… but you cannot feel the string – you are on the pearl… you attention is on the pearl. So supposing by any chance it happens… it’s a happening… your attention goes on the string, then you can pass into everybody (1979-0618); When the Kundalini has awakened, and the whole central nervous system is enlightened… that new awareness that arises… Collective Consciousness… allows us to feel what is happening to the chakras of ourselves and of others (1984-0702)

In Puja, all your Chakras will be awakened… it’s a very deep experience… so come with an open mind… keep yourself open… with a receptive mind… and don’t talk in the morning too much… just take your breakfast… and come with a calm mind (1983-1001); Puja works very well, because it satisfies lots of demands of past habits – that you feel that you are doing something about it; The Rishis and Munis have found out how to please the Deities, how to please the Mother. When you praise someone from the heart, that means that you are accepting it, and that is the time that the chakras start creating a force, by which you are thrown into the Realm of God. These methods of Puja, Prayer and Mantras have been found out by great Masters of Sahaja Yoga… and these methods make my Body to vibrate, they extract the essence from my Body. It makes the Infinite release itself through this Finite Being… and it works… works very well (1976-0330)

You know that after Puja, I get a little tired, because if you cannot receive it, that force… I want to sleep and get rid of that additional vibrations… into Sushupti… by entering into the Infinite state. That means that when you are doing Puja, receive it also – be in thoughtless awareness when you are doing Puja, completely concentrated and receiving. But people are talking, are moving about – that is the time the nectar is oozing out… you just receive it at that time, with full devotion. If you feel the vibrations of my chakras at that time… you will realise that even the minute small little wheels in my body are moving at different speeds… and different dimensions… and I don’t know how to explain… but it creates a melody… and you have to receive it… and it is a melody individually suitable for every individual… and when you recive it… it triggers in you that state of infinity. So at that time of Puja you must know that… all your attention should be in reception (1976-0330)

Whatever pleases your Spirit is used in the Puja… is to be given… when you do for God, the blessings come to you… you are blessed; It’s a very subtle thing to understand… to move from gross to Spirit… this is the thing by which you move… because first you enlighten your chakras… then by enlightening your chakras your Deities get happy, Prasanna… by making the Deities happy, you get a passage for the Kundalini to pass through… and by making the passage for the Kundalini, the Kundalini goes up… and then your attention starts becoming one with the Spirit. It is step by step you move, from matter to subtler matter, from subtler matter to your chakras, from chakras to Deities, from Deities to… the Spirit. Then Spirit enjoys itself… so there, you do not have to do anything. That’s why these things were prescribed… people could not see this linkage… they thought why should we give anything to God… after all it is all His own. You have reached a stage where you have to detach yourself from matter (1980-0927)

Before you stands someone who has control over all the centres, over all the powers, who is All Powerful. How much advantage you have taken of that is the important thing; We have come here at a very important time. Historically this is a very important time, and when we are with our Mother is the most important time, of that important time – we should take full advantage of that… in the real sense of the word. Those who are wise take the best advantage, which is the growth within; In Mother’s Presence, in India, people become more protocolish, whilst in England people start taking advantage, making fun, joking – you cannot. You cannot be frivolous, or shallow with somebody so intense (1983-0723.3)

We should listen to the Mother, in the form of whom, the whole of the Brahmachaitanya has come, to shower us with the Chaitanya, to enrich us, to nurture us, to develop us. She is the Master of the Sahastrara, the Master of all the chakras. But She is beyond the Sahastrara – much beyond. Such is the situation that we must listen to whatever She says, and we should obey Her (1987-0503.1); There are certain problems that arise sometimes when we don’t listen to the Mother (1988-0101)

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