Shri Raja Rajeshwari Puja: The aspect of Adi Shakti at Nabhi chakra Hyderabad (India)

Shri Raja Rajeshwari Puja (Hindi). Hyderabad (India), 20 January 1994.

[Translation from Hindi to English]

Today we are going to perform the Puja of Shri Raja Rajeshwari. Especially in the south of India, the Devi is recognized in many forms. The reason is that here there were many Devi bhaktas (devotees of the Goddess), like Adi Shankaracharya, and they established the religion of Shakta Dharma. Shakta Dharma means the religion of Shakti (God’s power). Two kinds of religions started simultaneously. […]

Public Program Day 2 Hyderabad (India)

Public Program [Hindi]. Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh (India), 12 December 1991.
Yesterday, I told you in Sahaja Yoga how you can raise your Kundalini effortlessly, and after that you experienced it too. It is really simple, or Sahaj. Now, the question arises that many people ask Me, “Mother, if it is so simple, why was it difficult before?” This was never difficult. Someone asked Shivaji Maharaj’s guru, Ramdas Swami, “How much time does it take the Kundalini to awaken?” […]

Public Program Day 1 Hyderabad (India)

Public Program [Hindi]. Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh (India), 11 December 1991.

Translation from Hindi:

I bow to the seekers of truth. When we talk about truth, we should understand that truth is unshakable and permanent. We cannot change the truth. We can neither conceive nor perceive the truth. Sadly, human conscious cannot even understand what is truth. We should always think how this beautiful nature full of trees, flowers and fruit is created ? How does our heart beat on its own?  […]

Devi Puja Hyderabad (India)

Puja in Hyderabad, India. 11 December 1991.
We have today come to this famous place, Hyderabad, which was ruled by Muslim kings, but they were very Indian and they fought also for the independence of India with the British. You know about Tipu Sultan, who was also a realized soul but he was killed.
We have in our country one very big problem and that is, individually we are all great people, but when it comes to collective we don’t know how to live collectively, […]

Public Program: Sakshi Swaroop Hyderabad (India)

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi



Andhra Pradesh, INDIA

7th February, 1990

Yesterday I had told you about Truth, that Truth, at its own position, is unbreakable and eternal and we can not change it with our wisdom, with intellect, or by any other way. And what is the Truth? Truth is that we who are today in human form, as we are today in human form, in reality, we are actually the Spirit. 

Today we are standing on such a ladder, […]

To know God Almighty Hyderabad (India)

Public Program Parmatma Ko Janane Ke Liye (To know God Almighty) Hyderabad-1990 (Hindi)

Sahaja Yogis chanting Mahamantra: Om Twameva Sakshat Shri Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati, Mahakali Trigunatmika, Kundalini Sakshat, Shri Adishakti Mataji, Shri Nirmala Devi Namo Namah.

[Translation from Hindi to English]

It should be known that the Truth is in its own place. We cannot create it and we cannot conceive it with one’s mind or intelligence. It is what it is, and it will remain that way. […]

Arrival and Kundalini Puja Hyderabad (India)

KUNDALINI PUJA, Date: 5th Feb. 1990, Place: Hyderabad, Type: Puja, Speech: Hindi, Translated to: English

It has been a
great joy to meet you all. And, I did not imagine that there would be
so many Sahaja Yogis in Hyderabad. Hyderabad has a unique quality
that such diverse people have gelled together so well here. This is
quite similar to our Nagpur, where I have seen that different people
from all across India have settled. And that is why people there have
an openness in their sacraments (Sanskaar) and view each other with
much acceptance. […]