Questions by doctors to Shri Mataji London (England)

Questions by doctors to Shri Mataji. Ealing, London (UK), 2000
(Regarding sinusitis)
Shri Mataji: So the venue (mucus) which is very tough becomes loose, and the heat is absorbed.
Dr. Rashid: Shri Mataji, would the onions need to be hot?
Shri Mataji: [Yes, very hot.]As far as you can bear it. As far as you can bear it. 
It’s a very simple thing. Especially if you have sinus, don’t travel.
Dr. Rashid: (Hindi: Shri Mataji, we made a list of questions to ask You, […]

Address to Doctors, The Art Of Healing Indian Medical Association, New Delhi (India)

Address to Doctors (Indian Medical Association), Auditorium, New Delhi (India). 6 April 1997.

I bow to all the seekers of Truth.

At the very outset, I have to tell you that Truth is what it is. You cannot change it, you cannot transform it, you cannot explain it. Only thing [is] you can experience it.

In this Kali Yuga there is a special category of people born in all the countries very surprisingly, who are seekers of Truth. […]

Medical Conference Moscow (Russia)

Doctor’s Conference, 2 July 1990 – Moscow (Russia)

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

In the medical studies whatever we have discovered so far is there already available. Whatever we can discover with human awareness has its own limitations.

Supposing it is said that the human body does not accept any foreign thing into its being, but when the foetus is implanted, it is not thrown out but looked after and thrown out at the right time. […]

Conversation, Treatment of virus infections Pune (India)

Conversation with yogis, Pune (India), 1 December 1987.

So whatever we condition ourselves, becomes a kind of our subconscious. That we have been doing, say for example, all the time something, so it becomes our conditioning, because we have been doing it repeatedly for so many times it becomes a conditioning and is also, what you call, is the habit. And also the habits are also given by our subconscious. So this is the nearest to the present, […]

Conversation with doctors about epilepsy New Delhi (India)

Conversation with doctors about epilepsy, New Delhi (India), 4 November 1986.

[A Hindi transcript with English portions]

Shri Mataji: That is supraconscious. He will be in trouble.

Sahaja Yogi: The one on the Left

Shri Mataji: Yes, he will face physical problems.

Sahaja Yogi: He will trouble others.

Shri Mataji: He will scold others. He will be sick and trouble the heck out of other people as well! [She used a strong Hindi idiom] Such is the right-sided. […]

Health Advice, the Sun, western habits, the brain and medical matters Near Musalwadi Lake, Musalwadi (India)

The Sun, the brain, medical questions. Rahuri (India). 13 January 1986.

[Upon arrival:

Shri Mataji: “Today is very breezy and nice and cool”.

Warren: “It’s Your breeze, Mother”.

Shri Mataji (laughing): “I think it’s before that”]

Shri Mataji: Please be seated. I’ll have some water. Marriages are over now?

Warren: They are going on next door, Mother.

Shri Mataji: (Laughing) I thought that I should come here after the marriages are over.

It’s better to put it on my back this one, […]

Address to Indian Medical Association Solapur (India)

Address to Indian Medical Association. Sholapur (India), 4 January 1983.

The organizers and the members of the Medical Association in Sholapur, its such a pleasure to talk to (* inaudible text) because you have also heard that I did some medicine. Just to talk to doctors about it. Because in the realm of the divine, there are no names given to any plexuses. It’s difficult to talk to doctors unless and until you know their language. […]