Dedication Through Meditation (Evening)

Cowley Manor, Cheltenham (England)


Complete Dedication The Only Way/ Dedication through meditation. Cowley Manor Seminar, Cheltenham (England), 31 July 1982.

Today, for the first time, I’m venturing to say something which I should have said much earlier.

As today I told you that it is necessary that you have to recognise me. And that recognition is fixed. That condition is fixed. I cannot change it. 

As Christ has already said, that: “Anything against me will be tolerated, will be forgiven, but anything against the Holy Ghost will not be.’’

It’s a very big warning – very big warning. Perhaps people don’t realise what it means.

Of course none of you are against me, that I know, and you don’t do anything against me, that’s very true. After all, you are my children, I love you very much and you love me. That’s only the warning that Christ has given you.

But one must think why we are not progressing so fast as we should have.

When people are mesmerized, they fall completely flat on the ground in front of their gurus, absolutely. They give up their money, they give up everything – homes, houses, families, children, and just go flat – when they are mesmerized. Without asking any questions, without going into any detail, without trying to find out the life of their guru. All such people also go very fast into darkness, into greater darkness, and into complete destruction.

But you are sahaja yogis and you have to construct yourself. I didn’t want to shatter your egos before, never to tell you in these words. Perhaps this is the first time I am saying this to you: that you have to dedicate yourself, completely, to me – not to Sahaja Yoga – but to me. Sahaja Yoga is just one of my aspects.

Leaving everything, you have to dedicate. Complete dedication, otherwise you cannot ascend any further. Without questioning, without arguing. Complete dedication is the only way you can achieve it. People still get caught up, still get into problems. What’s the reason? So many people ask me that, “Once we have got realisation, how is it Mother we go down?”The only reason is – the dedication is not complete. The complete reverence and complete dedication has not been established. You still, do not know that I’m Divine, to that extent as you should. I don’t say all of you. But still if you look into your heart and look into your mind, you’ll find out that, the complete devotion that you had for say, Christ, or for Krishna, or for any one of those, who have been, is not there.

Krishna said: “Sarva dharmanam parityajya mamekam sharanam vraja,” ‘Forget all the religions of the world.’

He didn’t mean the religions like Hindu, Christian, Muslim, but he meant all the sustenances. ‘Forget all the sustenances, and completely dedicate to me’. That was six thousand years back. And there are many who would still say that: ‘We have completely dedicated ourselves to Shri Krishna.’ 

Where is he now? Even those whom I have given realization, they say like that. Of course, there is no difference between him and me, but today I am the one, I am the one who has given you realisation.

But our first consideration could be our jobs, our own problems, our family problems, our financial problems – and dedication is the last.

I’m illusive – it’s true. My name is Mahamaya. I am illusive: no doubt.

But I’m illusive just to judge you.

Now the dedication is a very important part of the ascent. Why? Because when you are precariously placed, when there is immediate danger to your existence; at this time, when the whole world is standing at a precarious position where it is going to be destroyed completely, it’s very important that you cling on to a thing that is going to save you with complete might and complete faith.

Like you are getting drenched in ordinary water, doesn’t matter. But if you are sinking in the sea, and there’s a question of this moment of existence and that moment of destruction – at that time, if a hand comes forward to fetch you out, there’s no time for you to think anymore but cling on to it, with all your might, with all your faith.

When we have badhas, when we are surrounded by negativity, we get aware of it, and a little bit we get confused. And that’s the time we want to cling on. But the badhas give you ideas which are detrimental. So a big struggle is set in. At that time, what is the best way? The best way is to forget everything else. Forget that you are possessed, or there’s a badha or anything. With all your might, whatever is there, you have to hold on to me.

But our style of dedication is very fashionable and modern, in which Sahaja Yoga is by the way, and Mother is very much by the way. I’m sorry it’s not going to work out. I don’t have to tell this to Indians, because if you read Devi Mahatmayam it’s sufficient. Even if you read Her thousand names, it’s sufficient [to understand] that she can be only achieved through bhakti. She can only be achieved through dedication. She’s only fond of her bhaktas, the devotees.

It’s nowhere written that she is fond of people who can talk better, who can argue better, who dress better, who live better, who have better surroundings – but her devotees. 

And this devotion and dedication should not be a frenzy or anything, but should be sustained, continuous, ever-flowing, ever growing. That’s the only way, now, for further development.

For us, so many small problems are important. Somebody has a house, somebody has an admission in the college, somebody has some job to be done. All these considerations are dharmas which Shri Krishna has described as:

‘Sarva dharmanam parityajya mamekam sharanam vraja’.

Give up all the dharmas – all the so called dharmas. Like the ‘patni dharma’ is the duty of a wife, then the ‘pati dharma’ is the duty of a husband, then the ‘putra dharma’ is the duty of a son, the ‘pita dharma’ is the duty of a father, and duty of a citizen, and a duty of a world-citizen.

All these dharmas are to be given up – entirely.

And you have to surrender fully from your heart.

I am what I am, I’ve been that, I’ll be that.

I’m not going to grow any more, or less. This is an eternal personality.

It is now for you to get out of me whatever is possible, to make the best use of your birth in these modern times: to grow, to your full maturity, to be able to work out the complete design that the Divine wants to do through you. As soon as the dedication starts, you become dynamic.

Clinging on to that.For this, meditation is the only way, I should say. Of course, rationally you can do many things. You can rationally accept me. Emotionally you may feel closer to me in your heart. But through meditation, surrender. Meditation is nothing but surrendering, it is complete surrender – which is a difficult task for a modern man in the Western countries. He only surrenders to people who mesmerize, who fully mesmerize them. They become slaves of people who mesmerize them. But in their own freedom, their ego is more powerful than their Spirit – in their own freedom. That’s why all the free countries have gone to dogs. Because ego plays part, not the Spirit. They cannot master their ego when they are free. Only if somebody can just entangle their ego and mesmerize them, then they are alright – they are shut, completely they surrender. And it’s so obvious from the way these false people have mastered their art of making slaves out of you.

In your full freedom, complete freedom, you have to surrender. 

Freedom does not mean ego, one should understand. Freedom is killed by ego. Not only killed but is disfigured and disgraced, is made ugly. Freedom, in its subtlest form, is complete egolessness, no angularities, complete hollowness, just like the flute, so that the melody of God could be played well. That’s complete freedom – no hang-ups.

We have to realize that we are in the mire: mire of ignorance, mire of sin. Ignorance brings sin. How are we to get out of the mire? Anybody who tries to pull us out will also go in the mire. Anybody who wants to come even near the mire, gets into the mire. He becomes part and parcel of the mire. The more we try to take help from others, we pull him more in the mire and we go more down, deep down, into it.

So the tree of Kundalini has to grow, and from that tree, the Paramatma himself, the Parabrahma itself has to pull you out. It grows out of the mire, and the Parabrahma has to pull you out, one by one, take you in the hand and swing you outward. 

But still when you are pulled out, your catch is not sufficient, you slip down again. You come up partly, again you go down. It’s very enjoyable to be out of it, but still the feet have not come out fully. Still you are not completely cleansed. Unless and until you are cleansed how can you be completely blessed? You have to be fully blessed by the Divine, clothed by the Love of God. 

It is surprising to see how the people who go to these false gurus stick on to him, or stick on to her, in such tremendous dedication, that you are amazed – they become just like cabbages! Till they are completely ruined they just go on surrendering everything that they have.

But in Sahaja Yoga, when people come, they do not surrender – but they are nourished, they are looked after. Their health improves, their wealth improves, their mind improves, their relations improve, in every way they feel better, their conditions improve. They are all the time getting the benefit. We have ashrams which are beautiful, which are the cheapest, and the food. Every advantage that is available is the best possible. Everything is there. But, we don’t realise that all this nourishment is for what? All these blessings are for what? For your higher ascent. For getting out of the mire completely.

Now: you have to adhere, you have to be dedicated, you have to be devoted. We have reservations, we hide things. We try to be smart. That’s a dangerous situation.

You all should, within yourself, try to see what part is so sneaky? What conditioning is keeping you out of dedication? What is making you have reservations? What fright? Which ego? What angle still sticking out into the mire? What attachments? What relationships? You have to get out of it. Unless and until you fully get out of it, it’s not going to work out. There’s no place for half-way things. It’s a question of now or never. Christ (Krishna?) has said it. He has said, “You give your devotion and dedication and then leave the rest to me’’. 

I know who are progressing in dedication and devotion. I have seen people improving so much. You need not face me, you need not see me. In person I need not be there. It’s all in the all-pervading power. That’s all my light, which knows each and everything about you. And only through your bhakti, through your devotion and dedication, you can achieve me.My achievement is the complete manifestation of your Divine power. It’s very simple, made so simple. I’m only pleased by people who are simple, innocent, who are not tricky, who are loving, affectionate to each other. It’s very easy to please me. When I see you loving each other, talking good of each other, helping each other, respecting each other, laughing aloud together, enjoying together each other’s company, I get my first blessing, first joy.

Try to love each other, in dedication to Me, because you are all my children, created out of my love. In the womb of my love you all have resided. From my heart I have given you these blessings.

I get disturbed, my hands shake and you fall back into the mire again, when I see you quarrelling among yourselves. Jealousies and petty things which belong to your past life. 

The help (that you give others) is not so much gross that it’s felt, but is a very deeper sense of security, that is given to your brothers and sisters. A deep love should exist. Selfishness has no place in Sahaja Yoga. Miserliness has no place – has no place. Miserliness is a sign of a very small mind. I’m not saying you give me money, of course – but the way we look at money, the way we cling on to it, the material things, the material wealth, the material objects, the possessions. The greatest possession you have is your Mother. Through her you have your brothers and sisters.

Get out of that past life – that past is the mire. That should be over now. You are quite aware how, with my power of Love, I have protected you all. You know how, at every moment, I’ve helped you. At every point of your desire, I have come forward to fulfil it.

That’s one side, as I said, the nourishment. But now your ascent has to come from you. Your rising has to come from you. That has to be worked out by you and you alone. Not by any other Sahaja Yogi, or by me. I can only give you suggestions. Not only the suggestion, but the warnings.

And everything is at hand. It’s all worked out so well. I’m in form. I’m in form before you. You don’t have to go anywhere. The whole thing is within yourself. You don’t have to give money, you don’t have to give anything. But develop that dedication within yourself. 

You see, this man, who interviewed me, said that the unemployed are manoeuvered by the politicians. Let God manoeuver you! But how? Supposing I have a brush in my hand, I want to paint something, and the brush I cannot manoeuver. The brush is angular, it’s troublesome, it’s inconvenient to use that, or, you can say it’s uncomfortable, it’s awkward, it’s clumsy. How can you use it?

Dedication is the easiest way to get rid of all your angularities, all your problems, all your badhas. Now watch and see within yourself: are you dedicated?

Those who are fanatically adhering to me are also not correct. There should be no fanaticism about it. The whole thing becomes a complete logical thing. There is no fanaticism. Like, somebody has to go to a doctor, to see a doctor, then a fanatic person might say, “Ooh! I’m not going to see the doctor. I’m not going, because Mother has told me that she’s going to look after me.” And when she gets sick, she’ll come to Mother and fight, “Mother! You had told me that you’ll look after me, and how is it I’ve got sick?” This is fanaticism.What is surrendering? Deep down you should say, “It’s the Mother, she’s there, she’s my doctor. Whether she treats me or not, whether she cures me or not I’ve nothing to say. I only know her. I don’t know anyone else.” It’s very logical. The logic is, that – Mother is the most powerful thing that you know – logically it’s true. “And if she is so, she’ll cure me. But if she does not cure me, it’s her power, it’s her whim. If she wants to cure me, she’ll cure me. If she does not want to cure me, how can I put my will upon her?”

Like the dedication of Shri Ganesha. That when his Mother said, “All right, between the two brothers, Kartikeya and him, the one who will go round the Mother Earth first, will get the first prize’’. Now poor Ganesha had a little rat on which to move, but wisdom he had. And Kartikeya had a very quick-moving peacock which used to fly. He looked at the peacock, and he said, “Who is greater than my Mother? She’s Adi Shakti! What is this earth? Who has created this earth? It’s my Mother has created her. Who has created this sun? The Mother has created it. Who is greater than my Mother? No one. Why not go round my Mother only. What’s the need to go all round the whole earth?” And much before Kartikeya arrived he was sitting with his present in his hand!His innocence gave him this wisdom to understand – that’s what logical is. It’s very logical. And it is also logical that: ‘Mother feels my pain more than I feel it’. 

What will you say when Christ was crucified for his Mother? She was Mahalakshmi herself – so powerful. She made her son sacrifice his life, suffer like a human being. It was too much, to make your son sacrifice, when you have all the powers in your hand to finish everyone there. But it was a very delicate job to create this Agnya Chakra.

What does that mean? Does that mean that he lacked something in his devotion? On the contrary, she was so sure of him, of his devotion, that she could ask him to do that. 

So when we expect Mother to do something for us – the people who say, “Alright, Mother I’m giving this thesis. I must get through.” Alright, give a bandhan, you get a thesis. “Mother, I’m trying to discover this’’. Alright, you have it. “Mother I’m trying to get this job’’. You have it.Now, it’s the other way round. How many have dedication like that of Christ? None. It’s a fact. Why is he the eldest brother? Because there’s no one like him. He went through all that, those horrible sufferings, because He was part and parcel of his Mother. She suffered much more than him. He also went through that suffering for a greater goal, for a greater happiness, for a greater life, for a wholesome life. That is real dedication. But the false people can take advantage of this.When they make the people suffer, they say ‘After all, you have to suffer’. See how they make it up. ‘You must suffer because, after all, you must suffer otherwise you cannot rise’. 

It’s a very subtle understanding – very subtle it is. That will make it clear to you, that, in Sahaja Yoga, first you are nourished, you are brought up, you are trained, you are made alright. And all the things after that, the sufferings, are no more sufferings to you because you have become the Spirit.

‘Nainam chindanti shastrani nainam dahati pavakah

Na chainam kledayanty apo na shoshayati marutah.’

It cannot be killed by any instrument, it cannot be thrown away or blown away by any wind, it cannot be burnt by any fire. There’s no way you can destroy this. That is the Spirit that you are.

So the nourishment has been given now. You have grown up. You are nourished. People, when they see Sahaja Yogis, say:

“Oh, they’re like flowers! See their faces, they glow. How confident, how dignified, how beautiful.”

But for what? To be the wheels of the chariot of God. You have to bear the brunt, and the sacrifice, which are no more sacrifices to you because Spirit gives, it never sacrifices. It’s quality is to give. So you don’t sacrifice, you just give.

First the mother has the labor pains, alright, she has all the problems, alright. When the child is grown then he stands by the mother. He is the proud son. She is proud of him and he is proud of her. They stand together, they fight the battle together. That’s only possible if complete dedication and preparation for the future life of a Sahaja Yogi, you accept. A life which outwardly looks to be a struggle, a problem, but inwardly is most fulfilling.

Once upon a time, when sahaja yogis come to me, to them even to sit on the ground is too much of a sacrifice; even to take out shoes is a big sacrifice. Yesterday, in a program, three people walked off because they were asked to take out shoes, as if somebody was making them bald-headed! They just walked out.

But why to grow in Sahaja Yoga? To grow, to stand up like great children of a great Mother. The work is tremendous. It’s not for medium, mediocre people to do this job. Frightened, fearful, arrogant, cheeky, they cannot, they have no mettle.

So, the dedication in meditation: complete dedication in meditation, must be practiced. It’s not for your good now you are doing – so-called ‘your’. First you were a little baby, a small thing; now you are that collective being, so you are not doing anything for yourself, but for that collective being. You are growing to be aware of that whole which you are going to become. 

Your jobs, your money, your wives, your husbands, your children, your father, mother, relations, these considerations are over now. You all have to take up the responsibility of Sahaja Yoga. Every one of you is quite capable. You are brought up for that.

Do whichever way you like. Whatever are your capacities. With full dedication you’ll get it. Dedication is the thing. Complete dedication is the only way you can go further. There are some Sahaja Yogis, who are half-baked, we have to drop them. We can’t help it. You don’t have sympathies with them. No good. If they prove alright we’ll bring them back again – but you leave that to me! You don’t put your effort or put your attention to them. You have to come up. 

You were seekers, then you have found it, now you have thrived over it, now you are grown up. For what? it is to stand up. As I am facing you today, you have to face the others, you have to face the people.

Dedication doesn’t mean that you don’t talk of Sahaja Yoga. Many people think that keeping silent is the way you are dedicated. Only in meditation you should be. But you have to get out of that shell. Tell all the nations and tell all the people, all over, the great message, that the Time of Resurrection is here, now, at this time, and that you all are capable of doing it. If somebody tries to sneer at you for that, with understanding, wisdom try to say things.

Individual likes and dislikes must be sacrificed. ‘I like this’ and ‘I like that’ must be given up. It doesn’t mean that you all become like machines. No. But the enslavement to this ‘I’ must be given up. En-slavery to habits must be given up.

You’ll be amazed! Once you are dedicated, you’ll not eat much. You may not eat at all sometimes. You wouldn’t even remember a food. You wouldn’t even remember what you have eaten. You wouldn’t even remember where you slept, how you slept.

It’s a life that will be like a telescope – expanding! You will create your own visions, and complete them, fulfill them. You look so simple, ordinary people, but you are not. 

In dedication, in complete devotion, you have to do it now, not for your own gain, for your own achievement, that’s over now. It’s for completely getting out of the mire and standing on the land, singing, aloud, the praise of your Father. Those who are in the mire, what music can they give? What songs they can sing? What security can they give? What help they can render to others?You have to be out of it – completely. Steadfast wisdom is needed for that – steadfast! Every moment.

You need not blame your left side and right side for that, nothing, you just get out of it. Cling on to it: the Parabrahma has come to look after you. Cling on to it. Even the death has to go back. Then what about these minor things?

Now the name of your Mother is very powerful. You know that is the most powerful name than all other names, the most powerful mantra. But you must know how to take it. With that complete dedication you have to take that name. Not like any other name. 

You know that in India, when they take the name of the Guru, they pull their ears, for taking the name of the Guru. [Which] means, ‘While taking the name if I am making any mistake please forgive me’ – it means that.

This mantra is a very powerful mantra. Only what you need is the dedication, the dynamite of dedication.

Today I told Rita that all the daisies in England have fragrance now. She couldn’t believe it. She said, “I have never known that. On the contrary, I always felt that daisies had no fragrance, and they were very funnily-smelling flowers’’. I said, “Alright these daisies you have, just go and smell them’’. When she smelt it, she was surprised! The Name! How subtle it is. They are the most fragrant flowers of England today. Just the name!

Which means Nishkalanka, which means Nirmala, which means completely without any mala. What is this, mala? Is this mire. Without any mire – Nih. Absolutely! The joy at the Sahasrara is called as Nirananda, since long. Since ancient times called Nirananda or Nirmalananda. So many call it as Nirmalananda or Nirananda. That joy is the joy that you enjoy even when you get crucified. That joy, you enjoy even when you are poisoned. Even on your deathbed, you enjoy that joy. That joy is Nirananda.

So, be prepared for the second phase. You are in the front. It’s very little time I need. But I need really people with steadfast wisdom and dedication: steadfast. Even, for a second it should not go this side or that side. Then, we can progress faster, we can go ahead to fight the battle. Perhaps now you are aware of the subtleties of the negativities, how they work, how they use their power – of course which is limited – to destroy God’s work, and how you have to be alert, equipped, and dedicated. 

This I can only talk to you, I cannot say to the people who come to Caxton Hall. Some of them are half-baked, some of them are absolutely new, naive, and some of them are absolutely third-raters. But here, as you are before me today, I want to tell you very frankly, as Krishna had told only Arjuna, 

“Sarva dharmanam parityajya, mamekam sharanam vraja.”

There’s no other way out. ‘Vraja’ means the one who is twice born, like a solid, solid personality. When you are solid then you must dedicate. When you are perfected then you must dedicate. It will help you to get out of the mire, and then it will help the great cause. No one understands that – why Mother is trying to help us?. They think she’s too generous. I am not. I’ve a lot of common sense.

Because you are the ones who are capable of manifesting God’s joy on this earth.You are the flutes which are going to play the melody of God. You are going to be used and maneuvered by God. I am doing all this to perfect you, to be the most beautiful instrument of God. To be the right instrument of God.

I don’t know if you understand how sweet, beautiful life it would be. The life of dedication, with understanding, logical, completely dedicated, extracting all the nourishment, and dedicating it for a higher purpose.

Something like the leaves extract the sun’s rays, and give color, achieve color for themselves, for a higher purpose, that they can be used by human beings later on. Nothing on this earth works out the other way round. Everything works out for a purpose: but such an unselfish, such a wide, such a great, dynamic purpose.

You become the ocean, you become the moon, you become the sun, you become the earth, you become the ether, the firmament, and you become the Spirit. You work for all of them. All the stars and universes you become, and take up their work. That’s what it is. Because you have jumped onto your principle, onto your tattwa. That’s how you jump onto everybody’s tattwa. But be dedicated on that tattwa, because I am the principle of all these things. I am the Tattwa – Tattvamasi, I am the Principle. Keep to your principle. I am the Kundalini. I am the Essence.

We can only understand dedication of something which looks bigger in gross ways, which appears bigger in a gross way. But we cannot dedicate ourselves to something that is so much subtler, which is so much minuter, which is so much deeper, which is so much effective, which is so much dynamic, so universal and so eternal.

We cannot think of dedicating ourselves to that.

We can surrender ourselves to somebody who looks like a mountain, who comes to oppress us just like a mountain, who is like Hitler, who is like false guru. But to surrender to your subtler being, which you cannot see with your eyes, which is not audible, but, in effect, is so powerful. Like the atomic bomb, when the atom is split. When it is not split, it is everywhere. But at the subtlest point it’s so dynamic that, when you separate it, it becomes such a dynamic force of destruction.

As your attention has now penetrated into the subtler side of this universe, you get deeper and deeper into it. The urge that takes the end of the root to the source of water, is the same as the source. Your Kundalini is the same as the Adi Kundalini and its power, the Parabrahma.All these things are to be understood after realization, and after maturity. Before that it’s not possible. That’s why for the last eight years, I didn’t say these things to you. I was always on a very patronizing and a sweet terms with you. And always, I made you feel that you are obliging me. 

There’s no obligation.But beyond all these conceptions, you have become your Self. Now ready to be responsible, to be what you are made for. Like the ship is built, is brought to the sea, tried, and found out to be sea-worthy – to sail out now, into the sea. So this is the second phase, where you have to sail out, when you know everything about the ship, everything about the sea. With complete freedom and wisdom, you have to sail now – not afraid of any storms, or any hails, or any typhoons, because now you know – your job is to cross through.

May God bless you. May God bless you.