Shri Ganesha Puja: He’s a giver of wisdom

Shere (India)

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Shri Ganesha Puja. Pune (India), 15 December 1991.

English Talk

Today we are really sitting in very close relationship with the nature.
The whole thing, as you can see very clearly, is done by villagers and in a very simple way and I’m sure you must all be enjoy-ing it very much.
Today being the first puja in Maharastra, we have to do Ganesha Puja, but one has to understand how it is so important in Maharastra that people worship Ganesha. As you know there are … eight Ganeshas are there around this area and this triangle of Maharastra which has got on one side one big mountain. On the other side we have another mountain which, of course, is not in Maharastra. And also on top we have another mountain. So like a triangle which is made like a Mooladhara means the Kundalini itself.
So the kundalini of the whole world resides in this area. That’s why it is called, we should say, as Maharastra, as the country which is very great, the nation which is very great. But I don’t know how far Maharastrians realize that they are sitting in the land of Maharastra.
This land which is vibrated by Shri Ganesha has its own simplicity, has its own vibrations, a different style, a differ-ent type. The best part of Maharastra is that it gives you a very good attention. With Ganesha so much vibrating, the attention becomes very concentrated and this concentration helps you in so many ways and that is why it is said that Ganesha was created to spread or to emit auspiciousness and holiness. Actually, if there is holiness there is auspiciousness. For Ganesha is t he one actually who cleanses everything, cleanses everything because it is innocence and the innocence that cleanses you takes away all kinds of conditionings and egos that are distracting your attention.
So the attention which is so wobbly otherwise in other places can settle down very well in Maharastra because of Shri Ganesha’s blessings that this country has, that people have very good attention. With that good attention you can really do so many things like now, for example, you can see the software. Good mathematics. They’re very good at music because all these things require tremendous attention. Art, dancing, anything which requires tremendous attention, that has to come only through Ganesha. Because they say Ganesha is a giver of wisdom. He’s a giver of wisdom. Means just His wisdom becomes just a dharma, becomes a part and parcel of your being. You become just wise. Now somebody may ask, Mother how to become wise. It’s very difficult to say how to become wise. It is just that it happens that you become wise. So, though He’s a child, He’s so matured. He’s so wise. And He’s not only that, but He emits wisdom and this wisdom is an innate quality of anyone who is a Sahaja Yogi because in him, also, Shri Ganesha has been awakened.
So he becomes a wise person, very wise, and with wisdom what does he achieve? He achieves a balance, a proper ascent and also he understands that this ascent is for his benevolence, for the benevolence of his country, benevolence of the whole world. He understands the importance of Sahaja Yoga. Without this wisdom, one cannot understand. And this wisdom is within us, just absolutely, innately built in. Only thing is we have to use the storehouse of this wisdom that is within us.

Of course, with Sahaja Yoga, it starts emitting and you start feeling and you start understanding what this wisdom is. You give up all your stupid, childish things. You give up all your attachments. You give up many of your, say, things that you don’t like which doesn’t behove you. You feel that you should give up, but you cannot. But, with Sahaja Yoga, it just hap-pens automatically and you just see in your light what is needed, what is not needed. In that wisdom you throw away whatever is wrong.
So that a great work this Ganesha has to do within ourselves. This manifestation of Ganesha within us is very important, I think, not that it is only the blessings, but also the foundation stone of spiritual life is Shri Ganesha. That’s why I’ve been very anxious that we should find out proper schools for our children. They should have proper education and they should be looked after because their Ganesh Tattwa is already there. Only thing we have to nourish it, we have to look after it and make it grow. Once that happens then children are safe. Then nothing, nothing can harm them. Nothing they will absorb which is wrong. They will never be again in the wrong path. But if from early childhood, you did not have this kind of training or this kind of understanding about Kundalini or about wisdom part of it, you can never, later on, easily assimilate it. For that, you really require a great effort and understanding that you have to have this. It’s so beautiful. You must get this attention and you must get this innocence within. With Sahaja Yoga, as you see, it’s working out very fast and people are getting, really, very wise and I can see the wisdom writ large on their faces.
In this wisdom what do we find here? You see, on any line that we move, we can find that most of our problems are coming from human beings because ecological problem, or any problem we think of, comes from human beings. Or other programs that you have in your own country, as you have seen, that they are such problems that it’s sort of endless and they cannot change them. You feel very nice sitting underneath this because you are fed up … that you have and the problems that it causes to you and the way it is now becoming very artificial.
But in these circumstances, one has to understand that the… wisdom plays such a part in life that whatever may happen outside, whatever may be the trend, whatever may be the fashion, whatever maybe the people are all changing into, you do not change. You change within. Once you are changed within, then you have full idea as to what is expected o f others, what they should do, what you are doing and how to deal with them and how to talk to them, how to tell them, how far to go with them – everything. All this comes through wisdom.
In Sahaja Yoga, as you know, you are very capable people, you have achieved a lot, you know everything, you know all about chakras. You know practically everything. I don’t have to tell you anything. Despite all that, one should have also the wisdom how to deal with others, how to talk to others, how to behave towards others, how not to control anyone, not to say something that would be rather harsh or hurting. Because, if you are trying to spread Sahaja Yoga, this is the only way we can go forward, is to look after everyone with great compassion.
Now, we might think that wisdom is there with us and we know how to do so many things with our wisdom and now we are absolutely wise. Agree, with Sahaja Yogis, now they have become really very, very wise and they know how to use their wisdom.
But still, faith in themselves really has to be of the Nirvikalpa state. That is only possible also through Shri Ganesha because He is in Nirvikalpa. He has Nirvikalpas, nothing. He doesn’t have to question anything. He doesn’t have to ask for anything. He is just there. And He’s in complete Nirvikalpa. Complete, absolutely into a state where He is not at all attached, nor is He worrying about things, nothing of the kind. He is just in Nirvikalpa and in that Nirvikalpa He worships Mother.
Small, small stories can show He how you were so sure of Hims }elf, how He had courage and how He worked out everything so intelligently. But when you are doing something, you can be in two minds. You can be not so decisive, but He was and He is, always very decisive that He knows what is to be done like the – this is the point.
So, in wisdom you don’t have to think, argue. I’ve seen many people who say, Mother, you see, we were thinking, then we had vibrations. We didn’t know what to do, this, that, how to do, how to correct, how to work it out. Now, I must say this is a state. It is not a state to be achieved, but it’s a state. Means you are there. It has to be innately built in yourself, this state of wisdom. But you can also work it out by just concentrating on yourself and trying to find out what’s the matter with me, what happens, why, why is it I’m like this. The introspection can help you a lot to be extremely wise, but Ø easier method is to worship the principle of innocence within yourself.
For example now, we are dealing with, supposing, somebody who is a thief, say. He’s a thief now. What should you do with a thief. After you have found out whatever was lost, the material you had, after that, what are you to do is just to forget about it completely. Once it has happened, then you have to just forget, not to worry about it too much, Oh, this has happened, that has happened and how to make this point all right and this gentleman is not all right. This, that. Just forget it.
So the wisdom is also in forgiving. That why Christ talked about forgiveness? Just forgive. There’s no sense in remembering. This person said so, this person did so, that happened so. Just forget it and once you start forgetting all these things, you know, you’ll remember right things and useless things you’ll just forget.
You don’t remember who has insulted you, who has troubled you, who has been misbehaving. I don’t even think about people who have gone out of Sahaja Yoga, talking ill about Me, saying things, this, that. It’s all right. Let them say whatever they like, I am not bothered.
But what bothers Me more, that if they do like this, I don’t know what will happen to them. That’s the only wisdom part of it, that, you see, when I forgive everyone I … forgive. I have nothing to say.
But then also a thought comes in, that if they’re doing like this, then what’s going to happen to them. They’re doing this to some one who’s so good, who’s so religious, so highly placed in spiritual life. Then you can’t play about but somebody’s playing, then what you have to do is to really forgive because one thing is built-in in Sahaja Yoga that who tries to trouble you they will be trouble also.
So try to forgive at least, at least you soothe them down. All right, I forgive you. So soothe them done. Like this kind of a wisdom you should have, not to get after people, not to pester some one, not to be very strict, not to be very sort of – I should say – pursue the matter. Whatever is it, that point you should finish off and just don’t worry.
I was telling just now that there is a servant, supposing. Now, he steals your money, all the time. You know he steals your money. Now what to do if he’s stealing your money? One thing is to get out, to ask him to get out. Then you have another one. Then again you get him out and get another one. Go on like that because they’re poor people….
Now even if you’re careful, still they might steal, so what you should do is just to forgive the person and put the money in such a place that he cannot reach. Finished. As simple as this. You should just find out what doe s he steal. Oh, that’s all. Then you keep it one side.
But don’t worry about all the time that, Now, how am I to save myself from this thief or how am I to punish him? Just don’t think. These incidents are just like a breeze coming any way. These relationships are just like that. There’s no depth in it. They’re not going to bring any kind of unhappiness or happiness, whatever it is, if you go on lingering about them.
So, the first thing is live in the present. The wisdom is in living in the present. Present, we are here, so forget the past. Now, if I say forget the past, then they say, How to do it? How to forget the past. Again, I would say, meditation is the only way. You give up your left and you give up your right and you are just standing in the centre, enjoying the wisdom, enjoying the joy of your being.
So, the best part of our lives is spent in bothering, in getting upset, in getting worried, getting after some one. Where is the time? Just think like that. Now supposing some one says something to Me and then others will say, Mother, you must do something about it. You must punish that person. Where is the time? We have to awaken the kundalini of thousands and thousands and thousands and here we are just worried about something nonsensical.
So our wisdom is finished. We have no wisdom at all. Even at the highest level you can see people don’t have wisdom. Highest level of realization I’ve seen people who do not have wisdom in the sense that they want to run away, they just get fed up, take sanyasa, finished, go to Himalayas, live there happily. There’s no wisdom in that also.
So living in the present you don’t also feel tired because you don’t think of the past and the future and you live very well and in great happiness, you improve things and you don’t think of the future, what is going to happen to me or anything and that’s how you save lot of troubles of others, as well as yours.
So this wisdom is to live in the present, is now that you ask somebody, How are you? All right. And he’s not in the present. You ask somebody, Are you enjoying yourself? Not in the present. You ask somebody, Are you happy? No. Then you are not in the present. You ask some one that, Are you hungry? Maybe, may not be. Maybe they don’t know even in the present if they are hungry or not.
It’s so much that they’re lost in the past and in the future, that’s the sign of unwise behaviour, unwise line. If they don’t know whether they’d like to have their food or not. But those who are really in the present forget all these small, small things. They’re just in the present and in the present whatever they have to do, they just do it.
This is a very good practice. One has to to practice wisdom through living in the present. Just say, What am I to do right now? What am I to do. Like you’re getting out of the house. Many people leave half way – Oh, my God, I have left my passport. They’ll go back. Then again, some time they will come out. My God, I have left my spectacles. Again go back. Then again they will come back and say, I have lost this. I should have this. These kind of people are very, very common. So at that style when you are leaving the house, say, at that time, if you’re in the present, then you just think, What have I to take? Just say, One, two, three, four, five. Yes, this is is what I have to take and this there. That’s how you can really establish yourself in wisdom, itself, means the wisdom acts by itself. It’s a power. Wisdom is a very big power. If you are a wise person, it’s a power. It can combat any kind of ignorance, any kind of attacks, any kind of stupidity. It’s such a tremendous power that one has given us that we are wise and this wisdom you should try to really, to develop it and mature it properly within ourselves.
So today’s Shri Ganesha’s Puja is there. Now you should ask for wisdom and for that we have to be in the present. Every way we should be in the present. If you can try, you can be because your kundalini has been awakened and you can be all the time in the present, but today you should first try and get the kundalini established in the present.

May God bless you.

English Translation from Marathi

I was telling these people that we will worhip Shri Ganesha today. A very significant function of Shri Ganesha takes place in our body. Mind, intellect and body – the control over all of these is Ganesh. The special gift bestowed on us by Shri Ganesh is wisdom. Wisdom is one thing that we don’t get by asking. If someone says that I will give you wisdom, you should never believe.

 “After speaking in English, to speak in Marathi I do not get appropriate words. I lose the continuity if I have to speak in both the languages”.

 So there is no equivalent for wisdom in Marathi. What do you say? 


 Sudnyata is a little serious word. OK.  Let’s call it sudnyata, instead of subuddhi. We should inculcate that wisdom (sudnyata) in ourselves. How to do that? For that, you should learn to live in the present. I teach that. Now in the present, at this time, we are sitting here. This worship is taking place. And we are sitting here. So what is the wisdom at this time?  That, the puja is taking place. We have to do the puja. But at this moment if we think of the future – whether I will get the return bus or not?  Will get food at home or not? If something like this happens? If I am unable to go? If this and that about my son… – If we think like this then you will not be benefitted by the puja. If we think about the past, this happened, that happened, did this – then it will again create a total mess. So this wisdom is something that one should develop within us. There is a method to do this. Every time, wherever we are, we should examine whether we are in the present or in the past. Because past is over and future is not discernible. I was confused due to the word sudnyata (for wisdom).  We could call it sudnyata but sudnya is a little profound.  There are many things in it. In English, only one word is there – wisdom. But we may call it as sudnyata in our Marathi language. We could say subuddhi (wisdom), samaysuchakta (presence of mind) or dakshata (alertness). Let’s call it dakshata. Dakshata. There are several words for it. They all are easily achievable by one thing – if we manage to stay in the present. 

Now I have heard that people quarrel a lot over here. Quarrels take place. Why do they happen?  Because your father’s father had beat him so started quarreling.  Now the father is dead, his father is also dead – why to fight on those things? Otherwise, I will beat you, I will hammer you – keep saying something like this of the future. What am I going to do right now? You came in front of me, what am I going to do with you? No such thinking. What should be done at this time? Whatever spontaneous response one has at time, that presence of mind is the one that matters. We will realize immediately that the quarrel must be resolved right then. A good Chance.  A good opportunity has come. When we say that this is the chance, then immediately the person realizes what a good opportunity it is. So many quarrels of our ancestors have come to an end. Why to make rounds of court? Why this, why that – Just end it. This sagacity that dwells on us, this timely alertness is what is called as wisdom in English. But wisdom has many meanings. In our Marathi language we have ten alternatives for each word. Thus our language is a very rich language. Hence we cannot explain in one word. But still to be aware at that time, to have presence of mind at that very moment is very essential. There are several other things. Suppose I have to start from my residence then I should think that as I have to leave, what all things do I need? Wherever I stay at night, what do I need there? Just at that time. But it so happens that it does not strike at that time. At that time, some other thoughts. Once you sit in the car you realize that you have forgotten this or that thing. So to inculcate this presence of mind ( samay suchakta),   this wisdom , one should learn to live in the present.

Shivaji Maharaj was a great person but he lived in the present. He was not like us. We revere Shivaji Maharaj. But in current times, what are the qualities of Shivaji Maharaj that we have? Did he drink, first thing? How was his behavior? How was his character? While we respect him, do we emulate his lifestyle in our present day lives? We give unnecessary importance to past things. It is not going to benefit. We had Mahatma Gandhi, several others- it is said that several great lotuses emerged in our country. But still it is a mere puddle. All other persons are mere puddles. So we need to examine if we are in a puddle or amongst lotuses. We should examine where we are in these present times. Unless we acquire the wisdom   to know this, till then Ganesh will not function in you.

One attribute Ganesh has is that he gives you sagacity, gives wisdom. Do you see wisdom anywhere? People quarrel right in front of Shri Ganesh. They misappropriate money in the name of Shri Ganesh, do this and do that. Means there is no wisdom at all. Then where is Ganapati at such a place, you have only installed Shri Ganesh.  A person, who uses timely prudence at an appropriate time, at an appropriate moment – his state will undergo a significant change. You try this out and whatever growth you would achieve by being in the present, will happen in the present itself. Now consider a flower, does it grow in the future or in the past? It will take place right now. This is the reason why we do not progress. Because we think about future or about past. But we do not think of the present. We should examine what our current state is.  In that, all our problems – such as rural issues- will get resolved.  Suppose you have to do farming today, you need to sow today- You will say, last time I sowed, this happened, that happened; if you keep on doing this way then it’s gone  or say ,  I will sow tomorrow or day after – then you will lose that too.  Whatever you need to do today, you need to do, right at this moment. 

This is a practice in India. To keep on talking a lot about the past. This happened, that happened. But what about you? Where are you?  In Sahaja Yoga it is very essential. 

‘Mataji has given us realization’

Then, what after that?

‘After that, nothing. Now that we have realization, we are just sitting. Now we will pursue other pastimes.’

Today, what do I need to do for that – if this thought comes to you then you would benefit from it immediately?      

Quite a few people have achieved realization, many have benefitted from it. Seen miracles. But they forget that ‘ I have achieved my realization.’ Every moment,’I have achieved realization’. Right at this moment, ‘I have achieved realization ‘;they do not remember this thing. Then they start behaving the same way. The other day, one person came to me. I had already given him realization. He had already achieved awareness. Everything was fine. But he told me 

‘Mataji, I feel very afraid these days.’

Mataji – ‘you are a Sahaja Yogi. What are you afraid of? Have you forgotten?’

‘Oh yes. I had forgotten. I had achieved realization. I should not be afraid of anything.’

What can you say, even though everything is bestowed on you, you just forgot and you still remember the past when you were worthless, when you were incapable, you did not understand anything. When you were ignorant or when you were in the darkness or the light of the Almighty had not entered you. Why to carry forward the things of the past. Why do you wish to stick to old teachings? They are still present.

When I go to villages, I give realization to villagers. Then they fall at my feet. Why? I am not a stone idol that hundreds of people should fall at my feet. Do not fall at my feet. Ok then ‘let me offer some money.’

He offers ten paise.

 I said, ‘but Mataji does not accept money.’  

‘At least take 25 paise.’

They will not understand what the current situation is, and in this situation Mataji does not accept money and nobody should offer money in God’s name. But it will not penetrate their heads. 

‘How is it possible, Mataji? Everyone tells us that as you have lost your mother, donate me a cow and how come you are not accepting money from us?’ 

So one should give up this type of religious naivety. And how should this be done? Because the religion that you have learnt, you have got it all wrong. What you call as religion, you learnt it the wrong way – Because you want to purchase religion and there are sellers for this too. Dharma (religion) cannot be sold. There are people who sell and you purchase it. Means all three things are in error.

In the present times, you have achieved self realization. Whatever you need to do, is to be done on the strength of your atma. Instead, you still pursue the practices of the past. 

‘This is our upbringing, Mataji’


Now a stone is placed on the road, shendur (red lead or vermillion powder) is applied to the stone etc.etc. Someone sits there.  Says – offer two paise, four paise to the God. If any person passes by, he thinks it’s for religion so let’s offer two paise. Come on!! You are Sahaja Yogis. Why are you offering? 

‘Now Mataji, It is like this. We have been brought up this way.’

What sort of misguided values these are? Why do you offer? Is it a God? 

Any Tom Dick and Harry will place a stone, is it God?  All such misguided values within us will have to be removed. These can be removed only in one way. Knowing what current situation is. 

Otherwise, they will say,’ We believe in Ram’

But now it is not Ram, it is me. Listen to me. Why to believe in Ram? 

Because they can manipulate HIM. Behave the way you want, consume liquor and say that I am Rama’s devotee.

  •  Great. Ram is not going to question you. But if you are my devotee then I will ask. That is why they are apprehensive.
  •  Oh no, no worshipping of Mataji – Because Mataji is still alive. Will see after she dies. No need to have faith till she is alive as living persons question! They take to task- Why did you behave in this manner? –


Whatever Old fashioned beliefs the people from rural areas have –  you will realize how many of these are true and how many are false when you embrace Sahaja Yoga. So we must realize that as a result we have become very rotten. Not old fashioned. Have decayed! So whatever beliefs we have about ourselves, whatever thoughts we have about religion – these should also be examined. Now if you get rid of this, then there is another one – that we have become modern now. Is that right? What does it mean? We will not apply oils to our heads as we have become modern. Becoming modern means singing  some obscene songs. Sing filthy songs in front of Ganapati. What can we say? They have become modern now! Then they will say  that we don’t believe in God. This is being modern. Means some got wasted due to that and some due to this. What is the reason for this. Nowadays kids observe their parents are going on, madly chanting Hari Hari. They did this birth after birth but what did they get. So many join the Varkari Panth (cult) daily. I tried to make them understand so many times, to stop making varys (pilgrimage to holy places). Receive right here what you wished to get by making these pilgrimages. They do not understand this. It’s like being intoxicated on something. All of them go like a herd.

 Please accept this. I have brought everything for you. Why don’t you take it? This will not come in their heads at all.

‘But Mataji, our ancestors did the same thing.’

‘Whatever they have done, the virtue they have garnered, just take its benefits.    Are you still accumulating the holy deeds?’

What is the situation today?  In the present era, Sahaja Yoga is the religion; we should accept this religion. We should embrace this religion and purify ourselves.  Sahaja Yoga is the essence of all religions. We believe in all religions, not only in one religion. Because if you follow only one religion, it would mean that I am good and you are bad. That’s it, start fighting. But if you learn to appreciate the good things in all religions, then you will not fight. It is well known in Maharashtra that family disputes are very common. What is the reason behind it? The reason is that we recollect undesirable things.  We recollect unwanted things. If someone says leave it now, then ‘What are you telling! Leave it? How come? This is a very old dispute, how can it be set aside?’

Whatever that has become thing of the past; we still cling to it and behave this way. Now family disputes have become defunct. Leave them aside, they are of no use. What benefits did Maharashtra get from it?

Now when I see our rural areas, I have a feeling that the situation is serious. Once they become modern then you see them swing due to intoxication, if not they get wasted in this way. So where does one start Sahaja Yoga? You cannot find even four people who will understand these things. That is why I say, protect your kids.  At least take care of them. Tell them that without thinking of past and future think of the present. This will bring prosperity as well. If you are alert about the present then prosperity will follow. To think of future is to build castles in air, is not correct and to think of the past that has immobilized you is also not correct. Hence you should come in the centre, should come on the middle path, and should achieve balance. When you achieve a balanced state, you will see how you become empowered and how much you can accomplish.

Maharashtra is enthusiasm personified – Because the worlds’ Kundalini is here. I am tired of explaining   the people from Maharashtra. They do not listen to my counsel on this. They simply can’t understand this thing. I am still so surprised that I am in London and I keep on getting letters from Maharashtra. This fellow is like this, that fellow is like that. I am sick of this and I have closed my eyes. No end to this. People cannot see good qualities in others. Actually all these people are Sahaja Yogis. This is surprising. If Sahaja Yoga continues this way, tell me what the Sadhus and saints will think about it? I came here to fulfill their tasks, took birth in your Maharashtra, I know Marathi Language – everything is there , still people do not understand what a great thing I have brought. 

These are people from 55 countries. They came stumbling in your country. But what’s the use? Does it have any effect on you? Do you observe what sort of people they are? They came in your country from abroad. Why they are here,

 What they have come for, do you see this? What do they do? What are they so happy about? What have they achieved? We should also achieve likewise; this thought should come to a normal and mature person. To have this understanding, do only one thing. Today we are sitting here, what should we do today? What should be done right now? What should be done at this time? What is this time for? This time itself is important. And that is what people don’t understand. That is why the confusion. 

So today, after remembering Ganesha, we make a resolve in our minds that we will live in the present. I find it difficult when I shift from one language to another. 

But I speak flawlessly in one language. If I change the language then it is difficult for me to changeover. If, while speaking in Hindi, someone asks to speak in Marathi, then I fumble;  from one to other. Then I keep on searching for words. – Because everything is pure; it has to be pure; Can’t mix things. Even in language, one must be flawless. That is why I cannot do that. We must have such purity in our lives. And that can be achieved only by one thing that is, what am I doing at this time? What am I thinking at this time?  Even if you pay the slightest attention, everything will change instantaneously. You will be surprised, you will get rid of your habits, and everything will fall in place. The only thing that matters is,” what am I doing at this time?” Do not feel bad about what I say, I am the mother. I have told you the truth. Understand this and improve your life. What is the condition of our life today? How sad is the condition of our kids; that should be seen, should pay attention to that.  

I am definitely going to come back. Come back again and again to Shere. Let at least Shere village be uplifted. You all should help me in that. Adopt Sahaja Yoga and work hard.  I will   activate your Kundalini, but after activation you need to set it properly with effort and diligence. So many people from other countries got their realization, people who did not even know the name of Ganapati, did not know the G of Ganapati. The mother earth has placed the Ashta Vinaykas here. We should see what we do, what our state is – should focus on these things. This is a very important thing that itself is going to bless our country. But first of all at least bless yourself. It is so easy. Look how easy it is. I have not asked you to perform a difficult task like standing on your head or go to the Himalayas. Nothing like that. It’s a simple achievable thing. Do Sahaja Yoga. First get your Kundalini activated and learn to live in the present. That’s it. Then I will see what happens. Hope that next time there will be no quarrels and everything will be hunky dory and people will behave themselves.

My eternal blessings to you all.